Everything You Need To Know About Cost To Develop Telemedicine App

By RisingMax

January 16, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Cost To Develop Telemedicine App

Telemedicine continues to remain one of the fastest-growing industries in the aftermath of the pandemic situation in 2019. Telemedicine healthcare is changing the paradigm to meet digital healthcare needs for the betterment of the healthcare ecosystem. 

agile software development in healthcare

The healthcare industry has been untouched by modern-age technologies for a long time. Realizing this fact, the healthcare industry is taking serious steps in evolving innovative technologies to generate digitized solutions for patients' treatment care and diagnostic solutions. 

Almost half of the US medical system currently accommodates digital-healthcare solutions. The facts and figures based on the latest healthcare market research encourage the transformation of telehealth into a digitized platform.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Telemedicine App?

The development cost of telehealth software shall solely depend on the software's nature and functionalities. However, the charge may vary depending upon various factors like design, development, features, functionalities, nature of the software, and the number of hours it takes.

Let’s discuss how much does telehealth software costs that depend on the invested technology, used resources, database usage, integrated platform, and complexity of the healthcare software application.

Designing Cost

5k to 10k

Outsource Software Cost 

$35 to 85k

Deployment Cost  

$15k to $25k

Integration Cost 

$10k to $20k

Maintenance Cost 

$1500 to 4k

Project Managers 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers



One of the deciding factors for the declaration of the software development cost can be the size of the company. The larger the company, the more resources, bandwidth, data, and cloud storage will be utilized, resulting in an effect on the pricing. Similarly, small companies use fewer resources, so the development cost will fall too low.

Telemedicine App Cost Based On Company Size

Company Size



Small Size Company

$30,000 to $50,000


Mid Size Company

$60,000 to $850,000


Large Size Company

$900,000 to $1,500,000


The cost mentioned above is approx. Price may vary depending on the complexity and nature of the application. Complexity involves the used technology, designing framework, involved interface, bandwidth used, cloud data usage, and many others.

Speaking of, the accurate pricing still needs to be justified because the development team also considers other factors.

Regarding the precise development cost, it completely depends on the complexity level of the software. The complex nature of the software takes a lot of effort, feasible steps, and the use of resources to decide the cost of telehealth software.

Telemedicine App Cost Based On Level Of Complexity

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Application

$30k to $50k

Average Level Application 

$60k to $85k

High-End Application

$90k to $150k


The level of complexity can be estimated by the technologies, resources, database, and number of hours it takes to develop a software.

Besides, the basic level application doesn’t require a high-end development process, high-quality graphics, a large database, and a multiple interface environment, so it cuts off the pricing drastically. At the same time, an average-level application requires them all, encouraging the software development company to charge high for such platforms.

The high-end, large, and complex solutions require a massive database, cloud-approached systems, high-end modules, several interfaces, and high-quality designed structures.

The number of hours and the efforts made by the designers, developers, and testers must be increased to achieve the target in a particular time. The coordination needs resources, technological involvement, and a massive database to make the process typical, so the cost will lift itself.

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Market Value Of The TeleMedicine Healthcare App

Different telemedicine healthcare app has different features. Still, they aim to serve virtual care in real-time, which produces a feasible solution for the organization.

Startups may have simple features, while healthcare apps from big enterprises are different. Mainly, the telemedicine app provides sustainable services while virtually booking patients' appointments and giving them satisfactory solutions. Exploring the telemedicine app market cap can provide a clear insight. Below are the market cap/net value of a few telemedicine apps:

  • AmWell -> $961.18 million
  • Doctor On Demand -> $820 million
  • MDLive -> $198.6 million
  • Lemonaid -> $0.96 billion

Factors Affecting The Telehealth App Cost

Factors that apprehend deciding the telehealth app cost will be many, and we will study them further. The extensive range of features and the company's hourly development charge can influence the overall pricing for any telehealth software development. It must be remembered that complicated solutions and requirements may significantly change the pricing. Let’s discuss the major factors:

Software Features

The cost will vastly increase if the number of features is added to the telemedicine application software. If an application software requires minimal features, the cost will be around $30,000 to $50,000.

The number of added features will increase the pricing because it will affect many associated things. Extensive features and the highest level of functionality usage make the application software quite complex. Thus it will charge $150k.

Some factors responsible for the price range of the telehealth software development are as below:

  • Used platforms/technologies
  • Nature of the software
  • Usage of features
  • Used Interface, wireframe
  • Bandwidth & data resources
  • Timeframe of the development

UI/UX Design

An aesthetically UI design and seamless interface, together they can make a platform look sophisticated. Such an application design will enhance medical care and patient treatment procedure.

The developed application goes through several levels of testing and checks that give it an immensely pleasing look while used.

A well-developed design goes a long way, whether it is a platform interaction, usage, productivity, or processing. It makes the process effective, efficient, and user-friendly.

Application Platform

Platform independency is one of the major causes that can increase the overall software price. The application developed on Android is not much costlier than the application developed on iOS.

The underlying platform affects the software pricing, so starting an application with a single based-platform is suggested, and an introduction with the other application platforms can be deployed later. When the business firmly stands in the market, one can upgrade to a cross-border platform application as an enhancement.

Application Development

The number of dedicated hours to developing the software application and the number of experts involved decide the development cost. The team comprises a project manager, team leader, designers, developers, app builders, and associates. The number of staff representing the company decides the overall telehealthcare software development cost.

Telehealth App Cost-Based on Development Region

The responsible healthcare development company's location influences the development cost. For instance, if you have hired a healthcare development company from Asia, it will be relatively cheaper than the cost offered by a United States or UK-based company.

The reason is the charges they may apply is dependable on the hourly rate of developers in those countries. The table below will show you how much you will be charged for developing the healthcare software.

Development Region

Estimated Cost (Approx.)

United States

$190k- $250k

United Kingdom  

$190k to $200k


$150k to $160k

Western Europe 

$140k to $160k

Eastern Europe 

$70k to $80k


$50k to $60k


Telemedicine App Cost Based On Types Of Development Team 

This is another significant challenge in the telehealthcare software development life cycle (SDLC). The cost of the telehealthcare application software may vary on the type of software development company is going to introduce you to develop your platform. It fluctuates due to locations, hourly chargers, types of companies, and cost variations.

Types Of The Team

Estimated App Development Cost (Approx.)

In-House Team

$150k- $180k

Local Development Company  

$180k to $220k

Outsourced Development Company

$65k to $70k


$40k to $50k


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Closing Thoughts

The Development of the telehealth application platform isn’t easy, but the returns are surprising. Developed countries are forcibly transforming their old traditional healthcare platform with innovative healthcare solutions.

It offers a good healthcare service with a scientific approach to the patient’s treatment and health care. Telemedicine is one of the fastest-growing industries, and this is the time to recognize the strength of this sector and maximize the benefits it offers you.

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