Empower Your Business With NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Empower Your Business With NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development

Every business owner looks for opportunities where his business may fly high like a rocket. The profit-driven mindset always urges us to explore new things.

Technology is lending a helping hand to business owners in numerous ways. Some of the emerging technology trends that are driving the world crazy are NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, etc.

NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace

There are many behemoths that have already incorporated this concept into their business like Facebook and Amazon. In addition to this, there are also NFT-based marketplaces like NFT restaurants, NFT gaming, and all. 

Are you also dreaming of developing such an NFT marketplace like NBA top shot? This is the right place you reached. Rising Max is one such eminent Whitelabel development company that can cater to all your requirements effectively.

Before going into detail, let’s just have a glimpse of the overall NFT market in the US. 

  • In 2021, the global NFT market size reached $50 billion. This is not just the number of sports that have actually revolutionized the industry in the form of NFTs making it the billion-dollar sector in the US. 
  • Here, we are talking about the NBA Top Shot which recently grabbed the attention of individuals. As per CryptoSlam data, there was a 72% rise in NBA Top Shot NFTs in January 2022. NBA Top Shot is an NFT sports marketplace where collectibles related to sports are traded.

Recognizing the popularity of the NFT Top Shot, it became popular among business owners. More and more businesses want to build an app like NBA Top Shot. With the motive of serving all aspirants, we step forward in delivering the Whitelabel apps.

Continue reading to know more about the NFT Top Shot-like app in detail…

What Is NBA Top Shot like Marketplace?

It is a blockchain-based platform where fandoms can buy or sell sports collectibles including moments, accessories, cards, and many more. All the collectibles are stored as digital assets. This marketplace is similar to NBA Top Shot in terms of capabilities and features

The huge popularity of this app is opening doors for many entrepreneurs to invest in NBA top shot like NFT marketplace development. Flow blockchain is the default network on which this NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shot is made, though there are many other networks available as well. The owner can select any one of them to build its own NBA top shot-like marketplace.

In addition to this, you can consider both options of building your NBA Top Shot marketplace either Whitelabel or from scratch. 

Let’s dive in further to clear all your thoughts regarding this marketplace.

NFT Based on NBA-Like Marketplace Development

When sports come in the form of NFTs and NFT marketplaces, it gives an opportunity to users as well as the owner of the marketplace to earn more profits by trading sports collectibles.

These collectibles or NFTs could be anything like accessories, player cards, video clips while playing, memorabilia, or any other unique collectible. The profitability and popularity of NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shot is rising at an exponential rate. Considering this, it is advisable to develop a marketplace like NBA top shot and inherit similar features as NBA Top Shot.

To begin with development, you can contact a reliable and dedicated team of developers with thorough knowledge of NFTs and blockchain. They will guide you in the right direction to choose the right platform and network for your NBA Like marketplace.

How To Develop An NFT Marketplace Similar To NBA Top Shot? 

The development of the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace would become easy by following the below points.

  • Be clear with your goal- 

Whenever you invest somewhere, be defined about your goals. Before initiating the development process, try to gather as much information as possible related to the interests and priorities of your target audience. This will assist you in flourishing your business in terms of increased market share, huge customer base, more profits, etc.

  • Hire a proficient development team-

It becomes of utmost priority to hire someone with thorough knowledge of the Flow blockchain network for building a white label NBA Top Shot marketplace. In addition to this, it would be great if the hired team is adept at Cadence programming language and integrating APIs.

The team you selected for your NFT NBA like marketplace can either take you to the top position or the bottom. Hiring RisingMax as your project development company enables you to achieve success in your business in no time.

  • Latest tech stack-

The usage of the right tech stack matters a lot when it comes to building an NFT Marketplace Like NBA Topshot. The team of Rising Max uses HotStuff and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms and programming languages such as Elixir, Go, JavaScript, Kotlin, Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, and Swift. 

In spite of this, smart contracts are utilized for the proper functioning of the Flow blockchain network. These contacts will take care of everything from transactions, voting rights, locking up of digital tokens, etc.

  • Final launching-

After the front-end and back-end development process, make sure your marketplace is thoroughly tested before launching. Any bugs or errors found in testing must be removed at the same time; to provide a better experience to users.

Unique aspects of NBA Top Shot like marketplace

  • Licensed collectibles

One of the best aspects of this marketplace is that all the sports collectibles are licensed by the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA). This ensures the reliability of the platform for trading. Users can buy certified packs (started or premium) and epic moments and can also take part in auctions.

  • 24/7 trading option

NBA NFT-like platform allows sports lovers to trade on the marketplace round-the-clock. Users can find other players, teams, or sets; and can receive real-time updates related to new moments or listings.

In addition to this, users collect tokens, complete their sets, and earn rewards. In this whole process, there is complete transparency.

  • Better engagement

The NBA Top Shot-like marketplace offers better user engagement. Fandoms can take part in challenges to win rewards and prizes. However, their victory depends upon the level of knowledge they hold about distinct stats of games and matches. 

Exclusive Features of NBA Top Shot Like Marketplace

The features of the NBA like marketplace make it worth trading. With the right set of features including some advanced features, the successful execution of the marketplace with improved performance is possible. However, it depends upon the entrepreneur which characteristics he wants to have in the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace. Below mentioned are some of the basic and important features of the marketplace.

  • Verification

This is the most important factor when signing up for the platform. It includes KYC and AML compliance to bypass any fraudulent activities.

  • Storefront

This is another prominent feature of the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace. It gives access to users to view all the sports collectibles from athletes.

  • Decentralization

A Whitelabel NBA Top Shot is based on decentralized blockchain technology. This feature makes it easy to track the transactions and brings transparency to the whole trading system.

  • Digital Wallet

Another important aspect of NFT Marketplace Like NBA Topshot is the integration of a digital wallet to the NFT sports marketplace account. It ensures safe, secure, and seamless transitions.

  • Waiting room

As the name suggests, the waiting room is a virtual space where fandoms wait to participate in the package drop and purchase new collectibles of moments from a league.

  • Guide

All new users or existing ones can get information about using the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace effectively. How it will be working or anything else!

Working on White label NBA Top Shot Marketplace

Making things easier for users will encourage higher chances of profits. If you will be clear about the working of the platform, the easier it will be for your users to understand. 

Are you curious to know the working of NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace? It is the same as that of the NBA Top Shot. Read the detailed steps involved in its working.

  • Sign up

The first step is to sign up with the platform by filling out the required details. It will proceed with KYC and AML compliance for the security of identity.

  • Link digital wallets

After signing up, the next step is to link the account with crypto wallets and begin trading.

  • Buy starter pack

Trading would only begin once you buy a starter pack.

  • Package drops

When your users start collecting NFTs, they get a chance to participate in package drops to acquire new collections from league moments.

  • Trading

Now that users have enough collections of NFTs, they can start selling those collectibles on the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace.

Benefits of developing NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shot

  • Stable revenue system

As an owner of the NFT marketplace like NBA Topshot, your ultimate goal is to generate revenue. Hence, such a marketplace will offer stable revenue due to massive traffic and trading of NFTs.

  • Uniqueness

All the NBA Top Shot NFTs are unique and hold great value. These are definitely profitable digital assets for fandoms.

  • Control over funds

Your users will have full authority over their digital assets and their earned cryptocurrencies. It will generate trust among them.

  • Easy investment

NBA NFT marketplace development solutions open new opportunities for the sports sector with minimal investments.

  • High liquidity

The sports NFTs can be easily swapped with fiat currency. Thus, offers rapid liquidity for ownership.

  • Promotion

The flamboyant nature of NFTs entices businesses to bring new innovations in NFTs for better customer reach.

Marketplace Like NBA Top Shot

Collectibles offered In The Marketplace Like NBA Top Shot

Here, you will be surprised to know what kind of things are converted to NFTs in the NBA Top Shot marketplace. Have a look at some of the collectibles.

  • Sports cards- These are common digital collectibles that are found easily on any sports-based NFT marketplace. These sports cards appear eye-catching for sports enthusiasts.
  • Accessories- NFTs could also include accessories related to sports stars such as signed t-shirts, balls, or any other items related to sports events. Fandoms go crazy for such accessories of sports celebrities.
  • Moments- This is the most loved form of NFT where users can recall the special moments of the match like hitting a goal. Tokenizing some exclusive video clips attract a huge audience to this platform.
  • Souvenirs- NFTs related to souvenirs might include awards, trophies, mementos, etc. Such memorabilia of renowned players are high in-demand assets. Such collectibles can bring unexpected fortune to your NFTs.

Why Choose RisingMax INC. For An NBA Top Shot Like Marketplace?

RisingMax has achieved prosperity through its 100% customer-oriented results. We have been successful in providing top-notch solutions with state-of-the-art technology to our worldwide clients. Our team has wide experience in delivering blockchain and NFT-based solutions with no chance of error.

Just bring your project requirements to us and we will actively look into your business needs by accessing the market thoroughly, followed by offering valuable suggestions for your NBA NFT marketplace project. We are experts at all complexity levels.

RisingMax knows how to bring your business to the topmost position and how to attract an audience to your business. We will offer a complete package of development including testing, deployment, and post-deployment services. You will never be left alone even after the successful launching of the NBA Top Shot-like marketplace.

Consult our advisory team to discuss your project in detail and get the calculated cost of NBA top shot like NFT marketplace development.


NBA NFT marketplace will soon be seen as the most lovable sports marketplace for NFT collectors. It is the right time to invest in Whitelabel NBA Top Shot to gain a broader audience in the nearby future. 

If you are still confused, call our team right now to empower your business by incorporating the NFT marketplace.

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