What Are The Different Types Of Tokens In Cryptocurrency

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December 27, 2022

What Are The Different Types Of Tokens In Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the coin that presented us to the world of cryptocurrencies. At the time, it was the peer-to-peer exchange framework for monetary standards. In the long run, other coins came into the present, which were called altcoins, as they were made as an elective to Bitcoin. The development of cryptocurrencies did not halt there.

Types Of Tokens In Cryptocurrency

Numerous unused and distinctive sorts of cryptocurrencies were designed to back diverse applications with time. The creation and development of Ethereum gave rise to the term "token," which quickly became a general term for all monetary standards created on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Tokens And Coins Are Different Things

As mentioned above, although people take them as similar things, both things differ in nature. Let's see it through the paragraph below.

The three types of cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens. 


Bitcoin is no more an unknown name to anyone. When it was launched in 2008, nobody knew that it would be the talk of the town within a few years, but that happened. Satoshi Nakamoto, the bitcoin developer, never knew that bitcoin would gain so much value within a flash of years. 

Bitcoin is a completely independent currency and does not belong to any country or organization. The significant benefit of not having bitcoin under any bank, government, or organization is that it does not fluctuate from country to country. The value of bitcoin will always be the same globally. 

Bitcoins opened the international borders of trading for business owners. As the amount will always be the same, two parties can do the transactions easily in bitcoin currency. 

Use Cases Of Blockchain

There are no physical bitcoins, but as it were, the equalizations are kept on a decentralized open ledger framework known as a blockchain. These equalizations of Bitcoin tokens are kept utilizing available and private keys to unscramble the encryption.

To put it in easier understanding, the open key is like your bank account number for you to send or get bitcoin. In comparison, the private key could be a mystery key for you to authorize a bitcoin transmission.

As a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is acknowledged as a implies of installment for items sold or services, given that it works like fiat money instead. Even though it's decentralized, the central gripping portion of bitcoin is its competitive trade rate against the dollar, drawing in potential financial specialists and dealers.

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In the starting, Bitcoin was the only existing cryptocurrency, but afterward, other ventures began to rise in the marketplace. Thus, the born of altcoins happened. Ethereum, Litecoin, Swell, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero are the numerous others that run out of their local stages and local blockchains.

All of them were marginally distinctive from the Bitcoin blockchain. These newly-built coins like Ethereum were, for the most part, created for the single-purpose utilize case, to serve as a digital currency that in some way or another may be superior to Bitcoin – at slightest agreeing to the designers of these projects. Essentially, they were made to compete with Bitcoin by changing the rules to request distinctive clients. And even though a few of them do challenge Bitcoin after a long time.


Crypto tokens are uncommonly created to form kick-start the crypto eco framework. Crypto tokens don't fundamentally have their local blockchains and can be effectively built on the best of other stages. Compared to crypto coins that play a currency's part, tokens regularly serve a specific work like voting for changes or rewarding individuals for taking part in the organizing.

What Are Crypto Tokens?

Crypto tokens are computerized resources that are built on another cryptocurrency's blockchain. A blockchain is a decentralized platform that stores information in associated squares. This data can be exchange records or full-fledged programs that work on the blockchain called keen contracts. 

For illustration, as a cryptocurrency's exchanges are affirmed, they would gather them into a piece, which piece would at that point be included in the blockchain. Every cryptocurrency is built on a blockchain. If a cryptocurrency doesn't have its possess blockchain and instep employments another cryptocurrency's blockchain, at that point, it's considered a token.

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The token is just a word we consider for the cryptocurrencies; with some confusion or dew to the lack of the information, people think of crypto tokens and bitcoin as the same thing. The reason behind considering so is the technicalities of the tokens; every crypto asset has the probability of being the crypto tokens or somewhere similar to it. 

Both things have very different and specific meanings.

  • The progressively quotidian meaning for "token" has a more specific implication: to portray crypto assets that run on the best of another cryptocurrency's blockchain. You'll experience this utilization on the off chance that you get to be inquisitive about decentralized back (or Defi). Whereas a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has its claim devoted blockchain, Defi tokens like Chainlink and Aave run on best of, or use, an existing blockchain, most commonly Ethereum's.
  • A "token" frequently alludes to any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin and Ethereum (indeed, even though they are actually tokens). Since Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most significant two cryptocurrencies, it's valuable to have a word to depict the universe of other coins. (Another word you might listen to with essentially the same meaning is "altcoin.”)
  • Tokens in this moment category offer assistance decentralized applications to do everything from robotize intrigued rates to offer genuine virtual bequest. But they can moreover be held or exchanged like every other cryptocurrency.

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The Importance Of Token 

Given that you'll come over the word a parcel whereas inquiring about cryptocurrencies, it's valuable to get it for a few everyday purposes. But other than the big-picture connotations within the area over, a few categories of crypto assets have "token" in their name. Here are several cases of those:

  • Defi tokens are a new world of cryptocurrency-based protocols that aim to multiply traditional financial-system functions (lending and saving, insurance, trading) has emerged in recent years. These conventions issue tokens that perform a wide assortment of capacities but can be exchanged or held like several other cryptocurrencies.
  • Governance tokens are the specialized Defi tokens that provide holders a say within the future of a convention or app, which (decentralized) don't have sheets of chiefs or any other central specialist. The prevalent investment funds convention Compound, for case, issues all clients a token called COMP. This token gives holders a vote on how Compound is overhauled. The more COMP tokens you have got, the more votes you get.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) speak to possession rights to an engaging computerized or real-world resource. They can utilize them to create it more troublesome for advanced manifestations to be replicated and shared (an issue anybody who has ever gone to a Downpour location full of the most recent motion pictures and video recreations gets). Moreover, they've been utilized to issue a constrained number of computerized craftsmanships or offer interesting virtual resources like uncommon things in a video amusement.
  • Security Tokens Security tokens are a modern lesson of resources that point to be the crypto identical to conventional securities like stocks and bonds. Their primary utilize case is to offer offers in a company (exceptionally much like the offers or fragmentary offers sold using ordinary markets) or other endeavors (for occurrence, genuine domain) without the requirement for a broker. Major companies and new businesses have been detailed to be examining security tokens as a potential elective to other fundraising strategies.

The Different Types Of Tokens In Cryptocurrency? 

About nine types of tokens help in multiple things in cryptocurrency. 

The nine types of crypto tokens are:

  • Utility tokens
  • Security tokens
  • Exchange tokens
  • Payment tokens
  • Non-Fungible tokens
  • Asset-backed tokens
  • Decentralized finance tokens
  • Privacy tokens

Utility Tokens

You must have won coupons while shopping offline or from the online store. The shopping sites provide several coupons in exchange for shopping from their sites. The utility tokens are somewhere similar to the coupons. The tokens give some limited access to services or any product by the one who owns the product. Any person can have limited access by purchasing the token and redeeming it for the service or product. 

  • The holder picks up the correct item or benefit to proportionate token esteem but not proprietorship. On occasion, they can get to the item or service at discounted expenses or no cost as long as they hold the tokens.
  • Characterizing a cryptocurrency as a utility token implies it isn't beneath any money-related control.
  • The most understanding is that they are not speculation items and can lose esteem totally at the holder's cost.
  • Utility tokens are way better caught on from an administrative point of view in that they are not accepted to be controlled. The token holder isn't holding an identical stock or bond or other resource maintained beneath budgetary acts.
  • Applications incorporate to get to decentralized capacity in a decentralized power arrange, rewards tokens, and money for a blockchain.

Security Tokens

Securitized cryptocurrencies infer esteem from an outside resource that can exchange beneath a money-related direction as security. They, subsequently, are utilized for securitized tokenization of properties, bonds, stocks, real-estates, property, and other real-world monetary forms.

Security tokens speak to a stake, share in stock or value, voting rights, and right to the profit within the resource spoken to. Proprietors or holders get a portion of the benefit from the issuers' or administrative activities and choices.

The security tokens are also divided into two different types of tickets, which is

  • Equity tokens
  • Asset-backed tokens 

Payment Tokens

Payment tokens are utilized for buying and offering merchandise and administrations on computerized stages without a mediator, as happens in a conventional fund and keeping money fields. Of course, the more significant part of cryptocurrencies and tokens drop into this category, whether they are security or utility. Be that like it; not all utility tokens can be payment tokens. 

Exchange Token

The exchange tokens are used for buying, selling, or exchanging tokens. It can also use outside rather than in the exchange environment; individuals utilize them for encouraging trade between other tokens or as gas utility installments on these trades.

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NFT Tokens

NFT is one of the most popular tokens in the blockchain. The NFT is a perfect platform for digital artists. Where the artist always had the issue of not getting credit for their arts, the NFT solved the issue of credit and royalties by reselling the art. The NFT tokens provide a unique identity to the art and a good amount of revenue. The art can be anything like music, audio, video, graphics, memes, etc. Anything unique in its form can be on the NFT platform. 

Decentralized Finance Tokens

The next type of token is a Decentralized finance token. Decentralized is something which means that it will control it centrally. The decentralized finance apps or dApps are built on the distributed ledger, which helps for the peer-to-peer transaction globally without the interference of any third party. 

Anyone with an internet connection can have access to the dApps. Every Defi app is backed by a token, which is a native token. The tokens are something by which the token developers can program the transactions and payment flows. 


By the name, it's pretty understandable that the token's value will be stable in this form. By nature, it is made to have stable value. The stable coins or stable tokens are stable assets like the fiat. 

They are supported on a characterized proportion and must keep the resources backing them in saves as per the characterized proportion. We have those sponsored by fiat, crypto, product, and algorithmic stablecoins, which utilize programs and rules to preserve the steady peg with fiat or another resource. Some stable tokens are Gemi Dollar, TruSD, Kitco Gold, Tether Gold, etc.

Privacy Tokens 

These types of tokens are used for the privacy application because their codes promote more privacy than would be mainstream crypto or Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies consolidate diverse strategies for guaranteeing exchange security, e.g., coin blending, secrecy methods like CoinJoin, and offline exchanges. This is often in expansion to techniques utilized in standard crypto.


These are the complete information about the tokens and their types; joining any of the businesses on the blockchain is going to be the most profitable decision for you. You can hire blockchain developers to build the platform. 

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