Blockchain Game Development Cost Breakdown & Estimation

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Blockchain Game Development Cost Breakdown & Estimation

The blockchain platform is making a great world where each of the applications will be decentralized and secure, and people can make money through it.

One such thing is the gaming platform on which unicorn companies are getting on the blockchain platform.

Here in this blog, you will get complete information about how to build a blockchain-based game platform, how much it costs to build a gaming platform and the mobile game development cost breakdown.

Blockchain Mobile App Game

Video games are loved by everyone, no matter whether they are youth or old age. The game development companies know it very well and enhance the gaming platforms with every passing day.

Gaming companies are building the gaming platform on the blockchain not only to give a true sense of experience but also as an option for play-to-earn. The play-to-earn feature on the gaming platform has provided immense power to entrepreneurs to earn a good amount of money.

NFT Gaming Platform Development

Mobile game development companies are building the NFT based gaming application on blockchain where the game users can play and win rare collectibles tokens and can earn money by exchanging them on the NFT platforms. 

Things Needed To Build Blockchain Mobile App Game Development

Let's see what things are needed for the development of the gaming application on blockchain and an approx. Mobile game development cost breakdown so that if you are planning to build a blockchain-based gaming platform, then you will have a brief idea about all the factors of the gaming platform. 

The approx. blockchain-based mobile application development cost can go from $45,000 to $1,50,000 as per the features getting included in the following application.

There are multiple aspects on which the cost of the gaming application depends, including the developer's cost, sources, and the cost of launching on Android or iOS application or as such. 

Below we are going to discuss the blockchain-based game development cost breakdown

And are the thing that affects the cost of building. Even the building of an application on different platforms has different costing, and the game development cost for different types of games vary.

Let's catch detailed costing about the gaming platform.

Blockchain App/Software Designing cost5k to 10k
Blockchain Development cost $35 to 65K
Deployment cost $15k
Integration cost $10k
Maintenance cost $1500 to 4k
Project Managers$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers $5000

Platform – What Type Of App Do You Need For Your Business?

iOS Platform 

If you want to launch the game application on the iOS platform, then for launching the gaming application, you need to get the work done as per the iOS platform and approx.

The price for building the gaming platform for iOS can be between $45k-$150k. More of the things depends on the features of the platform. 

Developing the game for the iOS platform can take the time up to 7-8 months.

Android Platform 

As compared to iOS applications, the android applications are highly popular as there are more android users available globally. The mobile game development for Android takes more perfection but costs a little lower than the iOS gaming application development.

The price for the android blockchain-based gaming application can be between $45k to $70/80k. The time for developing the AndroidAndroid based gaming platform can take upto 4 to 6 months. 

The cost of the application also depends on the size of the gaming. Here the size describes the level of the gaming. The cost also depends on the storyline, design, type of game, and other things.

Mini-Games$45,000 to $60,0002-4months
Mid-Level Mobile Game$60,000 to $120,0003-6months
High-Level Gamefrom $150,00010+ months

2D vs. 3D Games

The game development cost also depends on what type of game you want to build for the users. The 2D or 3D game has its own sense of gaming experience.

The 2D game is less expensive than the 3D games. And it also needs less perfection in the graphic. On the 2D gaming platform, the graphics are less low quality and takes lesser time to build. The 3D games are the advanced version that gives a true sense of real life. 

The mobile game application development in 3D is quite more expensive than the 2D and also takes much more time to develop than in development than 2D gaming.

Web3 Development Company

A perfect example of 2D games is chess, 8-ball pool, candy crush, etc.; it all takes less technology and effort to build. 3D games like PubG or Free Fire take more time to build the platform and more effort to provide a real-life sense. 

2D costs between $50-60K for the complete development, and the 3D gaming application can go up to $150K depending on the features and type of game one wants to build. 

Complexity Of Gaming Platform 

The game development budget also matters when it comes to the complexity of the gaming platform. According to the complexity of the gaming platform, the cost gets higher as it requires more features on the platform.

Here are some of the example what is the complexity of the gaming platform:


games like cards, 8-ball pool, candy crush, car racing games, and subway surfer are the perfect example of mini-games where it takes less effort to build the platform.

Mid-Level Games

The mid-level games are quite complicated to develop and need better perfection than the mobile game application. The mid-level games are Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, etc.

High-Level Games

High-level games include games like Clash of Clans and all where the player gets into a scenario.

AAA Games 

The most popular example of the AAA type of game is PubG or Free Fire. These two games are well-known games globally, and both games lie as AAA games.

Real Money

The blockchain-based gaming platform is more popular for these types of games, where a user has to invest on the platform and earn money in the form of NFTs. The NFT based gaming platform is getting widely popular on the blockchain platform.

We are one such blockchain game development company that has already delivered 3 projects in 6+ years of blockchain development experience and also working on multiple gaming platforms. 

Here is a list of some profitable games that you can build on the blockchain platform to generate maximum revenue from it.

Card Games 

The card game is an exciting game and especially when anybody can earn NFTs from winning the game. The card game development can be of two types either the game with the real players on the online platform or can be with the card mechanics. The demand for card games has increased in the marketplace by up to 6.2%. 

These could either be original games with card mechanics or digitized versions of tabletop card games. In-app purchase revenues reached $6.2 million in 2022, while advertising revenue reached $10.8 million. In 2019, 15% of total gamers on AndroidAndroid played card games.

Educational Games 

The NFT-based educational game is one such game from which one will not just earn the amount but also learn a lot of things with entertainment. Building NFT-based educational games can be a great option as the audience can be teens as well as adults who thrive on gaining knowledge.

Board Games 

The board games create good suspense for the players, and people enjoy the games for hours while traveling or sitting alone at home. NFT-based board games can be a win-win gaming platform for both the user and the gaming platform admin.

Casino Games 

People love to try their luck in the casino, either in reality or in virtual games, a huge audience tries their luck on the platform, and if it comes with a 100% secured platform and instant transaction features, then definitely more of the users will join the marketplace. 

Adventure Games 

The adventure games excite the players and make the gaming lovers fall for the adventurous games again and again. NFT-based gaming platform on the blockchain will open a lot more options to earn rather than just engaging the time without earning anything. 

Arcade Games 

Arcade is the old-school style of gaming where the player controls the games with the help of the joystick. The adults from the '90s get a nostalgic sense by playing such games, and adding the feature of the play-to-earn with the arcade game can grab maximum adults who can actually invest in such a platform.

Blockchain Based Gaming Platform Decevelopement Cost

How Blockchain And Game Together A Great Combination 

Blockchain is an emerging technology and is improving businesses and especially the gaming industry. Here are some of the critical evaluations of how the blockchain is changing the gaming experience of the users and how blockchain game application development companies are implementing the advanced technologies for a true sense of gaming and additionally play-to-earn options.

  • In the blockchain gaming platform, the users not only have a better user experience but also better control over their accounts. They not only just access their platform anytime they want but also get access to the collectible items they earn via play-to-earn on the gaming platform.
  • The usual gaming platform cannot get access to multiple platforms, but the blockchain-based gaming platform provides the advantage of getting access to multiple sources on the browser. 
  • Previously when a player wins any unique items after completing any task, they get the time but do not have complete possession; the company still owns the ownership, and above that, the items cannot go for sale or cannot gets for trading but on the blockchain-based NFT gaming platform the user of gaming gets the 100% ownership of the unique item, and they can put them for sale or auction to generate revenue.
  • Another benefit of the blockchain-based gaming platform is when any of the users win the NFT through play-to-earn then it is actually unique, and nobody else can have the same collectible item, but on the other side, the usual gaming platform provides one item to multiple players/users.

For example: In one of the online gaming platforms where 100 players join the gaming platform, and the task is to survive till the last. In the game, the users who have crossed a particular stage get the same collectible items. 

  • For game lovers, we make blockchain-based gaming with specific themes, game currencies, coins, etc. The blockchain-based gaming platform with the non-fungible token makes the gaming marketplace vaster and user-friendly.
  • The games we all play now is somewhere hackable or gets glitch while playing that actually hampers the user's experience, but the blockchain game app development happens in such a way that it does not hamper the user experience because it runs smoothly and without a glitch. The transaction on the platform gets within mini seconds, and within a second, thousands of transactions can be made securely and error-free. This is surely pushing the revenue of the gaming market.
  • Blockchain is making a modern gaming environment based upon always winning rules with benefits to players for generating revenue by playing and a secure, cost-efficient, and transaction-pushing amusement environment for developers.

How Can You Build The Platform?

There are 3 ways by which you can get into the blockchain-based mobile game platform.

In-house Team

Hire full-time developers, designers, and other professionals to build the platform. The benefit of this type is you can be available at the time of building the platform, but there are some disadvantages to this sort of solution.

You will be already investing a lot of amount in the business, and even marketing requires a good amount of money. Time, a person can be available at a single place at a time, and building the in-house team at the initial stage can be quite a wrong step.


The next solution is you can hire freelancers for mobile game development. It can cost you a little lesser than a professional blockchain development company. But you will always be in doubt about the progress of the gaming platform. Above all, the freelancing of any project raises the question of liability. 

Hire Blockchain Game Development Company

Hire Blockchain Game Development Company

This could be the best possible option available till now. By hiring the professionals, you can be completely reliable on the development company as they are developing with years of experience, have advanced knowledge, and are developers of the blockchain industry. Above all, hiring a professional company can keep your focus on the marketing of the business. 

Who Can Perfectly help to build the gaming platform?

Well, the blockchain-based gaming platform is complicated to build, and the companies who are in the field of blockchain development can only be able to build the platform. 

While hunting for the best blockchain game app development company, you will definitely find RisingMax INC as the leading company, especially in the US and UK, where a large percentage of youth are joining the blockchain platform to enhance their business.

We acquired the top position when it comes to either blockchain platform development or blockchain-based mobile game development. 

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