Virtual Awards Ceremony Platform: Host Your Next Business Event Here

By RisingMax

February 06, 2023

Virtual Awards Ceremony Platform: Host Your Next Business Event Here

Award ceremonies are an integral part of the corporate culture. Awarding people who have accomplished something exceptional in any line of work is a great way to motivate them and boost their morale.

However, the pandemic has greatly impacted the event industry, and the integration of next-gen technologies changed how today’s business events occur. While hosting a virtual event in 2020 & 2022 might be viewed as sticking to the government guidelines. The growing number of attendees, lower setting up cost, and time-saving nature of the virtual award ceremony platform makes them extremely useful. For this very reason, we see an increase in virtual and hybrid business events to get the best of both worlds.

Virtual Awards Ceremony Platform

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What is a Virtual Award Ceremony Platform?

The answer lies within its name. If you have recently attended an award ceremony, then by now, you already have an idea of what to expect. Virtual award ceremony platforms are a virtual extension of the physical events, allowing a host to widen an event's reach and connect with more people.

The addition of the virtual element makes it easy for a host to organize events in a more planned manner and deliver an unmatched experience to users. The virtual award ceremony platform provides the host with multiple options to organize an event as they like.

Virtual Awards Ceremony Platform: Key Features

The wide reach and ease of organizing a virtual award ceremony platform are why most businesses prefer to host virtual or hybrid events. But before you plan to build your own virtual award ceremony app, make sure to add these intriguing features. Key features of the virtual award ceremony platform include the following;

Easy Registration

The simplified registration process of our virtual award ceremony software makes it easy for users to create an ID and buy tickets for virtual events.

Social Media

Integrated social media features allow users to share snaps or videos of the virtual award ceremony on their respective social media handles.

Analytics Tools

This virtual award ceremony app feature allows hosts to analyze the total number of attendees, engagements, social media shares, follow-ups, and outreach status on a single screen.

Video Record

The in-built video recording tool makes it easy for the host to record high-quality videos of the virtual event and share them on social media handles.

Event Tickets

With this feature, users can view ongoing and upcoming virtual events; buy tickets directly with an integrated payment system.

Online Payments

Integrated payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and online wallets make it easy for users to make online payments on the platform.

Comprehensive Dashboard

This feature allows the admins to keep an every on every ongoing or upcoming event, participant, transaction, and registration.

Comments or Share Views

With this feature of our virtual award ceremony application, the participants can write a comment or share views in the event that will be shared on the screen.


Participants can use this feature to share their positive or negative feedback about the event. With incognito mode, users can hide their identities while sharing feedback.

Smart Contract Based Scoring

Our virtual award ceremony platform has an integrated smart contract to ensure a transparent, non-biased, and simple scoring process. The smart contract can be pre-coded with scoring rules and instructions to automate the scoring process.

Media Upload

With this feature of our virtual award ceremony platform, users can upload media files like JPEG & Pdf without hassle.

Event Status

This feature makes it easy for users to view the platform's ongoing and upcoming virtual award ceremony events. 

Live Polls & Voting

This feature makes creating live polls in the event easy and allows the participant to vote. Hosts can leverage this feature to enhance audience engagement and gauge sentiment.

Help & Support

Participants can use this feature in case they are facing any issues with the software. The support team will try to resolve the issue ASAP to ensure a smooth experience.

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Benefits of Hosting Events on Virtual Award Ceremony Application

Businesses worldwide are investing in virtual award ceremony applications and enjoying the benefits of hosting a virtual event. Let’s look at the major benefits of virtual events that clearly indicate why they are here to stay for a long time.

Cost Effective

Compared to face-to-face events, virtual award events are cost-effective to organize. In a virtual event, a host must worry about paying the set-up cost and renting special equipment. Promotions, ticket selling, video recording, registration process, and other aspects of an event can be easily managed, thus making hosting events on a virtual award ceremony app a budget-friendly option.

Increase Event Reach

The success of an event is often measured by the number of sign-ups, participants, and attendees. With virtual award ceremony applications, hosts can eliminate geographical barriers and engage audiences worldwide, thus widening event reach. A wider audience base makes the event a success, diversifies the audience base, and brings new ideas to your virtual event.

More Value Sponsors

With an increased number of participants, the virtual events offer unlimited networking opportunities that deliver more benefits to hosts & sponsors. The one-on-one interactions on the virtual award ceremony platform make it easy for the sponsors to establish a meaningful connection with the audience.

Time Saving

Virtual award ceremony apps can save hosts valuable time as most aspects of the virtual event can be managed virtually. As a host, you need to devote time to event planning and setting up the virtual event. However, compared to a face-to-face event, the time required to be devoted is less. From event registration to sending invitations and voting, a virtual award ceremony application can make things easy for you.

Flexible Broadcast Option

To participate in a virtual award ceremony platform, a participant just need an internet connection and an IoT device. As the event is happening online, thus giving flexibility to the host broadcast the event. Most virtual award ceremony apps are compatible with desktops, PC, smartphones, or tablets. Integrated with multi-lingual options, these virtual events can be customized to business needs and goals.

Collect Feedback

Feedbacks are an important part of any normal or business event. A virtual award ceremony application comes with an integrated feedback option making it easy for the attendees to share their views in real-time. The host or organizers can leverage the feedback shared by attendees to measure the overall event’s success.

How Much Does Virtual Award Ceremony Software Development Cost?

Multiple cost-deriving factors directly impact the virtual award ceremony software development. Below, we have listed some of the most important virtual award ceremony development factors. However, if you are planning to launch your own virtual award ceremony platform, then reaching out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. might be a good idea. Our team will carefully understand your project requirement and share a customized development. In addition to this, our experts will share their valuable input that surely enhances the overall capabilities of your virtual award ceremony software.

Major cost-driving factors of virtual award ceremony software include the following;

  • Type of virtual award software.
  • Software features.
  • Required tech stack.
  • Location of the development company.
  • Team’s expertise and strength.
  • Project duration.
  • In-built security features.
  • Add-on features.

Most software development companies LA charge $50,000 to $60,000 for basic virtual award ceremony software.

Virtual Awards Ceremony Platform

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