List Of Best Language For Cross-Platform Development

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

List Of Best Language For Cross-Platform Development

The era of digitization is improving the world and bringing everything possible with just a few clicks. The applications make smartphone users to get all the facilities in one place. The smartphone industry is relatively larger than expected, so no app company can focus on just one type of device.

People use multiple sources globally, so if anyone plans to start their on-demand service application, hire a dedicated cross-platform developer.Best Language For Cross-Platform Development

Best Languages For Cross-Platform Desktop App Development 

The demand for new and advanced applications is increasing every day, so the competition in the market is increasing. In creating a cross-platform application, the programming language is the best thing, without which it is impossible to obtain a perfect and functional application. There are more than 600 programming languages from which choosing the most reliable is essential for any on-demand service application. 

Here is the list of best languages for cross-platform desktop apps:


Java is one of the most popular programming languages for developing platforms. Java is the primary and most powerful language for creating powerful servers in the backend. It is for the entire stack backend & not limited to Androids. 

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Being the oldest among the programming languages, Java stands tall and is one of the most reliable ones, especially for the backend servers. For creating the OSes and hardware types, Java is still the best programming language for mobile app development.


 The very first  Kotlin programming language was first released in 2016 and is an open-source programming language that aims at Android, Javascript, and Native and was developed by JetBrains. 

Kotlin programming language is one of the best for cross-platform desktop app development and is known as the most reliable and dependable. The most popular search engine Google also suggests Kotlin for Android applications. Most developers prefer Kotlin as the best programming language for developing any cross-platform. It is also the most versatile and easy to learn. 

The easy codes and syntax make it user-friendly, help express and develop ideas, and help write less code. Kotlin and Java are interchangeable as both of them compile to bytecode. This is the reason why developers prefer Kotlin for the development of cross-platform. 


The next on the list is JavaScript, the most advanced and demanding language for developing cross-platform. It is a world-class programming language that helps developers build cross-platform—the frameworks like Angular, React.js, Vuejs, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithril Node.js, etc. 

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JavaScript helps build mobile applications rather than browsers which makes the scope broader than the web browser. In creating a cross-platform application, the programming language is the best This provides the option to reutilize native codes and helps to create an elegant, more cost-effective option. 


When it comes to the most well-known open-source cross-platform application development language, Dart comes as the leader among all. The Dart came into existence in the year 2011 through Google. Dart helps the developers to write the codes quickly and more effectively with smooth running. One can say that Dart is one such language working in a 360-degree direction. Dart helps in developing desktop applications as well as web apps. 

Apart from this, another advantage of using this programming language is that it works from both ends. It works client-side and server-side for application development. It helps to build applications on cross-platform and Native too. 


Swift is a cross-platform application development program for iOS. It moreover holds its restraining infrastructure within the iOS app development trade. Additionally, it is more proficient, and inevitably, it isn't open-source and effectively available for developers. Above all, it is an automatic and robust dialect for macOS, iOS, watchOS, etc. 

It also incorporates cutting-edge highlights with a brief and intuitive syntax. It too provides safety within the plan and produces rapid programs. Thus, it offers numerous highlights to supply consistent methods for applications.

Best Language For Cross-Platform Development

Best Cross-Platform Desktop App Framework

The other most important thing that matters in cross-platform app development is the framework. Mobile app building is time-intensive and complex. For designers, it's a challenge to construct a productive app that seems to run on a few stages. Cross-platform app advancement makes different organizations have distant better; a much better; a higher; a more substantial; and improved" a higher reach to the target group of onlookers. 

A cross-platform is a system through which a smartphone application runs on different stages. Designers type in code fair once and run it anyplace for any location of choice. Cross-platform application development has its merits, which play an essential part in its ubiquity.

As its reach developed, a few improvement instruments and systems began coming out within the market. Continuously, and after that, all of a sudden, versatile app engineers, counting a Nodejs improvement company, are attempting their hands at this one-of-a-kind technology.

Hiring different teams to develop the cross-platform could be a risk for any business owner. Other groups may have additional work procedures for the work, and even a slight change in the application could affect the mass number of users.

Applying different versions for the other operating systems could be worse. Any application user is just a slide away from uninstalling the application, and you can lose a potential loyal customer.

Instead of compromising on the application, why not provide a better version where everything is of better quality and more user-friendly so that one can enjoy using your application without getting stuck or falling into any technical issues or bugs. The cross-platform is the perfect solution that is easily accessible on any device or operating system to avoid such matters. 

2022 is when most businesses are on the online platform. In great competition, compromising with the application could be a risk with the mass number of users. Cross-platform development is the best possible solution for grabbing every type of operating system user. Hire dedicated cross-platform application developers to reach the maximum number of people. 

List Of Best Language For Cross-Platform Development

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Here is the list of the best framework for cross-platform desktop apps.


Electron is one of the most known frameworks for developing cross-platform. By using the Node.js framework, the developers can quickly build the application. The Electron entered the market in 2013 and has been growing steadily ever since. names as well as developers can rely on the framework ultimately to build a cross-platform application. It gives the feature to develop a cross-platform interface using technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Large venture capital companies like Facebook or Microsoft also use  Electron technologies. The Electron provides immense benefits as it is the open-source technology and version control giant, Github. The developers who are comfortable with HTML 5 or find ease with Android development can easily switch to the Electron framework. 


Haxe is one of the lesser-known names of the framework, but just by its popularity, you cannot go for the product. Popular applications like Disney, BBC, and Hasbro are running on this framework only. It gloats down to business and develops a combination of highlights for advancement in the industry, gaming, and indeed educational settings. 

Haxe is a flexible language that, based on a single language source, can target mobile, desktop, and web platforms simultaneously. Cross-platform development is nothing new and challenging for developers, but being on the list of best means there is something extra other than so many different languages. 

The little extra in the Hexa is that it does not only support multiple platforms like mobile, web, and desktop but also brilliantly supports various paradigms like HTML5 and native binaries.

Meanwhile, Haxe programming language is simple and sufficient to store data from JavaScript, its language structure is not cruel to a gigantic movement of vision of the world like, for example, that of Rebol, whatever the advantages of such a movement.

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React Native

React Native is one of the most popular and reliable frameworks for developing cross-platform. React Native is an open-source and creates the most reliable and smooth running platform for both operating systems, iOS and Android, using Javascript. 

This implies that you do not have to bargain with numerous compromises more often than not related to overseeing an HTML5-based UI. The result is frequently undefined from a purely local application in my encounter. In this article, you'll get a presentation to Respond Local and learn how to induce an advanced environment up and running and prepared for experimentation.


Node.js came into existence in 2009, and from that day till now, Node.js has been high in demand, and anyone with the idea of a framework demands Node.js build their platform. Hire Nodejs developers for cross-platform if you want to let your application user experience an executive and user-friendly application.

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Some of the more general applications created by Nodejs are Linkedin, Netflix, Paypal, Uber, eBay, and etc. are some of the most popular ones. Building your cross-platform or an app like Netflix with Nodejs will be a win-win situation for any business owner. Node.js can bring uniqueness, agility, and quicker and more flexible group collaboration.


Appcelerator is also a framework like many others and is very suitable for building cross-platform. It is convenient and easier to create with the Appcelerator with just one codebase. Its primary target is developing the application process with native elements that are available in JavaScript. 

It was launched in 2006, and the Appcelerator system is free and open-sourced, so it is promptly open to developers. In any case, some paid highlights give more esteem, such as the structure of the application, accessible in a professional and enterprising form.

It comes with a collaborative environment that will offer assistance to designers in constructing speedy models with an unimportant drag and drop of controls, so they can get the application to the client in no time and get input as rapidly as conceivable.

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Corona SDK

Corona SDK is again one of the frameworks for developing cross-platform. It is more popularly known for the development of applications like gaming. One such framework is considered the more reliable and trustworthy from the developer's end. 

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Corona SDK has more than 1000 APIs and plugins that help the developers to build a platform much more effortlessly and rapidly. 

It is bringing within the community to share data, information, and profundity. The Crown SDK has around 347 studios worldwide that permit designers to connect with its community, as it were to examine the scope of improvement by utilizing third-party apparatuses.


I hope now many of the things were clear for you while reading the blog. The above-mentioned are the best language for cross-platform development. When you want to hire a Reactjs developer or any other language developer who can help you be on the leading end, we are always there to help you provide an advanced, rapid, and cost-effective solution. The best cross-platform desktop app framework is the most crucial thing in building the cross-platform & while choosing the framework for the development, be transparent with your requirements and vision of the application.

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