How To Create A Smart Contract on Ethereum?

By RisingMax

June 23, 2023

How To Create A Smart Contract on Ethereum?

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology that has impacted the working of businesses operating in various domains. The integration of blockchain has made business transactions more secure and decentralized. 

The blockchain has different components that play a major role in the technology's working. Smart contracts are one of the most important components of blockchain technology, which helps add safety and security to business transactions.

Smart contracts can be built on multiple blockchain platforms. Ethereum is the best-suited platform for developing secure and reliable smart contracts and decentralized applications This blog will discuss how to build smart contracts on Ethereum. 

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How Ethereum Smart Contract Can Help Businesses 

The smart contract is a protocol according to which all blockchain transactions are executed. The objective of the smart contract is to check whether all the conditions related to the transactions are fulfilled or not. 

Smart contracts are developed by an expert Web3 smart contract development company

They are used to automate the agreement execution process so that all parties can undertake the transaction successfully without any intermediary involvement.

The Ethereum network has its own cryptocurrency named ether. Due to its great potential and amazing features, Ethereum has become the second-largest blockchain network. 

The consensus mechanism used in Ethereum is Proof of Stakes(PoS)  which is much more energy efficient as compared to the Proof of Work(PoW)

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Here are a few ways in which Ethereum-based smart contracts can be helpful for your business:


The smart contracts designed on the Ethereum platform are known for the transparency they provide to the users. All the parties have access to the data. Any changes in it will be visible to everyone on the network. This type of transparency increases customer trust in your business.

Cost Reduction

The integration of Ethereum smart contracts into your business transactions will help reduce the operation cost of the business. Through these contracts, you can direct customer transactions without any middlemen. 

This will help lower the business's operational costs and increase your business revenue.

Increase Transaction Speed

The Ethereum-based smart contracts will help in removing middlemen and making the transactions directly. This will help in increasing the transaction speed to a great extent. This means that you can complete more transactions in less time. It will also help in adding to the user experience.


The Ethereum-based smart contracts help to bring accuracy to your business transactions. The data is accessible to all parties. Any incorrect data present on the network can be easily traced and rectified.

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Ethereum As A Blockchain Platform For Developing Smart Contracts

Ethereum is one of the best-suited blockchain platforms for smart contract development. According to Yahoo Finance, the number of smart contracts deployed in Ethereum peaked in June 2021 at 2.5 million. 

The blockchain platform Ethereum has a potential distributed infrastructure that facilitates developers to create smart contracts. The blockchain platform helps developers create and deploy smart contracts by using a programming language named Solidity. The language is an object-oriented programming language and is very easy to learn and execute.

Step-by-Step Process of Developing Smart Contract on Ethereum

Are you planning to enter the blockchain industry and looking for a reliable blockchain network on which you can build your smart contracts? Ethereum is the best platform for developing smart contracts. Here is a step-by-step procedure to develop smart contracts using the Ethereum blockchain platform:

Connect To An Ethereum Network

This is the first and most important step in developing Ethereum-based smart contracts. To start with the Ethereum blockchain, you need to connect to an Ethereum network. This can be done by downloading an Ethereum wallet on your browser. 

There are multiple Ethereum wallets available these days. You can find the one which suits your business requirements Also, you can get an Ethereum wallet designed by an expert web3 wallet development company.

Choose A Test Network.

After downloading the wallet, there are various test options available. The test cases help in the testing of the smart contract. The test network options which are available include the following:

  • Robsten Test network
  • Rinkeby Test Network
  • Kovan Test network
  • Goerli Test network.

Out of all these test networks, you can choose the best-suited test option as per your smart contract.

Fund Your Wallet With Testnet ETH

While testing the smart contracts, you need to have estnet ETH in your wallet. This helps to undertake the testing procedure smoothly and gives accurate results. To add the ETH to the wallet, you have to click on the deposit button and then click on the “Get Ether” button under the Test Faucet section.

Use The Browser To Write The Smart Contract

After the testing phase comes the major phase, .i.e, writing the smart contract. For this task, you can use any browser of your choice. Make sure you choose a browser with multiple features that make your smart contract error-free and unique. Some important features you must look for in a browser include:

  • Syntax and error highlighting
  • Functions with injected Web3 objects
  • Static analysis
  • Integrated debugger
  • Cost-effective gas fee

Create A . Sol Extension File

Once you have completed the smart contract writing task, the next thing you need to do is to create a .sol extension. You can do this by clicking on the (+) option in the browser where you have written the smart contract. Creating a .sol extension file will help in making your file solidity-compatible.

Complete Your Smart Contract Code

In this step, a compiler version is chosen from the browser, and the solidity smart contract code is compiled. Make sure you do the coding part correctly, as it will have a direct impact on the smart contract.

Deployment Of The Smart Contract

After the coding part is completed, The smart contract will be deployed on the selected network. Wait until the transaction is successfully completed. After this smart contract address will be visible on the right side of the browser.

Make Smart Contract Ready To Go Live

Before making the smart contract live, testing and auditing must be done to ensure it is error-free and functioning properly. Once you are sure everything is correct, the smart contract can be deployed to the Ethereum market.

These steps seem easy and simple but can be challenging if you lack good knowledge and expertise in smart contract development. To get reliable results, you must get the Ethereum smart contract developed by an expert development company. 

Discuss your business requirements with them; they will design a customized and tech-savvy Ethereum-based smart contract for your business.

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How the Ethereum Blockchain Platform Executes Smart Contracts

If you plan to develop your smart contract using the Ethereum blockchain, you must clearly understand how Ethereum executes smart contracts. The execution environment of Ethereum constitutes the below-mentioned elements:

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

The EVM is there to serve as a runtime environment for building the smart contract on Ethereum. It can be considered a global supercomputer that performs the execution task for all the smart contracts designed on Ethereum.


Gas is the measurement unit used for assigning fees for each transaction with a smart contract. The EVM requires a certain amount of gas for the computation of smart contracts. The more complex computation will be, the more gas it will require to run the smart contract.


Solidity is the programming language used in the Ethereum blockchain for the development of smart contracts. The programming language offers users to perform arbitrary computations. 

The syntax of the programming language is influenced by C++, Python, and Javascript. This makes it easily understandable by the developers.

Use Cases Of Ethereum Smart Contracts

The Ethereum-based smart contracts have several use cases. Here are some of the most commonly used cases of Ethereum smart contracts:

Banking & Financial Services Contracts

The use of smart contracts in the banking sector will speed up financial transactions and make them more secure and reliable. It will help in bringing accuracy to the transfer of information and will help to fulfill the obligations of the parties involved in the blockchain network.

The Ethereum smart contracts have multiple use cases in the financial sector. It can be used for mortgages, payments, national bonds, insurance claims, and other purposes. 

These contracts help in adding transparency and make transactions fast. This will eliminate the involvement of middlemen and make the transactions direct.


ICO tokens can be made very effective with the help of Ethereum smart contracts. The contracts will help enhance the sales process and make it more transparent. 

The smart contracts designed using Ethereum will help to manage and scrutinize the ICOs efficiently. These contracts keep a check on the developers and restrict the developers in terms of the withdrawal limit, and they are unable to run the whole contributed money at one time.

Prediction Markets

The prediction market has existed for many decades but could not get uplifted due to the risk involved in it. But with the integration of Ethereum smart contracts, the knowledge players can earn a good amount of income. The market predictions have become more exact and true as the researchers accumulate data to predict the market.

Smart contracts will help in establishing trust among the parties. Also, the Ethereum-based smart contracts will help the experts in predicting the market's future performance and take necessary actions to improve it.

Data Sharing And Privacy

The Ethereum-based smart contracts help eliminate a major problem: identity management and data theft. Social media apps and large e-commerce companies can use customer data for marketing or sell it to other parties. But with the emergence of smart contracts, this problem could be eliminated.

Blockchain transactions are secured using smart contracts. This prevents the misuse and sharing of data with others without the customer’s consent.

How to Create a Smart Contract on Ethereum

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