App Cost Calculator – Cost Estimation Tool For Mobile Application Development

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

App Cost Calculator – Cost Estimation Tool For Mobile Application Development

Do you want to know how much an iOS or Android app will cost? You can use our calculations to find out how much your app will cost. These are the many critical elements that affect both the cost and duration of developing an app. The basics of app cost are the more development time the more app will cost.

An app cost calculator will help you determine how much it will cost to build an app and how long it will take to launch. The cost varies depending on the device, functionality, UI/UX, and many other factors that will be discussed in detail.

Below we have gathered a table of five factors that affect app development cost and time.

More will be the development time, higher will be the cost. It will help you have a clear idea of how much budget is required to turn your business idea into reality.

Another easiest way to get an idea about how much to make an app for your business idea might cost is to look for the average cost of a mobile app as per different industry domains. For instance,

  • The average price for restaurant app development costs around $3000 to $15,000, depending on the number of features you choose. Table reservations, location-based services, Integration with social media, and loyalty rewards are some of the must-have features.
  • The cost to create a real estate mobile app varies from $16,000 to $45,000. User onboarding, Auction/ Listing services, filters/ advanced searched, mortgage calculators, maps, and push notifications are a few of the features that can take your business to a new level.
  • If you are willing to build an educational app for kids with basic functionality and with a decent design, the cost lies from $1000 - $15000 (if the development happens in India). However, the budget can shoot up to $40,000 if developed in the USA. The range depends upon the expertise and experience of the company you are going to hire for your project.
  • The cost to create an app depends on various factors like features you need in your app, type of platform you need, developer’s cost, etc. Typically, the cost of a financial app ranges from $20,000 to $1,00,000. Here is a list of features that require approximate hours to design and develop,

The Working Of Mobile App Cost Calculator for Developers and Businessess

Now that you know what the app cost calculator is, you need to understand its working on the next. It is software that helps you calculate the cost of the app development process. The calculator will explain the difference in the price of both mobile app development and web app development. It can also make you understand the features that cost higher and those that cost less. 

This tool will raise several questions that you have to answer as per your need. Every question asked will decide the expense involved, and once you are done with all of them, you can go with an estimated cost of the app. 

Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown Based on Questionnaire

Although several factors help determine the mobile app development cost estimate. Listing down some most crucial questions with the cost associated with it:

Platform - What Type Of App Do You Need For Your Business?

iOS Apps - Such app types are crafted for Apple phones and iPads. Usually, a custom iOS app costs somewhere between $10 - $15k, and the time it takes about 160 hours.

Android Apps - Compared to iOS apps, Android apps are less expensive and built using Java and Kotlin. You can expect the development of a custom Android app somewhere $8k - $12K in 140 hours.

Hybrid Apps - Hybrid apps are developed with React Native, and the price is less. Such types of apps work well on different devices and operating systems, and the cost starts from $5K.

Progressive Web Apps - A progressive web app cost starts from $6k. Such an app type combined with the features of both an app and functions of a website, making it a more powerful tool for users.

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Design - What Type Of UI Do You Need For Your App?

An app is all about the look, feel, and touch. You make sure your app has flawless UI/UX; that is one of the most important factors. For this, making the selection custom design allows you to enhance the app's functionality and allow you to add premium features to your app. At the same time, the most complex project requires the most advanced design. Now that you decide which design aspect to keep, the below-shared data will surely help you out.

DesignMin - Max Range $
Template-Based UI (Simple App Design)$40,000 to $60,000
Custom-Branded UI (Basic App Design)$60,000-$150,000
Replicated Web Interface (Medium complexity app Design)Starts from $61,000 
Adding Animation & Gestures(Complex app design)Starts from $300,000

User Registration- How Will Your Users Register and log in to the app?

When deciding on the app's login method, security and user convenience somewhat can't be ignored. The user's data is essential; it is a must to protect it with secure login methods. You can select from a host of login methods, and the development cost depends on what option you choose.

Below are the few login methods you can pick one as per your choice.

  • Email ID and password
  • Via Social Networks
  • 2-Step Authorization  
  • Sign Up Not Required

The complexity of Features - What Features You Want To Add?

Most app development companies majorly estimate the app cost based on features and design complexity. Using a mobile app development cost calculator, you can calculate each feature.

Admin Features - Which Admin Features Do You Need To Add To App?

  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Notification Control

Exclusive Features - What Additional Features You Need In Your App?

  • Search/Filters
  • Crash Reporting
  • Offline Access
  • Multilingual Support
  • Activity Feeds
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Chatting
  • Push Notification

Database Management - Where do you want to save the data of your app?

Type Of DatabaseCost Estimation by Database
Database From Scratch$5000 - $8000
Cloud-Based Database $4000 - $10,000
Existing Database~$5000

Security Level Of Your App

A reliable app development company ensures you a fully secure app. The cost depends upon what security features you choose. The simple security measures require up to 12-18 hours of development. Whereas a high level of security features where developers create encrypted containers to store data safely requires 24 to 32 hours of development time.

Type of Security Features Cost
Basic Security Measures$1500 - $3500
Encrypted Communication$500 - $1500
 Complete Protection$5000

App Billing - What type of App Billing do you need?

Type Of App BillingCost
Subscription Plans~$500
Payment Processing ~$500 - $1000
Shopping Cart~$500 - $1500
User Marketplace~$2000

So an app cost calculator will assist you in estimating the cost of developing an app. It's also vital to consider app developer hourly rates, which vary by nation. If you have all of the information, you can also utilize a mobile app development cost formula to acquire quick quotes.

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that just because numerous apps are free to download, an ideal app can be built for free. We know we are upfront here, but the fact cannot be denied. Just like other things, as per the time-tested adage, you get what you pay for. 

Mobile apps, in the last decade, have redefined the term ‘business’. And with it comes the questions regarding mobile app development cost estimate, you must know everything about the app cost calculator. 

If you want to capture the attention and wallets of the customers, your app must have that ‘extra’ factor that will distinguish it from others. Agree?

Now that you have agreed with us on this, you must also admit that the development of a good app requires a solid conceptual foundation, thoughtful planning, a suitable ecosystem, and expertise. Nevertheless, all of these come at a certain cost, and the blog post is dedicated to discussing cost estimation for mobile application development. 

Before we dive deeper, we will first walk you through some statistics that will tell you more about the importance of mobile apps and the mobile app development cost estimate. 

  • In 2020, there were 218 billion mobile app downloads.
  • In 2020, the average daily time spent on mobile by users is on mobile apps. On average, a person spends four hours and 10 minutes daily. 
  • In 2020, the App Store spent $143 billion worldwide. 

These statistics shed light on the growing trend of mobile app development and also directly impact the app cost calculator. 

Developing mobile apps is a critical endeavor for various organizations, and the costs aren’t always apparent. On that account, it’s important to plan for the expenses and strategize to prevent resource bleeds in the process.

Various aspects determine the cost estimation for mobile application development, which are necessary for you to recognize and understand. Let us understand the factors that determine the app cost calculator.

1. Application Development Partner

The most crucial aspect of developing an app is choosing the right app development partner. The decision of choosing an app development company does not come easy as the market is flooded with multiple service providers who claim to be the best. Nevertheless, you can always act rationally and choose a company that fits your requirements and budget. 

Factors that you can look for while finding a company that can develop an app for you are:

  • Quality assurance
  • Efficiency in project management
  • Scope of services
  • Schedule and discipline
  • Ease of communication
  • Accountability

What are the Hiring Options?

You have three hiring options when it comes to developing mobile applications. Before we proceed further to know about the hiring options, you need to know that the app cost calculator will be impacted by the choice you make. Have a look at the app development partners you can hire.

  • In-House Team

You can hire full-time employees who will help you build an app. The benefit is that you can have them physically present at your workplace. However, this option will add unnecessary costs like infrastructure, internet, and other utility bills in addition to their salaries.

  • Freelancers

Finding freelancers may be a cost-effective option, but it might cost you heavily in terms of time. The reason is that it is not easy to find the right talent. In case you manage to find the right developers, it will still be challenging to coordinate with them.

  • Mobile App Development Company

Hiring a mobile app development company keeps the mobile app development cost calculator balanced. Most entrepreneurs and startups prefer seeking professional services from companies that develop mobile applications. 

With this option, you can build a mobile app on a limited budget and invest the saved resources in promoting your app. 

2. Features & Level Of Complexity

On average, it takes 3 to 6 months to develop an app. In the case of highly complex apps, it can also take 8 to 12 months for the app to get launched in the market. 

Basically, it depends on the features you wish to integrate into your app.

Level Of ComplexitySimpleModerateMid-levelCustomized
Time2-3 months4-5 months6-7 months8+ months

There is a list of features that can impact the cost estimation for mobile application development. Read through the set of features here:

Registration & login

You’ll need this feature in your app if you want your users to register and log in to your app. The most popular options include sign-up via social profiles such as a Facebook account or via email.


App navigation refers to the flow of users throughout the app, which means how users will switch through different screens, access the features, and close the app.

Push notifications

Push notifications allow businesses to show real-time updates to customers. Besides, if you are planning to develop a chat application like Whatsapp, then you need to implement push notifications carefully. 


Your app must possess attractive videos and audio to enhance the overall experience of the users. 


Businesses can integrate maps to help customers find their location easily. Developers may need to integrate services like Google Maps into the app.

In-app purchases

You need to integrate payment gateways if your business wishes to sell products, courses, premium features, or subscriptions.


Businesses that wish their users to access the content in real-time can integrate media streaming features.

Security & Data Encryption

As per Statista: In 2020, there were almost 30 thousand cybersecurity incidents worldwide. The entertainment and public sectors were the most targeted, with 7,065 and 3,236 reported incidents, respectively.

Given this fact, mobile apps are gearing up to prevent threats from hampering their functioning. For that, security and data encryption come to the rescue. Consequently, it begins to share a direct relationship with the app cost calculator.

3. Platform

Android or iOS? You have to choose the platform where you wish to launch your app. Choice can be made easier by knowing the key differences between both platforms.

According to Statista: Smartphones running the Android operating system hold an 87 percent share of the global market in 2019, and this is expected to increase over the forthcoming years. The mobile operating system developed by Apple (iOS) has a 13 percent share of the market.

4. Programming Language

While Android apps are built mainly with Java and Kotlin, iOS apps are created with Kotlin. There are considerable differences between the development of both apps, owing to the programming languages used for the development. As a result, the app cost calculator for both platforms begins to vary.

5. Design Distinctiveness

iOS design principles are different from Android. While iOS designs are made for limited variations of screen sizes and resolutions that are available for a small number of devices, Android designs need to adapt to each device and screen size. Moreover, there are differences in the device interfaces that determine how devices look, how the users engage, and the way the app cost calculator works. 

6. Money-Making Strategies

iOS apps are more focused on purchased apps, while the majority of Google-supported apps gain money out of ad monetization. In-app purchases provide steady growth for both platforms and give better results than ads or paid ads.

7. Audience

Knowing the demographics first before developing the app can save you your time and resources. Develop an app according to the characteristics of the target users. 

8. Development Timeline

It may be difficult to estimate the timeline for app development for each platform. However, you cannot miss this critical aspect, and some factors can help you obtain clarity on it.

  • Android apps take longer to develop due to code complexity and device variety.
  • iOS apps feature a stricter acceptance process that is reviewed by experts.

Once you have gained enough information about those as mentioned above and have analyzed each one of them, it’s time for you to decide between Android and iOS. 

How Can You Keep Cost Estimation For Mobile Application Development Within Budget?

There are a few things you can do to get an app developed within your budget. It’s essential to plan for as many of the expenses involved as possible to keep the development team from spending beyond the limit. You can exercise complete control over the app cost calculator and make the app development as smooth as possible.

Know & Test Your Assumptions

Utilize simple interactive prototypes to mimic the look and functionality of the app you desire without having to build it. You can test it by introducing it to the users ahead of time, without disturbing the app cost calculator. This way, you can see whether or not your app will hit the success mark in the market. 

Understand Your Users

Most organizations fail to understand their users as they don’t spend the required time upfront to understand them and define the users’ outcomes. Don’t let the expected cost bubble, and begin to learn more about your target audience.

Develop an MVP

Every user has unique needs, and you cannot predict their requirements instantly. Therefore, you must first create a minimum viable product and obtain the users’ feedback by making small and controlled experiments. This way, you can better answer the queries of the users and with less investment and a more justified app cost calculator.

Create a Product Roadmap

Create a product roadmap and prioritize features in an iterative manner to save valuable resources and obtain a clear value proposition. Besides, you can test your hypothesis and seek timely feedback to measure behavior. 

Prioritize Security

Security is not an option but a necessity and ignoring it can lead you to reputational value while making you bleed red on your initiative. Consider incorporating security features so that your app is highly secure for the users to use.

Work in Batches

Reputed app development companies provide services based on milestones/batches. To keep control over mobile app development cost estimates, avoid big releases and work on small batches and keep the workflow smooth and constant. 

Focus on the App’s Objectives

While the app development process is in progress, the developers must focus on the objectives of the app instead of focusing on the framework and underlying components. 

Keep a Check on Deployment Costs

A crucial part of an app development cost calculator is the deployment cost, and a part of it stays mostly hidden. Make sure you don’t miss understanding the requirements during the planning phase. 

As per research, it was found that 25 percent of apps downloaded by mobile app users worldwide were only accessed once after download.

And when you know this fact, you cannot think of affording to ignore the deployment costs and the related hidden aspects. 

Get User Feedback

Planning must also include a seamless implementation of a feedback loop to understand the customers’ needs and take them into account seriously.

Know Your Boundaries

The cost estimation for mobile application development comes easy when you identify your boundaries and know the right amount you need to invest in the app development process. Go for hiring a mobile app development company that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and allow you to stay within your boundaries.


With all the above insights, it should be clear that developing and maintaining an app is no cakewalk. Despite what people think, it requires your time and money. Nonetheless, you must also know where to draw the line. Isn’t it?

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