• blockchain based video streaming
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  • blockchain nft ott platform development
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  • blockchain based video streaming

Build Something Powerful Like Netflix/Youtube For OTT Video Streaming

Take your step towards building the most comprehensive OTT Video streaming solution to enable streaming of literally any video content. You have a great opportunity to build something powerful like Netflix or Youtube. Our solutions have the potential to captivate millions of users globally. At RisingMax, we proffer a world-class NFT based Youtube & Netflix OTT Platform incorporated with stunning features and advanced functionality. Infused with the best of what Netflix and Youtube have to offer, our on-demand solution brings abundant benefits.

blockchain based video streaming

These Numbers Reflect Our Potential In NFT Based Live Streaming Development

Have a project in mind? Look below at these strong numbers to make an easy decision. They speak about our potential in each of the solutions we deliver.

Blockchain Projects


Blockchain Projects

Years of Experience


Years of Experience

Satisfied Clients Globally


Satisfied Clients Globally

Ongoing NFT Projects


Ongoing NFT Projects

Get the golden opportunity to enter the nft space with video streaming OTT platform like Youtube or Netflix

NFT Powered Youtube & Netflix OTT development Service We Offer

As a pioneer in the field of NFT OTT development service, we transfer our knowledge through quality services so you can get the stronghold in the market.

  • blockchain based video streaming

    NFT Based Youtube Like OTT Platform

    If you aim to become the next Youtube, creating your own NFT powered OTT platform is a wise move to stream the content. We ensure you access solutions that scale your OTT platform in NFT space with captivating content.

  • nft ott platform development

    NFT Based Netflix Like OTT Platform

    Make a mark in the NFT industry by kickstarting your OTT platform like Netflix. Our solution combines the tech stack like CMS, HTML5, CDN, and others to drive maximum user engagement and other benefits all alone for you.

Start Tokenizing As NFTs In Your Video Streaming Platform

  • blockchain nft ott platform development

    Video Contents

  • OTT Platform Development


  • woocomeer

    Live Concerts

  • nft ott platform development

    Grand Events

  • woocomeer

    Behind The Scene Video Content

All-range Services We Proffer Leveraging NFTs for Live Streaming Platform

blockchain based video streaming

NFT Based Video Streaming Platform

You can go with converting all the special moments that are in the form of videos into NFTs on your video streaming platform and drive the skyrocketing value for it

nft ott platform development

NFT Based Audio Streaming Platform

An audio NFT can be either a song collection or melody. What's the best you can do with them? Develop an NFT based audio streaming platform to offer them in NFTs.

blockchain nft ott platform development

NFT for Live Streaming Concerts

Remember all the highlighting moments of live streaming concerts or performances by turning them into NFTs. Just start with your own platform and list NFTs of different artists.

OTT Platform Development

NFT for Pay-per-view Videos

Get complete control over your content and cater to your fans' curiosity. All you need is to sell Pay Per Videos on your platform by converting them into NFTs.

blockchain nft ott platform development

NFT for On-demand Audio

Is your audio content available with entire ownership rights in your hand? If not, convert them into NFTs by building a platform for selling on-demand audios.

nft ott platform development

NFT for Audio Playlists

Now one can stop you from stealing the spotlight and reaching your fans directly if you have audio playlists minted to NFTs. Get the platform to make your dream possible.

OTT Platform Development

NFT for Media Collectibles

Bring more value to the media collectibles or art by converting them into NFTs. Create an NFT powered streaming platform to get the power on that's yours.

nft ott platform development

NFT for Artists & Creators

Get you ready with the most exclusive NFT marketplace so that it works like a revenue-generating opportunity for your creativity and creations.

OTT Platform Development

NFT for Entertainment Content

Why not turn videos and anything that is entertaining to reap the maximum profits. This is completely feasible with NFT creation through a robust marketplace.

  • Our Wide-ranging Solana Project Development Services

    Our Wide-ranging Solana Project Development Services

    We craft next-gen Solana-powered platforms, including Web3, Defi, Exchange, NFT marketplace leveraging a powerful tech stack.

  • Our Wide-ranging Polygon project Development Services

    Our Wide-ranging Polygon project Development Services

    Get hands-on with our extensive range of Polygon-based projects, including NFT-based video streaming, audio streaming, live streaming.

  • Our Wide-ranging Ethereum Project Development Services

    Our Wide-ranging Ethereum Project Development Services

    Harness our expertise to build a highly-functional subscription-based NFT platform like Netflix or Youtube to allow content creators to upload music, videos, etc.

Incredible NFT Features. Immersed With Robust Functionality. The Perfect Alternative To Youtube or Netflix OTT Platform In The Market!

All you need is a World-class solution to thrive in the NFT space! You’ve reached the right place.

Key Benefit Of The NFT Streaming Platform

  • Originality


    The NFT based OTT platform enables users to access the content displayed by their favorite idols and keep up with its originality.

  • Increased Traction

    Increased Traction

    On this exclusive platform, celebrities can participate in engage with their fan following while not losing the profits they may gain.

  • Promotions


    Creators or stars can push themselves to promote their content, thereby increasing their visibility and giving followers a way to know them.

  • Great Market Visibility

    Great Market Visibility

    The craze of NFTs in the crypto market has greatly attracted the fan base of celebrities, which further brings more market visibility.

  • Enhancing Lives

    Enhancing Lives

    There are a lot of abilities in each corner of the world. The NFT based OTT platform supports celebrities showing their abilities and changing their lives.

  • Large Trade Support

    Large Trade Support

    With an extraordinary NFT subscription platform, you can use intense service for trade to attract the giants that contribute to your platform.

  • Transparency


    Content creators will be rewarded with cryptocurrency or NFTs for the exclusive content, which further motivates them to make additional content.

  • Content Ownership

    Content Ownership

    Content creators with complete control and management over their content can enable users to relish any type they created without any restrictions.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Streaming platforms have become a popular medium to share data that helps bring change to society with powerful speech videos and historical collectibles.

Maximized Profits And A Strong User Base Are Awaiting For You Around The Corner

Let us help you capture them with a highly advanced, robust, and scalable NFT based Youtube & Netflix OTT platform.

Features Of Non-fungible Tokens That Make Them Valuable

Our Youtube or Netflix OTT development solution brings NFT-based features for creators on the platform.

blockchain nft ott platform development


The scarcity fuels the appeal of NFTs. Such a feature of NFTs allows easy construction of assets. It also establishes a restriction on the quantity of NFTs to drive scarcity.

nft ott platform development


NFTs come with their own set of smart contracts, meaning they are non-interoperable and unable to exchange in any way. E.g. Bitcoin has the same value, but NFTs don’t.

nft ott platform development


The uniqueness of the NFTs is the most crucial feature that allows creators to maintain higher control over their authenticity. There is no faking policy.

nft ott platform development


As NFTs hold one-of-a-kind value and are proven to be non-fungible, they cannot be sent as a portion to anyone like other cryptocurrencies available in the market.

OTT Platform Development

Automated Listing

Once the project is successfully created, NFTs can be listed on numerous markets, opening the doors to new opportunities and promising revenue.

blockchain nft ott platform development


There are always new standards presented in varied blockchain networks, which further increase performance and future growth.

Launch Your Own NFT Based OTT Platform Leveraging Blockchain’s Potential

We've got a stronghold on various blockchain platforms that contribute to building the most comprehensive NFT based OTT platform.

blockchain nft ott platform development


The platform that works well for the Development of highly-performing business applications.

blockchain nft ott platform development


Another open-source blockchain platform that combines smart contract functionality to build dApps.

OTT Platform Development


The most popular blockchain platform that is purposed to build cross-border payment solutions.

blockchain based video streaming


It is a highly used platform in building solutions for secure digital monetary transactions.

nft ott platform development

Matic Polygon

Matic Polygon is powered on the Ethereum network that helps in building user-friendly apps.

blockchain nft ott platform development


With this open-source hybrid blockchain platform, it is quite easy to build Decentralized apps.

OTT Platform Development

Hedra Harshgraph

Take advantage of the Hedera to build fast and secure apps on a decentralized network.

nft ott platform development


This distributed ledger technology is best for building and deploying next-generation apps.

OTT Platform Development


An open-source blockchain-based OS that enables the faster building of dApps and smart contracts.

Whom We Serve Around Wide Industries

From startups to large-scale enterprises across various industries can benefit from our Blockchain-powered NFT based OTT platform development.

blockchain nft ott platform development

Startup Businesses

Startups desiring to enter the NFT space can partner with us to develop an NFT based OTT platform to take them to the utmost heights.

blockchain nft ott platform development

Mid-sized Businesses

Unlock the potential of NFTs and take your mid-size business to heights with our next-gent video streaming solutions.

nft ott platform development

Government Agencies

Our solutions cater to various industries, from entertainment to government entities. We craft solutions that aim to deliver efficient services.

nft ott platform development

Large-scale Enterprises

We build enterprise-level solutions for large-scale enterprises. Our well-crafted custom OTT platforms deliver a high-definition entertainment experience.

NFT Token Standards

Here are some of the most common NFT token standards widely used in our NFT streaming solutions.

blockchain nft ott platform development


The token standard defines the ownership and other important details, making every token unique from the other.

blockchain nft ott platform development


It is the only standard that enables any asset creation - from currency, digital art to gaming assets.

OTT Platform Development


ERC-998 is a token standard that acts as an extension to ERC-712 and is mainly used in creating non-fungible tokens.

OTT Platform Development


TRC-721 is a collection of standard interfaces which make it possible to issue NFTs on the TRON blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How NFT based Youtube & Netflix OTT Platform Benefits?

    One of the most popular trends among entrepreneurs is building NFT based OTT platforms similar to Youtube and Netflix. The popularity behind this development is that it has something for everyone involved. With the successful launch of the platform, one can ensure maximum user base and promising revenue.

    What Is The Development Cost of OTT Platform Powered By NFTs?

    The cost of the NFT based OTT platform like Youtube & Netflix varies from project to project. Depending upon various factors, including the feature set, the needed time, and the time size, you can better determine the cost. Get in touch with us. After understanding your business needs and analyzing objectives, we give you the cost estimation.

  • Why Us For NFT based Youtube & Netflix OTT Platform Development?

    There are several benefits of choosing our NFT based Youtube & Netflix platform development services. We are a dedicated development partner for enterprises and startups to build high-end solutions. Our developers carry several years of experience in the NFT industry and combine the most advanced technologies.

    How Long Does It Take To Build NFT based Youtube & Netflix OTT Platform?

    If you plan to build an NFT based platform similar to Netflix or Youtube, the development time it will require depends upon your requirement. Our white-label solutions are ready to launch, whereas if you go for the solution from scratch, it will take a relatively long development time. Feel free to discuss your requirement, and we will get started on it as soon as possible.

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