How To Run School or University In The Metaverse

By RisingMax

December 22, 2023

How To Run School or University In The Metaverse

The virtual world, parallel to the real world, has opened doors to multiple opportunities for businesses. Metaverse platform is one of those technologies which is the most wonderful place to fill the color on the canvas with imagination and execution. The school in the metaverse is one of those canvases on which RisingMax Inc. is filling up the colors and creating the canvas of a rainbow.

how to run school in metaverse

Education is a fundamental right of humans, and every human deserves to get the best possible education. And the school on the metaverse platform is the option to fill the gap between education and learners. In this blog, you will get to know about how to open schools and how you can generate revenue from schools in the metaverse.

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According to Gartner, one of the top five emerging trends and technologies for 2024 is the metaverse. The metaverse's underlying technologies, VR/AR, are predicted to increase global investment from $18 billion in 2022 to $83.8 billion in 2025. Leaders in the blockchain industry, gaming, retail, the arts, and the healthcare sector in metaverse are determining how to position themselves as major players in this emerging ecosystem.

How Can Metaverse Be Used For Education?

With a distinct focus on leveraging VR and the Metaverse to deepen and diversify education through interpersonal and immersive encounters, learning through technology is a crucial component of Inspired's goal. The use of technology will engage students in fresh and original ways by giving them access to real-time virtual classrooms with students from all over the world.

Students who have been brought together in the Metaverse, for instance, may enter the same math class and work together electronically to solve challenging equations.

Students will be able to work together with classmates who may be thousands of miles apart to conduct fieldwork and research while experiencing firsthand the sheer size and scale of a dinosaur, put chemical atoms together, explore the human body, or travel to inspiring global destinations in current or historical times.

How To Run School or University

Who Took The First Initiative?

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the first ever university to take a step forward by combining the metaverse with university courses to provide a better environment for students. The other advantage of doing so is giving complete access to education to the students. The students can now attend the class from anywhere they want. All they need is the credentials and internet connectivity.

With a distinct focus on leveraging VR and the Metaverse to deepen and diversify education through interpersonal and immersive encounters, learning through technology is a crucial component of Inspired's goal.

Engagement Of Students

The use of technology will engage students in fresh and original ways by giving them access to real-time virtual classrooms with students all over the world by using VR in education.

For instance, students who have been brought across the Metaverse may enter the same math class and work together electronically to solve challenging equations.

Students will be able to work together with classmates who might be hundreds of miles away to conduct fieldwork and research while experiencing firsthand.

The overwhelming size and scale of a dinosaur put around each other chemical particles, explore the human body, or travel to inspiring global destinations in current or historical times.

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How You Can Generate Revenue From School in The Metaverse?

One of the significant reasons behind merging the metaverse with education is making a new perspective of business on the metaverse platform. The metaverse platform opens the door to developing new business options for investors and entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the stats by which you can understand how much there is scope for success in building the business on the metaverse platform.

  • 75% of adults in the US are joining the Metaverse platform: A majority of Americans nearly three-fourths support joining the metaverse. Why so many? The top three motivations for entering the metaverse are to speak with other users (40%), experience things they can't live in physical reality (41%), and leave one's actual surroundings (28%).
  • VR users have increased since 2018: By 2021, 23% of VR users were regularly visiting the metaverse, a significant rise. Only 15% of these VR users used the technology daily in 2018. VR use was reported to be 20% monthly and 31% weekly last year.
  • 50k users of Web 3.0: A new "World Wide Web" and a virtual world called Web 3.0 is conceptualized, and it is built on blockchain technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Only 50,000 people have accepted this more recent aspect of the metaverse globally as of right now.

Here are some ideas by which you can generate revenue from the school or university in the metaverse.

Tie Up With Tech Gear Companies

The first thing by which you can generate revenue is by commission. You can collaborate with VR companies and suggest your students get VRs from any specific company. But obviously, this cannot be a significant source of generating revenue. Read further to know the other sources.

Admission On The Global Stage

By developing the school or university on the metaverse, you will be able to break the boundaries of the countries and borders. You will be able to approach students around the globe, and once you are available on the global stage then, nothing can stop you to be the best and most advanced technology-based institution on the global stage.

How To Run School or University In The Metaverse

Diverse Culture Of Education

Although it may not be a direct alternative to producing income, creating an open and varied culture is undoubtedly effective. A campus that values variety and welcomes individuals from many socioeconomic and cultural groups creates many chances for development.

More students would be motivated to enroll and follow their preferred careers in such a scenario. A university will earn more money if there are more students. A diverse institution also has a greater chance of partnering with organizations in the public and commercial sectors that may assist it in maximizing its income rate.


When trying to maximize their earnings, some university administrators only consider their pupils. You may believe that they are concentrating on the cost of tuition for students, and you would be correct.

However, university administrators must also concentrate on developing techniques to retain students, preventing them from dropping off or moving to other colleges and continue generating money from their students.


Many different company models from numerous sectors sell items in addition to their primary products on a secondary basis. One example of an institution that sells items is a university. T-shirts, coats, hoodies, hats, notebooks, pencils, and other items are great examples of merchandise.

Any item that promotes a university's identity and sense of community has strong marketability, especially among the institution's students, alumni, and other potential supporters of its varsity sports teams. Depending on their preferences, universities can sell their products at retail establishments, online stores, and on campus.

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How Building A School In Metaverse Can be Beneficial In Education

New World Of Visualization

After the abundance of dull Zoom encounters at COVID-19, the two defining characteristics of a metaverse learning experience visualization and storytelling are urgently required. With VR technology, learners can enter another environment or put themselves in another person's shoes. For instance, DaVita, a pioneer in health care, uses an interactive, multi-sensory first-person tale to foster patient empathy.

Entering meta-worlds makes visualizing circumstances, such as complex development problems, easier. For instance, a student can live in a green Smart City or analyze the evolution of a South Asian street using a VR headset.

Learners "enter" important global development concerns, such as climate change, education, gender, urban development, international commerce, and public health, through bite-sized 360-degree storytelling, virtual tours, and visualizations.

Increase Access For Persons

The metaverse can increase disabled people's access to social and educational opportunities. An immersive setting, such as going to a mall or grocery store, stacking products at a store, or putting things into a truck.

It gives young adults with special needs, autism, and social interaction challenges the chance to develop their interpersonal and employment skills.

Through Metaverse app development, individuals may communicate with others and practice skills in a secure setting without worrying or feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, VR can enhance the quality of life for people who struggle with mobility or anxiety. For instance, the Starlight Foundation employs VR technology to allow young patients to "escape" from the confines of their hospital room and enter a different environment.

Increased Learning Performance Data Collection

Organizations may gather previously untapped data to obtain insights into student behavior to measure progress, discover gaps, and constantly enhance the learning experience by using the metaverse to build immersive learning experiences. Usage, performance, attention and engagement, sentiment, and predictive analysis are all pertinent data on learner behavior.

Additionally, teachers may take a more active part in data collection and lesson analysis on the efficiency of these settings for learning. Every digital trace may be tracked, and telemetry dashboard data can offer valuable insights for enhancing the simulation experience.

The term "life" after the internet refers to the metaverse. Virtual campuses activity, 3D simulations, and gamified activities are a few examples of this innovative approach to education's early implementations.

Enhance Real-Life Skills

The metaverse offers an opportunity for immersive, embodied skill development utilizing real-world events and high-stress situations, where mistakes can be made without repercussions. It blends spatial design, data analytics, and VR to increase learner confidence, engagement, and application when done correctly.

Cost To Develop School In Metaverse

Cost To Develop School In Metaverse

Businesses are discussing the many advantages of the metaverse. To keep current with industry trends and effectively market their goods and services, they are prepared to invest in developing immersive environments with digital enhancements.

No matter what industry they are in, every company should be aware of the many aspects of the metaverse since it is crucial to comprehend how it connects the physical and virtual worlds, drives business ecosystems, and influences people.

It is also crucial to comprehend the technological components of metaverse development to investigate the numerous facets of this shared, open, and permanent virtual environment and estimate a generalized metaverse development cost.

It is essential to hire a team of seasoned developers for Metaverse to complete the project's development. The corporation will also affect how much Metaverse costs. The most significant businesses in the business will cost you between $10,000 and $2,500,000. Everything is dependent on the demand's requirement and the owner's necessity. Depending on their level of competence, metaverse development prices might differ from firm to company.

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How To Run School or University

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