Agile Consulting Services Provider

By RisingMax

September 11, 2023

Agile Consulting Services Provider

We help businesses adopt an agile framework to speed project development, improve outcomes, and quickly adapt to changing project requirements. With a perfect blend of agile frameworks and tools, our end-to-end agile consulting services assist clients in mapping a perfect agile development strategy for ongoing and upcoming projects.

Agile Consulting Services

Why Adopt Agile Framework in Project Management & Software Development?

Adopting agile frameworks in project management and software development empowers businesses to get measurable results within a matter of weeks.

  • 51% increase in project delivery with agile software development.
  • 61% increase in team productivity with the adoption of the agile framework.
  • 49% increase in customer satisfaction and software delivery with Agile.
  • 60% higher revenue growth in the organization with the agile development approach.

Agile Software Consulting: Implementation With A Purpose

Our team starts the agile implementation within the project management and software development process with a purpose. Implementing agile strategies that perfectly align with current organization needs facilitates offering the best-in-class results. We follow a three-stage agile implementation process.


Partnering with key stakeholders, our agile experts evaluate business readiness in adopting agile frameworks and methodologies.


Based on business SWOT analysis and evaluation, an agile implementation plan or improvement plan is prepared.


A detailed report with an implementation roadmap, actionable insights, business agile maturity state, and other important aspects are highlighted.

Five Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Agile Consulting Services

  • Identifying and tackling traditional project management and software development barriers.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction, improved project delivery estimation, and faster software development.
  • Enhanced team engagement, project transparency, and better collaboration within teams.
  • Effectively manage uncertainties and improve innovation.
  • Increase revenue and growth with improved operational performance.

Hire Agile Consulting Firms To Establish A High-Performance Organization

Over the years, we have assisted startups and organizations to adapt and implement agile methodologies. We implement proven agile strategies to gain better project outcomes without causing hindrances to project development.

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Our Agile Software Consulting Process

RisingMax Inc., a reputable agile software consulting provider, follows a step-wise approach to assist organizations in achieving their full potential and swiftly adapting to the changing dynamic business environment.

Agility Assessment

Our experts perform your business agility assessment to find areas of improvement and explore new opportunities. Understanding business unique challenges, our agile experts collaborate with management and team to ensure a smooth transition.

Strategic Plan

To devise a strategic plan, we understand organization workflow, current challenges, and overall organization objectives. Our goal is to devise a strategic plan that best suits the organization's future objective and specific business needs.

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With a clear agile methodology strategic plan, our agile consultant experts move forward to the implementation phase. Keeping in mind key organization challenges, objectives, and future goals, we implement agile strategies that deliver guaranteed results.

Provide Training

Our team provides strategic training to prepare individuals, executives, departments, and management to learn and adapt to organizational changes. The success of agile implementation is not limited to us, but a combined effort.

Agile Consulting

Our agile software consulting team offers end-to-end support to clients throughout their agile implementation journey. We provide guidance and help organizations implement agile development & project management approaches to improve business agility.

Impact Indicators

As a leading agile consulting firm, our collaboration doesn’t end at agile implementation; it starts there. To measure the impact of our agile methodologies, we constantly keep track of the predefined indicators that assist in analyzing the transformation impact.

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Our End-To-End Agile Consulting Services

We offer full-scale agile consulting services to meet our diverse clients' needs. Embrace the future of business agility with our affordable agile services tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Agile Advisory Services

Avail of our agile advisory services to identify the current agile maturity state, technology gaps, and patterns that won’t align with business objectives and goals. Our experts will guide you throughout the agile transformation journey and measure success.

Agile Training Services

We provide agile training services to impart knowledge and train individuals, teams, and departments to work collaboratively and adapt to agile methodologies. Our team implements agile strategies and assists in creating a collaborative ecosystem.

Tailor Agile Transformation Services

Applying one-size-fits-all agile methodologies and strategies won’t work in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Our team thoroughly understands your business model, unique challenges, and workflow to deliver tailored agile transformation services.

Agile Scaling Services

With our agile scaling services, we assist in applying agile methods such as scrum and kanban across an organization. And expect benefits such as increased quality, enhanced customer engagement, and improved productivity.

Agile Business Operation

We help businesses swiftly adopt agile practices, principles, methodologies, and strategies within business operations. Aligning businesses with customer-centric values and changing technology trends brings more transparency and efficiency.

Agile Implementation Services

Our agile consultant team leverages its extensive domain expertise to empower organizations to overcome challenges associated with agile implementation. Avail of our agile implementation services to execute strategy at all levels.

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Agile Consultant vs. Agile Coach

While agile consultants and agile coaches are responsible for implementing agile software and methodologies, there are still differences in how they work. Here’s a detailed comparison between them.

Agile Consultant Agile Coach
Provide short-term solutions.Provide long-term solutions.
Resolve problems with projects quicklyFollow a long-term approach with project and business transformation.
Educate the team and provide trainingLess involved in providing mentorship and training.
The in-house team is responsible for handling change after a short term.They provide complete guidance during business transformation.

Our Simplified Agile Consultant Hiring Process

We follow a simplified agile consultant hiring process to ensure smooth client onboarding. Following a step-wise approach, we ensure our clients won’t face any issues while onboarding our highly qualified agile consultant experts.

Connect With Our Experts

Our agile consultant experts will connect with you to understand your project needs and agile transformation scope.

Project Analysis

Our agile experts will gather and analyze project requirements to start the organization's digital transformation journey.

Select A Team

We will shortlist and create a team of agile software consultants based on project requirements within 48 hours.

Start Your Project

The team will start working on your agile transformation project ASAP. We are always there to offer personal support.

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Our Expertise in Various Agile Methodologies

Businesses worldwide can leverage our expertise in different agile methodologies to meet their requirements or needs. Here’s a list of agile methodologies we hold expertise in -

  • Scrum.
  • Kanban.
  • Lean.
  • Crystal.
  • Scrumban.
  • Adaptive Software Development.
  • Extreme Programming & more
Connect with our experts to discuss your specific agile software consulting needs today. Based on your requirements, our agile experts will create a team, formulate an agile strategy, and start the implementation process ASAP.

Signs Your Organization Needs Agile Consultation Services

The top four signs indicate that your organization needs to connect with an agile consulting firm. 

Disengaged Team

Poor coordination and overburdened teammates often hinder smooth project delivery and timely completion.

Budget Overruns

Poor project management, inability to handle last-minute changes, and disengaged team result in budget overruns.

Project Behind Schedule

Poor coordination, no feedback system, unrealistic deadlines, and bugs hamper the team’s ability to meet deadlines.

Fail To Meet Customer Needs

Unclear project instructions and non-involvement of end-users often lead to failure to meet customer needs.

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Benefits of Agile Software Consulting Services

An agile consultancy service provider empowers organizations to adapt to changing technology trends, streamline processes, and improve product quality. 

Refine Ideas

An agile consultant will understand your project requirements, identify issues, and find the best solutions.

Develop Prototypes

Our agile consultants assist in developing project prototypes for testing and implementing changes before starting development.

MVP Development

An agile expert assists in MVP development with minimum time and investment to eliminate non-worthy features and improve overall software functionality.

User Feedback

With MVP development, collecting users’ feedback and redesigning software best suits their requirements and needs.

Agile Training

An agile consultant provides training to address key pain points effectively and team needs while adapting to agile software development practices.

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Why Choose Us?

Domain Expertise

We have been offering our agile consultation services to clients worldwide in different business domains for over a decade.

Result Oriented Approach

Our agile consultant experts follow a result-oriented approach to deliver meaningful outcomes as per clients' expectations.

Innovative Approach

We understand clients' agile consultation requirements and opt for innovative approaches or strategies to meet expectations.

Rigorous Testing

We implement proven agile methodologies and rigorous software testing tools to ensure project success.

Flexible Hiring Models

We follow a simplified hiring process and flexible hiring models to meet and cater to our clientele's agile transformation needs.

No Hidden Cost

We follow a no-hidden-cost policy and agile software development process to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.


What makes RisingMax’s Agile Consultation Services Different?

We at RisingMax Inc. follow a simplified hiring process to provide our clients access to the pool of agile consulting experts. The organizations can avail of our agile consultation services based on the client’s project needs, experience, and specific requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Agile Consulting Firm?

The cost of hiring an Agile consulting firm depends upon various factors, such as project type, implementation scope, organization size, Agile consultant expertise, location of an Agile consulting firm, and more. Most agile consulting services providers evaluate these factors before sharing an estimated project scope.

How Fast Can Your Agile Consulting Experts Start Working On My Project?

Our agile consultants can start working on your project within a few weeks. Share your project requirements, and we will shortlist suitable agile experts based on your requirements. Schedule interviews and select the best team as per your business needs.

Do You Sign an NDA?

We follow a fully transparent process and sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the security of clients’ business ideas. Get in touch with our agile consultants and start your digital transformation journey today!

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