Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases: Bringing Value and Transformation For Industries

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases: Bringing Value and Transformation For Industries

In recent times, there has been a lot of hype around Blockchain and Crypto assets. What’s even more important is that people and businesses are preparing to adopt the digital economy.

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If you, too, have been following blockchain and crypto assets, you must have come across the concept of NFTs. Many experts have put forth the potential of NFTs in defining the future of blockchain and is attracting profound attention.

This blog will take you through Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases. Nevertheless, we will first develop a fundamental impression of NFTs.

What Are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens are “one-of-a-kind” in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property. They represent real-world objects like art, music, games, and videos.

However, they do not have any tangible form. It is a unit of data stored on the blockchain, a digital ledger that certifies a digital asset to be unique and not interchangeable.

This latest fad has people spending millions to obtain rights to digital art, music, and images. NFTs give a person proof of ownership so that they can monetize the right to own it.

Basically, it is a special type of token generated by cryptographic hashing methods that uses blockchain technology to link to a unique digital asset that could not be replicated.

A non-fungible token differs from notable cryptocurrencies like Monero, Ether, and Bitcoin in terms of fungibility. NFTs have unique properties and cannot be traded or replaced with identical tokens.

Reports reveal that a whopping amount of $174 million has been spent on NFTs since November 2017.

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Factors That Make That Make NFTs Unique

1. Indivisibility

NFTs cannot be divided into sub-assets as it serves the purpose of singular token of data information. However, there can be fractional ownership of NFT, provided the asset stays intact.

2. Indestructibility

Even if the asset represented by the NFT is physically destroyed, NFT stays indestructible. This is because the data stored on the blockchain will continue to exist as long as the blockchain exists.

3. Provenance

Every NFT can be traced back to its origin as the asset’s NFT-based ownership record will be maintained on the blockchain.  

Non Fungible Token Use Cases

NFTs have gained massive popularity, and most businesses are on the path to hire an NFT token development company to generate significant value.

1. Art NFTs

The most vital amongst all the NFT token use cases is art. Non-fungible tokens have brought scarcity in digital art by keeping virtual artwork rare in a world where it can be digitally copied.

Crypto art obtains its value from authentication and proof of ownership digitally. The absence of NFTs in the world of art gives rise to a scenario where real artists are affected when their content gets copied and reshared easily.

NFTs offer a solid barrier for digital artists and save them from plagiarism and theft while promoting the monetization of their businesses.

Programmable artwork is one of the most common Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases, bringing in the correct blend of creativity and technology. Presently, you may discover diverse constrained version paintings portions in circulation.

Interestingly, they permit the power for programmability for adjustments in distinctive circumstances. The use of smart contracts & oracles can permit artists to develop snapshots that are able to respond to fluctuations in the pricing of blockchain-based digital assets.

2. Real Estate NFTs

NFTs have digitized the way ownerships are proved in real estate. For instance, the creation of tokenized digital assets of physical property deeds can move items like houses or land onto the blockchain.

Non-fungible tokens reduce the burden of bureaucracy that is imposed by real estate agents, banks, notaries, and attorneys. Not only this, but they also add up to the expenses of a transaction that can happen without the intervention of third parties.

By supplanting these go-betweens with speedy arrangements that empower protected and basic proprietorship moves, NFTs could broadly speed up the property-purchasing measure. All past records of proprietorship and rights are recorded in the blockchain and are quickly unquestionable.

NFTs additionally permit fragmentary proprietorship in properties, allowing proprietors to unlock value from formerly illiquid purchases and raise assets without the assistance of a bank. The prospects are perpetual concerning the land business.

3. Collectible NFTs

Digital collectibles are in high demand for unique crypto kitties among collectors worldwide. As a consequence, more NFT tokens use cases have started to appear.

Collectibles also are one of the subtle entries amongst use instances of non-fungible tokens. As a fact, online collectibles together with Cryptokitties have been one of the preliminary approaches wherein human beings discovered the usage of NFTs. The reputation of Cryptokitties won prominence in 2017 as they congested the Ethereum network.

They are essentially precise virtual kittens that customers can breed for making precise kittens. The shortage of genetic make-up determines the fee of crypto kitties. In addition, the quantity of instances of the usage of a Sire for breeding different kittens additionally performs an essential function in figuring out the fee of crypto kitties.

Various mainstream sports teams have leveraged the benefits of NFTs. One of the most popular sports fan apps, NBA Hot Shot, began using “NFT digital video moments” of their lead players instead of regular trading cards. This generates fresh revenue streams for the sports club while boosting engagement.

4. Fashion NFTs

Blockchain has amalgamated with the world of fashion and has brought multiple advantages to all the supply chain participants.

Luxury brands advocate the potential of NFTs, and this is why fashion holds a prominent position on the list of Non-Fungible Tokens Use Cases.

Consumers can conveniently verify the ownership of the items and reduce the risk of counterfeit fraud. They simply need to scan a QR code on the price tag that is in the form of an NFT. As a result, consumers could get a clear impression of details like place of creation, ownership, and more. In simpler words, customers can be sure of accessing original products with NFTs.

Moreover, the introduction of blockchain in the fashion industry has led to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which is supporting human welfare.

5. Gaming NFTs

Gaming gives rise to a massive demand for unique items that are tradable and purchasable. Most importantly, games are aware of the value of digital items. The reason is their rarity directly affects their price.

With the advent of micro-transactions and in-game purchases, the gaming industry has reached the multi-billion dollar mark.

Tokens for video games combine and represent aspects of art, collectibility, and utility. However, if we talk about the Non-Fungible Tokens Use Cases in big-budget video games, complete implementation will take time.

6. Music NFTs  

You can also attach audio, just the way you attach an image file or video, to an NFT to create a collectible piece of music.

Musicians of today find it hard to get a fair share of royalties. To obtain a balanced outcome, there are two ways: blockchain-based streaming platforms and blockchain royalty tracking.

NFT for music producers can be an excellent use case, provided the support of music labels is there. Content creators get the most suitable tools in NFT to eliminate the presence of mediators between them and their fans. Besides, it also acts as an effective tool to better the consumers’ purchasing experience.

The maximum placing issue of the usage of NFT in song displays at the possession rights of artists. As the creators of NFTs, song artists ought to earn royalties on each next re-sale of the NFTs in their work. In addition, they may additionally, without difficulty, show the authenticity in their possession at the blockchain.

The social media enterprise is likewise some other instance of the usage of NFTs for developing social awareness. Furthermore, many excellent manufacturers are adopting NFTs as units for their advertising and marketing efforts on social media.

7. Licenses & Certifications NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases touch the domain of verifying licenses and certifications. When candidates successfully complete a degree or a license, they get a certificate in digital or paper-based form.

At later stages, universities and employers seek these certificates for reference before they admit or offer a position to the respective person.

Admins can save a lot of time by using the functionalities of NFTs. As a result, the evidence of course completion or licensing can be stored conveniently.

8. Logistics NFTs

Factors like immutability and transparency make NFTs highly useful for the logistics industry. Being amongst the Non-Fungible Tokens Use Cases, NFTs ensure that supply chain data remains secure and confidential.

In the case of food, commodities, and other perishable goods, it’s essential to know the location and duration of their presence at one place.

There are multiple hypothetical ways to implement NFTs into the supply chain, which requires each stage to use the same infrastructure. However, it can sometimes become challenging to implement these systems in real life due to the presence of different stakeholders and players worldwide.

Closing Comments:

With the rising popularity of NFTs, there are bright chances that more use cases will begin to show their presence. The truth is that not every NFT application has had enough time to spread beyond an idea or a minor project. Nevertheless, NFTs are here to stay for cases like art and collectibles.

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