Skyrocket Your Celebrity Subscription platform With NFT Based OnlyFans marketplace

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Skyrocket Your Celebrity Subscription platform With NFT Based OnlyFans marketplace

The whole world is buzzing with - the NFT marketplace, cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and Decentralization to power content creators. The latest one, the adult content-based platform OnlyFans, is also getting ready to share its Platform with the NFT marketplace.

NFT Based OnlyFans Marketplace

Are you also aware of it??

If yes, it's the right time for your business to shift the current Platform into a trending one. Subscription-based platforms like the OnlyFans Clone allow artists to reach out to their fans directly. They can post videos, images, GIFs, and more. Creators can set a certain price of content to generate revenue in the form of the sale of merchandise, subscription fees, tips, pay-per-view (PPV) messaging, etc. 

Interested to know more? Then keep scrolling. You can also hear everything from our expert team! We are just one tap away! 

Also, we have great news for budding entrepreneurs that are excited to start with a white-label NFT Based OnlyFans marketplace solution. Keep reading to check out interesting news and enjoy the power of Web 3.0!!

Need For Building The OnlyFans Like Subscription Platform

Today, no one can deny the power of NFT, where every piece of information is secured in blockchain technology. These could be pictures, songs, video clips, or whatever you can think of! 

Moving toward OnlyFans, the Platform has more than 85 million active users and over 1 million content creators. Artists set their pages to be free or paid, then ask to pay and get access to exclusive content. 

Then the question arises, what is the need for building an OnlyFans Like Subscription Platform?

  • Tokens will mint the original content created by models and stars. And the original rights remain with the original creators. 
  • Interested investors can purchase original content from the NFT marketplace in tokens.
  • The buyers will be more satisfied if they will buy the original content from authentic artists only.
  • All the transactions between buyer and seller took place in cryptocurrency via a digital wallet. 
  • The sales can be conducted in auctions to boost creators' revenue where the highest bid will get the rights to use work. 

An Artist Who Can Leverage The NFT Based OnlyFans Marketplace 

The combination of the NFT marketplace and OnlyFans elicits the creators' benefit in diverse manners. Let's check out these:

  • Celebrities: Actors and celebrities are treated as demigods in most parts of the world. Their work is highly appreciated and followed by their die-hard fans. NFT marketplace platforms like OnlyFans serve them a way to appreciate their work fans. Fans can buy first-hand copies of their work and even can contact them personally via messages. 
  • Fitness trainer: pandemic gives a reason to everyone to stay at home, but this does not affect their fitness training. Thanks to social media and video-sharing platforms. Platforms like NFT and Onlyfans combined to value the trainer's work more. They can upload images, videos, diet charts, or other valuable information on this Platform. Users can also see and use the information after buying in NFTs. 
  • Chef: Chefs have value with their unique and mouthwatering dishes prepared from common ingredients. Onlyfans' platform based on the NFT marketplace gives them value for their every special dish. Cooking fans can only access the latest cooking tips, recipes, and more after paying for a subscription plan. 
  • Musicians: It's everyday news that competitors misuse musician rights over specific music. NFT platforms like Onlyfans work as a perfect strategy for music to tokenize their content and enjoy lifetime benefits and rights over intellectual property. You may have heard the news "Grimes sold $6 million worth of digital art as NFTs". 
  • Fashionists: Fashion is one of the biggest and every day-changing industries. Therefore, it allows your top fashion designers to showcase their new designs on NFT platforms like OnlyFans. Their fans can purchase digital designs in crypto payments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other specialty tokens. 
  • Games streamers: Gen Z is growing with a growing interest in gaming and always gets excited to learn new ways to clear a particular level. Gaming pros take advantage of it and post videos on social media or YouTube-like platforms. But an NFT marketplace like OnlyFans gives them a new way to enjoy the full worth of their talent. Posting videos on the NFT platform gives creators the right to show videos to paid clients. 
  • Writers/Journalists: Writers and Journalists are considered the most responsible personalities. They are responsible for reporting on local, national, and global news and events and dictating the true story to readers. Sharing unique articles or unpublished content on the NFT marketplace gives them a new way to get rewarded for their efforts. 
  • Social media influencers: Like TV celebrities, social media influencers have a huge market today. But their work is always undervalued on traditional platforms. Offering them an NFT platform like OnlyFans allows them to stand in a queue of celebrities in terms of monetary benefits. 

Ways to tokenize unique content on NFT-based market platform OnlyFans

Now, it's time to generate revenue and work on revenue-generating models. If you are thinking about only one or two ways, you might be missing more opportunities. Let's check out these: 

  • Subscription: The most common and long-term source of income. You can charge a monthly subscription fee from users to access channels and content. Once users initiate this option, it continues until users choose to unsubscribe. 
  • Subscription Bundles: If you want to generate instant revenue, you can approach customers with attractive offers. These could be hefty discounts on longer subscription plans. The technique works best during off-season or festival offers. 
  • Locked Posts: Creators can lock a post—users who want to see it have to pay in advance to access the content. The amount included a one-time payment system. For the next post, users will pay a different price. The price can also be set according to the artist. To view one artist's work, users can pay one time for their full-time video content. 
  • Pay-per-View Messages: Celebrities, culinary experts, fashionistas, and many more can earn for their every private message or reply. These include if someone wants to stay connected with their favorite celebrity via personal messages, having to pay for every relay. 
  • Referral programs: Content creators can earn a small portion of their income from referring to other artists' content. These could be posted on the same or different Platforms, and if someone buys it via a referral link, the creator will get some income in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens. 
  • Events: Celebrities or models can conduct special events on platforms. These works are like live performances by artists. Anyone interested in accessing content will have to pay for NFT.
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Time for Building your OnlyFans NFT marketplace-like Platform

When you are ready to Build an Onlyfans NFT-based Platform. You cannot deny some must-have features in your Platform. 

Here, we have some must-have features in your ready-to-go fully-featured app. 

  • Home

Your users can get a list of recent posts and suggestions from the homepage screen. Here users can check and explore new artists or models. The search bar and filter options are there for quick assistance. 

  • Connecting Celebrities and Fans

The Platform must allow fans to directly message their favorite celebrities. These messages could be on a free or premium basis. Creators can set their prices on the Platform. The specific percentage of amounts can be transferred to your business, too, by way of commission. 

  • Tagging fellow friends

The artists can tag fellow content creators on the Platform. It helps to promote new artists on the Platform and boost their reach. These could be in the way of links or hashtags.

  • Upload posts

Artists can upload pictures, videos, GIFs, or more on the Platform. They can edit, crop, or add filters to the content. They can also create a complete album of their artwork and post them under a specific category.

  • Wallet integration

Wallet integration on the platform allows users to make smooth NFT-based transactions in the desired cryptocurrency.

  • NFT minting

Users can mint their unique artwork within the Platform and can list them effortlessly. The simple steps let them enjoy healthy profits.

  • Organize events

Creators can organize special events on the Platform. These could involve live performances, bidding, and more. The hassle-free mode of organizing events lets you enjoy good earnings. 

  • Affiliate marketing

Celebrities can enjoy more on this Platform. They can promote associated brands and products on your OnlyFans NFT platform. 

  • Statistic Report On The Listing

Once the creator lists work, it is significant to know in-depth information regarding the number of people viewing or who viewed the virtual asset, participated in the bidding offers made by other users, and more.

  • Rate The Creators

The users can rate the creators, it helps users to safeguard from buying fake or non-credible digital assets.

  • Admin dashboard

Admin can check dynamic content on the dashboard, which involves performance, reach, earnings, media, posts, and more. It helps them to build strategies for future earning platforms. 

Advanced Post Settings features 

  • Multiple Media Content allows creators to add more images and videos to their posts.
  • Attaching polls on the posts, lets creators enjoy more traffic and revenue.
  • The scheduling expiration date on posts allows the setting to not show posts after a certain time. You can also set publishing schedules to show content in certain areas and at specific times. 
  • Creators can take screenshots for uploaded videos. 

Steps to Build Your OnlyFans NFT-Based Subscription Platform 

  1. Let's talk

First of all, Our blockchain experts team will talk to you and understand your business needs whether you are planning to build a platform for artists, artists, or an adult platform. You can also request a Free Demo! We will be Happy to See you.

  1. Compile a plan

Once we get aware of your business plans and customers' expectations, we will start building OnlyFans NFT's similar marketplace for your business success. If you want to save some bucks, you can ask for MVP - a feasible solution before building the actual Platform. 

  1. An Initiative Designs

Our designers craft solutions for your fresh ideas, as WE believe that every client deserves the best solution. So, we deliver fresh and unique designs from scratch. Your unique design and features can make you an industry leader.

  1. Compelling Back-End

NFT-based marketplace required a high-security blockchain solution. Our developers have the skills and passion to deliver the best in industry solutions. Therefore, we are leading the industry with white-label solutions for OpenSea clone, Rarible clone, Robinhood clone, WazirX clone, CashApp clone, MetaMasks clone, and more!

  1. Testing Phase

Testing is a crucial face before pushing your Platform to go live. There are thousands of security points that your Platform needs to pass. We work on each to assure our customers of 100% satisfaction and results. 

  1. Deployment

Once our experts get satisfied with the platform's performance. We deliver you a solution with all the rights and passwords. 

If you are still confused, you can speak with our NFT marketplace experts.

One more thing!!!!

Do not forget to ask about different models of NFT-based OnlyFans platform developments.

These include

  • One-shot Payment Model
  • Hourly renting model
  • SaaS-based Model
  • Hiring a developer 

We have also mentioned good news for budding entrepreneurs that we do not forget to share with you…

NFT Based OnlyFans Marketplace

These are actually gifts for you…

  • Get one extensive business plan template created by our industry experts.
  • Get up to 60% discount on Whitelabel NFT Based OnlyFans marketplace
  • 1 Year Free Support and Maintenance.

Benefits of Partnering With RisingMax for OnlyFans NFT Marketplace Development

Now it's the perfect time to uplift your dreams and start building NFT-based celebrity platforms like OnlyFans. Along with getting software at affordable prices, you can enjoy many other benefits of hiring RisingMax. These are: 

  • Skilled crypto experts 
  • Native Token Creation
  • Follow high-Security Norms
  • Smart contact 
  • Transparent procedure 
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Cross-platform
  • API integration
  • Dedicated support

If you feel something is missing, do not hesitate to leave your details on the white sheet. 

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