Smart Car Parking App Development Company

By RisingMax

February 29, 2024

Smart Car Parking App Development Company

The swarms of cars on roads of provincial and metropolitan cities worldwide have become a new normal. In this fast pace world, where everyone wants to reach their destination on time, finding a nearby parking space or spot has become a big problem. Even if you find a parking spot, chances are high that you will end up taking several rounds to find the parking space, which can be annoying and frustrating.

smart parking app development

You might be wondering if there’s a smart solution to this. Well, the answer is a smart car parking app development.

These modern parking solutions enable users to locate a nearby parking spot and book in advance, thus saving them valuable time. New to town, fret not! You can use a parking finder app GPS feature to locate and reach the parking location without any hassle. This makes the smart car parking app development a modern and practical solution for today’s commuters are facing.

Do you know?

According to GlobeNewswire, the Global Smart Parking Market Size Was Valued At USD 5.75 Billion In And Is Expected To Expand at a CAGR Of 21.2% From 2023 To 2030.

A quick glance at the above stats shows why investing in car parking app development is profitable.

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What Is Smart Car Parking Finder App & How It Works?

A smart car parking finder app is a simple solution that enables drivers to locate, book parking spots, and navigate to the location using the GPS feature. It is a modern solution for today's and future parking problems.

The working of the smart car parking finder app is rather simple. The in-built GPS feature tracks the driver’s location and finds nearby parking lots. If there are multiple parking locations in the nearby area, the driver can use the advanced filter option to find a perfect parking spot as per their parking needs.

After finding the desired parking location, it’s time for the driver to make a payment. The integrated multi-payment feature makes it easy for drivers to pay via credit card, debit card, or e-wallet.

The Tech! Parking Finder Application: Architectural Framework

Before delving deep into the topic, let’s understand the architectural framework of the smart parking application. There are four components of a smart car parking finder app includes:

  • Application layer
  • Storage layer
  • Network layer
  • Sensor layer

Application Layer

The topmost layer of the car parking finder application allows users to interact with the system to view available parking locations, make reservations, and make online payments. Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web applications have the same architecture to share parking-related information with the end user.

Storage Layer

This layer is responsible for storing and sharing information related to various parking locations within the network. The parking location providers update the real-time status of parking locations using IoT-based sensors, and the same information is displayed on the user panel to create a secure ecosystem.

Network Layer

To ensure the real-time smooth and seamless sharing of information among users, parking service providers, and parking sensors. Various IoT-based parking sensors, LAN, WAN, and wireless technologies are responsible for sharing information with the end users.

Sensor Layer

Various physical and IoT-based sensors are part of the sensor layer of smart parking app development. The sensor layer collects the data from different physical sensors, analyzes information, and share information.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy smart parking app development company

Different Types Of Smart Car Parking Software Solutions We Have to Build So Far

The effectiveness of car parking finder apps results increasing in demand for these next-gen solutions. Based on clients' business ideas, we have developed and deployed smart car parking software solutions that offer a wide range of benefits for users worldwide. If you are planning to develop your smart car parking app, then this section is a must-read for you;

Location-based Parking Solutions

Location-based parking apps are generally for small parking spaces such as shopping malls, apartments, office spaces, and others. These car parking-finding apps are equipped with all the required features and ensure easy access to parking spaces without making rucks. If you plan to manage a few parking lots within a specific location, these local parking apps will do the job for you.

Shared Smart Parking App

Most hotels, business complexes, companies, and homeowners associations invest in shared smart car parking finder applications. These car parking finder app solutions assist in efficiently managing shared and reserved parking spaces. Sharing parking spaces saves money but also sends reminders about vacant parking spaces. Integrated smart data management and analysis tools assist in making parking schedules and reducing parking idle time.

Broad Smart Car Parking Finder App

Most brands and big enterprises invest in developing these types of smart parking finder app solutions. Contrary to the above-mentioned car parking solutions, these can manage many parking lots spread in different parts of a country or even in other geographies.

Time-Based Smart Parking Apps

These car parking finder apps are ideal for travelers and entrepreneurs who travel to another city or a country. Based on their travel schedule and meeting timing, they can book parking lots in advance and enjoy hassle-free parking. In the time-based smart parking app, users pay charges based on hour basis.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned types of smart car finder solutions are popular and aren’t necessarily in line with your business idea. Your smart parking app idea might be different or a combination of the above-mentioned types. Our mobile app development team at RisingMax Inc. will provide valuable input and ensure that your smart car parking finder app stands apart from the competition.

How To Monetize Your Smart Car Parking Finder Application?

Investing in a smart car parking finder application can be extremely rewarding as it offers a variety of monetization techniques. Based on your car parking finding app type, you can choose a monetization method that best suits your business model. Discuss some of the leading smart car parking app monetization models in detail.

Commissions Fees

As the admin of the smart car parking finder app, you can charge a convenience fee on every transaction within the application. Most applications generally charge 2-5% commission fees on parking reservations, parking payments, and adding money to the digital wallet.

In-App Advertising

The large user base on your smart car parking application gives an opportunity to collaborate with big brands and generate revenue per view or click. Run relevant click ads or video campaigns to grab users’ attention and enhance engagement.

Membership Fees

In order to allow users to enjoy advanced features, they need to pay a fixed monthly or yearly membership fee. Collecting a membership fee is among the most common revenue-collection methods for smart car parking apps.

Paid Application Access

While signing up, users must pay a fixed membership fee to avail of the car parking finder app’s features and functionality. Paid app access assures that only serious users will sign up with the platform and avail of the app’s benefits.

Are you facing a dilemma in choosing the best revenue-generation method for your smart car parking application? Then, reach out to our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our team will carefully analyze your business idea and suggest the best app monetization method.

Intriguing Features of Our Smart Car Parking Reservation Applications

While seeking the answer about how to build a smart car parking reservation application, creating a list of features becomes extremely vital. A car parking finder app features differ based on app requirements and target audience. However, to create a minimum viable product, you need to add features based on three distinct customer groups: users, parking lot owners, and admin.

To provide you with a more clear perspective, we will cover all the necessary features for three distinct customers groups for a smart parking reservation app.

Smart Parking App: Features for User’s Panel

  • Registration
  • Manage Profile
  • Search & Filter
  • Reserve Parking
  • Make Payment
  • Advance Reservation
  • Notification & Reminder
  • GPS
  • Rating and Review
  • Support

Car Parking Finder App: Admin Panel Features

  • Management Users
  • Daily/Monthy/Yearly Reports
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Parking Lot Providers
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Check Revenue

Smart Car Parking App: Features for Parking Lot Owners

  • Registration
  • Upload Documents
  • Users’ details
  • Check Revenue
  • Daily/Monthy/Yearly Reports
  • Price Management
  • Accept/Reject the incoming request for parking
  • Check reviews and ratings

How Much Does Smart Car Parking App Development Cost?

Now, we have reached the conclusion part of our car parking finder app and will discuss the overall project development cost. For an entrepreneur, estimated project development cost is a major deciding factor in determining whether the game is worth the candle. However, estimated car parking finder app development cost ranges between $ 15,000 to $40,000.

Want to know which factors directly impact the smart car parking finder app cost? Then, keep on reading.

Factors That Directly Impact The Smart Car Parking App Development Cost;

  • Type of smart car parking app
  • In-build features and functionality
  • Features complexity
  • Integrated security features
  • Location of a car parking finder app development company
  • Project size and development time frame
  • Required technology stack
  • Team strength

Connect with our experts for a quick customized smart car parking finder application cost estimation. During the free consultation call, our experts will first understand your business idea and app needs. After carefully analyzing the app idea and evaluating cost-driving factors, our team will share a customized quote ASAP.

Most trusted smart car parking reservation app development companies charge $15,000 to $40,000 for car parking finder apps. Overall project development costs might go up based on the client’s needs and project requirements.

smart parking app development

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