How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Hospital Management System?

By RisingMax

January 19, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Hospital Management System?

Hospitals are one such place that should always be on their toes to serve the people. All the procedures should be error-free and instant in every situation. The hospital management system should be packed with all the features to make the hospital premises and procedures a highly efficient place. 

We all have seen and experienced tough times during the pandemic, and many people have lost their loved ones. The healthcare industry needs more advanced technologies and solutions to tackle such situations proactively. This could only be done with top-notch software development. 

And this brings us to the question at hand - how much does it cost to develop a hospital management system? This blog will provide complete information about hospital management software's development cost and benefits.

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Cost To Develop Hospital Management System

The cost to develop hospital management software depends on various factors, including features, size of the company, region of the company, number of resources in the development team, etc. 

Cost Of Development As Per Region

The development cost of the hospital management system differs from country to country. Each region has a specific lifestyle, and any country's lifestyle and expenditure affect the development cost. Here is the list of the best areas that provide expert hospital management system development services.


Hourly Costs

North America




Gulf Countries





Major Factors That Affect The Hospital Management System Development Cost

In order to build a reliable hospital management system, a set of the development process is followed. The cost of each phase is described here:


15K To 18K



Outsource Software

$25K To 55K 

Cost For Integration


Cost For Maintenance

$3000 To $5000

Hourly Project Manager Cost 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


Size Of The Development Company

The size of the development also affects the cost of the development procedure. Small, medium or large scale, each has its pros and cons. Let’s see what benefits you can have from choosing different scale companies:

Small Size Company

Usually, the small size company holds a strength of 10-50 employees. Hiring small-size companies can be a good option if you have a small amount to invest in the project. In a small company, they keep individual focus on the projects and try their best to deliver the project perfectly.

But when it comes to seeing the cons of small-size companies, there are several things that can prove to choose it a risky move for a running business or startup. The disadvantage is handling multiple projects at a time; this can lead to a delay in the project delivery.

Another thing that may affect the project is the experience in developing applications. Generally, small-size companies have developers with less experience compared to established names. And if anyone invests a huge amount of money, they don’t expect to have any issues with their project. 

Hiring a small size company for the hospital management system can cost you between $20,00 to $40,000. 

Small Size Companies’ Pros And Cons



Low Development Cost 

Less Experienced Developers 

Instant Action On The Project

May Delay In Delivering Project

Attention To Projects

Cannot Compete On Price


Big Size Company 

When it comes to big-size companies then one thing is obvious - they make sure to deliver more than the expectation. But the issue with the big size company lies in the development cost. Usually, the development cost of the big company is higher than the other companies.

A well-established company can hire a big size company for the hospital management system, but if you are a startup, hiring them could be quite a financial challenge. 

Big Size Companies’ Pros And Cons



High-End Technical Team

High Development Rates

Individual Project Managers 

May Delay In Delivering Project

After Delivery Service

High Service Charges

Medium Size Company

The medium size company offers a midpoint between the two extremes. Medium-sized companies have experienced teams of developers, designers, project managers, and QA teams and also cost-effective development rates. If you are choosing a medium size company, then it can be the best hospital management system development partner for you.

Big Size Companies’ Pros And Cons



High-End Technical Team

May Add Extra Charges For Additional Features

Individual Project Managers 

May Delay Delivery in Case Of Additional Features

Cost-Effective Development Rates 


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Benefits Of Hospital Management System Developed By RisingMax Inc.

Installing a high-end hospital inventory system can be a 360-degree solution for you. The hospital or healthcare service is about serving humanity, but at the same time, it is a business. Here is the list of benefits you will get by installing the hospital management system:

  • Data Security
  • Cost Cutting
  • Revenue Management
  • Better Rating
  • Error-Free Procedure And Management 

Data Security 

Hospitals that use manual systems are more susceptible to data theft and leakage than those that use automated methods, experts have emphasized and reaffirmed. Every piece of information is protected from illegal access by a complete hospital management system.

However, it's equally crucial that you use a modern system with centralized controls rather than a stand-alone, in-house system.

There is zero chance of error when everything is handled by an access-controlled system where user rights determine information accessibility. For this reason, high-quality management systems are installed in medical offices, hospitals, trauma centers, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.


Installing the hospital management system will help the management to cut the expenditure of manpower and can move the manpower to much-needed places. Understand this with an example: for the file submission of the patients, most hospitals usually hire employees for these minor works.

With the help of the hospital management software, the complete procedure can be set on the automated procedure of the hospital management system. So that the manpower can be shifted to the places where they need it. The hospital management system will help you make a hospital equipped with automated procedures. 

Revenue Management

A hospital or medical facility serves the public good, but as it is a company, it must also be profitable. Because running a hospital costs a fortune, revenue management is essential because outdated manual processes make it impossible to track expenses.

An automated hospital management system adapted to the business's needs can successfully accomplish the goal. It provides efficient and accurate management of transactional reports that helps get a clear idea of how the firm is functioning. It helps keep track of the dues, upcoming bills, debts, and interest rates on transactions.

Due to the high operational efficiency, running costs are also reduced. Automated systems and processes reduces the resources needed to manage operations.

Better Rating

There is no getting around a hospital management system if your hospital wants to be among the top-rated and preferred hospitals by insurance carriers. Medicare and insurance companies rely heavily on electronic data, which is only possible when an automated system is in place.

A hospital is usually given an advantage over others if it can send and receive patient information and medical reports online. An effective hospital management system sets your medical facility, nursing home, or hospital apart from rivals. Your market reputation gains worth as a result.

Structured Data Of Staff

By monitoring hospital staff performance and giving the administration thorough reports, a management system provides a further competitive edge. These thorough reports can be used by hospital management to determine which hospital services generate more income and which should have their budget cut or possibly be shut down entirely. Additionally, it aids in spotting and resolving prospective issues before they worsen and spiral out of control, avoiding harm to one's finances and reputation.

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