Use Case Of AR VR In Military Training

By RisingMax

May 11, 2023

Use Case Of AR VR In Military Training

“A Pint of Sweat Will Save a Gallon of Blood.”

Gen. George S. Patton

Instead of sacrificing blood in the battle, it’s always preferable to sweat in the practice field. The invention of AR/VR is making military training sessions easier and also omitting injuries that happen in the training field.

Use Case Of AR VR In Military Training

The US is already using this technology to improve their soldiers' experience, and now you can even serve your country by implementing AR/VR in military training.  

In this blog, we will see what are the real-life use cases of AR VR in military training and how it can enhance the future of the army.

The metaverse platforms hold great potential to enhance real life; it is not just limited to businesses. Apart from the shopping malls in the metaverse or art galleries, the metaverse can also provide a platform for the military to execute their practices and other activities. Let’s see how metaverse and AR VR technology will collaborate with the military.

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Use Cases Of AR VR in Military Training

Let’s see some of the top use cases of implementing AR VR in military training, and later on, we will discuss how you can build a metaverse army training platform.

Weapon Training

With each passing day, the defense industry is getting advanced, but with that, controlling or utilizing new weapons gets complicated for the army personnel. With the help of the AR/VR, and metaverse platform, army administration can train their men for advanced weapons for defense. 

Let’s understand this with an example; suppose your defense ministry made a deal with some other country for a very advanced weapon that can only be controlled with a laptop and with particular software. 

Obviously, if the technology is new, then army men will not be aware of it. But with the help of AR VR technology on the metaverse platform, the army administration can train their army. 

The metaverse will have the complete replica of the weapon and its technology by which army men can have complete knowledge of the weapon and can use it.

Hypothetical Situations

In conflict, events rarely repeat themselves. A soldier must be ready for anything, and when it comes to hypothetical situations, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR VR) training can be the ideal solution. Training in the metaverse can be the best friend a soldier has in a hypothetical crisis.

The military has been connecting virtual worlds for training purposes since the 1980s when SIMNET was created as the first example of a massive simulator network for collective training and mission rehearsal. 

This is analogous to the current understanding of a metaverse. As a result, it shouldn't come as a shock that the military has moved on from artificial training to the metaverse. 

Since training is so crucial to success on the battlefield, it's possible that a defensive metaverse is necessary to boost military effectiveness. The potential uses for such a metaverse, however, go far beyond educational purposes.

Training for New Joinees

Training new recruits is another advantage of creating a metaverse platform for the military. The army can train its men more efficiently and with fewer casualties thanks to the metaverse platform. 

A newly enlisted member of the defense forces has just a small window of opportunity to become familiar with the operational environment, technological advances, and state of the war. You can teach them to perfection in a risk-free environment thanks to the Metaverse platform. 

Maintenance And Assembly Technicians Training

As there are currently only a small number of experts in this field, it is imperative that their knowledge be shared with the rest of the industry. One approach to overcoming this difficulty is to make use of virtual and mixed-reality technologies. 

In the Marine Corps, for instance, various boats may have distinct maintenance needs due to varying engineering restrictions. 

Technicians can inspect the CAD model in VR and complete an army-specific training program "on the boat" before their operation, allowing them to be immediately operational.

Collaboration on Sensitive Defense Projects

Virtual reality (VR) collaboration between geographically dispersed sites is an increasingly pressing issue in the modern workplace. However, video conferencing tools only provide so much immersion when working on complex projects together. Multiple users can collaborate in real time on the same high-resolution 3D models using a virtual reality system. 

When countries pool their military resources and/or conduct joint research to develop a virtual prototype, remote work in virtual reality is essential.

This functionality has additional applications in the context of a military operation. It can provide data from a remote place without an operator needing to be there physically. 

The ability to manipulate sensors in a photorealistic environment offers new avenues for intelligence gathering in dangerous environments. Since the recon vehicle doesn't have to carry any actual people, the agent's safety and stealth increase.

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Benefits Of Developing Metaverse Army Training Platform

If interoperability is prioritized in the design of these virtual environments from the start, however, the actual potential of a defense metaverse will become obvious when the multiple defense virtual worlds are linked together. 

The Department of Defense should implement virtual activities across the business to create an iterative feedback loop requiring minimal human effort so that lessons learned during testing and experimentation can be applied to training, education, and recruitment. 

More people having access to information across a defense metaverse could make it simpler to collect ideas and input from across the defense community, which could make some activities, like experiments, more democratic.

Through the collection of data that can shed light on elements like morale and be used to enhance things like force planning and training, the social aspects of a defense metaverse may also lead to better results on the battlefield.

How You Can Build Metaverse Platform To Use AR VR In Military Training

AR and VR glasses can only be useful if you are developing a virtual world like Metaverse for training. The metaverse platform can be the replica of the place you want to build or can be according to the demand as well.

Let’s see how to develop a metaverse platform for military training.


The very first thing you have to consider is the research about how you have to execute the planning, what features you want to build in the platform, how much access anyone can have, what sort of training field the organization wants to provide, etc. Making a blueprint of the complete plan.


The second step in developing a metaverse boot camp is to settle on an appropriate user interface in light of the scenario we plan to model. User retention and acquisition can be greatly aided by an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasant interface.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are essential in a decentralized metaverse platform for handling standardized transactions like trade and payments.

Mixed and Virtual Realities

After establishing a metaverse database, the next stage is to advance the capabilities of augmented and virtual reality, the technologies from which the metaverse was born.

Once the Interplanetary File System, smart contracts, front end, and back end have been integrated, developers can move on to bug testing the 3D metaverse platform.

Inflection Point 

After our team has completed thorough and exhaustive testing of the platform, we will then proceed with deployment.

Use Case Of AR VR In Military Training

How Much It Will Cost To Build A Metaverse To Implement AR VR In Military Training

The development cost of the Metaverse army training camp completely depends on the features, details, security, and other things of the platform.

We are mentioning the approximate development cost as per the company standards, and the actual cost may be subject to change as per the requirement of the platform.

Designing Cost

10K to 20K

Outsource Software Cost 

$35K to 65K

Deployment Cost  


Advanced Weapons Utilization Software 


Integration Cost 


Maintenance Cost 

$1500 to 4K

Project Managers 

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


The complexity or detailing of the platform also affects the cost of the Metaverse army training platform.

Level Of Complexity

Development Cost

Basic Level Application

$50K to $65K

Average Level Application 

$70K to $85K

High-End Application

$90K to $150K


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