How Much Does An Enterprise Blockchain App & Software Cost?

By RisingMax

January 05, 2023

How Much Does An Enterprise Blockchain App & Software Cost?

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is transforming businesses worldwide. The increasing use cases of blockchain apps make it inevitable for businesses to adopt this revolutionary technology. Industries like banking, finance, insurance, etc, are investing in enterprise blockchain app development to provide users with secure financial services.

Yes, you have read the word investing.

Enterprise blockchain apps & software solutions are more like an investment for businesses looking at the ROI aspect. If enterprise blockchain development cost is why you are skeptical about giving the green signal, then this post is a must-read for you. 

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Who Said Enterprise Blockchain App Development Cost is High?

An enterprise blockchain app development company can build an application within a $30k budget. However, keep in mind that every business has needs and requirements that dictate the application development cost. In this post, we have shared all the factors that impact the enterprise blockchain software price in detail.

Hopefully, going through this post will give you an idea of how most blockchain development companies share enterprise blockchain app development costs.

Enterprise Blockchain Application And Software Development

Data privacy and scalability are extremely vital for enterprise applications and software development. Enterprise software applications don’t run on a public blockchain like Ethereum, as it is difficult to create restrictions or limit access on a public blockchain. For this very reason, enterprise blockchain app development companies employ Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ripple, and  Quorum private blockchain. These enterprise blockchains empower the admin to limit and restrict users’ access to the platform.

Private blockchain-based enterprise apps and software solutions are effective in accounting, auditing, inventory, supply chain, and human resource management. While creating a roadmap for enterprise blockchain app & software development, blockchain development firms focus on these business aspects;

  • Application front end.
  • Encryption technology.
  • Application storage.
  • Peer-to-peer network.
  • Integrated smart contracts.

Application Storage

Enterprise blockchain apps and software solutions need to pay additional charges, as you are not relying on open-source storage options. Cloud storage providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Oracle, provide storage solutions for enterprise apps.

Peer-to-peer Network

Most enterprise software development firms focus on creating a peer-to-peer network for your business application. When it comes to a private blockchain software application, the peer-to-peer network cost is considerably high.

The enterprise blockchain app and software development cost vary depending upon consensus mechanisms such as PoW, PoS, and others. The energy usage, software effectiveness, and security needs vary depending on your application's consensus mechanism.

Application Programming Interface (API)

With pre-build application programming interfaces (APIs), enterprise blockchain development companies enable the effective handling of specific tasks.

Businesses can easily handle auditing, accounting, resource management, supply chain management, and other processes. Based on the feature, the cost of implementation of APIs might vary.

Application Front & Back End

Next, an enterprise blockchain development company focuses on the front & back end of the application. The application user interface, app features, and admin panel add up to the additional cost of enterprise app and software development.

Enterprise blockchain app development cost depends upon the development roadmap and developer expenses. However, most USA-based blockchain development companies charge more than $30k for a basic enterprise blockchain app and software.

Factors That Impact Enterprise Blockchain Development Cost

Enterprise Blockchain App Complexity

The complexity of enterprise apps or software directly impacts the development cost. High-complexity enterprise blockchain solutions require the developer’s or development company’s efforts compared to low-complexity applications. Consensus mechanism, app features, tech stack, integrated APIs, and UI/UX features determine the complexity of enterprise applications.

Enterprise Blockchain App Complexity

Estimated Development Cost

Low Complexity

$25k to $50k

Medium Complexity

$50k to $80k

High Complexity

$80k - $100k+

Development Team Size

Next, the size of the development team directly impacts the enterprise blockchain development cost. A blockchain development company with more professionals working on your project increases the overall project development cost.

Development Team Size

Enterprise App Development Cost (Approx)


$80k - $100k +


$40k - $60k


$20k - $30k

Region-Based Development Cost

The high development cost charged by a blockchain development company doesn’t indicate a quality product. The difference in currency value makes enterprise blockchain app development expensive in the USA and UK as compared to India or other Asian countries.


Development Cost (per hour)

United States (USA)

150 - 200

United Kingdom (UK)

100 - 120

Australia (AUS)

80 - 120

Europe (EU)





Application Development Time

Most enterprise software development companies carefully analyze application requirements and other details, before sharing an estimated development time. Complex enterprise applications require more development time due to more features, functionality, and tech stack, affecting the overall project development budget.

Enterprise App Complexity

App Development Time

Estimated Development Cost

Basic Apps

2 to 4 months

$25k to $40k

Mid-Level Apps

6 to 10 months

$40k to $60k

Complex Apps

8 months to a year or more

$80k to $100k+ 


Enterprise App Implementation Cost 

As a business owner, you need to focus not only on the development cost but also on the implementation part as well. The estimated cost of enterprise software implementation depends upon various factors, such as project management, maintenance, and implementation. Most blockchain development companies charge between $5k to $10k for enterprise app implementation.

Enterprise Software Design & Features Cost

Enterprise blockchain development companies charge a development cost based on business software features & design. Basic enterprise blockchain software with basic design & features will cost less than software with complex design & features.

Enterprise Blockchain Software Design & Features Complexity

Software Development Cost

Simple Enterprise Software

$20,000 to $30,000

Basic Enterprise Software

$30,000 to $50,000

Medium Enterprise Software

$50,000 to $80,000 

Complex Enterprise Software

$80,000 to $100,000+

Enterprise Software Functionality Cost

The functionality of enterprise software directly impacts the enterprise blockchain software price. Enterprise solutions that can handle simple to basic business functions will cost less than medium & complex functionality. The development cost varies depending on the functionality of enterprise blockchain software.

Enterprise Blockchain Software Functionality

Software Development Cost

Simple Functionality Software 

$20k to $30k

Basic Functionality  Software

$30k to $50k

Medium Functionality Software

$50k to $80k 

Complex Functionality Software

$80k to $100k+

Additional Enterprise Blockchain App Development Cost

Add-on Enterprise Application Features

Overall Cost per year

Number & Load of Integration

$10k to $20k 

Software or App Maintenance

15-30% of original development cost

Software or App Marketing

30-50% of original development cost

Enterprise Application & Software Development Cost Breakdown

The below-mentioned table and pie chart represent the development cost breakdown of enterprise apps & software in percentage.

Enterprise Blockchain App Development Stage

Cost Distribution in percentage







Quality Assurance


Maintenance Cost


Hope, now you have understood all the factors that impact enterprise blockchain app development costs. However, if you want an exact quote for an enterprise blockchain app, then, reach out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. After carefully understanding your project requirements, our team will share a customized enterprise blockchain software development cost within a day or two.

Enterprise Blockchain Software & Application: Use Cases

Today, businesses in different verticals understand the advantages of implementing the enterprise blockchain application. Following are some of the leading real-world use cases of enterprise blockchain applications;

  • Finance - Blockchain-powered software solutions enable the finance sector to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and offer new products & financial services. With enterprise blockchain apps, the finance sector creates a highly secure, tamper-proof, private, and transparent environment for its customers.
  • Automobile - Enterprise blockchain apps empower the automobile sector to transform the traditional automotive world with autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing platforms. Blockchain-enabled applications make it easy to create decentralized data of vehicles with relevant information such as repair history, mileage data, & engine history. Thus ensuring highly secure & reliable information for buyers, sellers, and manufacturers.
  • Aviation - Today, blockchain-based software solutions enable the aviation industry to streamline bookings, maintain maintenance records, tokenize ticketing, and offer unmatched travel experiences.
  • Retail - Enterprise blockchain software solutions have high scope in the retail industry. Retail businesses can leverage this technology to manage supply chains, streamline processes, maintain inventory levels, track shipping, and real-time shipping tracking. With real-time data sharing, the retail sector can explore new business opportunities and better serve customers.
  • Real Estate - The enterprise blockchain software solutions empower the real estate sector to create a secure & transparent platform where investors, sellers & buyers can interact. Anyone within the system can view a property history, and availability status, contact sellers and eliminate intermediaries, thus saving valuable time & money.

Similarly, enterprise blockchain applications are used in healthcare, supply chain, eCommerce, manufacturing, entertainment, and other business verticals. As a trusted blockchain development company, RisingMax Inc.

assists businesses in aligning their current apps & software solutions with blockchain technology. Our experienced developers follow an agile development approach to build business-oriented software solutions. Reach out to our experts and share enterprise blockchain software requirements. Move fast & move smartly with a reliable blockchain partner like RisingMax Inc.

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