Digital Twins Is The Next Future Of The Educational Sector

By RisingMax

January 04, 2023

Digital Twins Is The Next Future Of The Educational Sector

Considering the whole world, over one billion+ student will attend some kind of school or college. The number is still counting! The educational system needs to be very addressable here because the different platforms provide different approaches.

The demand for change in the traditionally old education system has brought Digital Twins into existence. It was noticed during the pandemic that virtual platforms could get lots of kids together and enjoy the fun in the virtual mode of learning.

Metaverse business idea

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Digital Twins' Arrival In Education

Digital Twin has tremendous power to revolutionize our educational platforms with the help of advanced technology, which needs to be added to the existing system. The Digital Twin in eLearning is one of the most impeccable features that can eventually change the educational system paradigm.

There will be no discrimination among the kids, and with the help of Digital twin, this will be a life-changing moment for the education system.

Recently, Ericsson is introduced as the first global educational platform developer for school connectivity mapping. The Digital Twin will continue to move ahead to its triumph, and by 2030, it is heading toward establishing connectivity with every school around the globe. They named it the Giga initiative, which has mapped 1 million educational institutes.

Did you know?

  1. A report from PR News Wire stated that the digital twin market is estimated to grow from $3.8 billion in 2019 to $35.8 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 37.8%.

  2. According to Gartner, 13% of organizations implementing IoT projects already use digital twins, while 62% are either in the process of establishing digital twin use or plan to do so.

  3. According to Global Forecasts, the digital twin’s market share will grow from USD 6.9 billion in 2022 to USD 73.5 billion by 2027.

  4. A report from Statista says that the global market for digital twins in the manufacturing industry is expected to reach more than $6 billion by mid-2025. That is approximately tenfold in just 5 years.

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  • Use sophisticated customer validation methods to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to ensure these are fit for purpose.

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Perks with the Digital Twins Educational Platform

Digital Twins Educational Platform has a lot of perks over the traditional education platform. The digital twins come with the latest technology that helps the educational platform to serve better. Let’s explore some of its features:

Reduce The Maintenance Cost

Digital Twins uses powerful yet fast processing application programs, which enables the system to perform any task in less time consumption. It saves a lot of time and energy.

It also increases the system's effectiveness to work. The digital twins-enabled platform saves cost, effort, and time from processing to maintenance.

Increases Engagement

A digital classroom in real-time can be fascinating for students. They will explore the all-new world of virtual reality with high-quality graphical representation.

The students and teachers enjoy the virtual environment that seamlessly looks like a physical one. It is an entirely new challenging environment looks suitable for students of all ages. They show more involvement than the traditional platform.

Seamless Integration

Interaction and social communication are established through the multi-user connection, which provides seamless integration. It advances data coordination with the help of multi-user functionality.

Learning Environment

A digital classroom can give mesmerizing feelings to all the students. The learning atmosphere would have changed eventually, persuading the students to enjoy themselves while they learn. This brings curiosity among the students to enjoy the theory and practical classes in real-time mode like never before.

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Digital Twin Educational Platform Development Process

Digital twin educational platforms have so many benefits that it attracts educational institutions to transform their traditional business into a new generation digital twin-based platform. Let’s discuss the entire process of changing an old business to a DT-based educational development platform.

Analyzing The Requirements

This first step needed attention to gather and collect all the data from the existing system. This process requires collecting all the information from the former technology involved in the system.

It helps digital twins to develop a strategy to manifest the existing system with the latter technology for a feasible solution. The process goes through various levels of the current system and collects different information needed to deploy the technology.


This is the designing phase, where the development planning is finalized. The system processes the collected information from the first level and checks all the existing attributes and elements.

The system identifies the pitfalls and replaces the design with DT-enabled elements and attributes. This design is well-planned and monitored at various levels of checks. It also checks for the project scope and how the evaluation process will take place.

E.g., it checks for the visual graphics display for the students and teachers and finds lucrative chances to deploy in certain phases for a feasible solution.

Design & Development

Once the development plan is all set, then the execution of design and development is processed. The implementation of the system is done here. This phase requires development through a high level of programming. The development process is distributed on various blocks and programmed to achieve the set target.

This phase also goes through multiple levels of testing to find a sustainable and feasible solution for the system. The testing phase includes several levels of tests within the system to detect errors in the existing system. It goes through the entire process in batches and finds the best possible solution for the system.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance measures and rectifies bugs if they exist in the transformed system. Quality assurance also checks that the new system is effective, feasible, time-saving, and cost-friendly in nature. If any issue is detected, the system resolves it promptly for the smooth functioning of the process. The newly built education platform is also checked for performance and effectiveness.

Launching The System

After the system meets the quality assurance, it will launch for social and businesses purpose. Launching the system requires putting the platform on the World Wide Web to function comprehensively over the internet to establish a virtual connection.

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tools used to create digital twin

Technology Stacks Used In DT Education

The technology stacks used in the digital twin are entirely different from the old traditional system. The digital twin technology needed a lot of modern-age technology that never existed before. Let’s figure out the technology stacks used in DT:

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is one of the strong tools used in the digital world where the physical meets the virtual. Augmented reality develops engagement between teachers and students.

It also helps create an interactive experience to feel the virtual as a physical existence. The immersive environment deploys 3D and high-quality graphics technology and builds a comprehensive system.

Virtual Reality (VR)

This technology uses 3-dimensions objects and creates an interactive environment that gives a real-life experience. All the students and teachers would be capable of doing their things independently. They can also interact with 3D playable objects.

Machine Learning (ML)

ML is the dynamic feature of the Digital twin that doesn’t need human interaction. Machine learning is a completely automated process that makes things easier for students and teachers. It gives a near-to-life experience while everything on the digital twin would be virtual.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The Internet Of Things is essential for developing digital twin-based education platforms. The Internet Of Things works as a bridge between physical and virtual reality.

It helps other technology to be feasible to give more compelling imaginary experiences in the virtual world. IoT works on the Web 3.0 platform to build any virtual platform development.

Gamification Is The Future

Think of conventional educational platforms with the added advantage of the Digital Twin gamification approach! This will turn the educational system to be more proactive and fun-based learning. The gaming elements like challenges, rewards, connection with society, aim, and full control will make education easy to learn and enjoy.

Gamification in education sounds more engaging and captivating, encouraging students and teachers to participate more joyfully. Education will become more fun because of virtual learning and the high interest of students and teachers.

The “fun while learn” approach triggers more students to join the Digital Twin-based platform, and it will immensely rejoice them to learn and enjoy everything on the board.

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