Revenue Cycle Management Software Cost And Features

By RisingMax

July 14, 2023

Revenue Cycle Management Software Cost And Features

Managing customer billing and healthcare records is a major challenge in the healthcare sector. The revenue cycle management cycle software can make it easy for businesses operating in healthcare to manage patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance. 

The software is a feature-rich healthcare software used for conducting various activities in the healthcare sector, such as insurance claim settlement, billing, and other activities.

In this blog, we will discuss the working of RCM software, its features, development cost, and benefits for healthcare businesses.

What Is RCM Software?

The revenue cycle management software is a set of tools and technologies designed to streamline the billing procedure and reduce manual data entry practices. The software helps to automate the medical professional's tasks, such as patient registration, insurance verification, claims processing, payment posting, and denial management.

The software helps reduce billing errors and assist patients in claims settlements. The software can do all the tasks within a fraction of a second which were earlier performed by a large number of medical professionals. The software reduces the time lag between rendering the services to the patients and getting the payment cleared.

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Revenue Cycle Management Software Growth-Statistics

The revenue cycle management app has gained huge popularity amongst medical professionals over the past few years. The below-stated statistics showcase the growth of RCM software:

  • The global revenue cycle management market size was valued at USD 273.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2023 to 2030.

Some Must-Have Features Of Revenue Cycle Management Software
After knowing about the concept of revenue cycle management software, you must be wondering what features should be there in RCM software. Well, here are a few features your revenue management cycle must possess:

Cloud Availability

Cloud computing is the best way to transform the healthcare industry. The software does not require any kind of hardware requirement. All the data related to patient records will be stored in the cloud space and can be accessed anytime, even if there are issues with the local computer. The data cannot be deleted even if hardware changes occur.

Easy Claim Submission

The software allows hospitals and healthcare service providers to ensure that the insurance claims are submitted at their highest possible value. Through this software, you can easily submit claims at the best value and check their progress. It takes very less time to file the claim through the revenue management cycle. Also, the claim-filing procedure becomes simple.

Key Performance Indicators And Reports

Preparing performance reports manually can be a hectic and time-consuming report. Through the RCM software, the staff performance reports on a weekly or monthly basis can be prepared with just a few clicks. 

This will help you track your employee's current and past performance and make future decisions. This software can also develop and track key performance indicators or KPIs.

Eligibility Verification

Verifying a patient’s eligibility for insurance claims manually is a difficult task. But with the help of RCM software, this has become an easy and simple task. 

The RCM software helps to streamline your regular eligibility inquiries. The Revenue software helps to speed up the insurance claim foiling and eligibility checking processes.

Proactive Denial Alerts

While filling the insurance claims, denials are the biggest issue. This leads to a lot of time wastage. With the help of RCM software, this issue could be eliminated. The software offers denial alerts. The staff members could easily rebuild the claim once they receive the update. This will help in reducing the chances of denials.

Secure Payment Gateway

The RCM software is used for billing purposes, and to enhance the payment procedure, there must be a secure payment gateway. The gateway must be safe and such that the users' data is being stored in a proper manner. The payment gateway should support multiple payment methods. This will make payment easy for the patients.

Claim Tracking And Correction

Sometimes, there can be mistakes from the employee's side while filling the claim. This can lead to claim denial. The RCM software has the capability to track the submitted claims and check whether there are mistakes in claims or not. The revenue cycle management software detects mistakes as soon as you file the claims in the system.

Automating Duties

These days, the size of hospitals has increased, and managing duties manually can be a difficult task. The RCM software will help healthcare professionals to delegate the authorities to their staff members as per their efficiency. 

The software will help the professionals track the performance of their staff members and make important business decisions on the basis of the employee's performance.

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Benefits Of RCM Software For Healthcare Businesses

After knowing the features of the revenue management cycle, you must be wondering how the software can be beneficial for businesses operating in the healthcare sector. Here are a few benefits:

 Improved Patient Experience

The hospitals are focusing on improving the patient experience by offering customized software. The revenue cycle management software helps in improving the billing experience of the customers. They need not face issues such as inaccurate billing, long queues for billing, or a large amount of billing time. 

The billing can be done easily and efficiently. This will help improve the customer’s experience and make it more personalized and user-friendly.

 Higher Revenues

A long time lag between service rendering and payment receiving creates a disturbance in the revenue cycle of the hospitals. The revenue cycle management software helps in improving the payment procedure, streamlining the billing activities, and helping you get the payments on time. 

The possibility of denials is reduced with the RCM software. This will help in improving the profitability of the hospitals and help them perform well financially.

Improve Security

This is one of the greatest benefits of revenue management cycle software for hospitals. The platform has a cloud space where hospitals can fetch patient information and carry out billing operations securely. 

The software facilitates seamless data exchange among other healthcare software. All the documents, patient details, and documents are safely stored in the RCM software.

Increase In Focus On Quality Care

While using the revenue cycle management software, the billing-related errors are reduced. You can do it in very less time and efficiently. This has left you with a lot of time to focus on offering the best quality care to the patients. 

You can provide your patients with the best quality care that will help in widening the customer base of your business and make it more popular among the patients.

Decrease in Administrative Burden

When the hospital receives a service request from the patient, they are responsible for scheduling an appointment or updating patient information. This increases the administrative burden of the hospital staff. 

Also, it increases operational costs as you need to recruit a large number of administrative staff. The RCM software performs all these tasks in an automated manner and reduces the burden on the administrative staff.

Better Data Tracking And Management

Data tracking and management become very difficult and error-prone if you do it manually. But with the help of revenue cycle management, this can be done efficiently and easily. Using the data tracking software, all the patient data can be tracked from time to time, and you can make important business decisions on the basis of the software. Managing tons of data can be easy and simple with the revenue management cycle.
Revenue Cycle Management Software

Cost Of Developing Revenue Cycle Management Software

After knowing about the benefits of the revenue management cycle, you must be concerned regarding the cost of getting the revenue management cycle developed. The overall cost of RCM software ranges between$8000 to $25000 for basic. and for advanced, the estimated development cost would be $30,000 -$80,000.However, this cost is not fixed. It varies as per certain factors. Here are some factors which affect the Revenue Cycle Management Software Development:

Features Of The Software

The features of the software have a direct contribution to the computation of the RCM software development cost. The better features software will have, the more useful it will prove for your business. 

Adding complex features might add up to the development cost of the revenue cycle management platform. Also, the more features the platform has, the more will be the software development cost.

Type Of Revenue Cycle App

The revenue cycle app is of different types depending upon the usage of the app. The development cost of the app varies as per the type of app you wish to develop. 

The app is designed to perform billing; management operations only might cost less as compared to the app that is designed to perform other functions also. Make sure you have full knowledge of every app development cost.

Tech Stack Used

The tech stack used in the RCM also impacts its overall development cost. The more advanced tech stack used in the software will increase the overall development cost. At the same time, the overall development cost will be less if few technologies have a basic tech stack. While getting the revenue cycle developed for your business, you need to make sure that you are using an advanced technology stack.

Software Development Company Expertise

The expertise of a software development company will also help in determining the overall cost of revenue management cycle software. The more expert a software development company is, the higher its development cost will be. 

A company that has a diversified portfolio and more experience might charge high development costs due to the expertise they possess. But make sure you choose the one with an adequate amount of software development experience.

Location Of The Development Company

The location where the software development company from whom you are planning to get the RCM  and software designed matters a lot while calculating overall development cost. 

The companies that are operating in developed countries would develop the software at a higher cost. At the same time, the companies whose base location is a developing nation can deliver the RCM software at a cost-effective price.




$8000 to $25000 


$6000 to $20000 



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