Build Your NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity | White Label Polkacity Like App

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Build Your NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity | White Label Polkacity Like App

NFT marketplace is the talk of the town for many investors & artists. The Non-Fungible Token(NFT) marketplace breaks the wall of stereotypes and helps digital artists to generate revenue from the platform. The Non Fungible Tokens are helping the artist to move towards the digital world and protecting their art with unique numbers. 

NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity

NFT is coming up as the mainstream revenue scheme for the artists. NFT without being selective, provides a platform for every type of art and the artists. Anyone with creative arts like music, digital painting, graphics, videos, audio, or rare products can enlist on the NFT platform. The only condition for enlisting the product on any NFT platforms is that the work should be unique or rare. 

How Are Artists Earning From The NFT?

It is completely up to the artist how they want to sell their artwork to any buyer. They can either sell at a price they listed the product or can go for the auction method. The auction helps the artist to earn more money via bidding. 

Polkacity is one of the fascinating NFT platforms. Polkacity NFT platform provides a great chance to earn a good amount of money for the NFT buyers at their platform. Let’s dive into the Polkacity NFT platform and know-how. Can we also build an NFT marketplace like Polkacity & can boost our economy.

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What is The Polkacity NFT Platform?

Polkacity is one of the most popular virtual real estate platforms where one can buy assets and then generate revenue by buying, holding, or buying reselling. The virtual real estate platform has opened the door to investors for buying virtual assets like taxis, gas stations, shopping complexes, open or indoor stadiums.

Each of the assets on the Polkacity is in the form of NFT, and anyone can buy the asset easily. The interface of the Polkacity NFT platform is the most user-friendly, and building an NFT platform like Polkacity will always be in favor of the owner. 

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For owning the digital asset, one needs to turn the real world money into the currency that Polkacity support. The Polkacity have their own currency POLC, and apart from that, they do not accept any other form of cryptocurrency.

For buying the virtual assets on Polkacity, one needs to buy the standard cryptocurrency and then can switch it with the POLC. 

Each of the sales on the Polkacity is created under a smart contract, so whenever any of the users buy the virtual asset on the platform, the deal automatically takes place under the smart contract.

This creates a comfortable situation for the asset holders they don’t have to put extra investment or effort into the asset; once the deal takes place, the earning will begin from the platform.

POLC The Native Token OF Polkacity

Polkacity does not support any other type of currencies on their platform, and their native token is POLC which is built on the ERC-721.

ERC721 is a simple and limited token standard mainly used in blockchain-based video games. The ERC721 token is usually used to represent an item of virtual collectors that belongs to a specific player or player. Games using ERC721 tokens include cryptos and EtherBots. In these games, users can buy their own digital kittens and robots that can be sold for encrypted currents. Most ERC721 tokens are not 8, and some developers also recommend the Fungible ERC721 token standard.

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Approximately 5 million tokens are used for marketing, of which 1 million will be released first and the remaining 4 million will be locked and released at a rate of 5%  every month.

Workflow Of Polkacity

First of all, the user needs to register themselves on the platform for being part of the Polkacity and to buy digital assets on the platform. The platform will ask for several details that will help you register them on the platform. Once the registration is done, the user can choose the digital asset they want for generating revenue. 

There are multiple digital assets available on the platform like Polka Taxis, one of the virtual assets, power stations, shopping centers, gas stations, shopping complexes, etc. 

Famous digital asset buying

The purchase of virtual assets is the major type of investment any user on the platform can make to generate revenue. Each of the virtual assets available on Polkacity is a replica of the real-world products, the platform created each digital asset in such a form that it can feel like the real one. The platform makes sure that the assets don’t just look like the real world one but also work as the real one. 

Shopping Spaces

The investor can also buy the shopping spaces on the platform, just like in the real world when the prices and price of the assets increase; in the same way, getting the shopping complex and holding till the price increase will be a win-win option for the investors. 

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The virtual is getting equal to the real world, and bringing reality into the virtual world is the topmost priority of the platform developers. 

Polka Taxis

The Polka taxi is one of the best things where one can invest in for gaining the maximum profit. As a replica of the real world, one can buy the Polka taxis and later use them for providing rides to the other users present on the platform, and through that, they can rent just like we all do in the real world. 

Polka Vehicles 

The platform also provides Polka vehicles for the users available on the platform. The investor can buy their car for use, or if they want to generate revenue from it, they can put them on a rental basis. 

The essence of the real world is present in each NFT platform to make the user's experience more personalized.

Power Stations

Having a power station on the platform can help every digital asset owner to generate revenue. As technology will increase and the craze towards the Polkacity will rise more and more, it will be helpful for the owner to generate income from their digital assets.

This year is going to make a huge marketplace for the Polkacity. The major motive is to bring all the elements of Crypto collectibles and Decentralized Finance (Defi) together. The platform is a major centralized exchange with very high volume and will launch both private and public sales of  Polka City crypto tokens.

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Other ambitious plans include the release of a valuable limited edition NFT, ensuring seamless integration with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and launching an exclusive Safepal Dapp. 

 Later this year, Polka City's online platform will be integrated with the Polkadot blockchain network, fully powered by distributed Web 3.0. We look forward to launching new games, preliminary reference programs for buyers, and announcing the details of new profit-sharing agreements.

The team behind the success of the impact of the city of Polka in the Non-Fungible Tokens world includes developers of experts from Blockchain, business development managers, and marketing professionals. 

Benefits Of Polkacity

Revenue is paid weekly to investors with Polka City Tokens. Traders can track price changes, executed transactions, and the overall performance of  POLC crypto tokens through Etherscan Block Explorer. The 

bonus is earned by investors when more people live in a particular city and the business or service they purchase is highly available. You can wait for a while until your digital assets reach a very high value. Buyers can make a profit by selling virtual assets to other investors in popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

The Polka City token can be safely stored by traders in major hardware wallets such as the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. These secure cryptocurrency wallets offer benefits such as affordability, cross-platform compatibility, 24/7 multilingual technical support, and strong chip security.

Future Of Polkacity

Polkacity has an amazing and perfect roadmap and is still in the very early stages of development. The original creator of the project later claims to hand over the world of the game to those who are investing in it. This will make Polka City a future DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization.

The best Non-Fungible Tokens platform is available on the Defi and NFT platforms. They have noted that they will come up with a better version of the web and the mobile application and update the Polkacity and came up with the update in the second quarter of 2021. In 2021, they had also released the wallet, a special edition NFT, and a recommended platform.

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For referral platforms, as a user of the Polka City platform, you can earn additional income simply by encouraging your friends and family to join. The details of the program have not yet been elucidated at the time of writing, but it is easy to see how current residents will understand the benefits of adding more users to the platform. The more users you have, the more rewards and demand you have for in-game locations.

What We Offer For NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity Performance 

While regular online games run on a centralized platform, the developed NFT market real estate sites run on a separate blockchain that acts as a backend for interconnected games. Digital assets provided in-game can be built to run on multiple platforms.

Cross-Chain Functionality

We help to build a virtual real estate platform with a focus on cross-chain capabilities. To achieve this, we will integrate the platform with the Polkadot protocol to implement cross-chain functionality across different blockchains.


When the traditional game shuts immediately without prior information, all the data stored in the game will be deleted, but the data on the website will be stored on the blockchain network.

Not all NFTs prevent you from creating them, as they work independently in blockchain-based online games. Or website corruption due to digital assets.


In regular online games, purchases are made in a single mode and investments are locked in the same gaming environment, so there is no ability to change. However, NFT virtual real estate sites give users the right to buy games. By implementing blockchain technology,  users can save their game purchases and sell them to users on the same or different platforms.

New Features & Assets Of Polkacity 

It includes  SPY drones that traders can use to monitor various properties in real-time. SPY drones grant over 100% revenue every year and have a value of 10 POLC tokens. 

Polka City Bank is a high-price crypto-asset sold with 5500 POLC tokens.  Polka City Bank bearers receive a 25% revenue from multi-chain fees. 

Other new assets include Polka Chopper (52% revenue per year), Polka Yacht (54% revenue per year), Polka Billboard (26% revenue annually with 1100 POLC crypto tokens), Sports Stadium. (Price of 165,000 POLC (100% annual revenue) and  AmaZix Car Special Edition (500 POLC).  The latest digital assets added to the 

Polka City clone script includes Art Gallery,  Barber Shop, E-Bike, Polka Lambo,  Taxi Drone, Polka Truck, and  Skateboard. 


Content creators receive a copyright license to have their work viewed on e-commerce platforms such as Polka City. Entrepreneurs always have complete freedom to change the price and yield of digital assets. Hire us for building NFT Marketplace like Polkacity for generating revenue and making a great userbase.

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