Field Service Management Software Features To Manage The Work Efficiently

By RisingMax

June 13, 2023

Field Service Management Software Features To Manage The Work Efficiently

Are you still managing the company’s work with manual business processes? Or facing ongoing technical issues with the existing field service management software?

Well, it's time for you to get better and more reliable field service management software with automated processes and reliable source code. RisingMax Inc. offers high-end field service management software with real-time mobility on major devices and to manage workflow automation.

Field Service Management Software Features

In this blog, you will get in-depth information about the 

  • How will field service management software help your business?
  • Advanced field service management software features.
  • How much does it cost to build field service management software?
  • How much time does it take to build a custom field service management software?
For the end-to-end field service software management features, including billing, accurate breakups, CRM system, and other necessary back office management, etc., for installing reliable field management software in your business. Get In Touch With Us.

How Will Field Service Management Software Help Your Business?

For companies with a high contact volume, RisingMax Inc.'s field service management solution concentrates on managing work orders, contracts, subcontractors, parts, and mobile resource scheduling. 

Our integration with CRM systems, inventory, billing, and accounting software, as well as other back-office systems, enables us to offer end-to-end service administration. Our application can flawlessly manage the entire lifecycle, from quoting to installations to break/fix to invoicing.

Let’s see how the service management software will help your business to go frictionless.

All In One

The field management software gives you access to manage or update the work and reports from anywhere with credentials. The software also converts spreadsheets, available employee lists, whiteboards, and other details into the easy to understand digital formats. 

With this software solution, anyone can know the location of the technicians and other workforce on the field. 

Work Automation

Instead of engaging employees on those tasks that are repetitive, you can use the workforce for a much more productive place by implementing this software. The field services software features help automate most of the manual work, saving the manpower workforce. 

It will help to provide a smooth workflow to your company with zero errors and less human interference. Integrating the Artificial Intelligence solutions will make it advanced by which you can manage the work automation as per the demand. 

Secured Cloud Data

Due to sophisticated encryption, cloud storage is significantly more secure than on-premises storage. After migrating to the cloud, more than ninety percent of businesses reported increased security and an easier time adhering to government regulations. 

Using a business-specific security strategy, RisingMax Inc.'s field service management software can reduce risk and prevent security breaches.  

Enhance Job Scheduling

Field service management software facilitates the creation and administration of multiple tasks for field technicians. A field service company relies on its schedule and dispatch team to ensure a seamless workflow. Utilizing a reliable system, the company can enhance its scheduling criteria.

In layman's terms, this means that by incorporating FSM, your business analysis and planning will have a significant impact on on-time technicians, a reduction in double bookings, and the selection of the most qualified technician for each job type. A defective scheduling system results in widespread disorder and substantial revenue loss.

Communication With Field Service Staff

The most effective method to increase customer satisfaction is to improve communication with the field service technician who visits your location to address customer inquiries.

Using their mobile devices, technicians typically record pertinent service notes, various diagnostics, test results, quality data, parts consumed and labor expended, and on-arrival image/video capture.

They provide real-time information based on the needs of the business in order to keep the consumer satisfied and enhance customer service through the use of multiple innovative methods. On the other hand, consumers who use the tools can monitor the location of the technician.

RisingMax Inc. is the leading software development company in NYC and also leaving an imprint on the global stage. We have been serving the software solution since 2011 and have delivered more than 80 projects.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Field Service Management Software Development Company

Advanced Field Service Management Software Features

Here is the list of features we provide in the field service management software(FSMS) that helps businesses to automate their work and organize the field work with excellence. In this section, we will describe the must-have features as well as advanced features that will help you. 

Work Management

Managing the work manually is a story from two decades back. Now nobody wants to indulge the manpower in work management. It has been replaced with digital work management that is completely run on digital and automated formation. 

It eliminates work order confusion and job cycle, etc. After a manager receives and allocates a task, the work order identifies the technician responsible for its completion. This information is accessible to anyone with system access.

Management of Quoting

This feature allows users to add job duties, automatically apply special customer pricing and taxes, and email customer quotations. This way, you can streamline your administrative procedures so you can focus on customer satisfaction.

Built-in quoting software from RisingMax Inc. generates a simplified version of customer quotations and converts them into work orders. Instead of creating a new work order, your technician can propose additional work on-site and designate it to an existing work order. 

Contractor Management

Most large-size enterprises take support from external sources, and the feature to manage contractors around the field will help the company to get all the real-time updates of the work with accuracy. The feature of contractor management also helps to ensure whether they are following the standard work procedure and other details about productivity and security.

Connected Devices

As the complete software will work for field service management so it also needs the flexibility to get connected to the movable devices so that no matter where you are available, you can access the software easily and look at the work progress. RisingMax Inc. also holds expertise in iOs and Android mobile app development

With the help of the mobile application, your technicians can see the task assigned from the office, schedule the task and shifts, and update the task sheet with their smartphones. 

Order Management

Customer relationship management is particularly essential for field service organizations. Field service administration solutions provide a customer database containing your client's contact information, previous work performed, and any special notes. With this information, you can learn from past work orders, enhancing your customer service and satisfaction.

Some field service applications also offer a client portal through which customers can access sign-off forms, schedule and alter appointments, request a specific technician, view job progress, make payments, and complete surveys. 

Additionally, clients can provide their cell phone numbers to receive text messages with the ETA of their technicians or notifications of service delays.

Internet Of Things

IoT app solution is an advanced technology that not only provides real-time updates but sensors integrated with the machines will help to monitor the equipment to keep it error-free. With the implementation of IoT technology, you can also get real-time reports and other details, including production, analytics, etc.  

Digital Twin

The digital twin platform will be additional technology but one of the most advanced ones when it is integrated with the IoT. The digital twin platform will be the replica of your industry from the office to the field. 

With it, you can look after the machine planted in your company to get alerts before any unfortunate situation or if any of the machines need instant maintenance. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build Field Service Management Software?

The development cost of field service management software depends completely on the features you want in your software, what sort of complexity it belongs to, the size of the company you are hiring for the field service management development, and how much manpower it involves to build the solution. 

Let’s see in brief:

Software Designing Costs$10K to $20K
Advanced Features of Software$25 to $50K
Cost For Deployment$10K
Cost Of Integration$10K
Total Cost For Maintenance$1500 to $4K
Project Managers and Team Lead$25/ Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Testers$5K

Field Service Management Software Cost As Per Complexity

Type Of ComplexityCost
Low Complexity Software$20K-$40K
Medium Complex Software$45K-$60K
High-End Complexity$63K-$80K

Field Service Management Software Cost As Per Regoin

RegionCost Per Hour
North America$25-$75
Gulf Countries$70-$120

Time To Build A Custom Field Service Management Software

The development time depends on the number of features you want to get in your software, the complexity of functionality and development difficulty, etc. The standard development time is about 6-9 months for the field service management software. It could increase or decrease as per the demand or any changes that appear in between the development procedure.

Why RisingMax Inc. For Field Services Management Software (FSMS)?

Risingamax Inc. is the leading software development company with a team of 150+ developers with the experience of more than a decade in software development. We have delivered more than 80 high-end software on the global stage. 

Here are some of the reasons why we can be the perfect choice for field services management software development.

We Listen 

Our executives listen to your complete expectation and requirement for the software and discuss with the team of developers to make sure which of the field service management software features can be implemented and which needs to be enhanced.

We Share

As the next step, we share the complete blueprint with the in-depth research of the development. Our team of developers gets into the in-depth research of the project as we believe that each business and each industry has its unique tone and requirement. 

Once we are done with the procedure, we ask for the green flag to move forward. Once you are satisfied with all the details and the development procedure, we move on to the next step of development.

Our Software Development Procedure

Our team of dedicated developers starts developing the software with complete perfection. We make sure that none of the errors or bugs should be left in the software. We hold a client retention rate of more than 80%, and the major reason behind that is our error-free development procedure.

Field Service Management Software Features

Complete Transparency

We make sure to maintain complete transparency with our clients to build better business relationships.  We do not charge any hidden cost at any stage from our client.


For a reliable, pocket-friendly, and high-end software solution, contact RisingMax Inc. We offer a free consultation service to enterprises and startups. This is the perfect time for you to take a step forward to make your business more accessible and automated with field service management software.

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