Virtual Trade Show Platform Development: Future Of Trade Shows

By RisingMax

February 01, 2023

Virtual Trade Show Platform Development: Future Of Trade Shows

For ages, trade shows have acted as a catalyst for any industry to reach new audiences, boost market share, enhance business reach, and showcase new products & services. However, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how fragile the entire system is, and integration of technology becomes inevitable for carrying out trade shows.

For this very reason, businesses worldwide are investing in virtual trade show platform development to keep enjoying the traditional benefits and break barriers. These virtual platforms enable businesses to organize engaging events that can offer the same or enhanced trade show experience. Investing in these futuristic business solutions enable businesses to organize a virtual business meeting, conferences, trade shows, educational exhibitions, and other business events.

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What Are Virtual Trade Shows?

Trade shows are valuable marketing tools for businesses worldwide to showcase their products and services. A trade show can be business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C). These shows generally target - industries, distributors, resellers, suppliers, customers, and media. Trade shows provide a great platform for businesses to engage and establish meaningful connections with the target audiences and showcase their latest products and services.

It is a digital extension of trade shows. The integration of next-gen technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT enhances trade show capabilities, widens reach, and offers an unmatched experience to attendees. The virtual trade shows mitigate the need for attendees to present at the event and engage from anywhere physically.

Why Invest in Virtual Trade Show Platform Development?

Virtual trade shows platforms are getting popular as they facilitate businesses by offering unique engagement experience, easy accessibility, and getting better brand visibility. With myriad benefits, businesses are investing in virtual trade show platform development and exploring new possibilities. Some intriguing benefits of virtual trade show platforms include the following - 

Unique Engagement Experience

Businesses worldwide can leverage the enhanced tech capabilities of virtual trade show platforms to offer an immersive experience to attendees. The virtual booth features in the trade show platform empower businesses to showcase their products virtually and derive meaningful user engagement.

Real-time Conversation & Live Chat

Virtual trade show platform comes with integrated features like chatbots, live chat, and video call support. These features empower businesses to communicate with visitors and educate or resolve their queries in the digital world. In-build technologies like AR & VR assist in creating a real-world-like conversation with potential customers and generate quality leads.

Global Gateway

A virtual trade show platform is a global gateway for businesses to showcase their product and services. Visitors worldwide can use these platforms to engage with brands and visit virtual exhibition booths to understand what’s new. 

Easy Accessibility

Ease in accessibility is one of the key highlights of a virtual trade show platform. With IoT-based devices, visitors from any part of the world can join a virtual trade show and engage with the business. Thus, widening businesses’ product and service reach.

One Time Investment

Virtual trade show platforms are a one-time investment compared to traditional trade shows. With virtual trade show platform development, businesses can organize ‘n’ a number of trade shows and collaborate with other businesses. However, businesses might need to invest in platform maintenance and support to ensure long-term reliability.

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Virtual Trade Show Platform: One-Stop Business Solution

The perks of benefits that come with virtual trade show platforms are why they are termed a one-stop business solution. These futuristic business platforms can be deployed to host various other virtual events, thus enhancing their return on investment value. Various virtual events can be organized with a virtual trade show platform including the following;

Virtual Business Conferences

With virtual trade show platform development, businesses can host virtual conferences in the digital world. These virtual business conferences are a great medium for entrepreneurs and professionals in the same industries to discuss new technologies and growth opportunities in the future.

Virtual Business Exhibitions

Investing in virtual trade show platform development empowers businesses to host 3D-based next-gen virtual exhibitions. These platforms support AR & VR technology, enabling businesses to offer an immersive experience to visitors.

Virtual Education Fair

Educational institutes can utilize these platforms to organize virtual education fairs and interact with students worldwide. Via virtual booths on the platform, educational institutes can provide information such as available courses, fee structure, provide consultations to students, and others. Virtual education fairs are a great platform for starting conversations with students and educating them about upcoming education trends.

Virtual B2B Meets

Organizing business-to-business (B2B) meetings with virtual trade show platforms becomes easy for businesses worldwide. With virtual trade show platform development, a business has a platform to start a conversation about the changing technology needs, recent business developments, and future opportunities.

Virtual Job Fair

Create a platform where job seekers and recruiters from around the world can connect virtually. These trade fairs allow young professionals to understand the changing industry needs and enhance their capabilities to boost hiring possibilities.

Hybrid Events

Businesses can leverage these virtual trade show platforms to host hybrid events. Hybrid events enable businesses to engage with nearby target audiences and start conversations. While taking advantage of technology, businesses can widen their reach and provide ease to customers to attend virtual events.

Virtual Trade Show Platform Development Process We Follow

Our development team takes advantage of its domain expertise to build highly engaging business solutions. We follow a six-step virtual trade show platform development process to ensure that we understand our client’s requirements and deliver what’s expected. Our six-stage virtual trade show platform development process starts with the following;


During this stage, our experts connect with the client to understand their project development needs and business idea. Our main goal is to gather as much detailed knowledge as possible before moving further.


With a detailed project overview, our team gathers to analyze project requirements and feasibility. After a thorough project analysis, our team shares their valuable suggestion and insights about the project before moving further to the planning phase.


After getting the approval from the client, our development team moves further with creating a development roadmap for the project. Carefully analyzing the project requirements, our development team creates a roadmap keeping the client’s needs in mind.


With a clear project roadmap, our experts move further with the virtual trade show platform development. We deliver exceptional business solutions to our clients by leveraging our expertise in leading technologies and development tools.


Our QA team works in parallel with our virtual trade show platform development team to ensure no issues or bugs with the project. Deploying the latest testing methodologies, we ensure high-quality software solutions. Any issue during this phase will be forwarded to the development team for improvement.


As a top virtual trade show platform development company, we provide cost-effective post-deployment services. Our team will constantly monitor your project for upgrades and technical issues to ensure smooth running for a long time.

How Much Does Virtual Trade Show Platform Development Cost?

Similar to any business software development, many cost-deriving factors are needed to be analyzed carefully before sharing an exact development cost. We have shared these factors in detail to show how most USA-based software development companies share a cost estimation. 

We recommend connecting with our tech experts if you plan to develop your virtual trade show platform. After carefully analyzing your project requirements and development needs, our team will share a customized platform development quote ASAP.

Major cost-driving factors of a virtual trade show platform include the following;

  • Type of platform
  • Platform features
  • Technology stack required
  • Location of the development company.
  • Team strength.
  • Project duration.
  • Integrated security features.
  • Add-on features.

Only after carefully evaluating all the above-mentioned cost-deriving parameters, a trusted USA-based IT companies share a development cost. However, on average,  most web3 platform development companies in the USA charge $40,000 to $60,000 for a platform with basic features and functionality.

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“Stop reading and start acting.”

Without a doubt, virtual trade show platforms are the future as they offer endless opportunities for businesses worldwide. A virtual trade platform is a futuristic business that won’t exist for long. Taking swift action will surely put you among top industry leaders and attract businesses worldwide to host their virtual trade shows.

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