NFT Racing Game Development: Is It The Business Opportunity You Are Looking For?

By RisingMax

June 20, 2023

NFT Racing Game Development: Is It The Business Opportunity You Are Looking For?

With the introduction of non-fungible tokens in the gaming sector, the realm of innovative game ideas is expanding every day. Integrating NFTs in the gaming sector opens a wide range of income generation opportunities for players and makes lives easier. NFT racing game development is a perfect example.

nft racing game development

Budding entrepreneurs quickly take advantage of this unique amalgamation of NFT and games. With NFT racing game development, players can earn unique and rare NFTs; a profitable game business idea.

“Looking to jump up the NFT game development bandwagon, then connecting with RisingMax Inc, game development experts, can be a good start. With the affordable NFT racing game development services, we help you launch NFT-based racing games that will engage millennials and Genz players worldwide. Connect with our game development experts over a FREE consultation call and discuss your game project needs.”

Why Is NFT Game Development a Profitable Business Idea?

Here are some interesting that make NFT game development a profitable business idea;

  • The video games market is projected to grow from $384.90 billion in 2023 to $521.60 billion by 2027, an annual growth rate of 7.89%.
  • The user base is expected to increase to 3.10 billion by 2027.
  • User penetration is predicted to rise from 35.2% in 2023 to 39.0% by 2027.
  • The number of online game players is expected to reach 2829.8 million users by 2027.
  • Mobile games dominate the market with a projected market volume of $286.50 billion in 2023.
  • China generates the most revenue, with expected revenue of $109,200.00 million in 2023.
  • High ARPU (average revenue per user) in the video games market, projected to be $142.50 in 2023.

All these facts are from Statista.

From the above facts, it’s quite evident why budding entrepreneurs are leveraging our affordable NFT racing game development services and launching their own games. Ready to test the water with NFT car racing game development, then connect with our experts TODAY!!

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NFT Racing Game Development: Role of NFT in Gaming


Non-fungible tokens are an effective tool in making in-game assets unique, rare, and prove ownership. NFTs make it easy for racing game players to buy, sell or trade in-game assets on secondary marketplaces or move them to other games.


Most game assets are built on ERC-721 token standards, ensuring scarcity and ownership rights are not manipulated. The scarcity of in-game assets or tokens in racing games is provable through the distributed public ledger.


The interoperability nature of non-fungible tokens makes them a valuable digital asset for the future. In-game NFTs or tokens in the future can be traded or used in other games run on the same blockchain technology. In addition to this, rare in-game assets can be sold or traded on a secondary marketplace to earn cryptocurrency or real-world currency.


As non-fungible tokens are built on blockchain technology that ensures that even when the game shuts down, players won’t lose tokens' rights. The non-tamper proof or duplicate nature of blockchain-based NFTs ensures they stay forever on the blockchain.

Increase Brand Awareness

Non-fungible tokens are becoming an effective tool for increasing brand awareness. The NFTs of racing games can be listed on secondary NFT marketplaces to grab the attention of NFT collectors worldwide for adoption.

nft racing game development

Features of Our NFT Racing Game

Split Screen

The split screen of NFT-based racing games allows players to enjoy PvP racing events.

World Tour

With this feature of our NFT racing game, players can move around anywhere in the world in their favorite vehicle and enjoy riding in the virtual world.

Racing Challenges

Players while driving freely in the game ecosystem can challenge others for drag races, events, racing games, and other mini-challenges.

Racing Events

Players can participate in racing events and earn unique game assets that can be traded on secondary markets.


With this feature, a player can rewind the match to find out mistakes that cost them the game.

Historic Content

With this feature, the player can view the historic races that have ever happened and more content related to racing games.

Challenge Online Players

With this feature, the players can present a challenge to other online players and earn attractive in-game NFTs.

Want to add unique features to your NFT racing game? Our experts at RisingMax Inc. are happy to assist you. Get in touch to discuss your project needs.

OUR NFT Racing Game Development Service

As a leading NFT game development company, RisingMax Inc. offers a complete range of NFT racing game development services. Our team leverages its expertise in game development to build innovative and engaging racing games on leading blockchain technology.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy NFT Racing Game Development Company

Have a look at our affordable NFT racing game development services.

360 NFT Game Development

We offer 360 NFT game development services in different sports, racing, arcade, and more genres. With this, we ensure to provide top-notch game development services to our clients.

Game Consultation

We help game startups worldwide to give wings to their game development ideas. You can connect with our game development experts over a free consultation call and discuss your innovative game idea for free.

NFT Game UI/UX Design

Hire our professional NFT game designers to launch racing games with innovative and engaging UI/UX designs. Leverage our expertise in NFT games to build the most attractive UI/UX design NFT games.

Game Concept

Our NFT game development team assists budding entrepreneurs in discussing or testing their unique game concepts. With the industry's best experts, we provide them with a platform where they can prototype, improve and test their game concept without any hassle.

Game QA Testing

Our NFT racing game development experts use rigorous testing methodologies to ensure the smooth running of the NFT game and zero bug issues.

Post-Deployment Game Services

We provide affordable post-deployment NFT game services to ensure the smooth running of the game even after the release. Our game development experts constantly monitor NFT games for timely tech support and upgrades whenever necessary.

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Non-Fungible Token Development Options For Popular Games

If you want to venture into the virtual gaming space with non-fungible token development, then RisingMax Inc. can be your reliable development partner. We provide affordable NFT development services for various games to serve our wide variety of customers.

NFT For Card Games

Integrating non-fungible tokens with card games allow players to earn and buy digital assets. Card game players can leverage the popularity of non-fungible tokens and earn real-world money by trading or selling them on secondary markets.

NFT For Casino Games

Hire our NFT game developers to launch casino games, where players can earn unique and rare in-game assets. Launch popular gambling games like Poker, Roulette, and others with a unique NFT collection.

NFT For Fantasy Sports

Leverage the popularity of fantasy sports to launch an NFT-based game with huge revenue potential. Hire our experts to launch unique NFT-based fantasy sports games and allow players to generate passive income with digital assets.

NFT For PVP Battle Games

Launch PvP battle games based on non-fungible tokens with rare and unique assets. Players can earn in-game NFTs and then trade or list them on a secondary marketplace to earn real-world currencies.

NFT For Arcade Games

Integrate non-fungible tokens in arcade games and venture into virtual space with a reliable game development partner. Our experts can convert whole games into digital assets allowing online players to earn passive income while enjoying arcade games.

NFT For Adventure Games

Leverage the popularity of adventure games and integrate non-fungible tokens such as power upgrades, weapons, maps, outfits, game characters, and others. The in-game assets can be traded on the secondary marketplace.

NFT For Sports Games

Leverage the popularity of sports games and integrate non-fungible tokens to add more fun for the players. In-game NFTs such as players, jerseys, shoes, skills, and others will add more fun to the competition.

NFT For Racing Games

Hire our NFT game development experts to build racing games such as cars, bikes, and automobiles. With integrated in-game assets, players can change vehicle skin, speed, accessories, and other aspects. In-game NFTs can be sold or traded on a secondary marketplace in exchange for real-world money.

NFT For Action Games

Build real-world NFT for action games that allow players to add unique abilities, accessories, outfits, and others. Leverage the popularity of action games to venture into the virtual space and provide an unmatched gaming experience to users.

NFT Racing Game Development Process We Follow

Goal Setting

We gathered all the client's inputs during our consultation call and discussed the game project in detail. During this stage, we discuss all aspects of the game and set goals. Our team only shares input on gameplay, USPs, game features, and others after a thorough discussion.

Game Technology

Based on the initial discussion and for what platform (iOS, Android, and web) you are planning to launch the game, our team will share the tech stacks needed for game development. Depending upon the game and features complexities, the development cost varies.

Game Prototyping

Before jumping directly into the game development, we will share the game prototype with the client. Creating a game prototype ensures that both the development team and the client are on the same page. With this, we test the waters and evaluate possible risks and improvements we can make to the project.

Game Development

Based on the discussion about the game prototype with the client, the development team moved forward to bring the game idea to life. During this phase, different logic in terms of codes is implemented to ensure that the game performs as intended.

Game Designing

After getting approval from the client, the designing team will move forward to design the game interface, visuals, in-game assets, and other design aspects of the game based on the initial game prototype.

Game Testing

Our team follows rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that the game is error free and all game functions perform as intended. Any issue with the code will be forwarded to the development team, and the same process is followed until the final product passes all testing parameters.

Game Deployment

Based on the preset game goals and target customers, our team will deploy the NFT-based racing game on popular platforms such as Google Play Store, App Store, and other third-party platforms. Game deployment on various platforms ensures maximum exposure and efficiently reaches the target audience.

How Much Does NFT Racing Game Development Cost?

There is no direct method to find the overall cost of the NFT racing game as multiple factors discussed below affect the overall cost. When it comes to the overall development cost of NFT racing game factors such as customization level, game complexity, tech stack, feature complexity, development time, third-party API integration, and others. The best way to know the overall game development budget is to thoroughly evaluate all these factors.

If you don’t want to evaluate all these factors, then connecting with a trusted NFT racing game development company like RisingMax Inc. is the best option.

Our NFT game development experts will thoroughly evaluate your project tech stack needs and other aspects and share the best cost estimation ASAP.

However, most NFT racing game development companies will charge $30k-$50k for a basic racing game.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. as your NFT Racing Game Development Company?

RisingMax Inc. has a pool of blockchain and NFT experts that leverage their expertise to build affordable business solutions. As a trusted NFT racing gaming service provider, we provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to turn their dream NFT game ideas into reality. Have a look at these numbers;

  • 15+ NFT-Based Games
  • 17+ NFT Marketplace Successfully Delivered
  • 150+ Team of Blockchain Developers
  • 6+ Successfully Delivered Metaverse Project
  • 13 Years in Service

No one out there can match our expertise in swiftly developing engaging and complex NFT games. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we solve complex development issues easily and provide affordable business solutions to our clients.

Here’s why RisingMax.Inc. is the best NFT racing game development partner for your dream project- 

Technology Prowess

With our expertise in non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology, we build gaming solutions that are engaging and future-proof. Our expertise in leading technologies such as blockchain, VR, AR, ML, and AI ensures that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Highly Reliable

Our QA testing team follows rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that the end product is bug-free and that the integration of blockchain technology ensures 100% data security of users' data. We build solutions that are highly reliable, future proof and scalable.

Affordable Solutions

Our expertise in NFT-based game development won’t come at a higher cost. We deploy innovative development methods to solve complex problems that allow us to save valuable time and offer affordable solutions.

24*7 Support

We are available 24*7 to assist our clients and solve any development queries. Our team constantly monitors client game projects after deployment to ensure the smooth running of games and timely updates when needed.

Set your first foot right in the NFT game world with us. Reach our experts and share your NFT race gaming project needs TODAY!!!

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