How Much Does It Cost To Build Text To Video App?

By RisingMax

December 20, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Build Text To Video App?

Technology has come a long way and in today's scenario, there is no industry that has remained unaffected by it. Specifically speaking of content creation, there are various ways to reuse text content. A great example of that is text to video software where users are able to swiftly convert text to videos.

How Much Does It Cost To Build Text To Video App

With the power of AI, NLP, personalized templates, DL models etc, exciting and riveting visuals are generated. Such a time-saving and cost-effective solution that converts text into dynamic video storylines. Looking at such perks, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that entrepreneurs are finding it the most valuable and lucrative investment in taking their business to the next level.

The text to video app development cost usually ranges between $60k-$150k. It is just a cost estimate; the actual price depends upon the level of customization.

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But before that, take a glimpse at the key facts;

Key Facts Linked With Text To Video App Development

  • By 2030, the Text to Video AI Market size is expected to reach $1404mn with a CAGR of 36%.
  • Some of the popular Text to video platforms are Deep Brain AI, Pictory, Synthesia, Hour One, Lumen5, etc.
  • Highly efficient, resourceful, and customizable.
  • Uses advanced algorithms to create tailored videos as per demographics
  • Massive popularity helps reach the business to a much wider audience.

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Text To Video App

Several parameters play a pivotal role in deciding the pricing of the project. Here we have categorically explained a few important ones and given an estimated price range for your convenience. After reading the article, in case you want to proceed with app development, you can connect with our experts at RisingMax. Our analysts will listen to your ideas, analyze the project requirements, and provide you with an accurate cost estimation.

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Development Process Of Text To Video App

The development stage is the crucial factor that encompasses various stages and each one of them has a significant part to play. There is no way that any of these phases would be skipped. Check them out below;


To have a comprehensive understanding of the client's project, and analyze their requirements and goals, consultation has a huge role to play. The analysts try to gain as much information as possible and give necessary suggestions for the betterment of the project. 

Planning And Research

We have a proper team of researchers that will help you with extensive research and deep project planning. During this phase, the competitor analysis is performed and steps are taken to make a product that performs better than the already available ones in the market.

Designing and Development

To make the navigation easier, the interface is made highly intuitive. The same goes for app development where developers perform front and back-end activities to make the app look responsive and fully functional.


Our software testers remove the irregularities and errors from the app to improve performance. Several testing techniques are used to eliminate the bugs that hamper the work.

Launch, Maintenance, and Marketing

After quality assurance, the app is launched for public use. We offer top-notch maintenance services in case any technical glitch occurs. Moreover, we will promote your product on reputable platforms to fetch more customers.

Development ProcessCost % as per project
Planning And Research15%-20%
Launch And MaintenanceUpto 30%

*The important point to note here is that the “% cost estimation” is based on the overall budget of the project.

Integrated Features Of Text To Video Software Development

During the development stage, the integration of attributes and functionalities requires a considerable amount of time and effort that directly impacts the development cost. Take a look at some of them below;


This is one of the best features to amplify the responsiveness and build interactivity.

Script Generator

An automated tool that produces a perfect script when fed with the right keywords, voice tone, liking, etc.


Seamlessly converts the words into a native language that sounds genuine, thereby preventing the need for human voiceovers.

Edit Videos

Allows the proper editing of the videos, adding necessary attributes and elements to get them aligned with the client's needs.


Automatically generates well-written and understandable subtitles that can be tailored accordingly.

Technological Stack Of Text To Video Software

Tech stacks are the building blocks of any app/software creation. They ensure the smooth functioning and optimize the performance of the text to video app. It encompasses the APIs, programming languages, frameworks, databases, front and back-end tools, cloud storage, and operating systems.

Software DevTools

These are responsible for developing, designing, and debugging the app/software. Moreover, with code generation, these are responsible for developing, designing, and debugging the app/software. Moreover, with automatic code generation, massive time is saved and project management becomes convenient. GitHub, Azure, SendBird, Cloud 9, Jira, Crimson, and Bootstrap are a few common examples.

Programming Languages

Coding languages are helpful in building apps and instill versatility. They are used in both front and backend activities. 

Front End Languages: React, Angular, jQuery, Swift, Elm, etc (used for creating visually appealing graphics)

Backend Languages: GoLang, Node.Js. Perl, Kotlin, Rust, Express, etc.(used for storing databases)

API Integration

The role of APIs is to embed high performance, lower human errors, optimize customer experience, top scalability, flexibility, etc. A few popular names include REST API, OpenAPI, RPC API SendGrid, Klaviyo, Svix, Notion, Hubspot, Plaid, etc.


Frameworks form another important part of app development that helps get access to tools that perform debugging, shrink the code line length, improve security, and even offer a steady codebase. The top frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Django, Laravel, Spring, Ember, ASP.NET, etc.

AI Integration

The role of AI in developing a quintessential text to video app is predominated. Most of the features are based on the ML models. For instance text to speech synthesis and video production require trained models that create synchronization between words and speaking patterns. Generally speaking, embedding machine learning algorithms is an expensive process and impacts the costs drastically.

Infrastructure Hosting

The infrastructure setup is chosen as per the wish of the client. It includes a vast collection and amalgamation of IT solutions like web hosting, offsite backup, web development, external service providers access, emails, and much more. All these technicalities are highly complicated and need precision while implementing the same. 

Tech stacks are supremely important and if advanced technologies are used, the budget will automatically be increased.

Company’s Size 

The company’s size also matters when it comes to deciding the text to video app development cost. The bigger the company, the more will be the no. of employees, and eventually, the development cost will be increased.


The small-sized firms have a lesser number of employees i.e nearly around 50. It means the development cost will be lesser as per the market rate.


The mid-scale companies have employees ranging from 80-250. They charge more and offer better facilities in comparison to the startups.

Large Firms

They have more than 250+ employees and therefore will perform much better than the rest of the others. Hence, the cost charges will be higher. 

Geolocation Of The Developers

The location of the developers is also essential when deciding the overall budget. The developers working in the Asian region will charge less as compared to those working in the USA or European countries. It all depends on the level of technological advancements that decide the working per hour charges of the developers.

Based On The Design

The design of the text to video app should be well-defined because that’s the first thing that the user notices. Depending upon the level of design, i.e., simple, mid-level, and complex, the designers put in the effort on which the cost depends.

Basic  Design

The design is simple with no complexities involved that results in fewer charges.

Medium Design

The design is slightly intricate and involves a certain level of complications, thus mid-level charges.

Advanced Design

Here, the app design is full of complexities and requires more time and effort contributing to high price charges.

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