Chronic Care Management Software

By RisingMax

June 12, 2023

Chronic Care Management Software

Proactive health plans aim to identify and interact with patients at risk of developing chronic diseases. Health plans can now use technology, such as predictive AI models, to extract clinical information from health data to detect, monitor, and assess disease progression. With the help of the best chronic care management software, at-risk and diagnosed patients can receive the best care possible. It also helps to identify the best treatment plan.

Chronic Care Management Software

RisingMax Inc. is a custom healthcare software development company providing digital health programs that help patients and doctors manage chronic illnesses. With the help of these solutions, pharma businesses can address different disease types and enhance healthcare outcomes as a whole.

Digital Health Solutions For Chronic Disease Management

Digital health solutions offer support beyond basic medical care for those with chronic diseases. These solutions' digital software and clinical portals assist patients in overcoming the difficulties they encounter in managing their illnesses and day-to-day activities.

  • It gives holistic support and combines various treatment modalities to manage a disease or condition.
  • Include instruments for overseeing patient care coordination, therapy, and lifestyle support.
  • Integrate and link all parties involved in managing patients and diseases throughout the course of treatment.
  • Give actual information on the tracking of a disease over time.
  • Require classification or regulatory approval frequently.

Business-Oriented Chronic Care Management Solutions 

Strike the right balance between the price of chronic disease management technology and their level of quality.

Individual Practitioners 

We support you in developing chronic care management software to support patients with chronic illnesses without raising costs and expanding your practice outside conventional healthcare settings. 

Your teams can provide non-face-to-face care coordination services at scale with the help of our chronic care management solutions, which include tracking, communication, and reporting features.

Community Clinics

Turn-key, integrated digital suites created for the particular requirements of your patient assist in giving them access to preventative healthcare services. By streamlining administrative tasks, chronic care management platform billing, and patient management, we assist you in furthering your mission.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Our specialized disease management software allows you to provide coordinated, high-quality care to your Medicare patients while controlling costs. Our team supports the development of a single point of contact for managing high-risk patients, enhancing care transitions between settings, and facilitating data-intensive workflows within your organization.

Nursing Homes

Workflows for seamless patient engagement and optimization support our chronic disease management system model that puts nurses first. Let your smart medical solution handles complicated administrative tasks that streamline analytical reporting, scheduling, and other add-ons for effective care delivery. This solution also facilitates adherence to CMS communication guidelines.

Billing Companies

With the help of RisingMax's chronic disease management technology software, you can implement and bill for CCM codes without having to deal with the tediousness of manual data tracking. We provide turnkey practice management services for the healthcare industry that transform the intricate flow of billing administration into an adaptable and automated digital path.

Develop adequate healthcare solutions for everyone with our all-in-one chronic disease management system.

Need For Chronic Disease Management Software Development

The majority of funds are spent on treating chronic diseases. This demonstrates unequivocally how expensive chronic disease management is. Chronic care management solutions are beneficial for both patients and medical professionals. 

Promote Essential Services

Unlike any other software, disease tracker software might not offer visual gratification. However, this chronic disease management software monitors all of the vital signs. It makes it easier for the patient to follow the rules. Simply choosing healthier foods can help. It aids the user in making sure that checkups are done on schedule. 

Hospitals can encourage patients to receive the proper care at the appropriate time. So, it is possible to rule out delaying visits or exams.  

Disease Control At Home

Gather all the information you need in the comfort of your own home. The patient's ability to lead a typical life is most important. He won't have to go to the hospital as often. The fewer visits also mean that doctors have less work to do. 

Health Status

Evidence-based medicine is a common form of therapy. Chronic care management software makes it easier to comprehend a patient's health. The chronic disease management solutions powered by AI offer vital insights. 

The doctor can observe the condition of the patient's response to medication. The doctor can immediately alter the treatment plan if the medication has unfavorable effects. 

Features That Resonate With Your Chronic Care Management Platform

Our business is well-positioned to develop a chronic care management platform with distinctive features that integrate with your healthcare practice with our extensive experience in health technology.

Care Program

This feature supports coordinated health care for high-risk patients and quantifies motion and vitals around the clock based on device and sensor data. This enables medical professionals to spot potential problems early and take action to stop deterioration.

Interactive Dashboard

Individualized dashboards show follow-up reminders for each patient and consolidated patient health information. Patients can access the dashboard view as well to monitor their development.

Hallmark Indicator

This add-on closely monitors personal (blood pressure, glucose level, etc.) and subjective (discomfort, shortness of breath, etc.) health parameters to support caregivers in delivering interventions when needed.

Nutrition Offers

With specific nutrition plans and resources for nutritional support, this effectively supports treatment strategies focusing on diet first. It monitors patients' dietary intake and nutritional requirements with chronic illnesses to enhance outcomes.

Practice Module

By streamlining administrative and financial tasks, healthcare providers can increase the time spent providing healthcare. By automating claims management, the module also streamlines revenue management.

Drug Management

Monitoring, balancing, and tracking patient medication adherence, including dosage and frequency, is made easier with the help of this feature. Additionally, the module has alerts and reminders to keep patients and medical professionals informed about their medication schedules.

Remote Care 

Our programmers add telemedicine capabilities to the chronic care management platform, enabling two-way patient communication via text, audio, or video calls. Reduce the cost of in-person care, increase patient involvement, and make it easier for patients to follow their treatment plan.

Care Coordination Plan

This feature enables home health agencies, ACOs, and medical practices to communicate easily across settings and share crucial patient data to ensure coordinated operational and clinical protocols in each setting.

Benefits Of Chronic Disease Management Software

Business owners should discuss the advantages of chronic disease management technology as they plan its launch. Receiving customized chronic disease management software can, in fact, benefit patients, healthcare organizations, and caregivers in many ways. 

Higher Satisfaction Rates

Patients who use a chronic disease management system can quickly get the assistance they need to manage their conditions better and communicate with healthcare organizations. These advantages lead to greater engagement and satisfaction levels, which affect patient acquisition and business profits. 

Effective & Efficient Care

The interaction between the healthcare provider and its patients is entirely remote with chronic disease management software, increasing the convenience of the service for clients and vendors. The connection is easy and effective with technology-based tools like smartphones, email, websites, and electronic health records (EHRs), sometimes even superior to traditional appointments. 

Recurring Revenue 

Because they receive timely, thorough support from healthcare professionals, patients who use chronic care management software typically have better control over their chronic diseases with fewer exacerbations. Additionally, they are less likely to visit the emergency room and are less likely to need to be hospitalized soon.

Personalized Patient Engagement

Improved care coordination, based on which caregivers and healthcare organizations can offer specialized services, tailored support, and effective management strategies for various chronic illnesses, is one of the main advantages of chronic disease management software. 

Care Management Model

Another benefit of implementing chronic care management solutions is the improved workflow that helps caregivers and their patients. By ensuring that patients are always connected to the appropriate resources and specialists, healthcare providers can raise the standard of the therapeutic process. 

Remote Monitoring

Chronic care management software has a remote monitoring feature that enables patients and healthcare professionals to keep track of health conditions without making frequent clinic visits. Remote monitoring helps manage blood sugar levels, weight scales for obese patients, blood pressure levels, pulse oximeter, etc. Many chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, require continuous monitoring.

Chronic Disease Management System Development Considerations

Make all necessary preparations before beginning work on developing the chronic care management platform. Set reasonable expectations and develop a clear vision for the solution you want to build. Doing that'll get the desired outcome and release your application on schedule.

Project Scope

One of the key elements affecting the final cost and delivery date is the project's scope. Pay attention to the number of features and platforms in your future software to determine it. Define your target market and thoroughly investigate the requirements of your patients to determine it. 

Perfect Technology Stack

Chronic care management software companies use various tech stacks. The decision is based on the features and requirements of the app. Be aware that you can create medical software much more quickly by using medical APIs. Choosing the best technologies for a platform can be difficult, especially if you've never worked with hospital software development before. For this reason, it might be necessary for you to seek the advice of experts and use their knowledge when choosing the best technologies for your project.

Timelines & Budgets

Building a healthcare app typically costs between $55,000 and $300,000, with some projects costing even more. A basic app could be made in 1-3 months while developing a complex solution takes 5-8 months. Without specific project information, predicting the timeline and cost can be difficult. 

Right Development Team

You can find talented software developers in a variety of ways. You could use freelancers or in-house experts. Additionally, outsourcing and outstaffing companies can assist you. Determine the best option by analyzing your company's needs and plans. For instance, consider hiring internal staff if you plan to develop several projects in this industry. On the other hand, choosing a dedicated team of outside developers for one-time projects is much simpler and more affordable.

Specify Communication Channels

You and your team benefit from having a clear set of channels for communication. The team knows where to find all the required information, and you can keep tabs on their interactions and the project's development. Additionally, it is important to promote feedback exchange at the project's beginning. As a result, you and your team will reduce the risk of miscommunication and quicken workflows.

Chronic Care Management Software

Choosing RisingMax Inc. Chronic Disease Management Software To Suit Your Needs

RisingMax Inc. is the ideal place for your clinical practice to create chronic disease management software. We can provide medical device software development for telehealth services like wearable and remote patient monitoring

Our mission is to make healthcare available and accessible to everyone, and we think telehealth technology, which can reach a wider patient base, is the place to start.

We can assist your practice in achieving its objectives because we have years of experience creating healthcare software. We take the time to listen to your concerns and develop digital health solutions. 

We check all the boxes, whether you have a problem with no-shows or an increase in the number of patients asking for remote diagnoses. Our industry-specific expertise stems from our ability to engineer practical solutions for challenging problems. 

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