Average Oculus Game Development Cost is $65000

By RisingMax

May 09, 2023

Average Oculus Game Development Cost is $65000

  • 110.1 million AR users in the U.S. are available.
  • About 47% of US citizens are aware of VR technology.
  • The age slab of 25-34 years is not just aware of VR technology but using it for gaming.
  • 171 million users are there of the AR & VR 

The mentioned above stats show how the demand and the usage of AR and VR are increasing day by day when it comes to the game. Game lovers never lose any chance to enhance their gaming experience. The implementation of the Oculus in the gaming industry is providing excellent results for the game provider.

Oculus Game Development Cost

AR/VR technology is taking up the gaming market with a boom, and the metaverse gaming platform is taking it to the ninth cloud. If you are also looking for an option to start your gaming platform, or you are already a gaming enterprise and willing to build an Oculus gaming platform for a better and high-end gaming experience. In that case, you are in the right spot. 

Before the Oculus game development, there were multiple queries that anyone had in their mind. One of the major concerns one has is about the development cost of the platform. In this blog, we will discuss the Oculus game development cost in-depth and what are the benefits of developing Oculus game development. 

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Oculus Game Development Cost 

The development cost depends on multiple things, including the features of the gaming platform, the type of complexity it has, the technologies used in the development of the gaming platform, and many more factors that affect the development cost. 

Let’s cover each one of them:

Types Of Game

The first thing that has a major effect on the Oculus gamer development is what sort of game it is. Let’s divide it into three forms and understand it.

Mini Games 

In this sort of gaming platform, things are very basic and do not involve much of technologies or features to build. These type of games takes up very low space in the user's phone and does not include many features.

Mid Level Games 

The mid-level games come up with advanced features but not with huge size and clarity and limited sources to play. When someone invests their money in the Oculus, then they expect to play high-resolution and quality games.

Large Size AAA Type Games

If you are aware of one game, “PubG,” then you know almost about the large-size AAA games. This gaming platform comes up with multiple maps, a huge number of users at a time, multiple features in the game, advanced technologies to manage things, etc. These type of games lie under big size game, which cost quite a lot more than the other game size but also helps generate great revenue.


$40,000 to $50,000


Mid-Level Game

$50,000 to $110,000


High-Level/AAA Game

from $140,000

10+ months

One of the most popular genres of the Oculus game is the horror games. For horror games, the price slab can go higher as the demand for such games is higher. 

Other Factors That Affect The Oculus Game Development Cost

The next thing that impacts the Oculus game development cost is the features

Software Designing costs

10K to 20K

Game Building Cost

$35K to 65K

Deployment cost 


Maintenance cost 

$1500 to 4K

Project Managers

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team and Testers 


The development cost we mentioned is the multiple companies' development costs; it may be subject to change according to the various circumstances. 

Oculus Game Development Cost As Per Complexity

The complexity of the gaming platform also has its stance in affecting the game development cost. Let’s see how much the complexity of the game platform affects the Oculus game development cost.

Less Complex Gaming Platform


Mid Level Complex Gaming Platform


Gaming Platform With High Complexity


Another thing that also affects the development cost is not so majorly, but as we said, we will cover the development cost then; it is our responsibility to make you aware of where your every penny will go. 

The next thing that will impact the development cost is what region the Oculus game development company belongs to.


Hourly Costs

North America




Gulf Countries




The standard of living of the region has an effect on the development cost. 

If you choose any of the companies from Noth America or Asia, then you could save a lot of amount in development costs.

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Must-Have Features Of Oculus Game 

If you are planning to get into the VR/AR game industry, then another thing that is important to know is “What features should be there in the Oculus-based games?”. This will help you to get into the business with appropriate features.

Oculus Link & Air Link

Even though a wireless VR headset was the goal, some people still want to access titles that only work with Rift. Users can do this with the Oculus Link cable or Air Link. Air Link is still in beta and doesn’t work that well yet, but you follow this guide to try to get it working here.

Dynamic Controllers

The controllers are more than just buttons with grips. These smart controllers have built-in sensors that register throws, slashes, and grabs that reflect accurately in the VR experiences, adding a ton of dynamic interaction to the gameplay.

Fitness Tracking

There has been a huge emergence in VR fitness games (you can see a list of the top ones here), especially in 2021, when more people were working from home. It works similarly to FitBit by using movement to calculate calories burned. The fact that you can play a game and move rapidly in an hour while burning calories without feeling like you’re working out is a nice position to be in.

Mixed Reality Casting

Before users had to get creative with cables, a green screen, and third-party software to be able to cast what’s happening in a headset, but now it’s so simple! While it’s only available on newer iPhones for now, it’s super easy with the Oculus app. This actually creates a much cooler effect than a regular greenscreen by showing the VR version of your hands instead of the controllers.

Voice Commands

Sometimes you want to dive right into an experience, and now you can summon it through voice control. You can enable to double tap feature in Settings under Device and ask it to do a handful of things like open specific apps, search for something on the web, take a screenshot, browse menus, change the volume, or see if any of your friends are online.

Steps To Build Oculus Game 

Oculus games are taking up the market, and you can get this excellent gaming platform for your users with these few steps. Let’s see how you can build the Oculus game with perfection. 


The research for the gaming platform will help you to know what is currently in demand and how you can move one step ahead in developing the VR-based gaming platform. The research will include everything from the features, demand, benefits, complete quotation of Oculus game development cost, and many more.  

Get Fresh Idea

Another thing that should be generated is the fresh idea to get into the gaming marketplace. Although there are very few VR gaming platforms, getting into the marketplace with a fresh idea will help you get a better reach on the platform. You have to set the target audience, the USP of the gaming platform, and which emotions you want to put in the game. 

Choose VR Device 

The next is the major thing that you have to decide what kind of devices you want to target for the game platform. It could use light mobile devices, premium mobile VR, PC-based games, console VR, etc. Each of the options has its pros and cons in the gaming industry. 

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Selection Of Graphics

The next major step for the Oculus game development is the graphics of the gaming platform. Graphics play a major role in the development as the complete experience of the gaming platform majorly depends on the graphics. You can go for 2D graphics, 3D graphics, photographic reality, or 360-degree panoramic videos. In the case of graphics, 360-degree panoramic graphics is the best solution, and most VR gaming platforms choose a 360-degree panoramic solution to enhance the gaming experience. 

Hire Oculus Game Development Company

Once you have planned each of the details of the platform, now you can search for the Oculus game development company. Discuss the idea of the game, share your perception with the development team, and how much it can cost to build the platform. 

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Oculus Game Development Cost


The rise of the metaverse gaming platform is increasing the demand for AR/VR headsets, and this could be the perfect time for startups to grab the opportunity of the VR gaming platform.

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