Unreal Engine 5 Game Development For Your Innovative Virtual Game Idea

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Without a doubt, next-gen technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) will dominate the future of the gaming sector.

Game developers worldwide need a game creation tool to keep up with the rapidly evolving market trend and players’ needs. Unreal engine is a 3D graphic game engine that allows developers to build engaging and creative AR/VR games for now and the future.

Game startups with unique and innovative game ideas are jumping the UE5 game development to replicate the success of games like Fortnite. Unreal Engine 5 game studio allows developers to focus on minor details and offer unmatched virtual gaming experiences.

According to Statista,

  • The game sector in 2022 is expected to generate $208.60 billion US dollars.
  • Between 2022-27 the expected growth in the gaming sector at a CAGR of 7.87 percent.
  • The gaming sector is expected to generate 304.70 billion US dollars by 2027.
  • The number of online game players is expected to reach 2829.8 million users by 2027.
  • Global VR video gaming revenues reached $22.9B in 2020.
  • The global play-to-earn is valued at 776.9 million US dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach 2845.1 million US dollars by 2028.
Are you planning to launch your own AR/VR game? Then, connect with our unreal engine game developers at RisingMax Inc. With our affordable unreal engine 5 game development services, we offer unmatched game development experience to our clients. Let’s connect over a free consultation call and discuss game project ideas TODAY!!

Why Choose Unreal Engine 5 Game Development?

The rising popularity of unreal engine 5 (UE5) in game development has increased the demand for unreal engine game developers. Game development software is in demand due to its ability to build games in different genres. Whether you are planning to develop an arcade or 3D role-play game, an experienced unreal engine game developer can make it happen for you. RisingMax Inc., a trusted unreal engine game development company, swayed its expertise in UE5 tools to build engaging three-dimensional games for users worldwide. Unreal Engine 5 is an advanced real-time and open 3D creation tool that equips game developers with various development tools and features.

Remarkable Visual Effects

Most game enthusiasts or developers have noticed that unreal engine 5 platforms have been used for top AAA-rated games development. One of the main reasons for this is the various game development tools and visual effects the software offers.

UE5 makes it easy for the game developer to add visual effects such as visual texturizing, HD rendering, path tracing, lighting effects, and others. Thus, allowing an unreal engine game developer to build engaging VR-infused AAA games with remarkable visual effects.

Multi-platform Development

You can build innovative games for multiple platforms with an unreal engine 5 game development company. UE5 supports game development on Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, iOS & Android phones. UE 4 studios software is popular in the gaming development community, and with advanced features, UE 5 is continuing the same legacy. With a reliable team of unreal engine game developers, you can release the game on multi-platforms, boosting its customer reach and popularity.

User-Friendly Toolkit

Epic Games, Inc., a leading American video game and software developer, has ensured a user-friendly game development toolkit. The company assured every bit of building a game development tool that can solve complex issues with unreal engines. For an unreal engine game developer adding things like animation network, AI, cinematographic lighting, and other visual effects will become an easy task. 

Open and Advanced 3D Creation Tool

The open-source nature of Unreal Engine 5 has resulted in building a community of unreal engine game developers. The owner can grant free access to everyone for game customization and extend features for unique game development solutions. One of the biggest advantages of UE5 is that the game developer can test the game project with the game coding without shutting down the game.

UE5 Blueprint Tools

Another leading game technology that added to the success of the UE5 is the Blueprint. The UE5 blueprint tool has added greatly to its success, as even a novice without the knowledge of the programming language can build games. Unreal engine game developers can save significant time by creating prototypes and testing different game features without hassle.

Top Performing Games on Unreal Engine

The gaming community has used the unreal engine to build games with stunning graphics and unparalleled performance. Here’s a list of the top five performing games on the Unreal engine.

  • Fortnite
  • Yoshi’s Crafted World
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Interested to know other popular games on Unreal Engine? Here’s the list of unreal engine games for you.

Our Unreal Engine 5 Game Development Services

We at RisingMax Inc offer full cycle unreal engine 5 game development services to assist clients in meeting their business goals. Connect with our professional team of unreal game developers to build engaging VR/AR/MR games for the future.

Unreal Engine 5 Game Development

Hire our unreal engine game developers to turn your unique and innovative game idea into reality. Our UE5 experts are well-versed in leading game development tools & complexities involved in 3D game development of different genres and scales. With our end-to-end unreal engine 5 game development services, we can turn your game idea into a self-confined game.

Easy Game Porting

Our unreal engine game developers can take your existing game to different platforms, allowing you to cater to a wider community. With our easy game porting services, we take advantage of UE5 software features to handle your game porting needs and provide game solutions solely based on needs and demands.

AR/VR/MR-Based Game Development

With our affordable unreal engine 5 game development services, you can launch AR/VR/MR-based games. Our experienced unreal engine game developers build high-performance games on the VR/AR/MR platform to ensure an unmatched game experience for users. We leverage our expertise in UE5 game development to suggest the best tech stack, features, and revenue models based on client game business ideas.

Easy Prototyping

Our unreal engine game developer will create a game prototype with Blueprint visual scripting features of a UE5 gaming studio. With prototypes, you can test high-end AAA games and enhance users' gaming experience with engaging high-end features.

Mobile Game Development

Our player-centric game development approach builds mobile app solutions using robust game technologies and tools. Launch highly immersive mobile games with engaging UI/UX design and visuals to attract new-age gamers to your platform.

Game Testing

With our trusted unreal engine game developer team, you don’t have to worry about minor game glitches, bugs, and other technical errors. Our team follows rigid game testing methodologies to ensure all the game features work accordingly and has zero errors. Our QA team will test and operate the game under various stages to ensure that the players love the newly built game.

We at RisingMax Inc. are available 24*7 for our customers to solve their queries and cater to their development needs. Have a unique game idea? Connect with our unreal engine game developers and discuss your UE5 game project development needs.

Unreal Engine 5 Game Development: Use Cases

  • Modern AI
  • VFX Effects
  • Particle Simulation
  • Real-time photoreal rendering
  • Film Quality Post-Process Effects
  • Unreal Audio Engine
  • Unlimited Extensibility
  • Multiplayer Framework
  • Easy data import
  • Without coding blueprints
  • Friendly external software

Unreal Engine 5 Game Development Process We Follow

Project Meeting

This is the initial stage of the UE5 game development, where our experts connect with clients to understand project needs and client requirements in detail. Our main goal is to gather valuable input from clients regarding the game project and business idea. From gameplay to features and other game aspects, our team will have a thorough discussion with the client.

Project Analysis

After gathering every minute detail related to the project during the initial project meeting, our unreal engine game developer team gathers to analyze the client's requirements. Based on the input from the client, we will share the best tech stack, game features, development cost, and time needed to complete the project.


During this UE5 game development stage, our team will share game prototypes with the client before moving on with the project development. Creating a game prototype on UE5 game studio allows the client to know about the game and suggest possible improvements to the project. Our team will move forward to the game development phase after getting the final approval from the client.

UE5 Game Development

Using the UE5 game prototype as the foundation, our unreal engine game development team will move forward with the project development. The team leverages its expertise in game development to build unique and attractive UI-based games as per client requirements. The coding logic will be implemented in terms of codes to add innovative features to the game.

UE5 Designing

The team leverages the UE5 game studio to add unique game effects and visuals to offer an unmatched experience to users. Unreal Engine 5 has attractive tools and design features that make it easy for game developers to add appealing features.

QA Testing

Our unreal engine game developers at RisingMax Inc follow rigid development methodologies to ensure there are no bugs or errors. Any issues or possible improvements will be taken care of by the development team. The main goal during this process is to ensure anything that can hamper a player's gaming experience will be addressed. The team will move to the deployment phase only after passing all the testing parameters.

Game Deployment

Based on client goals with the game project and target audience, our team will find the platform to ensure a wider reach of the game project. UE5 game studio offers multiplatform game development to ensure you don’t miss out on any growth opportunities.

Factors That Affect The UE5 Game Development Cost

Reports suggest that the global video game market is expected to generate a revenue of 222 billion US dollars. Even though the fact mentioned above is intriguing enough to jump on the game development bandwagon, let’s discuss the UE5 game development cost first.

If you are worried about how much this new business endeavor will cost you, then we suggest you reach out to us. Our experienced unreal engine game developers will share the best tech stack within your budget without compromising on the quality.

Similar to any software development, the cost of UE5 game development is governed by various factors. Before contacting an unreal engine game development company, you can determine the approximate development cost based on these factors.

Factors on Which Unreal Engine 5 Game Development Cost Depends;

  • UE5 game type
  • Game features
  • The complexity of the features
  • Security layers and features
  • Tech stack needed for game development
  • Location of unreal engine game development company
  • The expertise of the unreal engine game developer team
  • Team size
  • The overall time needed for UE5 game development
  • Maintenance and Support services

These are some of the most important factors affecting UE5 game development costs. Before jumping on with the UE5 game development, evaluate all these factors to determine the actual cost for your game project. Most unreal engine 5 game development companies will charge $40k to $50k for a basic UE5 3D game.

Hire Unreal Engine Game Developers: Engagement Models

RisingMax Inc., a trusted unreal engine game development company, understands that not two clients’ development needs are the same. To cater to our different clients' unreal engine game development needs, we offer three different engagement models. Hire our experienced unreal engine game developers for your game project as it suits your development needs. Our engagement models;

Hire Dedicated Team

Hire our dedicated unreal engine game developers with hands-on experience in leading UE5 game development tools and technologies for your game project.

Team Extension Model

In our team extension model, you can hire our UE5 game development team to assist you with the right game tech stack and expertise as per game project requirements.

Project-based Hiring

Hire our experienced unreal engine 5 game developers on a project basis for your game project with our project-based hiring model based on game project needs.

Why Hire RisingMax Inc. as an Unreal Engine Game Development Company?

RisingMax Inc., as a trusted unreal engine game development company, leverages its development expertise and UE5 studio knowledge to build unique games. Our unreal engine game developers can easily handle complex gaming development tasks and build affordable games for our clients. Here are a few numbers that tell why we are the best unreal engine game development company in the USA.

  • 15+ Games Projects Completed
  • 17+ NFT Marketplace Delivered
  • 50+ Unreal Engine Game Developer Team
  • 13 Years in Service

Choose RisingMax Inc for;

Superior UE5 Development Service

Our player-centric development approach builds innovative and engaging games that attract a wider audience. Our superior UE5 development services allow us to meet client expectations and achieve maximum satisfaction.

Expertise in the Field

With RisingMax Inc, you can access a pool of UE5 development experts that know what works and what does not for your project. Our team equips your project with the best tech stack and features to help you dominate the gaming industry.

Tech Savvy

To ensure that we offer the best development services to our clients, we keep a close eye on recent technological developments. Mastering new technologies allow us to serve clients better and build out-of-the-box business solutions.

Innovation & Expertise

When you hire our unreal engine game developers, you get innovation, results, and efficiency all in one place. Combining innovation and expertise allows our team to deliver an unmatched experience to clients.

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