Web3 Use Cases For Handicapped People

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Web3 Use Cases For Handicapped People

The 21st century is the era of digitalization and making the world a place where each citizen can live equally and freely. When we say every citizen, we include even disabled persons in the list.

Web3 for Disabled

Until a few years back, technology was less convenient for disabled persons, but as soon as web3 technology joined the market, things changed drastically on one side where Web2.0 is more likely for normal people than web3 is for disabled persons as well.

You must be confused about how a person with a disability can use such technology. But as soon as you go through the blog, things will be crystal clear.

Be the voice of the handicapped people. Step forward and build a metaverse for the handicapped so that even they can have a quality life just like we all have. Build a metaverse platform for the handicapped where they can live their life just like we all do in real life.

Things were never equal for persons with disabilities. Persons with disability also have the right to live an equal life as normal people, but how could it be possible?  Now with the help of web3 technology and Metaverse, we can say that even a person with a partial disability can live a normal life. Let's see the scope of web3 for the disabled and how merging the metaverse technology can be the best possible solution for a person with a partial disability. 

But before that, we completely agree on one point: business platforms are built to generate revenue. So before taking the talk anywhere else, let's see why web3.0 is best for the business platform.

Web3 For Business

You could move when you need to begin an enterprise with web3 technology. In a startup, one should construct a brand new web3 product from scratch. It may be tough to do as it calls for you to elevate funding, lease web3 builders and additional staff, and spend plenty of time on advertising and marketing to get traction withinside the market.

The opportunity method is enforcing web3 technology on a current product or service. This is much less complicated than launching a brand-new product but has a few challenges. The first large venture is locating a product class in which there's already a call for your solution.

In the primary case, you want to begin with a few thoughts earlier than thinking about a way to benefit from web3. It may be only some phrases or terms that describe the hassle you need to solve.

Or it may be a full-fledged assignment description with requirements, technical specifications, and details. The handiest component of topics has something to expose in front of buyers and partners. In the second case, your organization needs to recognize what troubles the web3 era can solve.

One thing that must have been going through while reading the blog is how web3 can be helpful for the disabled person. So, read below to know how it can be beneficial or for more details, you can click on the box to get in touch with our executives. They will describe the complete scope of building a metaverse for the handicapped and how you can generate revenue from the application. 

Why Metaverse Is For Handicapped 

We all are very aware of one name, "Stephen Hawking". He was one of the greatest personalities with numerous contributions to society. He was also impaired but had been equipped with assistive technology, which helped him for a long time. Surviving in the world is completely possible; the evolution of web3 technology for disabled personalities provides for everyone.

Let's see what it can do for the web3.0 users:

Educational Approach

The Metaverse can probably enhance the variety of schooling transport pathways for disabled customers and late-existence learners. Immersive technology implies that better schooling may be added attractively without requiring physical attendance.

This transport mode might take away a few elements that exclude many human beings from having access to excellent schooling, consisting of wanting to transport far from domestic or tour to a physical campus. There also are several possibilities to apply the Metaverse for far-off coaching, private development, and talent training.

Treatment On Metaverse 

The Metaverse also can be an effective platform within the clinical world, beneficial in specific fields of drugs. For example, prolonged reality (XR) simulation may be used for clinical schooling and training, including emergency reactions and intellectual health. VR and AR can beautify clinical radiology imaging and help with diagnostics, remedy-making plans, and clinical research.

Another region of drugs in which the Metaverse has capacity is telemedicine. VR may facilitate far-off consultation, particularly when clinical employees aren't geographically available, like in many rural regions.


Like the web2.0 internet earlier, the Metaverse has the capacity to provide equal opportunity to everyone– irrespective of their abilities – the same possibility to participate in society.

It can democratize possibility and offer disabled humans identical social, economic, and academic possibilities as everybody else.

This is simply the start of ways the Metaverse can assist disabled humans. As generation develops, we can see more methods that could enhance their lives.


About 2.2 million around the globe are facing the problem of partial blindness; most of them are above 50. We have to accept that at the age of 50, it is difficult to get blindness fixed permanently. For patients like Metaverse, a platform can be the better option where they can communicate with others with the help of AR and VR. Virtual Reality gear helps to see things clearly and can make things better for such people. 

Web3 for Disabled

How You Can Generate Revenue From The Web3 Application 

Here are some of the ideas through which you can generate revenue through web-based applications for the disabled. 

Purchase Of AR/VR Devices

The user needs to get AR/VR to enter the metaverse world to use the metaverse platform. AR and VR will have more advanced features, glasses in VR, and technologies for handicapped personalities, so you have to tie up with the AR/VR development company. The users have to buy AR and VR, which will be the first thing through which they can generate revenue.

Subscription Model

The subscription model is among the most popular and successful models in the US and UK. The application with the subscription model can be an effective way to approach the users. The subscription model can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Providing the option of all three forms of subscription models can go in your favor. 

Subscription As Per Location

The Metaverse is a replica of the real world; the places are similar to real locations, for example, London or Australia, etc. So, when building the metaverse platform on web3, you can ask the metaverse development company to build accordingly.

Later on, you can keep the subscription model based on the location where the person with a disability can have a tour of a particular place while sitting at home. The metaverse platform gives equal opportunity to everyone to enjoy their life according to them. 


Advertisements help the origin company generate a good amount of revenue from the platform. 2-5% of the total revenue generated is from advertisements. Once you have a good number of users, the companies will automatically approach you for advertisements. 

Advertisements on the metaverse platform will not be the normal popup advertisement but advertisement banners inside the metaverse world. Below is an example of the advertisement banner on the metaverse platform.

Pay To Upgrade

The next model to generate revenue on the metaverse platform is the 'Pay to upgrade". Where you can give free access to the users to let them experience your metaverse platform and, after a while, can ask to pay for the upgradation of the particular location or area. The pay-to-upgrade can also be applied to the complete platform or any particular area. Implementing any models for generating revenue can be a good option for the platform.

How Can You Develop a Web3-Based Metaverse For The Handicapped?

Web3.0 is the most robust technology in the world, and there are very few trustable companies in the market for web3 or metaverse development. Here are a few of the ways by which one can develop the metaverse platform for the disabled. 


The first step in the development of any business is research. It is the must-do thing by which the company can get all the scope and perspective of the business. Research also helps to know the potential of a web3 development company, the company's experience in the battlefield of application building, why they are a better option to choose for the web3 platform development, and their price for web3 application development. The development cost of web3 also depends on the company and the platform's features. 

Hire Web3.0 Development Company

Choosing the potential web3 development company for the development of the platform can be a crucial task. To hire an application-building company, one has to see from every perspective, from the development cost to the reviews of the previous clients of the company. 

Risingmax Inc. is the leading web3 application development company with 150+ experienced developers and designers serving in the field for decades. RisngMax Inc. also holds 75% of the retention rate of clients with 100% accuracy. Hire us for the metaverse platform development and web3 application development.  

Web3 for Disabled

Prepare Launching Plan With Web3 Development Company

Once you hire the development company, prepare the planning execution with them. The team will assist you in giving the perfect shape of the application in an approachable manner. Before starting the project, any of the applications must create a perfect road map of the application building so that you can figure out things in case of any unfortunate situation.

Work Procedure We Follow 


When growing progressive applications, smart and experienced planning is crucial; the useful resource of its preparation appreciably inspires the fulfillment of a decentralized app. You should decide what features to use, how people can use them, and what you want to do to create a successful app. For an advanced metaverse platform, we provide the best possible features and technologies.

Implementation Of Idea

The application development is composed of advanced knowledge of coding. One of the most vital elements of the technique is taking this step carefully. A deliberate method that produces a glitch needs to avert. It takes programmers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders to create a web3 application.

Testing Of Application

Errors in online gaming programs can notably affect the purchaser's revel. Hence they cannot be permitted. This method is quite hard due to its intricacy. Every technique step is tested to ensure the purchaser's reveal is seamless. One type of attempting out is a regression attempt. Another type of attempting out is sensible attempting out. 

Marketing Of Platform 

Imagine having a progressive software program at your disposal with all of its current capabilities. It needs inexperienced marketing and advertising to be fulfilled the market.

Investing a huge amount in the application requires clever marketing and advertising method. It's crucial to interact with customers and responds to their inquiries.

A charge variety must be set up for the marketing and marketing and advertising software program to boost score and exposure withinside the retail market.


Generate revenue and help create a better life for physically challenged people. Create Metaverse for the handicapped so that even they can enjoy everything. A small step towards the social cause and equality for all will make the world a better place for them. Hire Risingmax Inc. for the development of the Metaverse for disabled people. 

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