Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development

By RisingMax

March 31, 2023

Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development

RisingMax Inc. is one of the leading stock analysis software development companies building feature-rich, lag-free, and scalable trading software. Leverage the demand of the stock market and people who are investing and actively participating in the stock market. Turn the table of profit for you with top-notch software.

Analysis Software Development

58% of US citizens invested in the stock market in 2022, and in the first quarter of 2023, the numbers increased positively. But the lacking things are reliable stock indicators and analysis software that can help them perfectly analyze and invest in stocks. 

You can provide them with a well-versed solution where things are reliable and with excellent AI-based solutions to show the real-time changes of cost and easy transactions for buying and selling shares.

RisingMax Inc. provides free consultation services to those who are willing to start their own business and want a high-end stock indicator and analysis software then you are at the right spot. 

Why Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Is The Need Of Time?

The era of digitalization has changed our life and way of dealing with everything. The stock market also changed a lot with time. Just 3-4 decades back, stock trading used to be done with a lot of paperwork, and now at the fingertips. But still, there are some loopholes when we talk about such in the stock indicator software, and you have a chance to build the bridge between the users and the shares.

Develop an app with all the latest technology, including artificial intelligence for real-time upgrades. These applications include share market news, market analysis, as well as features for portfolio tracking and management.

These are the one-stop solutions for such users who actively participate in the stock market and are willing to invest in the share market. With the help of the stock indicator and analysis software, the user can easily figure out the needful things on the platform and make decisions accordingly.

Key Features Of Stock Indicator & Analysis Software

These mentioned below are the essential features of the stock indicator & analysis software that will help your user to analyze the stock market and make investments accordingly. 


The easier and smoother the registration process is, the more individuals will use the software. Furthermore, the permission procedure should be straightforward and secure. 

This stage determines the platform's next step, so when designing the program, we make sure to provide several check-in choices, such as the usage of a pin code, biometrics, phone number, email, and so on.

Quotations and Charts 

The features allow customers to obtain the most accurate stock research, price trends, and other efficient tactics.

Watch Lists

This is the platform's key feature, as it allows users to keep a watch on stocks for future investment plans, as well as reveal price, volume, bid price, and percentage changes.

News, Updates & Analysis

The news, updates, and analysis feature are equally significant for both seasoned traders and those just starting out. As a result, alerting people about stock-related events might help them foresee price swings and other necessary things.

User Profile

In this feature, we provide the option of preserving consumers' personal information as well as other monetary preferences. So that they may quickly manage their profile with little time input.

Trading Capability

This is the foundation of your platform. To provide the user with a seamless trading experience, you must present real-time data, business profiles, and other essential information.

Streaming quotes and charts

The stock market is a fast-paced enterprise, and choices must be made in seconds. As a result, stock information on the platform should be accurate and up-to-date, sourced from trusted sources. Our AI-based technology scans the user's queries and proposes investment options.


Platforms, including streaming quotations and charts, require push alerts. Allowing consumers to select the notification service they wish to receive can help them avoid missing critical stock market events.

Money Transfers and Payments

Creating stock-based software without payment and transfer options is like leaving the platform half-finished. As a result, we included an extremely secure money transfer feature in it.

Synchronization Of Account

If you are creating stock indication and analysis software for more than one sort of device, you must provide account synchronization. Additionally, keep in mind that data should be smoothly synchronized between devices. 

Our developers are experts in creating software that may help you get the most users by utilizing innovative technology.

Benefits Of Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development

Is it valuable to have stock indicator & analysis software? Is it worth investing a good amount of your hard-earned money in such software? You can check out the below advantages to get all these answers-

Maximum Investors

An increasing number of investors believe that the stock market is synonymous with growth. Investors like quick, safe, and simple transactions, as well as real-time stock market data and analyses. 

As a result, individuals use this form of online stock indicator program to reach their desired shares at any time, from any location, and to benefit more.

No MiddleMan 

There is no broker between users and the stock market while using stock analysis software. As a result, whatever profit is generated goes directly to the users. 

Rather than pursuing the standard route, this method yields greater profit for both sides. While a broker will charge you for their services, you will not have to pay anything to anybody if you use the program.

Verified & Original Data Analytics

Many investors are looking for trustworthy stock software that will give them accurate data analyses. The analyses provided by typical enemy businesses are frequently incorrect. 

As a result, firms have the opportunity to provide consumers with software that allows them to obtain the best advice while investing in the stock market. That will instantly bring you a huge number of investors.

Maximum Revenue

In any event, income and profits are always more than the cost of creating Stock indicators and analysis software. If the software is efficient enough to provide consumers with improved security and simple functioning, business owners may earn a lot of money. 

Many investors are concerned about the lack of security in the stock market. As a result, if your program is safe, quick, and accurate enough, prepare to handle a huge user base.

Integration Of AI

The arena of AI is huge, and the human being has just discovered just 5-10% of the technology use cases. Still, we can see how the world has changed with the implementation of artificial intelligence. 

Another thing that you can count as a benefit of the software as well as for your business is we also develop AI-based software for our clients. Integration of AI into the stock indicator software will help the users to get more customized information and investment tips. 

You can completely rely on RisingMax Inc. for secure, faster, and accurate software to help the user get appropriate results with high-end security. We have delivered more than 50 FinTech projects globally. Don’t think too much to keep your toes in the era of digitalization.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy IT consulting company

How You Can Monetize Your Stock Indicator & Analysis Software

We completely understand that when a business person invests money in any software, they expect to generate more revenue. And the demand for stock analysis software is increasing day by day as people are getting more aware of buying and selling shares in the stock market. 

Premium Access

The first thing that you can keep for revenue generation is premium access to the features that you are providing service. You can keep some of the features limited and only allow users with the premium account. 

This option can be with the subscription method, where the user can get complete access to the software by paying the monthly/quarterly/ yearly fees. 


Advertisements assist the original firm in generating a significant amount of income from the platform. Advertisements account for 2-5% of overall money earned. Companies will approach you for adverts after you have a large number of users.

Pay To Upgrade

The "Pay to upgrade" approach is the next to earn income from stock indicator software. Where you may provide consumers free access to test your product and, after a period, ask them to pay for the upgrade of a specific section or area. 

Pay to upgrade can also be applied to the entire platform or to any specific sector. Incorporating any revenue-generating models might be a beneficial alternative for the platform.

Early Notification Of News

Here is another idea that will help you to generate a good amount of revenue from the users. You can keep the option to give tips/News in advance to the selective paid users before delivering it to all the users.

Tech Stack Behind Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development

Here is the list of tech stacks we hold expertise in for building software with excellent protocols and high-end user-friendly features.

  • Bootstrap
  • Python
  • React
  • Redis
  • Amazon EC2
  • Postgre SQL
  • Ubuntu 
  • Django
  • Saas
  • Redux
  • Go
  • Swift
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
  • Memcached
  • Airflow
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Celery
  • Kotlin
  • Rxjava
  • Retrofit

Work Procedure For Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development

Here is the work procedure we follow to develop high-end software for the users and the panels for the business owner so that you can keep a keen eye on the complete platform and manage and customize the platform. 

Listen To Your Idea

Our executives are available 24*7 to hear your ideas. As the first step, we would like to hear your ideas, expectations, expected features, business model, USP ideas, and everything you planned for the software.


Then we make our strategy with our expertise and management to provide you with the best possible solution for our client and cost-effective rates as soon as possible. The strategy will include every minor detail of the software to exclude any errors.

Implementation Of Idea

Advanced coding skills are required for application development. Doing this step attentively is one of the most important aspects of the approach.

A purposeful approach that results in a bug must be avoided. Stock indication & analysis software requires programmers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders.

Software Testing

Stock analysis software can have a significant impact on the user experience. As a result, they are not authorized. Because of its complexity, this procedure is exceedingly difficult. Every method step is validated to offer a smooth user experience. A regression attempt is one sort of attempting out. 

Final Launch

After all the testing and after making sure that there is not a single error on the platform, we deploy the software for users. After that, you can take over the project with your in-house team

We also provide an expert team to handle the platform in case you are not ready with your in-house team.

Analysis Software Development

Stock Indicator & Analysis Software Development Cost 

The development cost of any software depends on various factors and we are mentioning almost all the factors below: 

Software Designing Costs

10K to 20K

Advanced Features of Software

$25 to 50K

Cost For Deployment 


Cost Of Integration


Total Cost For Maintenance

$1500 to 4K

Project Managers and Team Lead

$25/ Hour

Quality Assurance Team and Testers 


The mentioned above development cost is the approximate cost and we are not claiming that it can be between the mentioned cost. It can be more or less as per the requirement of the features, software, manpower, etc. 


What do stats show about people who invest in the stock market?

  • Stock ownership is held by around 150 million or 58% of all American adults.
  • The top 1% own 53% of the stock market, worth $16.76 trillion.
  • The lowest half of American adults own only 0.6% of the stock market, worth $19 billion.
  • White Americans possess 89.1% of the stock market, which is worth $28.17 trillion.

Is it a good option to launch Stock Indicator & Analysis Software as a service?

The stats say much louder than anything; people are finding the stock market a valuable place to invest their money. And getting a one-stop solution for everything will help users as well as you to get the perfect business to generate revenue.

How much competition is there in this business?

Yes! Many of the business platforms are getting stock indicator & analysis software to expand their business but with competition, you get more chances to grow in the market. 

How can RisingMax Inc. help you perfectly?

RisingMax Inc. is the leading software development company in NYC, US, and serving the IT industry since 2011. We have delivered more than 100 pieces of software based on the stock market and are still working on 50+ projects. We are the 360-degree solution for such platforms. 

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