Insurance Comparison Mobile App Development – Cost & Key Features

By RisingMax

July 13, 2023

Insurance Comparison Mobile App Development – Cost & Key Features

In the past few years, technology has marked its entry into almost every industry. The insurance industry has not remained untouched by this technological innovation. The emergence of insurance applications has brought a huge transformation in the insurance sector and transformed how customers buy insurance policies and pay their insurance premiums.

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To enhance transparency in the insurance industry and bridge the gap between policyholders and insurers, the insurance comparison mobile app has come into existence. Customers can make the best decisions through this app by studying the multiple policy options available.

In this blog, we will discuss the Insurance Comparison Mobile App, its features, cost, and benefit for users.

How Does Insurance Comparison Mobile App Work?

For Users

The insurance comparison apps allow insurers to compare the multiple insurance policy options available to them under the same app. The app works in the following manner:

Create User Profile

The users must create a profile to get started with the insurance comparison app. Users must enter their personal details such as name, age, contact details, and insurance preferences during the profile creation. To authenticate their profile, users have to enter their identity documents.

Compare And Choose Plan

After the creation of the profile, the users can search for their preferred insurance plan as per their insurance preferences. They can read the insurance plan details and check which suits them the best. After checking all available options, users must choose the best-suited insurance plan.

Pay And Get Policy

Once you have finalized the policy, you need to make the payment for the policy, and the insurance service provider will enable your policy. During the payment, make sure you check each and every cost involved.

For Insurance Service Providers

The app provides a platform for insurance service providers to post their insurance policies. Customers can check the policy details and buy the insurance policies required by them. The app provides an opportunity for insurance providers to come in direct contact with customers without the involvement of an intermediatory.

Insurance Market Growth Statistics

The global insurance market has gained huge growth after the emergence of insurtech applications. The below-stated statistics can help you understand this in a better manner:
  • The global insurance market grew by 13% between 2020 and 2021.
  • Global InsurTech revenue is expected to reach $10.14 billion by 2025, from 5.48 billion in 2019.
  • Insurance market analysis suggests that the industry will enjoy a CAGR of 51.7% from 2022 to 2030.
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Exclusive Features Of An Insurance Comparison Mobile App

Are you planning to develop an insurance comparison mobile app for your business? Well, the app can be a profitable opportunity for your business. It must have the best features to make the app more popular amongst customers. Given below are some exclusive features insurance comparison mobile app must possess:

User Panel

The insurance comparison apps offer users the best user experience. It provides the users with the below-mentioned features:

Record of Policies

The app keeps a track record of the insurance policies the users have with them. The app will provide them with complete details about digital copies of current and previous policy paperwork. The users can check their existing policies and make further buying decisions accordingly.

Profile Management

The app has an exciting profile management option that allows users to manage their profiles easily. Users can view their data, including contact details, claims lodged, etc. Also, they can add new details to their profile and make changes to the already existing details.

Insurance Premium Payment

The app helps users to make instant payments for the premium of their insurance policies as per the policy due date. The app will help you make the premium payment online without going anywhere.

Push Notifications

The app provides push notifications to the users. Push notifications regarding the policies added to the app or any change in their current policies, and remind them of the premium payment so they might not miss the premium date.

24/7 Help & Support

We will provide our users with complete support and help in each and every aspect. Whether regarding claim filling or premium payment, we can help you with everything.

Admin Panel

As an admin, monitoring the app's performance and security is a great responsibility. The below-mentioned are some best features. That can help admin perform their responsibility efficiently:

Well-designed Admin Control Panel

The app has a well-designed admin panel where the insurance service providers can manage all the activities undergoing on their insurance products. The admin panel can provide a 360-degree view. Picture your market, and you can access the platform smoothly.

Controlling Policies And Claims

The insurance comparison platforms provide a great opportunity for insurance service providers to settle their customer claims easily and effectively by verifying the policy documents. The users can easily handle the customers' queries regarding the insurance policies offered by them.

Payment Administration

The insurance comparison app makes it easy for businesses to administer payment procedures effectively. The business can set up commissions for agents and brokers so that the insurance products can be sold efficiently. Also, they can provide quick payment receipts to customers.

Price Management

The insurance comparison app has features that allow you to undertake effective price management. You can easily make an increase or decrease in the pricing of their insurance policies. Posted on the platform.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Insurance Comparison App?

Well, after knowing the features an insurance comparison app should possess, you must be thinking about the development cost of the insurance comparison app. The overall development cost of insurance compares apps ranges between $40000 to $200,000.This cost is not fixed; it varies as per the type of spp and other factors. Given below are some factors on which the cost of developing an Insurance Comparison Mobile App Depends:

Type Of App

The type of comparison app you are planning to get will determine the overall cost of the app. If you wish to get an app for comparison purposes only, then it can be developed in less time. Whereas if you wish to get a multidimensional app developed, it might cost you high.

Features Added To The App

Another important thing you need to consider is the features you wish to get added to the insurance comparison app. This factor directly impacts the overall development cost. 

The more complex features your app has, the higher will be its development cost. Make sure you discuss the development cost while choosing the app features.

Location Of The Development Company

The location of the development company also determines the comparison app development cost. Companies that are working in developing nations might develop the app at less cost and with exclusive features.  

At the same time, companies operating in developed nations might charge high development costs due to their locational advantage and expertise.

Type of application

Average Cost ($)





Car Insurance





Health Insurance





On-demand Insurance





Travel Insurance





Life Insurance





Tech Stack Used

The tech stacks used in the insurance app development will impact its overall development cost. The tech stack impacts the functioning of the app. 

The more advanced your tech stack is, the more addition it will bring to the overall app development cost. The technologies involved in the development of the insurance comparison app include:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used for analyzing customer preferences and enhancing the communication flow with customers. The AI-based chatbots will answer customer queries regarding their insurance requirements. The revolutionary technology simplifies the customized experience, quicker user authentication, and fraud detection.

Internet of Things

The technology helps insurance businesses get real-time information about recent market insights and customer preferences so they can customize their insurance plans and policies per the customers' preferences.


To ensure the safety of users' personal details, the insurance comparison app is designed using cybersecurity features. It will help maintain the user's privacy and other important documents, including social security numbers, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and medical records, from being misused or stolen.

Type Of Development Team

The type of development team you are hiring for the insurance comparison app development will affect the overall development cost. Here are  some common types of development team options available:
  • Local Agency
  • Freelance Team
  • Outsourcing Agency
  • In-House Team
All four options have their own advantages and disadvantages. The development cost of all four options varies.

Type of Team

Average Cost ($)



Local Agency


Freelance Team


Outsource Agency


Benefits of Insurance Comparison Mobile App

Well, after getting an idea about the cost of getting the insurance comparison app developed. You must be thinking about the ways in which the revolutionary app can be beneficial for the users and insurance service providers:

Helps User Make Smart Decisions

Choosing the right insurance policy is crucial and must be taken carefully. The insurance comparison apps offer you a wide variety of insurance options available. By having a look at these options and analyzing their details, you can finalize the insurance policy that will suit you the best. By having multiple choice options, you can easily choose which one will provide you with maximum benefit and fulfill your insurance needs.

Bring Potential Service Providers Under One-Roof

The platform is very effective in bringing all the potential insurance service providers under the same roof. The platform gives the opportunity to insurance companies to present their products to a large number of customers. Insurance businesses need not build a separate platform for their business. They can easily list their products on this platform only. Also, users can find all their desired insurance products on one platform only.

Enhanced Customer Communication

For an insurance business building strong customer relationships is an important ingredient for attaining massive success. The platform is very helpful in making the customer communication flow more smooth and direct. 

Through this, businesses can answer customer queries and resolve their insurance policies and premium payment concerns. The platform provides a feature-rich admin dashboard where businesses can check customer activities and communicate with them.

Provide Useful Customer Data

Insurance comparison apps experience a heavy amount of customer footfall every hour. This leads to the generation of a huge amount of customer data related to their preferences, buying behavior, etc. 

Insurance companies can use this data to know their customers in a better way and bring innovation to their products and services. The data can help businesses in making their insurance policies more customized and user–centric.

Prominent Domains You Can Include In Your Insurance Comparison Mobile App

Are you planning to get an insurance comparison app for your business? Below are some popular domains you can add to your insurance app. You can either add all the domains or focus on any one or two domains:\

Business Insurance

In today’s world, it is very important to protect your business from fraudulent activities and persons. Business insurance can help you with this. You must add multiple business insurance options, such as separate insurance plans for small, startup, and large businesses.

Car Insurance

The insurance comparison allows users to buy the best insurance policies for their cars. They can check the available insurance policy options and choose the one which can provide their car with maximum protection from damage and road accidents.

Home Insurance

Home is the place where we spend a lot of time in our life. To protect it from damages and fire accidents insurance policy is neededYou can add multiple car insurance providers who could provide the best home insurance plans for your home.

Personal Insurance

Suppose you need insurance coverage for yourself, your loved ones, or your pets. Then the comparison will be very helpful for finding the best insurance with maximum risk protection. You can add multiple personal insurance options for your users.

Renters Insurance

This type of insurance protects your personal property in a rented apartment from unexpected events such as theft or fire. You can add renters insurance options for various commodities such as bikes, home appliances, or other goods.

Some Popular Insurance Comparison Mobile Apps You Must Have Heard About 

You must have some clarity regarding the Insurance Comparison Mobile App Development concept and its relevance for businesses operating in the insurance industry. To make it more clear, here are some  popular insurance comparison platforms which you must have heard about:


Insurify is a well-known insurance comparison platform where users can view the insurance products of different insurance companies in one place and choose the one which suits them the best. The platform can be operated on both desktop as well as mobile and provide its users with tailored discounts and multiple insurance options.

The Zebra

The website is a prestigious platform for experiencing car insurance rates. The platform gives your information regarding real-time insurance rates. The website collaborates with more than 30 major carriers and offers quotations in all 50 states. Apart from auto insurance, it also provides amazing. condo, renters, and home insurance options to the users.


Policygenius is an online insurance marketplace where you can get cost-effective house, disability, and renters insurance. The platform is very popular amongst customers and displays the insurance products of a huge number of insurance service providers. The platform also provides insurance clubbing options to the users, which can help them make a good amount of savings.

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Insurance Comparison Mobile App Development

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