Features Of Transportation Management System

By RisingMax

July 15, 2023

Features Of Transportation Management System

Managing transportation efficiently is a major challenge for businesses operating in the supply chain industry. Safe and efficient transport management is required to make sure that the goods reach safely without any damages in transit from the retailer to the end customers.

Transportation management software is an efficient tool for businesses dealing in supply chain management. With the help of this software, you can track every moment of the good from its origin to the end destination. The blog will discuss the features of transport management software and its benefits for supply chain businesses.

What Is Transportation Management Software?

Transportation management software is technical software that is designed to resolve the challenges faced by supply chain professionals. The software makes it easy for them to manage the supply chain tasks of their business. 

The transportation software takes your supply chain business manual reports to digital automated reports. It helps in making business processes more automated and reduces the chances of errors. 

The software helps in reducing the business’s operational costs and prevent accidental damage to their precious goods. The software can make your supply chain operations less time-consuming and provide real-time data related to the supply chain.

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According to Statista, Revenue in the Supply Chain Management Software market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 4.67%, resulting in a market volume of US$24.19bn by 2028.

Exclusive Features That Make The Transportation Management Software More Efficient

After understanding the meaning of transportation management software, another question that must be coming to your mind is what features can make your software more popular. Given below are some features the transport management software should have:

Logistics Control Tower

The software has a well-designed logistics control tower which allows business professionals to monitor the moment of their orders in real-time and check the routes followed by the drivers. Business professionals can view all the supply chain activities on a single dashboard. Any discrepancy occurring at any step during the supply chain can be easily tracked and rectified. This will help eliminate manual efforts and help you manage all your business activities efficiently.

Freight Audit & billing

Freight audits and billing can be a major challenge in supply chain businesses. The transportation management software can resolve this issue. With the help of this software, generation of the freight bills has become easy and a task of few seconds. The software has made sharing electronic proof of delivery easy and efficient. The digital bills are free from errors as there are no manual calculations involved in the billing process.

Carrier Contract Management

The supply chain businesses face issues in tracking. Multiple carrier relationships with varying contracts. But with the help of transportation management software, this can become very easy and efficient. The software can digitalize all your vendor contacts in one place and can access them whenever required. With this software, you can track all your individual terms and carrier agreements in real-time. The software provides regular alerts when any contacts are up for renewal.

Efficient Risk Management Features

If you are in the business of shipping precious and high-value goods, then the transport management software is a perfect choice for you. With the help of this software, your business can face minimum risk during the transportation of the goods. The software can help in minimizing damages during shipping and automate the audited processes and report generation processes. The reduced risks make the supply chain process more efficient and fast.

Item Visibility

Getting the full visibility of your goods throughout the shipment process will help you ensure the safety of your goods and protect them from damage and theft. The transportation software can make it easy for you to view your shipment throughout the process and make your customers happy and satisfied with the shipment process. The software provides Auto pick-up, Integration via EDI with a carrier, and other exclusive features which can make your shipment visibility better.

Benchmark Data Capability

Data is the most important requirement for getting a higher level of business growth. The TMS software tracks each and every activity of the supply process. 

This leads to the generation of huge amounts of data related to arrival time, shipment challenges, and other types of data, which can be helpful in making business decisions and can reduce the operational cost of the business using the data offered by travel management software.

Logistics Orchestration

With the help of the transport management app, businesses can efficiently plan their supply chain processes and make them more systematic. The transport management software help in making logistics management automated, streamlined, and easier. It reduces the manual efforts involved in managing logistics. 

The software allows businesses to schedule the order processing activities in advance and make the orders reach fastly to them. The businesses can undertake intelligent freight sourcing with spot bidding with the TMS.

Route Optimisation

Route optimization helps businesses to find the shortest route available so that their order can reach its end destination on time. You can guide the drivers regarding the route so they do not face issues during the journey. Through route optimization, you can check the obstacles that can disrupt the delivery process. Also, it is an effective way to reduce fuel consumption. The features help in forecasting the time required by the good to reach their destination from the origin.

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Load Planning

The loan planning feature of the TMS helps businesses to check the loading capacity of the vehicle and make sure the vehicle carries the right quantity of goods. The businesses can easily analyze how many vehicles are required to carry the goods which need to be shipped. The load planning will help you prevent the overloading of goods on the vehicle. Also, this will help in reducing the possibility of accidents during transit.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

The transportation management software should possess business intelligence capabilities. The software should be able to capture transactions and data from multiple sources. The software should asses the data generated during the transactions accruing on it.

The transportation management software should be helpful in making future business decisionsThis will help in minimizing the delivery time and maximizing your business capabilities. The BI-based transportation management software develops performance metrics and key indicators (KPIs).

Transportation Provider Selection

The software helps your business to choose the transportation service provider of their choice. They can choose the service provider according to their requirements, goods type, and vehicle capacity. The software will provide you with the transportation service provider options available. and their pricing quotations. 

The software automatically categorizes transportation providers by user-defined parameters (type, mode, rate, region). Also, you can configure registration forms for onboarding a transportation service provider through the software.

Effective Shipment Control

To help businesses track their orders till the last step of the delivery, the software has a Through this software; you can get details about the location of the shipment, the route followed during the transit and driving conditions, and other important details. 

The ML-powered transportation software. Help the businesses to predict shipping time and the estimated time of arrival of the shipment. The time is estimated on the basis of driving conditions, traffic conditions, etc.
Features Of Transportation Management System

Transportation Document Management

Managing transportation-related documents is a major challenge for businesses operating in the supply chain businesses. The integration of transport management software can help in resolving these issues. The software has a centralized place for the storage of transportation documents.

To find your desired documents, the software has a search engine with filtering and metadata querying options which can help you find the documents you require. The software provides automated submission of required import and export e-documents.

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Summing Up

Transport management software is a prerequisite for businesses dealing in supply chain tasks. The software will help automate their workflow and make it more efficient and error-free. The exclusive features of the transportation software make it easy for your business to optimize your travel routes and manage the load carried by your vehicles. 

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