Driving Innovation & Boost Your Taxi Business With WhiteLabel Dispatch Solutions

By RisingMax

July 05, 2024

Driving Innovation & Boost Your Taxi Business  With WhiteLabel Dispatch Solutions

White Label Taxi Dispatch Software

Get ready to experience the ultra-modern white-label taxi dispatch software embedded with top-class features and design. Harness the potential of our white-label taxi dispatch solutions and launch a feature-rich platform that will skyrocket your business to immense heights. Boost your competitive edge by automating your fleet operations and bookings at reduced costs. 

Whitelabel Taxi Dispatch Solutions: Making Dispatch Easier

Are you looking for cost-effective, white-label taxi dispatch software? Look no further! We offer our clients modern, affordable, and highly adaptable software development solutions. With a user-friendly interface and enticing features, it can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Experience a surge in demand and a significant return on investment, taking your business to new horizons.

Our taxi dispatch software is customer-centric and offers real-time solutions against the complications around dispatch operations. Below, we have mentioned how our white-label solution will be beneficial for your business;

  • Elevate no. the bookings with a user-friendly interface
  • Reach more customers with white-label taxi app
  • Send real-time updates to passengers on taxi booking
  • Offer instant cab services with zero delay

Risingmax Inc. is a leading taxi dispatch software development company, helping entrepreneurs worldwide digitize their taxi operations with spectacular dispatching software. Hire our talented team of developers with hands-on experience in building top-notch platforms, helping you save time & unnecessary costs.

Whitelabel Taxi Dispatch Solutions

Collaborate with our team and gain a competitive edge in the taxi industry. Launch white-label taxi dispatch software with features like route optimization, earnings dashboards, real-time tracking, etc.

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How Does White Label Taxi Dispatch Software Work?

The workflow of our white-label software is smooth and efficient. All operations are streamlined as an automated system assigns taxis to passengers through a central dashboard. Every activity is monitored, from passenger requests to witnessing traffic conditions, driver safety, and much more. 

After the passenger requests a ride, the software assigns the nearest available driver to the user. It also provides details such as current traffic on the route, total distance, estimated time of arrival, etc. Everything within the software, whether the driver or passenger, is tracked to ensure safety. The seamless smartphone integration makes the booking process effortless, leading to a more convenient and user-friendly experience.

Matchless White Label Taxi Dispatch Software Features 

Leverage our white-label taxi dispatch solutions and integrate your business's spectacular software with different panels. Check them out as under;

    Passenger App

    • Registration/Login

    Helps create user profiles via email/contact number or social media through which they can log into the platform

    • Booking a Ride

    It helps passengers book their rides by selecting pickup and drop-off locations with vehicles of their choice.

    • Real-Time Tracking

    It helps track the driver's location in real time to anticipate their estimated arrival time.   

    • Ride Details

    Provides complete driver details like name, photo, and vehicle number. To ensure safety.

    • Payment Options

    Enables passengers to make payments for their rides through multiple modes, such as cash, card, and in-app wallet.

    • Ratings and Feedback

    Allows riders to rate their drivers by providing relevant feedback per their travel experience.

      Admin Panel

      • User Management

      Allows admin to manage passenger and driver accounts by viewing and editing their profiles.

      • Vehicle Management

      Helps admin to add, remove, and edit the vehicle information while evaluating vehicle maintenance.

      • Promotional Campaigns

      Helps create and handle campaigns related to promo codes and discounts.

      • Reports and Analytics

      Shows details linked with user activity and other operations by fetching insights and implementing them for decision-making.

      • Financial Management

      With this feature, financial reports can be generated to monitor earnings and expenses.

      • Fare Management

      Allows admin to fix trip fare rates and make modifications while handling trip disputes.

        Driver App

        • Driver Registration

        It helps the driver register their personal and vehicle details on the software.

        • Managing Requests

        Allows drivers to accept and decline trip requests depending on their availability.

        • Route Optimization

        With integrated GPS navigation, drivers receive real-time traffic and weather updates to determine the best route.

        • Earnings Dashboard

        Enables drivers to view their daily, weekly, and even monthly earnings.

        • Ratings and Feedback

        Gives drivers 'an opportunity to view passenger ratings and feedback and, in -turn, rate them.

        • Notifications

        Provides instant alerts to the drivers about payment confirmations, trip requests, etc.

        Dispatcher Panel

        • Intuitive Dashboard

        Offers details about the driver's status, whether available or busy, along with active, pending, and completed trips.

        • Trip Management

        This feature allows trips to drivers and changing details related to pick-up/drop-off locations.

        • Driver Management

        It helps add and remove driver profiles and monitors their performance and availability.

        • Business Insights.

        With access to valuable insights, you can create reports based on passenger or driver activity, checking performance, earnings, etc.

        • Support and Assistance

        This attribute offers customer support to drivers through video/audio calls or chat.

        • Feedback Attribute

        It helps taxi owners check the complaints and take stern action to rectify them.

        Looking For A Whitelabel Taxi Dispatch Software?

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        How To Create White Label Taxi Dispatch Software?

        Our team will help you through the entire process and make your development journey a cakewalk. Below, we have illustrated a step-by-step guide to creating highly robust and secure software.

        Market Research

        Firstly, market research is essential to choosing software that aligns with your business size and goals. Things to consider are scalability, integration abilities, scalability, etc.

        Software Personalization And Integration

        During this stage, the software is tailored to their workflow and seamlessly integrated into the existing systems. The user interface is tailored to align with the brand, followed by combining CRM and accounting software to maintain seamless interaction and automate billing/invoicing processes.

        Quality Assurance

        It is pivotal to check the software for bugs and errors before launch. Real dispatch scenarios are conducted to see how the software works in real-time. The app features are also tested for various locations, validating and updating mobile data while ensuring accuracy.

        Launch And post-maintenance

        The tested app is deployed to the dedicated server and launched in the Play Store for public consumption. Depending upon the technical issues and customer feedback, modifications are made to the dispatch software, making it supremely productive and uplifting operational efficiency without compromising the user experience.

        Want to outperform your competitors and ace your business game? It's time to connect with our professionals and build an exceptionally innovative platform, ensuring your business flourishes in this technological landscape.

        Whitelabel Taxi Dispatch Solutions: Amazing Business Benefits

        Discover the spectacular benefits of our white-label taxi dispatch software and take your business to the pinnacles of success.

        Optimized Efficiency

        Allows the streamlined allocation of resources and implements ultra-modern algorithms to enhance dispatching decisions based on geolocation, traffic, and more, increasing efficiency by minimizing idle time.

        Reduced Wait Times

        White-label taxi management software can lower the wait time by seamlessly matching the riders with the available taxis, leading to prompt pickups. Making requests, assigning drivers, and accepting requests eliminates time waste.

        Business Analytics

        The software has fabulous tools that help generate in-depth reports based on business insights, analyze trends, and make accurate, data-driven decisions.

        Brand Image

        Customers can use and recommend the platform to others in the industry because of its amazing features and user-friendly UI/UX design, which enhances brand value and image.

        Improved Performance

        The availability of ultramodern tools and functionalities, such as automated fare calculators, real-time trip navigation, route guidance, etc., helps optimize driver productivity and efficiency.

        Customer Engagement

        The well-designed software potentially entices more customers and enables businesses to interact directly with their audience, leading to superior conversion rates.

        Upscale Your Taxi Business With Top Trendy Revenue Models

        With these revenue-generating opportunities, you can make massive money and amplify your business. Witness spectacular revenue models to help you capture massive sales and a high ROI.

        Commission On Rides

        The platform owners charge a significant commission fee for every booking the rider makes on the app. 

        Subscription Model

        Exclusive subscription plans are available on a monthly/yearly basis for users to gain access to premium features.

        In-App Advertising

        The display of third-party ads related to products on the application enables app owners to charge specific fees.

        In-App Purchases

        To unlock exclusive features, choosing the driver, prioritizing booking, and selecting vehicle type contribute to revenue generation.

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        How Much Does It Cost To Build White Label Dispatch Software?

        The software development costs start at $10k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost:

        • Latest tech stacks
        • Integrated features
        • App complexity
        • Types of mental health app
        • Location of the developers
        • UI/UX design
        • Size of the development firm
        • Development process

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