Job Application Tracking System Software for Active Job Seekers and Employers

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Job Application Tracking System Software for Active Job Seekers and Employers

What do you see most common in companies' CEOs? Their powerful desire for a robust workforce that drives success? Right! They often talk about the importance of recruitment.

It does not deny that businesses have never put effort into hiring as they do at the current time. Because the competition is tough and hiring wrong can lead to a significant expense. To enable your company to meet its goals, acquiring a job application tracking system for employers to hire the right talent can make sense.

Job Application Tracking System Software

Recent studies say that 40% of startups close due to no market for products and 35% because their money ran out. And the most genuine reason is 30% of startups fail due to an inadequate team.

They fail to put the right people in place to do the job right. So it's frustrating for recruiters when they see no good results even after putting in significant money in the hiring process.

So have you ever wondered why recruitment fails even after putting in a significant amount of money? Do you know the main problem behind this? What can help resolve this? The answer is a modern technology solution. Most successful employers now up to 70% use the latest technology to automate the hiring process. That's where the name comes from – Application Tracking System.

What is an Application Tracking System (ATS)?

ATS is an applicant tracking system software for employers used by most recruiters or employees to make the best hiring. It helps automate administrative tasks and saves a lot of time for the hiring teams.

With the help of custom software development company, the hiring team can bring the best candidates to the top list. In addition, the ATS helps streamline the recruitment process by tracking applications and candidates in one database. With the help of ATS;

  • Candidates can be scanned, sorted, and ranked from high to low.
  • With a single submission, you may post to a variety of employment boards.
  • Send out email and SMS requests for interviews with potential prospects.
  • Create, manage, and update career pages.
  • Keep your teams on track to meet their hiring targets.

How Does An Applicant Tracking System Work?

You're undoubtedly wondering how an applicant tracking system works and how it manages to do all of these impressive things collectively. To put it simply, an applicant tracking system (ATS) helps recruiters make job advertisements, broadcast them on company websites and job boards, filter applicants, manage their status, and store their information. While different Applicant Tracking Systems have distinct features, they all have the following in common:

  • Hosting a career page
  • Distribution of jobs
  • Applications are received and sorted.
  • Restart your storage.
  • Collaboration with coworkers
  • Schedulers for messaging and interviews
  • Toolkits for onboarding
  • Sharing on social media

How Does ATS (Application Tracking System) Software Benefit Recruiters?

Shifting from manual recruitment to an automated one is a wise move, especially when outer competition is tough. The use of an automated online application tracking system can drive countless benefits. All the features inside the job application tracking system contribute to optimizing the recruitment process and saving labor hours. So let's discuss some benefits of ATS one by one:

1. It Saves Time

An application tracking system software is useful for active job seekers because it allows employers to speed up their recruitment process and saves time. It eliminates the manual process of listing the jobs or sending follow-up emails individually. Instead, the software allows you to execute the tasks with just a few clicks. 

With the help of ATS, recruiters can streamline and automate time-consuming processes and reduce hiring time. The AI inside the system helps to screen CVs automatically to filter out all the candidates. 

2. Boosts Efficiency

ATS or Application Tracking System also allows easy management of incoming candidates, keeping data organized. With a system or software, searching for the right candidate regardless of location and skills is quick. An ATS manages the candidate's data and simplifies the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to make the best hiring decision. 

3. Drives Productivity

The application tracking system includes many powerful features that help improve the recruiter's productivity. For example, they can faster perform job postings on multiple job boards and emails to multiple candidates at the same time. That means ATS tracking resume helps promote collaborative hiring, which helps in increasing team productivity and enhancing the decision-making process.

4. Improve Hiring Quality

By enabling recruiters to automatically identify the right talent and right candidate, the software helps improve hiring quality. Recruiters can have candidates that perfectly match the job requirement and screen out the unqualified ones. The ability to better qualify candidates not only positively impacts the hiring process but also helps increase the retention rate. 

5. Enhances Candidate Experience

In the recruitment process, candidate experience matters a lot. By delivering a modern way of clearing interviews via an AI recruitment software applicant tracking system, you can help candidates enhance their experiences. The more engaging recruitment process will help add value to your company and the applicants as well. The better the experience candidates have, the more value they can bring to your company.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Job Application Tracking System Software

Top Features That Make Application Tracking Software The Most Powerful & Robust One

1. Dashboard for Real-Time Analytics

The main feature of the applicant tracking system is that it offers real-time analytics via a dashboard which makes the process uncomplicated. One software with an interactive dashboard can help display the current key metrics that allow one to watch the latest trends. A dashboard helps you keep a watch on different insights like who is the right fit for the job and various other barriers. 

Having a user-friendly analytics dashboard is a fantastic feature also to know how the recruitment process is performing. Such a feature inside Applicant Tracking System offers real-time reports to deliver the best recruitment process. Powering up your recruitment process with such a feature to attract top talent helps bring good ROI. 

2. Strong Candidate Search Feature

Companies spend the maximum of their time, energy, and money developing a database for each candidate. But an application tracking system (ATS) with a powerful candidate search feature cuts down all these efforts. The software allows one to discover things and enhance searches by using filters quickly. 

Recruiters can also customize filters to meet the specific requirements of the company. The powerful search and filter feature also allows recruiters to do searches based on standard fields, keywords, and custom tags. All this further saves time and increases the efficiency of the recruiters. 

3. Video Recording or Pre-recorded Videos

Another exciting feature of application tracking systems is video recording or pre-recorded video which is also beneficial for recruiters. It helps them quickly identify the best candidates early and provides all the relevant information. With the help of these features, it becomes possible for recruiters to obtain structured and comparable interviews. These pre-recorded interviews help provide a holistic view of candidates. Not just CV, recruiters can also hire candidates based on their skills. 

4. Automated Email Communication

In the extensive list of pain points, candidate engagement is also one of them in the recruitment process. Manual communication about each and everything with applicants is entirely impossible. But with an automated application tracking system software, recruiters can send personalized emails to multiple candidates in all the recruitment stages. This further provides pleasant experiences to candidates and boosts branding. In addition, if recruiters use a system that helps schedule video interviews, both candidates and employers can save time. 

5. Custom Recruiting Workflows

Custom recruiting workflows and collaborative hiring processes can add speed and quality to your recruitment process. It’s good for recruiters to employ a customized job application tracking system that helps set up the workflow for each position and a simple overview of the job opening status. It's also critical that it has collaborative elements like applicant profile rating, commenting, and sharing because the likelihood of making a solid hire increases when more perspectives are considered.

6. Automated Candidate Screening 

Having an AI-based screening of all incoming applications saves recruiters a lot of time. Applicants that do not meet the basic job requirements might be immediately eliminated from the process, allowing recruiters to concentrate on the top applicants. Compared to manual screening, this AI-based procedure is more reliable and faster.

7. Personality Assessment

Because personality has been shown to have a significant impact on an employee's job performance, pre-employment evaluation is an excellent tool inside software that helps recruiters locate the perfect candidate for a specific job. Recruiters can conduct evidence-based recruitment by measuring each candidate's core personality attributes utilizing an Applicant Tracking System that includes an integrated personality test type.

How to Build a Job Application Tracking or Management System?

A job application tracking system (ATS) tracks job applicants from the time they submit their resume and cover letter (application) to the time they are interviewed and hired. Here are a few steps that help you build a quality ATS:

Keep Your Desires in Place

Choosing a new applicant tracking system is likely something you've been dreaming about for a long time. Once you've decided to move forward, it's a good idea to gather your thoughts on why a new system will be helpful. You should also figure out the conditions of your current system, if you have one, so you can figure out why you need a change.

Understand the Power of ATS

Perform some research to gain a sense of how a new application tracking system software could help your company. You may browse software review sites, look at vendor websites, talk to coworkers, or attend some demo webinars. Look for case studies and data that show how effective a modern applicant tracking system can be.

Connect With Reliable Technology Partner

Because your applicant tracking system will work for employees across your business like recruiters, HR staff, C-level executives, and so on, you might want to organize or build a system that meets the needs of all. You may wish to introduce a reliable IT consulting companies in New York, that can make your dreams come true.

Job Application Tracking System Software

Wrapping Up!

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a crucial tool for every recruitment team. As the market continues to evolve, businesses need to keep the top personnel coming their way to succeed. That's where an Application Tracking System is key to reaching more qualified candidates.

Using one of the best applicant tracking systems gives your organization an advantage over the competition by allowing you to keep organized and on top of the hiring process. There are numerous ATS alternatives available, and we recommend picking one that is a good fit for your company's needs.

Make sure you acquire a system that works for the size of your company and the number of people you'll be hiring. For this, you need a reliable custom software development company in place. RisingMax is a leading IT consulting firm in NYC that specializes in developing robust ATS software for employers looking to make their hiring process more smooth. Let's have a conversation about your project!

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