Hairdressing Salon In Metaverse: The Salon Business Digital Future

By RisingMax

July 18, 2023

Hairdressing Salon In Metaverse: The Salon Business Digital Future

The beauty industry is constantly evolving as per the changing consumer lifestyles and purchasing habits. According to Zion Market Research, the global cosmetics market is expected to be worth $863 billion by 2024. This states that the industry is growing at a very rapid speed. 

The involvement of revolutionary Web3  technology has completely changed the landscape of this beauty industry. It has completely changed how beauty salons function and render beauty services to their customers.

These days metaverse beauty salons are in high trend. These salons are developed in the Metaverse, a virtual world equipped with 3D objects. In the metaverse-based beauty salon, customers can avail of beauty services virtually without leaving home. In this blog, we will discuss the steps to start a beauty salon in the metaverse.

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Highlights Of Metaverse-Based Hairdressing Salon

  • Can launch virtual beauty contests and events

  • Give Personalized beauty treatments to customers.

  • Undertake collaborations with celebrities.

  • Buy and sell beauty products online.

Steps To Start A Salon In The Metaverse

Are you planning to start your hairdressing salon in the metaverse? Well, you have made a great choice. Below given is the step-by-step process to start a hairdressing salon in the metaverse:

Identify Your Purpose

To start with the Metaverse hairdressing salon development, the first thing you need to do is to identify the business purpose for which you want to develop the Metaverse salon. While identifying your business purpose, you need to find answers to the below-mentioned questions:
  • Why should you choose the beauty industry?
  • What are your business's long-term goals?
  • What is the competition level prevailing in the industry?
  • Which customer needs would you fulfill?

Find Out An Expert Metaverse Salon Development Company

Once you have identified your business requirements, the next thing you need to do is to find an expert metaverse development company. Choose a Metaverse 3d space development service provider that has good knowledge and experience in Metaverse app development. While making your choice, you need to ask the following questions:
  • Experience level of the company
  • Tech stack used during the development
  • Portfolio of the Metaverse development company
  • Development process and cost
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Understand the Technologies To Be Used

After choosing the development company, the next step will be choosing the adequate technology stack for app development. The company will assess the ongoing market trends and client preferences to find the appropriate tech stack. The tech stack used in the metaverse salon development includes:


AI is used to check customer preferences and undertake effective communication with customers.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology helps to decentralize transactions and add transparency and accessibility to the platform.


Augmented and virtual reality are used to create an impactful visual experience and give customers a real-life-like salon experience.

UI/UX Designing And Development

After finalizing the tech stack, the next thing is creating an interactive UX/UI design. The design of the salon should be user-friendly and innovative. This will help to make the app more popular. 

After the UX/Ui design, the developers will start with the development of the salon app. Ask the development company regarding the development techniques used by them and the time involved in development.

Development of Metaverse

After the salon app development, the company will start with metaverse development. In this, they can either choose an existing metaverse for the salon development or create a new metaverse space. This will be decided on the basis of your budgetary constraints and the long-term goals of the business.

Testing And Deployment

Once the salon is developed, the next thing would be testing the salon to make sure every feature added to it is functioning properly. Any errors found during the testing will be removed. Quality assurance is done to check whether the metaverse salon is as per the quality standards or not. 

After the testing is completed, the final product will be handed over to you by the development company. Make sure you clarify all your queries during the deployment.

Post-Launch Support And Maintenance

The responsibility of the development company does not end with the launch of the salon. Rather they offer post-launch maintenance under which they add new features to the app, make the upgrades and check its functioning. They will also support you In case you need any support from them regarding technology upgradation or app working.

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Use Cases Of Opening A Salon In the Metaverse

The future of beauty businesses in the metaverse is growing quickly. A lot of beauty brands are entering the VR-powered metaverse using different methods. Given below are some of the most popular use cases of beauty businesses in the metaverse:

Creation Of Virtual Stores

Virtual metaverse-based beauty stores are very popular these days. In these stores, customers can purchase a wide range of beauty products that suit their skin the best. The virtual metaverse stores offer customers a realistic beauty products shopping experience. In these stores, customers can try the products in the virtual space and check whether it suits their skin or not. Customers can even try makeup products on their skin in these stores by sitting at their homes.

Metaverse-Based Beauty Events

Beauty events are very popular in the beauty industry these days. Nowadays, metaverse-based beauty events are very popular these days. The events are organized in the metaverse. Participants need to create a digital twin which matches their personality. 

To get the best event experience, the twin must be designed by an expert digital twin development company. These metaverse beauty events do not have any geographical restrictions and can be attended from any location.

Collaboration With Popular Celebrities And Influencers

To make their beauty products more popular amongst customers these days, many beauty brands are collaborating with famous celebrities and social media influencers and asking them to try their beauty products and share reviews with customers. 

The collaborations are being helped in the virtual metaverse world. You don't need to meet them physically. This makes the collaborations easier. These celebrity celebrations will help in making your beauty business more popular.

Using Ai As Skin Advisor

The skincare needs of every person is different. To make sure your customers get the best products that suit their skin, beauty brands are launching AI skin advisors at their virtual metaverse-based hairdressing salon. 

This AI advisor will analyze your skin type, pattern, and skincare needs and suggest the best skincare products and treatments. The advisor will undertake effective customer communication. This will help businesses add personalization to their salon services.

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Benefits Of Building A Hairdressing Salon In Metaverse

After knowing about the development process and use cases of the metaverse-based beauty business, Now let us understand the benefits of building a salon and hairdressing business in the metaverse:

Reduced Operational Cost

By setting up a metaverse-based salon business, you can save the operational cost of your business. You need not buy any physical land or incur construction costs. Also, the cost of e, employing staff can be saved. 

Your business can manage the salon efficiently through technological tools without much staff intervention. The reduced operational cost will help increase the profitability of the hairdressing and salon business.

Technological Innovation

Adding new products to your salon helps in the growth of your business. But in the case of a physical hairdressing salon, this becomes very difficult. 

But in the case of a Metaverse salon, you can add new and trending beauty products to your catalog. You can add new services to the salon. This will help in the upgradation of your business technically and enhance the popularity of the business.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an important part of the beauty & salon businesses. In today’s competitive scenario creating effective advertising strategies can help your business experience higher growth. 

The metaverse-based salon marketing business has become very innovative and user-centric. You can design customized ads as per your audience preferences. 

Also, you can use impactful marketing strategies that can attract more customers to your business. You can get data insights that can help you design eye-catchy ad campaigns.

Wider Customer Base

If you start a physical salon, you will get access to the local customer only, but in the case of a metaverse salon, you can have access to a wider customer base. 

Through the metaverse-based digital salon space, you can pitch your products and services to customers from various cities and nations. This will help you in growing your business and expand it to international boundaries.

Innovative Customer Experience

To be a successful salon and hairdressing business, you must offer your customers an unforgettable beauty service experience. The metaverse-based salon will be designed with the best technology and eye-catchy graphics. 

Also, the business can customize their products according to their preferences. This will help in making your customers more attracted to your business.

Cost Of Developing A Hairdressing Salon In Metaverse

Are you planning to get an innovative metaverse salon designed for your business but are confused about the development cost involved? The overall development cost of a Metaverse hairdressing saloon ranges between $50k to $65k.However, this cost is not fixed. It varies. On various factors. These factors include

The complexity of the app.

The cost of developing a metaverse salon depends upon the complexity of the app. The more complex the app is, the higher the app development cost. Given below are the details of the Metaverse hairdressing salon as per the complexity of the app:

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Application

$50k to $65k

Average Level Application

$70k to $85k

High-End Application

$90k to $150k

Features Added To the Platform

The features added to the app directly impact the development cost. The more features a Metaverse hairdressing salon has. The higher will be its development cost. Also, the more complex the app's features, the more its development cost will be.

Size And Location Of The Development Company

The development cost for developing a salon and hairdressing business in the metaverse depends upon the size of the development company. Also, the location at which the company is operating has an impact on the development cost. Companies with large manpower and operating in developed nations might charge higher development costs.
Hairdressing Salon In Metaverse

Summing Up

The metaverse-based salon has bought a transformational change in the beauty industry. It has helped beauty businesses to bring innovation to their products and provide their customers with an immense user experience. To succeed in this field, you must get the platform designed by an expert development company with exceptional skills and knowledge.

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