Ambulance Dispatch Software: Offer One-Click Smartphone Booking Services

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Ambulance Dispatch Software: Offer One-Click Smartphone Booking Services

Today, the spread of pandemics and other chronic diseases escalates the need for ambulance services. As an emergency arises, everyone looks for these medically equipped vehicles to transport patients to hospitals for treatment facilities. These vehicles also provide out-of-hospital medical care facilities to patients. 

Ambulance Dispatch Software

But, what if the patient keeps on calling during urgency and the ambulance’s helpline number is continuously busy. Sometimes, it can cost the death of a patient. To deal with such undesirable circumstances, the best solution is to offer one-click Ambulance Dispatch Software booking to customers from a smartphone. 

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Emergency Medical System (EMS) dispatch software or ambulance dispatch software allows everyone to request ambulance services anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, it's convenient for users to request, keep real-time track and pay easily. 

If you are a one running ambulance business with a traditional toll-free number, it's the right time to change your business strategy. Offer a quick mode of ambulance booking with computer-aided dispatch software with on-demand software development experts. We have 13+ years of experience in building top-notch software that meets every industry's needs. Our current software is packed with blockchain technologies for 100% platform security. Call us to know more…. 

Now, let’s move on to the development segment of ambulance computer-aided dispatch software and understand key benefits, features, tech slacks, and cost. 

Enjoy The Unbeatable Perks of Developing Ambulance Dispatch Software

  • Medical Emergency Assistance On Tips
  • Save Time & Workflow
  • Faster Payment 
  • Better Data Quality & Alerts 
  • Reduce The Cost Of Hardware & System Administration
  • Maximize Flexibility To Get Needed Call Details
  • Comply With Regional, State & Federal Regulations
  • Reduce Training Costs & Increase Confidence
  • Eliminate Redundant Data Entry Between Integrated Systems
  • Full Patient Data And Histories

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Elite Features of Our Ambulance Dispatch Software

EMS services are time-sensitive. Therefore, ambulance dispatch software is designed to handle patients' queries immediately. The products are designed to comply with different regulations across different nations. 

Highlighting The Main Features of Ambulance Dispatch Software
Separate IOS, Android apps for Drivers & Patients Corporate Dashboard for Fleet owners to manage Ambulances. Robust Admin Panel to manage the entire platform. Users can pay using Credit Card, Paypal & CashAmbulance Scheduling

Patient App

  • Quick Ambulance Request

Users can go with one-tap ambulance booking requests from the software. The ambulance will be at your doorstep just like taxi services. 

  • Track Ambulance

Users can track real-time ambulance location from the smartphone and find out an estimated time of arrival. 

  • Check Ambulance Packages

Customers can check various ambulance packages based on patients' conditions. 

  • Rate & Review

Users can rate & share feedback for the ambulance services on or after completion of the trip for others' convenience. 

  • Fee Type

Users can set a fee type, whether they want to book for fixed charges or pay based on distance from one destination to another. 

  • Fare Breakdown

Users can check a detailed breakdown fare list after trip completion. 

  • Pre-Defined Hospitals

Patients check and click on specific hospital lists to save time while booking. 

  • Call Driver

Call the driver from your phone by tapping on the call option available on the app. Confirm the nearby location to drive to in case of any issue. 

  • First Announce

Users can notify the hospital before arrival to save time on taking medical aid. Users can also attach medical records for doctors’ understanding. 

  • eMHR

Our platform allows users to upload medical health records to the system for quick doctors' support and the right treatment. 

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Drivers app 

Driver’s app is integrated with the latest features for the convenience of drivers. Some essential features of driver apps involve: 

  • Driver Registration

Drivers can register on an app with an easy to register feature. They can add basic details and upload pictures and license for approval. 

  • Accept/Reject Requests 

Drivers have the authority to accept or reject bookings from the app. 

  • Update Availability Status

Drivers can update their availability status to accept ambulance bookings; otherwise can take the privilege of the non-availability option. 

  • Trip Details

Drivers can find out trip information from the app anytime. Also, can check previous trip history records of the same. 

  • Payment History 

Ambulance drivers can find out past bookings and payment details with the mode of payment. 

  • Fare Display

The driver can view the trip fare after completion of the trip on the display screen. 

  • Confirm History

If the user chooses to pay by cash, the driver has to notify cash payment after trip completion.

  • Rate Patient

Drivers can also rate patients based on trip experience. 

  • Trip Invoice

On-trip completion, the system generates a ride invoice that involves basic fare + taxes details. 

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Admin App

  • User Management

Admin can view and manage all the transport and users' details from the medical transport script admin panel. 

  • Driver And Vehicles Management

Admin can clearly categorize drivers and vehicle details for approval and update information. 

  • Statistics

Easy to view all ambulance details assists admin in checking running ambulances and idle vehicles status for effective decision making. 

  • Birds Eye

You can keep a birds' eyes on busy and shortest routes to ensure faster destination reach. 

  • Auto Assign

Ambulance Dispatch Software matches patients and drivers based on current location to be on the spot early. 

  • Manage Feedback Mechanisms 

Admin panel has all the access to manage feedback status from the app. Admin can remove fake reviews from the server.

  • SEO Setting 

Easy-to-manage SEO techniques improve the visibility of landing pages. 

  • Commission Splitting

Admin has access to split drivers commission based on services or distance traveled. The amount is also split on offline payment modes too.

  • Hospitals Categories

Categorize the hospitals based on ailment treatments. It helps users to make faster decisions and choose the right hospital in an emergency. 

  • Email Templates

Ready-to-use templates available in the software help users send special offers or news in bulk messages. 

  • Dispute Management

The Admin panel is a perfect place to handle and manage disputes that arise on the platform between drivers and patients. 

Ambulance Dispatch Software

Advance Features on Our Ambulance Dispatch Software

We have created a list of some advanced features to make users booking hassle-free. We have also integrated blockchain networking to keep your user's data secured. 

  • Billing integration
  • Hospital Panel
  • Call center
  • Blockchain networking
  • Wallet integration
  • Smart routing

Tech Slacks: Technologies Integrated To Build Your Software

Above, you have seen all the essential and advanced features in Dispatch Software for Ambulance. Now, it's time to build your system with top technologies. So, let’s check out the essential technologies used to develop ambulance booking software solutions.

Most Popular Programming Languages 

Ambulance Dispatch Software

One cannot deny that software cannot be designed and developed without a programming language. JavaScript comes in the top list, whereas HTML/CSS tools the second position. There are more in a queue like SQL, Nodes.js, Transcript, C#, C++, etc. Developers use them based on your project requirements. 

Cloud Platforms

A cloud platform is regarded as an operating system of servers to store information on the internet. Developers use it to store business data rather than using expensive hardware. Nowadays, AWS always becomes a priority of users due to end-to-end data security than Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many more! 

Ambulance Dispatch Software

Other Tools 

Some of the other essential tools used for building software involve Git, Docker, Yarn, Unity 3D, etc. There are more tools used by developers for testing and making your platform error-free. 

Ambulance Dispatch Software

What Will Be The Cost To Build Ambulance Dispatch Software?

The cost for building an ambulance dispatch software may range from $50000 to $ 120000, depending on the platform requirements. Some companies also charge admin panels that cost around $20000, which we don’t ask for. 

Generally, the ambulance computer-aided dispatch software cost is based on different stages. These include: 

  • Business analysis
  • Front end development
  • Back-end development
  • Native or Cross-platform applications
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Project management. 

Depending on your business requirements, features, and technology, the cost of the development process works. 

Note: Rest you can share your ideas with our experts to get price estimation. 

Step-By-Step Process Of Creating Ambulance Dispatch Software

To sum up, the above discussion, let’s look at the idea of how we create an app for the Ambulance dispatch system. Our ideas also involve step-by-step guides to successfully launch and promote your business. So, check out:

  • Market Research: Our experts receive your business idea and start conducting market research. We identify your major competitors in your region and plan to develop unique solutions. Because we believe copycatting a solution is not an ideal solution for creating a successful business strategy. 
  • Audience Research: At this stage, we identify your core audience and their pain points. We plan to resolve them with your application. It gives a boost to your application adaptability in the market. 
  • UX/UI design: Now is the time to start to design innovative platform design for your customer's convenience. We add easy-to-navigate features and functionality for customers' ease. 
  • Monetization strategy: it’s not enough that we start building your application without considering revenue-generating strategies. You just need to discuss your money-making plans and discuss them with our project manager. We integrate every solution into your software. 
  • Create First Version: On the journey of the development process, we recommend customers go with the first version that contains basic features on the platform. You can find the status of how your app is performing on iOS and Android devices.
  • Test and get customer feedback: Once the version is launched to the market, it’s time to gather customer feedback, analyze apps and conduct surveys to find issues. 
  • Plan for improvements: On analyzing the issues, we take steps forwards to improve your platform and fix potholes. 
  • Ongoing development and support: We also provide ongoing development support to keep your application up-to-date with market demand. 
  • Marketing strategy: Our digital marketing experts can help you to start marketing before the final launching of your software. This process will help you to gain new users and retain the existing ones. 

Wrapping Up!!

We have explained everything here on how to build Ambulance Dispatch Software. Now it’s your turn to hire our Ambulance Dispatch Software developers and go by your dreams. If you are thinking, why RisingMax? We have 13+ years of industrial experience and a team of skilled developers. Know more about us:

  • 24*7 customer service
  • Blockchain technology experts
  • Quality focused only
  • Project development transparency 
  • Advances product knowledge
  • Native solution
  • On-time delivery
  • Post-launch bugs support

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