Remote Patient Monitoring Apps: Widening Healthcare Services Scope

By RisingMax

February 27, 2023

Remote Patient Monitoring Apps: Widening Healthcare Services Scope

Remote patient monitoring software is becoming immensely popular worldwide as they provide ease of access to patients, and lower hospitalization frequency and cost. According to Grand View Research, the global remote healthcare market size was valued at USD 6.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.0% from 2020 to 2028.

Investing in remote patient monitoring software development allows healthcare providers to track patients’ health from their homes in real-time. Patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases actively use these healthcare solutions to reduce hospitalization frequency and cost.

Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development

Looking at the changing healthcare market scenario, healthcare businesses worldwide are building their own remote patient monitoring apps to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to learn more about remote patient monitoring apps, then, this blog is a must-read for you. Here we will discuss;

  • What is remote patient monitoring software?
  • Popular remote patient monitoring software types.
  • The software architecture of remote patient monitoring software.
  • Intriguing features of remote patient monitoring software.
  • Key benefits of remote patient monitoring applications.
  • Cost of remote patient monitoring software development.

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What is remote patient monitoring (RPM)?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a healthcare delivery method that uses technology to monitor patient health outside of a traditional clinical setting. RPM refers to the specific technology used to transmit information between patients and physicians electronically, and it is just one delivery system within the broader telemedicine industry.

Popular Types of Remote Patient Monitoring Applications

Remote patient monitoring apps are getting popular as they are easy to integrate, widen healthcare services reach, and assist in real-time monitoring of critical health conditions. Healthcare facilities worldwide are investing and developing their own remote patient monitoring software. Some common remote patient monitoring software types are hugely popular in the healthcare sector.

IoT-based Health Tracking Apps

These health patient-tracking apps are integrated with IoT-based devices such as smart watches, glucose trackers, asthma-tracking devices, BP trackers, and more. Both patients and doctors can leverage these devices to real-time track health conditions, collect health data and raise emergency alerts. IoT-based health-tracking apps are compatible with most remote patient monitoring software solutions.

Questionnaire App 

These types of remote patient health tracking apps don’t require complex coding and are easy to integrate with the current system. A single-page questionnaire form is put forward, and patients can fill out the form to report their current health condition. As the app is completely dependent on health information provided by the patients, the accuracy of these apps may be less. However, the questionnaire apps are effective in tracking mental illnesses.  

Telemedicine Healthcare Apps

This type of remote patient monitoring software is effective in bridging the patient-doctor communication gap. It allows patients to consult doctors and get online prescriptions without visiting the healthcare facility. Telemedicine healthcare apps integrate features like EHR, e-prescriptions, online appointments, consulting via video call, online billing, etc. Healthcare facilities worldwide are leveraging these remote tracking apps for real-time tracking of patients and providing remote healthcare services.

Medicine Research Solutions

Unlike the above-mentioned remote patient monitoring solutions, these healthcare software solutions don’t enhance communication between patient-doctors. These solutions are mostly used for medical research purposes. Research software solutions collect data related to patient health that will be analyzed later on to understand medicine effectiveness. In addition to this, medicine research software can also be deployed to understand current health conditions.

Software Architecture of a Remote Patient Monitoring Application

Implementing remote patient monitoring applications enables hospitals to track patient health status in real time and reduce frequent hospitalizations. The increasing hospitalization burdens society economically and makes it difficult to provide quality healthcare services. The software architecture of the remote patient monitoring app provides a clear overview of how the entire system operates.

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Let’s look at some of the important components of remote patient monitoring software solutions.

Smart Healthcare Devices

Healthcare devices are employed to effectively collect valuable data related to patient health, such as body temp., sugar levels, blood pressure, heartbeat, and more. The collected information is then passed to the cloud server using connectivity protocols for further analysis.

Patient Web Interface

The patient web interface in the remote patient monitoring app allows them to keep track of their health conditions, share symptoms, book appointments, avail of remote consultations, and receive upcoming appointment notifications.

Cloud Data Server

These are effective in storing and analyzing data related to patient health. Doctors and physicians can spot changes in patient health conditions and effectively analyze data to identify causes.

Staff Web Interface

Healthcare staff and doctors can access patient health conditions in real-time and take swift actions in case of abnormalities. Doctors or physicians can effectively analyze patients’ health data to find the root cause of the disease.

Admin Panel

The admins will play a major role in ensuring active communication between medical staff and patients. From actively monitoring doctors’ appointment schedules to confirming appointment status, the admin will manage all activities from a single web interface.

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Intriguing Features of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

During remote patient monitoring software development, healthcare experts add features keeping in mind three interfaces - Patients, Doctors, and Admins.

For Patients

  • Registration
  • Video & Audio call
  • Ongoing Treatment
  • Review and Rating
  • Book Appointment 
  • Calendar
  • Customer Support
  • Medical History
  • Payment

For Doctors

  • Registration
  • Profile Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Video and Audio Calls
  • e-Prescription
  • EHR
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

For Admins

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Appointments
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Notifications
  • Feedback Management
  • Support

Key Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Software: For Patients & Healthcare Providers

Nowadays, remote patient monitoring applications are being used to provide more than just remote healthcare services. To widen the scope of remote patient monitoring apps, healthcare facilities are integrating them with other healthcare solutions to widen the service scope. From providing personalized patient care to real-time track health conditions, remote patient monitoring software offer a plethora of benefits to patients and healthcare service providers. Some of the key benefits include the following;

Better Decision-Making

One of the biggest advantages of remote patient monitoring software is that they keep real-time patient health records and provide valuable insights. Healthcare service providers can effectively analyze this information to view symptoms change, identify health trends, diagnose diseases, and create a patient’s care plan accordingly.

Assist in Self-Care Management

Remote patient software can be easily integrated with healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitoring devices, smartwatches, and SpO2 devices. This empowers patients to stay updated with their health conditions and follow a self-care management plan. A healthcare service provider can view this information to track health status and device healthcare plan accordingly.

Reduce Hospitalization Costs & Visits

Active healthcare monitoring, strict self-care routine, and remote healthcare consultation play a major role in reducing hospital admissions & readmissions. Patients suffering from acute and chronic care diseases can track their health status from home, thus reducing hospitalization costs.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Investing in remote patient monitoring app development enables the healthcare service provider to enhance patient engagement levels and understand their health condition accurately. Remote patient monitoring apps are effectively becoming a medium to conveniently avail of healthcare services and connect with the industry's best health experts.

Optimizes Healthcare Staff Efficiency

Remote patient monitoring software effectively reduces the burden on front desk healthcare staff and tackles healthcare staff shortages. Real-time analysis of patient health conditions empowers staff to prepare and manage healthcare services accordingly. 

Early Disease Detection

These healthcare solutions effectively track patients’ daily health status and raise alerts in case of abnormalities. Healthcare experts can actively analyze health data and early diagnose diseases to start treatment.

How Much Does Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development Cost?

Most remote patient monitoring software development service providers charge $60,000 to $750,000 for basic remote patient monitoring software. Integrating healthcare software with advanced technologies like AI and blockchain will increase the overall project development budget.

Before sharing an exact remote patient monitoring software development cost, healthcare software companies carefully analyze the major cost-deriving factors that are;

  • Type of remote patient tracking app.
  • Application features.
  • Required technology stack.
  • Location of healthcare app development company.
  • Team strength.
  • Overall development time.
  • In-built security features.
  • Add-on features.

Similar to any software, healthcare software development companies carefully analyze client business needs, project requirements, and the above factors before sharing an estimated budget.

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Development of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

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