Develop Video Game NFT Marketplace Development For Better Revenue

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Develop Video Game NFT Marketplace Development For Better Revenue

The NFT-based gaming industry is making a whole new world for game lovers. Play-to-earn option from the platform has already provided a perfect way to generate revenue for entrepreneurs. They are making millions, and the NFT gaming companies are also making a huge profit.

Video Game NFT Marketplace Development

The video game NFT marketplace has given a great vision of the gaming platform that the gaming industry has never seen before.

None of the game lovers has ever thought they could earn money by playing games, and that too in millions. But the NFT-based gaming platform has made this possible. 

Here Are The Number of Users on The NFT Gaming Platform To know How The Technology is Attracting Game Lovers:

Alien Worlds: 1,160,000

Axie Infinity: 677,760

Splinterlands: 604,630

Bomb Crypto: 561,610

Sunflower Farmers: 476,110

Stats are according to Statista

According to industry experts, the number of users is going to increase by a million within 4-5 years. The blockchain industry has already shown its potential with the success of cryptocurrencies.

The NFT gaming platform on the blockchain network also has a high potential to be successful in the coming years.

If you are here because you were planning to make a start in the blockchain industry then my friend you are at the right destination. 

RisingMax INC. is the leading company in the US that is into NFT game development for 6+ years. We have already delivered 5 projects of NFT-based games and working on multiple projects based on NFT.

Whether it is the US, UK, or the global marketplace RisingMax INC is the renowned name for the blockchain and NFT marketplace development. We are providing a lot more services in the sector of technology. 

NFT game development

Today we are going to discuss the NFT game development. Give a brief read for acquiring a good knowledge that how you can generate revenue from the NFT gaming platform. 

NFT Games A Major Source Of Income

The new players are joining the NFT gaming marketplace more drastically; as per one of the sources, the gaming industry has experienced more than 400 million new users on the platform, and the only reason is the option of a play-to-earn platform.

With the launch of the NFT, the gaming companies came forward to enhance the marketplace and provide advanced platforms to the users. The video game NFT marketplace development companies have constantly supported the field. 

In today's blog, we will see the advanced technology 

  • Impact of the NFT marketplace on video games.
  • Play-to-Earn model on NFT platform.
  • Why is NFT gaming better than a traditional game?
  • Benefits for business owners 
  • Features of the NFT gaming platform.
  • Who can help you in building the NFT-based gaming platform?

NFTs are producing news for their capacity to open up modern conceivable outcomes in an assortment of ordinary applications.

The way NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming sector is making it a great place for game lovers and the industry. The gaming industry is one of the world's biggest commercial divisions.

The worldwide gaming sector is anticipated to reach $545.98 billion by 2028. The Non Fungible Token marketplace can expand by more than 150% in the upcoming 4-5 years; the NFT gaming platform development company 

NFT-based games have the potential to be a game-changing venture by presenting the concept of "play to earn," which increases the scope and utilization of computerized recreations and on-field sports.

NFTs, as a one-of-a-kind representation of in-game resources, pick up esteem with time and can be sold for a benefit a while later.

An advanced diversion can give more practical gameplay encounters to its customers by supporting the stamping, obtaining, and exchanging of in-game collectibles within the shape of NFTs.

On decentralized trades, clients can collect and offer Gaming NFTs, get prizes, and cash out their tokens.

Let's take a closer look at the concept of Gaming NFTs. This article will also talk about the NFT Gaming NFT Commercial center, an exchange market for gaming NFTs.

The joining of an NFT Commercial center into an advanced game can deliver gamers a veritable gaming encounter by permitting them to monetize their in-game assets.

Video Game NFT Marketplace Development

What is NFT in Gaming?

The NFT is providing immense benefits to entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs have made NFT gaming the major source of income, and many investors joined the marketplace to invest in the most profitable business platform. Unicorn companies like NBA and NIKE have made the first move by launching their version on the NFT and Metaverse platforms.

The collectible items on the platform are worth a million, and people are joining to invest and exchange. The NFT gaming companies ensure a true sense of feeling while playing the game.

To provide the true sense, the game development companies are making the gaming platform with Metaverse. The combination of Metaverse and NFT made an entirely new world for gamers.

The metaverse platform development is merging the metaverse virtual world with the NFT marketplace. The combination of both technologies is making the gaming world more magnificent and generating revenue for game lovers.

Impact of The NFT On Video Games

The NFT is boosting the gaming market and its continuous demand by game lovers. The NFT gaming platform is very different from the NFT gaming platform and provides great opportunities to all the users on the platform.

Where the traditional game was just about playing and winning the digital collectible with zero cost, the NFT gaming platform is providing collectibles that have real money value in the marketplace of gaming.

Video games NFT marketplace is impacting the economy of the game users as well as the gaming companies who are providing the NFT-based games.

It is having a continuous rise in the market the youth are loving and joining the gaming platform as a major source of earning. 

One out of ten youth in the US is available on the platform for generating a large amount on the NFT gaming platform. 

NFT platforms are getting brilliant recognition in the marketplace of the game, and the blockchain platform on which it runs makes the platform safer, error-free, and without the involvement of any third party. 

NFT Marketplace Development

Play-To-Earn Model On The NFT

Blockchain technology is making the NFT platform conceivable for gamers to gain genuine rewards for playing without compromising their characters or bank accounts— standard recreations will require players to put through their cards to form buys.

At the same time, players can, as it were, take part by interfacing their crypto wallets to the in-game setup; authorization and exchange endorsement rests within the hands of the gamers. Most vitally, play-to-earn is encouraged by the utilization of smart contracts.

A key component of the blockchain, smart contracts guarantee the smooth running of decentralized applications on the blockchain.

Points of reference can be modified to a smart contract such that when a player comes to a specific accomplishment, the contract starts a compensation exchange straight to the player's wallet.

No third-party associations are required, and the whole handle postures no peril to either player or diversion.

The gameplay is represented by these smart contracts, programs, and codes, and there can be no allegation of control from the developers, except if a bug is identified within the code.

Why Is NFT Gaming Better Than Traditional Games?

We all must have played video games from our childhood and also have earned a lot of collectibles after achieving a particular task on the gaming platform.

This is in the traditional gaming platform. Let's get it clearer by taking an example of the game.

Most of us are very familiar with the name PUBG or Free Fire; multiple players join a single platform and have to complete a particular task to earn a reward. Multiple players get the rewards by performing the task on the platform.

The collectibles on the platform are just for use in the game but have no value in the real-world or digital world. However, they are unique but available with multiple other players too. And the complete possession of the digital collectible is with the gaming company.

Video game NFT marketplace development companies came forward with such an innovation where the users can earn by playing not just by the play-to-earn system but also by exchanging the digital collectibles on the NFT marketplace.

The NFT provides 100% unique digital collectibles with zero possession. The NFTs are completely decentralized items, and nobody can have possession of the item except the one who buys it.

Whereas in the traditional gaming platform, there was third-party involvement in the gaming platform for the possession of the 

It helps to improve the gaming business more when the users join the platform and exchange their earned NFT constantly or after holding.

The NFT has opened the magical way to earn a good amount of money by either play-to-earn or by staking the NFTs in the marketplace either direct or by creating an auction. 

Benefits For Business Owners 

The owners of the gaming platform invest a large amount in the gaming platform, so it is very obvious that they will need a great return on investment. Here let's see how the video game NFT marketplace is a business full of profit.

  • Global financial specialists know that there's an extraordinary potential to gain through blockchain and crypto markets. Gaming is seen as another way to market administrations and items successfully and a blockchain game NFT solution. The game engineers and proprietors would like to bounce on the temporary fad of blockchain-based gaming arrangements to pull in wandering capitalists.
  • When an NFT gaming token is executed over a gaming arrangement, the proprietor can either charge an exchange charge from the middle person's wallet or trade, or it can charge a certain charge from the proprietor itself in the event that he needs to offer or trade it with others. In some cases, the exchange sum can go up to millions of dollars which is able to pull in a good-looking exchange charge.
  • The transaction cost helps the game admin to generate a good amount from it. The owner of the platform charges the transactional cost from the exchange platform through which the users will exchange the NFT for real money. The cost of a transaction can go up to millions of dollars as there are NFTs that have a value of more than 10 or 100 billion dollars. 
  • Another source of earning from the NFT gaming platform can be through the play store or the App Store. After a certain number of downloads, the Playstore or App Store pays the company an amount for the multiple downloads. The in-app purchase also helps the application company to generate revenue. The more users will join the platform; you will have multiple sources of income from the application. 

conceivable video game NFT marketplace development can be a great idea for generating a major source of income. 

  • The more you will open the doors of the offers; the more users will join the platform. Offering a special package for the users, a season pass, or a special pass for any targeted game can also be a way to make money from the platform. 
  • Numerous times a pneumatic arrangement disturbs the industry, and the existing players seek to purchase out or blend such wonders to spare their existing trade. Gaming isn't a special case, and on the off chance that a blockchain gaming arrangement will disturb the existing mechanical setup, the mechanical peers may end up sharp to either purchase the wander or be a portion of it. Hence, a little beginning, counting NFT gaming tokens, and amusement improvement can take a proprietor to modern status.

Features Of The NFT Gaming Platform

Payment gateway

  • The payment gateway of the platform should be with perfection and with full security to avoid any kind of payment failure or fraud on the platform. In the NFT platform, the payment gateways are a major factor as all the exchange takes place with this platform only.


  • The dashboard of the admin panel should be there on the platform to keep control of the gaming platform so that they can keep an eye on the platform. Although the platform is completely decentralized, the dashboard for the admin is necessary so that any sort of unfair means cannot take place. 

Integrated crypto wallet

  • The crypto wallet development is one such feature of any blockchain-based platform without which nobody can make any kind of transaction on the platform. Whether it's a blockchain-based fintech application or the video game NFT marketplace, every single exchange takes place on the crypto wallet. Without making the account on the crypto wallet, it is impossible to invest on the platform. We are the leading crypto wallet development company in the US and UK. 

Upcoming Future Of NFT Gaming

Most of us know that NFT gaming stages have cleared the way for the thought of the "Play-to-Earn" demonstrated within the virtual universe.

Players get elite rewards for completing any assignments accessible on NFT Gaming stages, and they are permitted to monetize their gaming resources on any commercial center stage.

The drift of NFT Recreations has been shaking the technology with its uniqueness and revenue-generating openings. Separated from giving a brilliant gaming encounter, these stages offer assistance to players to make a few additional bucks in their recreation time without any exertion.

And, of course, players consider it a perfect stage to form mega-profits inside a brief period. NFT Recreations are here to remain for a long time and have numerous shocks in stock for gaming partners over the globe.

What Kind Of Gaming Platforms We Can Provide

NFT Gaming Platforms Like Axie Infinity

Axie game is one of the most known gaming platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain marketplace. The platform provides the facility of both playing and earning with their game.

Games like CryptoKitties 

The popularity of CryptoKitties is well known to those who have even a little bit of interest in the NFT industry. The crypto kitties game is becoming one of the favorites for game lovers.

A game like Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play diversion planned to imbue components of NFT into a recognizable card-exchanging gaming class. Players collect cards by acquiring them from other players or winning PVP matchups where the quality of cards and the gaming expertise of players frequently decide the victor. Outstandingly, more accentuation is being set on aptitudes and technique.

Who Can Help You In Building The NFT-Based Gaming Platform

NFT game development company will be the best choice for getting a perfect application to generate revenue. There are multiple other ways, too, through which one can get the work done.

One of the ways is hiring your own in-house team where each of the things will be your own, from developers to designers, but it has some loopholes. Before getting the application launched, building an in-house team can be really tough because you have to be attentive to the developing end as well as to the marketing of the application as well. This will be a kind of compromise with the million dollars investment. 

The second option is hiring freelancers for the project. None of your well-wishers will ever suggest you go with this option, as with the freelancers, there is always a question of reliability and receiving the project on time. 

The third option is hiring a Web3 game development company to build the platform so you can properly focus on building the marketing strategy for the application instead of diverting your focus to the in-house team.

The NFT game development company has years of experience in building the platform and has all the perfect resources with years of experience in developing gaming applications.

NFT-Based Gaming Platforms

Why Choose RisingMax For NFT-Based Gaming Platforms?

RisingMax INC is the top leading blockchain-based NFT game development company with 6+ years of experience in blockchain development and NFT marketplace development.

We have 150+ core blockchain developers and NFT developers. We also provide free consultations to the startups and continuous maintenance to the projects we deliver. 

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