Fleet Management Software Cost | Offers On Fleet Management Software

By RisingMax

June 29, 2023

Fleet Management Software Cost | Offers On Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is one of the most beneficial software for the logistics and transportation business to resolve significant issues of the business. The transportation sector has to track their vehicles and keep an eye on every movement to avoid any unfortunate situation. 

Building a reliable and high-end fleet management system will help to fulfill the need to track the vehicle's real-time location and monitor and send continuous updates of the vehicle's movement. If you are planning to build a high-end fleet management system, the first thing that will come to mind is how much money it will take to develop reliable and advanced fleet management software.

In this, we will discuss how much fleet management software costs and what features we provide in the fleet management software. We also have an offer for you to know that read our “Why Choose RisingMax Inc.” section. 
fleet management software cost

Fleet Management System Cost Breakdown 

Let’s start with the fleet management system cost breakdown so that you can have a brief idea about the approximate development cost. The development cost of fleet management software depends on various factors, including features of the software and the language used in the development of the fleet management system.

Software Designing Costs


Advanced Features of Software


Cost For Deployment 


Cost Of Integration

$10,000- $15,000

Total Cost For Maintenance


Project Managers and Team Lead

$25- $50/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team and Testers 


Fleet Management System Cost As Per Level of Complexity

Basic Level Fleet Management System


Mid Level Fleet Management Software 


High-End Fleet Management System


The average development cost of fleet management software starts from $10,000 and can go upto $50,000 as per the customization and requirement of the platform. The mentioned above development costs are the estimated figure as per the market standard rates and may be subject to change.

Key Features Of Fleet Management Software

Now it comes to the features of the software that will help your business to save cost and to keep track of the location and management of fuel. 

Fuel Management

A fleet management system's capacity for fuel tracking is one of its best features. We incorporate a fuel management sensor function into your system that provides information about the overall gasoline spent by a particular vehicle over the course of a certain route. These tips can be quite beneficial when creating a planner for a particular route.

Fleet Control 

An organized fleet management system is present in fleet alarms. It can alert you right away to problems like excessive speeding, low fuel, and engine problems. The cost-effective administration of fleet operations is made possible by paying attention to these notifications.

Proof Of Delivery

Proof of delivery, or POD, is a function offered by RisingMax Inc. where a record or email generated by your business and sent to the recipient demonstrates that the delivery successfully reached its destination. It comprises details like the date and time the item was delivered, the shipment's tracking number, and perhaps even a copy of the recipient's signature.

Driver’s Behavior

To give fleet managers more control over the performance of their fleet, the fleet management app has an ELD feature that helps monitor driver behaviors with harsh driving alerts, reduce spending with idling reports, and improve response times by displaying all trucks on a live map when a vehicle moves, stops or idles.

Current Information

What could be more beneficial than having access to all of the fleet information in real time on your screen? Well, a cutting-edge fleet management system enables you to monitor the locations, routes taken, directions taken, driving speeds, fuel consumption, etc., of the vehicles. Furthermore, using GPS technology, you can assist fleets by recommending the most efficient routes between their point of origin and destination.

Machine Learning

Additionally, we offer fleet management software that applies machine learning to previous data so that you may monitor time on the side and more efficiently select the appropriate drivers for the appropriate duties depending on your criteria. 

In parameter-rich planning environments, this enables you to navigate the complexity that comes with routing, scheduling, and dispatching. The correct technology can also aid in accelerating delivery and increasing the precision of your predicted arrival times.

Maintenance Tracker

Maintaining your fleets is essential for ensuring that they operate efficiently. By incorporating a maintenance tracker, fleet managers will receive timely updates about the need for fuel changes, tire replacements, etc.

Automatic Dispatch

When arranging deliveries, vehicle availability must be considered, and the best vehicle for each order should be evident at a glance. Planners must be able to swiftly and easily guarantee that the proper loads are being loaded on the right trucks since, for instance, some deliveries may require vehicles with the ability to handle oversize or unusually large products. In contrast, other things require chilled or heated vehicles. 

There are numerous elements that must be taken into account for efficient vehicle assignment and dispatch. By providing functionality to merge the dispatching and routing phases into a single procedure, our fleet management system would do with the need for a separate step.
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Why Should You Develop Fleet Management Software?

Building a fleet management system is necessary to take a step forward in the logistics industry. Here are some of the advantages of developing a fleet management system. 

Document Storage

Organizations can store crucial papers much more efficiently thanks to fleet management software. With an FMS, retrieving crucial papers only requires a few clicks instead of struggling with paper records that can be easily damaged or lost. When it comes to having warranty papers easily available, this is very advantageous.


Fleet managers can track how their drivers act while driving by integrating their telemetry data into their fleet management system (FMS). FMSs can send fleet managers an SMS or text message when speeding or other irresponsible driving is detected. Fleet managers can then put into place any training or disciplinary actions they see fit.

Zero Fraudulent 

The misuse of fleet assets can also be discovered via telematics and fleet management systems (FMS). FMSs immediately alert fleet managers so they can take prompt action when an asset enters an unapproved place or is used after hours. FMSs can hasten the recovery of stolen vehicles when used in conjunction with the GPS capabilities provided by telematics.

Control data

If you are in charge of more than one vehicle, you are probably aware of the enormous quantity of data each of your trucks produces each day. There is information on the driving routes, fuel consumption, and current orders, including their status as delivered, undeliverable, or scheduled for delivery in the future. Also, a lot of information about the behavior of the drivers, their work schedules, and the mechanical condition of their vehicles.

Without an extensive dashboard, it's quite challenging to maintain track of all of this telemetry data on a daily basis, especially if you're employing various solutions to address each problem. The fleet management system enables you to collect all the data in one location, improving visibility and clarity for all operations and automated workflows.

Electronic Inspection

One of the main advantages of the fleet management system is electronic vehicle inspections. Drivers can perform detailed inspections using a mobile app and promptly upload the results to a centralized database. 

Fleet managers are immediately informed to start troubleshooting when an inspection item fails. You can manage maintenance and improve fleet effectiveness by keeping up with problems.

Fuel Consumption Control

The first step to sustainable logistics is the stringent regulation of fuel consumption. You can get updates and notifications from fleet management systems when a certain truck is about to go over the daily mileage cap. A startling insight into managing fuel use might also come from telematics solutions. 

Tech Stack For Fleet Management Software

  • Fleet Trackers and Telematics
  • Connected Networks 
  • Communication Devices
  • AI Dash Cams
  • Fuel Management Systems 
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Electronic Logging Devices
  • Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

What RisingMax Inc. Offer To Businesses?

As we have mentioned above that we have an offer for startups and enterprises to build reliable fleet management software. Here it is:

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation for startups and enterprises to develop a reliable and high-end fleet management system for our clients.

24*7 Availability

We are available 24*7 to assist you with exciting offers and high-end features in the fleet management system. 

Flexible Payment Option

We provide flexible payment models for our clients. Our client can choose from multiple payment models, including the monthly payment model, milestone model, etc.
fleet management software cost

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Fleet Management System Development

RisingMax Inc. is the leading software development company with a team of 150+ developers with the experience of more than a decade in software development. We provide a 360-degree solution for your business.

Get On-Time Delivery

We follow a strict protocol to deliver a high-end fleet management system and cost-effective rates. We also make sure to deliver the project on time with high-end coding and an immutable solution.

100% Transparency

We provide complete transparency before the deal, during the development process, and after the development of the software.

Multi Level Testing

We follow a multi-level testing protocol to make sure to deliver the best possible solution to our client. With the development procedure, our 50+ team of QA experts do the testing process parallelly to omit any sort of development bug in the fleet management system.


We integrate your business into the software with perfection to make sure nothing should be left behind and with advanced technology. 


Are you searching for a software development company that can help you to build a reliable fleet management system for your business? Here RisingMax Inc. is waiting for you to get with us. You are just one step away from us, all you have to do is fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you asap.

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