Web3 A Perfect Option For The Hospitality and Tourism Industries

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Web3 A Perfect Option For The Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Humankind has progressed by getting growth, looking for development, and enhancing recent technology. Looking for continuous progress is good for every human being and the industry. A business needs to have a high futuristic vision if they want to excel in the market. There is great competition, and anyone joining in competition has to be unique. 

The 21st century is the era of digitalization, so joining a virtual platform or metaverse for business will be a great option for any existing business platforms or startups.

If you are looking for a unique decentralized business platform, you can join the hospitality and tourism industry. Adopting Web3 platform for the hospitality and tourism industry is one of the industries that generate great revenue on the global platform. 

The stats written below will let you know how profitable the industry of hospitality and tourism is, and in the era of digitalization, merging the web3 in the hospitality and tourism industry has the potential to turn your startup into one of the companies from Fortune 500.  

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Success Stats of Hotel

  • About 10% of the global GDP gets generated from the hotel and tourism industry. 
  • In 2020, the total revenue generated from the hotel and tourism industry was about $198.6 billion and approximately $285 billion in 2021.
  • During the pandemic, the world was fighting with scarcity, but it got over the hotel industry and came back with a boom in the market. 58.3% of the meetings and events returned to hotels. By the end of 2023, the experts expect it to grow by about 86.9% 
  • By the end of 2022, the approx earning value will be near $4548.42 billion.
  • People often travel for business trips to luxury places, and the bleisure tour market is about to reach $497.5 billion by the end of 2022.

The stats mentioned above were just about the real-world things and so much profit you have seen, but think about what if all the real-life things get virtually available. 

Web3 technology is shifting the real world into the virtual world with perfection. The web3 platform has great potential, and very soon, the whole business world will be on the web3 platform. Let’s understand what web3 is and how it will be the best possible web3 idea for startups with web3 in tourism. 

To know the potential of web3 in the travel industry, we must understand what web3 is.

What is Web3?

The world is moving toward technology with complete rage, and we are experiencing a new world of opportunities every day. 

You've, in all likelihood, heard masses of chatter these days approximately Web3; if you are nonetheless stressed approximately what it is, do not worry because loads of human beings are looking to outline it clearly. However, in very high-stage terms, Web3 – the brand new net iteration – is a decentralized online community constructed and installed via the blockchain.

With Web3, no vital authority governs our bodies controlling the structures or apps. Put another way, agencies are not collecting, hoarding, and monetizing the facts of a consumer who desires to participate in a Web3 carrier or app. Users can rather interact with Web3 structures without changing their facts for access. Additionally, entire transparency and consideration are constructed into the services, with all facts and updates saved on the blockchain.

Why is Web3 Recommend For Travel Industry?

There are multiple factors that make web3 a suitable platform for the hotel industry from the owners' point of view as well as the customer’s point of view. 

Let’s see how.

The most basic but important thing the web3 platform offers is complete security for all travel data. After the great success of cryptocurrency, people started trusting the ability and reliability of blockchain. The decentralized nature of the gives immense profit to the web3 market; the transaction record are always traceable and never fails to show up. The nature of immutability is making the blockchain a perfect solution for all and also the web3.

The journey enterprise is predicated closely on data trade among organizations. Travel retailers ought to skip patron data to motels and flight organizations. Personal property of tourists also are regularly shared among organizations and is tracked. Any trouble withinside the glide of such data can impede journey reports significantly. Cases of data loss or wrong data being exceeded can worsen the situation. When it involves web3 in the journey, blockchain generation allows data glide to take region seamlessly. Since the whole community of nodes accountable for strolling a blockchain stocks duty for facts storage, getting access to and storing passenger facts becomes a hundredfold less complicated while it's miles completed in a decentralized way.

How Will Web3 Technology Enhance Travel Industry?

Although the travel industry generates great revenue on the other side, there are multiple things which is the drawback of the industry. Some issues are hotel booking, the identity of the customer's management, inventory and credential management, online payment, protection of the customer’s data, etc. 

Now let’s see how web3 will help solve all the travel industry issues.

Online Payment

On the web2 platform, this is one of the major problems that everyone faces. The digital transactions get stuck due to multiple issues. Sometimes for a moment and sometimes for an hour or day. This makes the thing very difficult; another issue with the web2 platform is a limited transactional amount. One cannot transfer a large amount on such a payment wallet application. But on the other side, on the web3 application, the transaction amount can be as huge as a billion and as low as 000.1. This opens the door to the transaction, and another thing that makes it more user-friendly is the application on the web3 platform has a light-fastening transaction speed without any error.

Governments can also use the blockchain era to provide a quicker and greater steady fee to individuals who use public shipping. Blockchain, teamed with AI and different superior technologies, can do away with the want for bodily tickets for bus, rail, and different shipping services. An available database may be used to tune a user’s adventure throughout all modes of shipping. Even for customers, an unmarried identity and fee approach will permit get right of entry throughout shipping services.


This unexpected upward thrust in fees has become a topic of fear for travellers. Thankfully, blockchain generation can be of assistance here. Blockchain-primarily based tour reserving structures are clean to apply and produce more transparency and safety. BitBook is one of the many reserving structures that perform withinside the blockchain space. However, what units it aside from its contemporaries is that it lets customers make tour reservations and earn cryptos for doing so.

With greater humans inclined to splurge on travelling, tour fees are capturing up. The fees are growing basically because tourists and vacationers try to capture each possibility within the tour space. This has brought about humans paying more for their holiday than they could need to or even lacking the possibility to tour for being unable to manage to pay for the trip.

ID Management

Customer identification data flows via those networks by using Decentralized Identifiers-primarily based proofs. Decentralized Identifiers are completely unique kinds of identifiers that allow verifiable, decentralized virtual identification. They permit the simplest important data to be found out by particular structures and users.

A decentralized identification control answer could make it simpler for passengers to journey via airports by growing a mesh of “consider networks” with the usage of blockchain technology. These consider network proportion or eat passenger identification data; however, they make sure statistics are privateness at the best level. 

All belief networks, aside from the permissioned belief community for passengers and authorities, our bodies problem-proof as decentralized identifiers that recognize every degree of the passenger’s motion inside the airport. The records are recorded right into a blockchain ledger for the usage of DID documents.

Benefits Of Web3 In the Travel Industry

Cost Reduction

While blockchain has earlier prices, your financial savings on gadget manipulation, transactional operations, and customer acquisition are significant. With smart contracts permitting secure, traceable, and apparent transactions, blockchain-based loyalty reward software programs can appreciably reduce gadget manipulation prices for corporations in business enterprise verticals.

No 3rd Party Involvement 

Since blockchain runs on a peer-to-peer network, blockchain-primarily based journey answers and offerings eliminate the want for intermediaries or middlemen. Many journey companies, therefore, use the blockchain era to capitalize on this specific attribute. For instance, S7 Airlines, a Russian airline company, uses the blockchain era to trouble and promote tickets. The personal blockchain runs on Ethereum and uses clever contracts to alternate records among events. The platform is actively being used, and the fee of month-to-month transactions via its host blockchain is withinside the millions. Since no 1/3 birthday celebration is involved, there aren't agent prices and commissions.

Insurance in opposition to flight delays and overbooking

Many airways now use blockchain to automate the repayment fee system for passengers who have been denied seats because of overbooking or whose flights are not on time. French coverage company, AXA, uses blockchain era to provide coverage covers for flight delays. The system of repayment fees includes clever contracts. Thus, while a customer’s flight receives not on time with the aid of using a certain amount of time, the repayment is paid mechanically. Compensating to disclaim a seat because of overbooking is an exercise observed using many famous airways, consisting of United Airlines.

No Communication Gap

Web3 is ready to make business transactions greater obvious to the events involved. This is finished with the aid of preserving an immutable report of transactions seen by everyone.

As a result, it makes it easy for corporations to fulfill their governance responsibilities by preserving openness.

In the Hospitality industry, any transaction, update, or different offerings withinside the reservation is updated.

After that, it pondered all the resort personnel for getting to that unique guest.

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