Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

By RisingMax

June 08, 2023

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

A cryptocurrency payment gateway can help any online business transaction accept cryptocurrency payments and receive an equivalent sum in your choice's national and international currencies, thereby quickly increasing revenue.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

Several industries, including healthcare, entertainment, supply chains, and retail, have been significantly altered by blockchain. RisingMax Inc. supports you in growing your company with the best crypto payment gateway development.

Utilize our cutting-edge services to develop a secure cryptocurrency payment gateway to create your wallet. RisingMax Inc. offers multi-currency, personalized, and secure mobile wallets with a top-notch UI/UX design. Your hot and cold wallets will be integrated into the payment gateway with our in-house cryptocurrency payment gateway development team.

White label Crypto Payment Gateway Development Solution

You must manage all the challenges independently if you go for a cryptocurrency payment gateway development from scratch. This covers every facet of a payment gateway, from creating the general structure to troubleshooting. On the other hand, if you move forward and choose a white label crypto payment gateway development solution, you can quickly launch your own payment gateway. By choosing a white label solution, you can make the necessary adjustments in accordance with your company's needs.

You have a wide range of options with our white label crypto payment gateway development solution to expand your business shrewdly on the blockchain. As the owner, you can alter all of the in-app components of the ready-to-deploy crypto payment gateway using its option for 100% customized app development. You can change the colors, logo, fonts, backend programs, and many other things, in addition to adding or removing features.

Workflow Of Crypto Payment Gateway Software

Our crypto payment gateway development services offer a better software architecture for your blockchain business. Therefore, every feature of your crypto payment gateway software processor aligns with current industry trends and competition.

  • Those familiar with conventional online payment gateways will have no trouble understanding how a crypto payment gateway software functions. It operates on the blockchain, and cryptocurrency is used for all transactions.
  • After a user connected his cryptocurrency wallet to a payment gateway processor, it immediately began accepting payments in cryptocurrency. A digital multi-cryptocurrency wallet that necessitates merchant registration effectively replaces the credit card.
  • Users can transact more slowly with multiple cryptocurrencies; an optimized transaction provides the right response. The transactions occur on a P2P (peer-to-peer) network, and a general ledger receives the transaction history.
  • Your cryptocurrency payment gateway platform then collects the user's data in an encrypted format after the user places an order. The merchant scans the blockchain using the built-in payment gateway when the data is sent to his/her web server.
  • Users must write down their individual wallet addresses, which serve as identifiers for both parties in the payment processing. The transaction is maintained through linked nodes validating each payment with its blockchain history.
  • The transaction is then verified, checked, and confirmed for transaction reliability while maintaining the highest level of security by the connected nodes. After verification, the coin is transferred to the appropriate merchant's wallet, and both parties are notified.
  • RisingMax’s cryptocurrency payment gateway development lets the merchant withdraw his cryptocurrency coins as fiat. From his/her wallet, the user can convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies like USD, INR, EUR, DINAR, etc.

Crypto Payment Gateway Development Services We Offer

We specialize in providing no-cost, safe cryptocurrency wallets connected to payment processors. With a high level of expertise, we are dedicated to offering a broad range of cryptocurrency payment gateway development services.

Secure Crypto Payment Gateway

We provide a feature-rich cryptocurrency payment gateway that is easy to integrate into various platforms. Our cryptocurrency gateway solution is a comprehensive solution that will benefit your business and has enterprise-grade security.

Multi-Currency Wallet

From Bitcoin to Litecoin, our multi-currency wallet offers various cryptocurrencies. Use the cryptocurrency of your choice to make a payment! With this service, users worldwide can pay with their preferred cryptocurrency.

Ultimate API Plug-ins

Our talented team of programmers has added unique API plug-ins that significantly increase the functionality of our cryptocurrency payment gateway solution.

Join the automation revolution with the help of our cutting-edge API plug-in service.

Multiple Payment Options

One of the many payment methods available for making payments across multiple platforms is simple and secure. This is done with the help of our cryptocurrency payment gateway solution.

Language Support

By enabling your users to communicate in their preferred language, our cryptocurrency payment gateway solution enables you to build a global user base. Don't know how to speak English well? Not to worry. Our feature for multilingual support gives you access to a wide range of languages.

Mobile Applications

Users of mobile devices can access an application from anywhere at any time. Because of this flexibility, we provide mobile applications that are cross-platform compatible clones of our cryptocurrency payment gateway solution. You can now easily access your cryptocurrency payment gateway solution!

Features Of Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Software

Our upgraded white label crypto payment gateway development solution is used to create your new cryptocurrency payment gateway application in the best possible way. Our ready-made platform includes all the essential and cutting-edge in-app features. Its default features can be easily added or removed to suit your needs.

  • Seamless Registration
  • Flawless Conversion
  • Impeccable Security Features
  • Awe-Inspiring Dashboard
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Transaction History
  • Fully-Customizable
  • Tech Support
  • KYC/AML Verification
  • User Profile Management
  • Multi-Language Support

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Perks

RisingMax Inc. offers the best possible crypto payment gateway solutions that offer numerous benefits for organizations to perform their smooth business workflow. 

Global Access

The first benefit that comes to mind is global access. You can now offer any business owner your cryptocurrency payment gateway service.

High Security

Both the cryptocurrency software and the app are encrypted end-to-end. They can be customized to meet the business's security needs and are extremely secure. 

No Refund

The fact that crypto payments are verified and confirmed through our network has yet another significant benefit. Due to advanced safety protocols, payments cannot be reversed in any way.

Fast Transactions

The software for the crypto payments gateway enables users to conduct transactions without any kind of obstruction. You can quickly get the system up and running without missing any payments.

Low Fees

Transaction costs are very low. In some circumstances, it may even be zero. The fees are the lowest of all gateways in comparison.

Multi-Device Support

From a phone or an Apple device, your users can transact. Payments using cryptocurrencies can be made quickly and easily.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

Crypto Payment Gateway Software ROI Factors 

Because every startup prefers a revenue-generating solution for their business growth, ROI is a crucial factor you must consider before choosing a business solution. So, the platform owner can increase their revenue regarding the crypto payment gateway. The three primary sources of income for the development of a crypto payment processor are:

Transaction Fees

As the platform administrator for the cryptocurrency payment gateway, you can recoup transaction costs from users and merchants. For each successful transaction, you may charge a certain sum to the platform user.

Merchant Account

Small businesses using your payment gateway can set up merchant accounts on your platform for cryptocurrency payments. With that, every single business owner can begin taking cryptocurrencies as payment. You can earn a certain amount as a fee by allowing the merchants to accept payments through the accounts they set up.

Platform Advertisements 

You can increase your profits as the payment gateway owner by allowing others to post advertisements. Additionally, you can make significant profits by using Google Adsense to monetize your website.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Cost

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and startups have the dream of starting their own cryptocurrency payment gateway companies. The cryptocurrency payment gateway development will vary depending on the additional features and security options. But there will be a question: How much does building a cryptocurrency payment gateway platform cost? It will cost you between $80,000 and $120,000 to build a cryptocurrency payment gateway platform from the ground up.

However, the price of White label crypto payment gateway development ranges from $7,000 to $14,000. However, due to the complexity of the project and based on the demands of the business, it is impossible to predict the precise development cost.

Our Approach To Building Crypto Payment Gateways

Our process produces a conceptual solution to a problem for developing crypto payment gateways in the form of a list of requirements. The entire process had to go through many steps from the ground up to deployment to meet the requirements.

Acquiring Requirements

Our blockchain experts gather and assess your needs to find the best options. The two teams will then work together to conduct a product feasibility study.

Planning & Research

Our specialists then determine the risks associated with the project after extensive research. Then, for your approval, our team will distinctly define and document the needs and plans.

Developmental Stage

The actual development stage begins here. As a leading blockchain development company, we ensure everything is in order, and the product is designed with sophisticated features.

Testing Phase

We test the product under various conditions to ensure no flaws or errors. We help you release the product for user acceptance testing after a demonstration.


Our server handling team will launch the finished product to the intended cloud or server after the product has been developed and tested. 

Launch & Upkeep

We consider the suggestions, and if you agree, our staff will put the suggested changes into effect and help you with the launch. After the release, we also provide maintenance services.

crypto payment gateway development

Choosing RisingMax Inc. As A Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development Company

For 13+ years, RisingMax Inc., a renowned crypto exchange software development company, has provided businesses with high-quality digital solutions. Our skilled developers are familiar with the technological developments and rules governing the cryptocurrency industry. We develop your project using a strategic process and lots of brainstorming until we reach an ideal road map. 

As we progress, our developers will keep you informed and share every step of the process. RisingMax Inc. can assist you in creating a productive crypto payment gateway solution with the help of its qualified engineers and specialists. We've developed a number of excellent digital solutions that have received superior reviews. 

  • Highly skilled in creating Crypto Payment Gateway.
  • Thorough understanding of customer needs.
  • Employing strategies that keep your account secure.
  • Provide a straightforward procedure.

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