Top 15 Most Suitable Programming Languages for Web3 Development

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

The sudden rise in the popularity of web3 and blockchain solutions got the attention of both budding entrepreneurs and software engineers. According to Statista, the sector will be expected to become a 39 billion U.S. dollar market by 2025. With so much growth potential, users worldwide are eagerly hoping over the internet to know more about web3 and its associated technologies.

Through this post, we aim to satisfy your desire to know more about the best programming language for web3 development. For this very reason, we have curated the list of the best 15 most suitable programming languages for web3 development. 

Learning more about these web3 programming languages will give you an edge if you plan to launch your web3 solution.

So, let us start with the first web3 programming language without much ado.

Web3 Languages For Web3 Platform Development

Web3 Languages has an extensive range in developing multiple featured-based application software. Different programming languages are available in the marketplace that can be used to develop web 3.0-enabled platforms.

Each language has a different set of programming modules and core development features that make it look versatile. Below is the list of the top 15 web3 languages that can be used to develop web3-enabled platforms for various purposes.

  1. C++

  2. Python

  3. Solidity

  4. Ruby

  5. Java

  6. Structured Query Languages

  7. Rholang

  8. JavaScript

  9. Simplicity

  10. Erlang

  11. Golang

  12. CX

  13. Vyper

  14. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

  15. C#

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Here is a List of the Best Programming Languages for Web3 Development


C++ is the most suitable web3 language for web3 development. The capabilities of programming languages like move semantics, memory control, multi-threading capabilities, and other advanced features like function overloading, and runtime polymorphism makes it the most preferred programming language for developing web apps, web services, cloud programs, web3 solutions, and computer games. Microsoft created a C++ programming language that is perfectly suitable to launch web3 solutions that are easy to use, scale, and maintain. Most people don’t know that the first ever implementation of Blockchain was originally written using C++ programming languages. The OOPS features of C++ give it the ability to modify data and function together, making it a more preferred option over others.


Python is one of the most preferred options for web3 development, software programs, data analytics, and blockchain solutions. Python is an object-oriented web3 language, thus making it easy to manage performance-related overheads. The web3 development programming language enjoys huge open-source support and makes it easy to develop a prototype of an idea. Python's strong capabilities, especially in data science, ML, statistics, cyber security, and blockchain, make it an ideal choice for developing web3 solutions. The open-source libraries, plugins, and other online resources ensure that developers can easily solve problems in web3 development. The ability of the programming language to effectively automate repetitive tasks and testing methodologies to carry out tests.

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Solidity is next on our list of the most suitable programming web3 languages for web3 development. JavaScript, C++, and Powershell hugely influenced this programming language, making it the most preferred blockchain language. Vitalik Buterin, the genius behind Ethereum, was the developer of the Solidity programming language. The web3 programming language is known for its precise accuracy, statically typed programming, developer friendliness, and easy accessibility to debuggers and other tools. The solidity programming language was created specifically keeping blockchain in mind, and it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages for blockchain and web3 development solutions.


Developed by Yukihiro “Matz,” Ruby is one of the best web3 development programming languages. The open-source nature of the programming language with the integration of APIs and plugins makes it easy for web3 developers to prototype their vision effortlessly and effectively. This programming language gives freedom to the developers to mix its features with other leading programming languages and develop enhanced platforms. Ruby, the best web3 development programming language, supports multiple programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming.

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Java is a versatile programming language that is considered best when it comes to developing web3 business solutions. The programming language enjoys ample support from open-source libraries and OOP methodology, making them an ideal choice for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Whether you are looking for a web3 solution, FinTech, or virtual gaming application, Java programming language has increased safety, cost-effective nature, and a developer-friendly nature that gives it an edge over others.

Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language, also known as SQL, made it to our list of top web3 development programming languages to consider in 2022. The web3 programming language was designed by a well-known IT giant IBM. SQL databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle make it easy and efficient to communicate on the network. Startups and enterprises worldwide can take advantage of this web3 development programming language to develop secure and effective business solutions.


Rholang is one of the fastest-growing we3 development programming languages. The object-oriented approach of the programming language is quite helpful in solving many issues in web3 development. Rather than focusing on the individual component, the programming language evaluates the entire program as a series of functions and solves them sequentially. This programming language is quite different from C or Python as it focuses on a functional programming paradigm shift rather than an object-oriented approach. It uses variables for data storage and changes variable values with time, thus earning the reputation of the fastest-growing programming language for web3 development.


With a wide range of features, JavaScript is one of the best web3 development programming languages to keep an eye on. The programming language is extremely popular among developers to launch highly capable, creative business solutions and scalable web3 business solutions. Most systems worldwide already have JavaScript, which gives them a competitive edge over others. As a web3 developer, you don’t have to focus on the integration part of the application and rather shift your focus on app logic for the blockchain. The programming language makes it easier for anyone to enter the web3 market easily and makes it more preferred over others.


Next on our list, we have Simplicity, a high-level web3 development programming language. Whether you are looking to build smart contracts or any web3 software solutions, the programming language supports it and is easy to use for both professional and open source blockchain developers. The programming language hides the low-level logic, thus increasing the work capacity of developers and finishing the job in a shorter time. Web3 developers use simplicity's top-notch functions and features to launch new-age solutions.


Next on our list, we have Erlang - another best web3 development programming language. Although, web3 programming language is less popular than development languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python. Many web3 development companies use this programming language efficiently due to its features like unparalleled backend facility, scalability, inherent fault tolerance, and more. Thus making an ideal choice for peer-to-peer networks in web3 development solutions.


Golang or Go is one of the most suitable programming languages for building fast and efficient web3 online solutions. The programming language is vital in creating hyper ledger fabric, which is the foundation for developing most web3 business solutions. Statistically typed programming language's compiled nature makes it a suitable option for web3 development. The biggest advantage of Golang over others is that it is uncomplicated and easy to learn. There are roughly 800,000+ professionals and open source developers on the Go language network.


CX is next on our list of the best programming languages for web3 development. This programming language is ideal for developing smart contracts and blockchain solutions. It is fully loaded with features like a simplified error control process, pointers, and arrays. Blockchain and web3 developers can reap the benefits of Open Graphics Library efficiently and enjoy benefits in terms of GPS’s capacity. The programming language also assembles over Go, which gives them executing discretionary codes, which is a pain area for present-day businesses worldwide.


Derived for Python 3, Vyper is one of the most reliable programming languages for web3 development. It doesn’t have all the Python’s features and was built as an alternative to Solidity - a popular web3 development programming language. Even though Vyper uses EVM just like Solidity, it uses a completely different control structure to handle security issues than Solidity. With features like infinite loops, modifiers, recursive calling, and other OOPS functionalities, Vyper is one of the most suitable programming languages for web3 development. If you are looking to build a web3 online solution, you can check out the Vyper programming language.

Personal Home Page (PHP)

Next on our list is Personal Home Page, also known as PHP, another leading programming language used in web3 development. During its early stages, the programming language was developed for general scripting, but later on, it evolved towards building other solutions. It is a Hypertext Preprocessor that most reputable web3 development companies use to develop new-age business solutions. The programming language is often used to develop complex enterprise blockchain solutions and enjoys huge support from the open-source developer community. 


Lastly, on our list of most suitable programming languages for web3 development is C#. This programming language is somewhat similar to Java and C++ (popular web3 programming languages). It was earlier introduced only as Microsoft language; however, it slowly evolved as the best programming language for web3 development with time. Due to its open source nature, the developers can create highly portable code using C# that will run on multiple OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc. C# is an OOps programming language and can be used to write business solutions with blockchain-as-a-service.


We conclude our list of the top 15 most suitable programming languages for web3 development. The web3 development programming language we have covered in this post holds different features, functionality, and advantages over others. Thus, choosing the best programming language is vital based on your web3 project development needs.

However, after choosing the most suitable programming language for web3 development, you need to find a reliable IT Consulting Firms in New York. The web3 development company will play a major role in making your idea a success. Choose a development partner who is well versed in leading programming languages, in–depth knowledge of blockchain, and has proven expertise in web3 solution development.

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