How Much Does An NLP Chatbot Cost & Its Features?

By RisingMax

September 27, 2023

How Much Does An NLP Chatbot Cost & Its Features?

NLP chatbots are replacing manpower with automated intelligent tools that can interact and communicate with customers. It has immense strength to ease doing business for any industry. A human can't respond to thousands of conversations simultaneously, but an NLP chatbot can. Queries from plenty of customers need a lot of attention because it is impossible for a human to respond to everyone quickly. Undoubtedly, the customers are the backbone of your business.

Software development companies realized this fact and presented a solution called NLP chatbots. It is a platform that responds to customers in automated mode 24x7. So, your business is never going to sleep!

NLP Chatbot Development Services

As an owner of the industry, business, organization, or start-up, you are not certain which one is the best fit for you. It needs a go-through of your business and collects insights before stating which software helps your business. If you have realized the essence of an NLP-enabled chatbot, then don’t hesitate to contact NLP chatbot development companies. RisingMax Inc. is one of the If you see yourself with the NLP chatbot, then don’t hesitate to contact NLP chatbot development companies. RisingMax Inc. is one of the leading ai chatbot development companies to help you with your queries.

RisingMax Inc. has a pool of talented 150+ developers that have delivered several NLP chatbot platforms to various industries. It uses innovative tools and technology that can deliver a customized solution for your NLP chatbot requirement. Grab a free consultancy with us for free!

What Is A NLP Chatbot?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot is a program that stimulates human conversation and runs 24x7 to respond to queries. A few decades ago, door-to-door marketing was the key foundation of any business. As technologies have progressed, marketing strategies have changed as well.

Marketers started to use phones, e-mails, and SMS to converse with customers. After the advent of the digital era arrived, the chatbot came into existence, and since then, it has never looked back.

Chatbots enable brands to reach customers more conveniently and comfortably. All the insights are available to predict the customer's interest helping businesses to look forward to converting this information into sales.

Benefits Of NLP Chatbot

NLP chatbots are one of the fastest emerging trends in the marketplace, and it has loads of benefits for different businesses. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of using a chatbot:

Automated Sales

Chatbots do not only answer queries but also help end-to-end sales process. Some major brands use chatbots to strengthen their customer relationship. Businesses use chatbots to analyze customer interaction which helps generate leads by analyzing their purchasing patterns.

Customers' Experience

NLP chatbots can serve 24x7 in automated mode to deliver accurate and reliable solutions. An NLP-powered chatbot can handle plenty of customers at the same time, so nobody is going to wait for long hours. It improves user experience.

Customers’ Insights

Customer queries are one thing that helps determine demand in the market. Chatbot conversation can produce greater insights into customer behavior and queries. It also helps to develop a strategy for promotions.

Consideration Of NLP Chatbot Features

Selection of features for your potential NLP chatbot is essential. The features will play a key role in your business to meet customer satisfaction. The niche of your business, types of customers, and requirements of your business should be analyzed. It will help to find better insights. Also, it helps the business to identify appropriate features suitable for your business.

Here are a few chatbot features you may consider developing your NLP chatbot platform:

User-Friendly Interface

Customers always like user-friendly interfaces. Its design is easy to understand and satisfies the end user completely. Simple interface chatbots are easier to use, more appealing, and more operable.

NLP Accuracy

The role of chatbots is to read user queries and reply accordingly. It should be very accurate and precise because it will represent your business. Conversational maturity comes in the IT system from natural language processing (NLP).

Geo Location

This is another great feature of chatbots. If a chatbot application is able to discover the customer's address, then it will help to respond more accordingly based on their previous conversation and things to offer to match their location.

Data Automation

NLP-enabled chatbots can use data engineering to fetch the most relevant answer for any customer query. It collects and analyzes data from different sources to deliver a precise response.

Payment System

For payment solutions, chatbot applications can be integrated with the payment system. It helps chatbots to perform all the transactions in the most secure method.

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How Much Does A NLP Chatbot Cost?

NLP chatbot software development cost is completely based on the nature of the software, including programming modules, tools & technologies, and the core functionalities of the chatbot software. Other factors include turnaround time and the number of developers involved in the team.

NLP Software Development Cost

Developing NLP software goes into different phases. Each phase intakes a different time and human resources that become the basic factor in determining the cost of the NLP chatbot platform. Plus, the use of the tools, technologies, modules, and integration with the system varies from one software to another. Designing, development, integration, and maintenance cost will also vary the overall effective cost. A good idea to identify the cost of developing a chatbot software platform is to consult with a Chatbot Development Company.

Designing Cost

5k to 10k

Outsource Software Cost 

$20k to 30k

Deployment Cost  

$15k to $20k

Integration Cost 

$5k to $10k

Maintenance Cost 

$1k to 2k

Project Managers 

$25/ Hour

NLP Chatbot Cost: On Basis Of Industries

Nowadays, NLP chatbot is quite common in most industries. Many industries already use NLP chatbot software because they can fully represent the business and deliver the perfect solution. Different industries like healthcare, automotive, real estate, and finance deploy chatbot software in their system, but all vary depending upon the different requirements and solutions delivered to customers.


        Cost To Develop





Retail & E-commerce


Travel & Tourism


Real Estate


Banking & Finance


Logistics & Transportation




NLP Chatbot Cost: On Basis Of Its Type

Another impactful fact that varies the cost of the NLP chatbot software is its functionalities and features. The type of NLP chatbot software affects the pricing because each platform has different requirements, customer solutions, and a timeframe to build the software. Different software platforms require different modules, tools, human resources, and turnaround times to develop that software.

Types of Chatbots

      Cost to Develop(Approx.)

Voice Bots


Hybrid Chatbots


Social Messaging Chatbots


Menu Based Chatbots


Skill Chatbots


Keyword Based Chatbots


ChatGPT Like Software


NLP Chatbot Cost: On Basis Of Size Of The Company

NLP chatbot cost is strongly influenced by the size of the company one has. There are different sizes of industries exist, and they have entirely different paradigms of the IT system. Even the architecture of the IT system would behave differently. Evolving a chatbot on a small scale and a large scale would be completely different. That is why it will be a major reason for a change in the overall cost.

Company Size



Small Size Company

$30,000 to $40,000


Mid Size Company

$40,000 to $50,000


Large Size Company

$60,000 to $80,000


NLP Chatbot Cost: On Basis Of Level Of Complexity

Complexity is another important factor that affects the pricing of the NLP chatbot software platform. Different levels of complexity would have different requirements. Basic software only requires an average feature, while the complexity would become typical when it comes to developing high-end chatbot platform development.

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Application

    $30k to $40k

Average Level Application 

    $50k to $60k

High-End Application

    $60k to $80k

NLP Chatbot Cost: Based on Development Region

The cost is also influenced by which part of the world is developing this platform for you. For example, if you have hired a company from Australia, then you’re going to get the software with a medium range of pricing. At the same time, looking for an Asian development company would reduce the pricing by almost 3 times. It happens because the changes in the hourly rate and other investments vary from location to location. Look at the table below, and you will have a rough sketch of the pricing:

Development Region

Estimated Cost (Approx.)

United States

$80k- $100k

United Kingdom  

$80k to $90k


$60k to $70k

Western Europe 

$50k to $60k

Eastern Europe 

$40k to $50k


$20k to $30k

NLP Chatbot Cost: Based On Types Of Development Team

This is another comprehensive challenge that arrives with the cost of the chatbot software platform. The cost of the NLP chatbot application software may vary depending on the selection of the development team.

Types Of Team

Estimated App Development Cost (Approx.)

In-House Team

$80k- $100k

Local Development Company

$90k to $110k

Outsourced Development Company

$60k to $70k


$30k to $40k

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NLP Chatbot Development Services

Summing Up

It’s frustrating when you query a customer care chat and wait hours for a response. NLP chatbots have made it possible through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. The chatbot can do wonders for businesses. By now, NLP chatbots have become one of the essential keys to put in all businesses.

It has impeccable strength that can drive businesses, bring customers, and increase sales. Chatbots can answer all queries promptly, which helps customers feel safe with the information. More queries will be answered, more businesses will be driven, and persuades more customer acquaintances.

NLP chatbots are one-time investments that can help your business attains more success. It can cover the globe since it can serve 24x7, no matter what. Most industries have already fancied themselves with chatbots, and others are in the introduction phase. Moving with the trends that save huge bucks and give you more business is highly recommended. Get your NLP chatbot platform by consulting a chatbot development company.

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