Top 10 Popular NFT Marketplace On Solana

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Top 10 Popular NFT Marketplace On Solana

NFT Marketplace On Solana

Solana is an open-source blockchain technology that supports the creation of digital assets such as images, videos, games, or virtual lands and decentralized applications. The SOL token (native to Solana's blockchain) provides network security through staking and transferring value. Blockchain technology recently created a huge buzz when jumping from 1.50 € to 150 € within a year. While the whole crypto market is finding it hard to recover from its recent downfall, Solana outperformed everyone with a 16,000% growth rate.

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Being such an outperformer in the current crypto market scenario, Solana is seen as a formidable competitor of Ethereum. The higher gas fee and slow transaction rate put Ethereum in the back seat and added to the popularity of the Solana blockchain network. Many users in the NFT marketplace are switching to Solana, which offers low gas fees and ultra-fast transaction speed. As a result, there is a rise in the Solana-based NFT marketplace.

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If searching for the best Solana NFT marketplace brought you here, then fret not; we have covered you. Although the Solana blockchain is still in its development stages, the growing NFT sales on Solana have left many excited and even thinking about launching their own Solana NFT marketplace. Excited to know how we can help you create your own NFT Solana marketplace; keep reading this post until the end. 

Here is the list of the top 10 popular Solana NFT marketplaces

Magic Eden - NFT Marketplace on Solana

Magic Eden is one of the popular NFT marketplaces that is based on the Solana blockchain platform. The NFT marketplace allows content creators from around the world to convert their digital assets to NFTs and list them. Buying and selling digital assets is hassle-free on Magic Eden. The NFT marketplace doesn’t charge any listing fee, which is another good reason why creators prefer to list their digital assets on this Solana NFT marketplace.

It is worth noting that the NFT marketplace charges a transaction fee of 2 percent on every transaction on the marketplace. In addition to this, creators can specify royalties and get paid after the sale. Magic Eden Launchpad’s goods and services assist creators around the world to mint their own NFT without any technical skills. Here are some of the popular NFT collections that you can find on the Magic Eden - Stoned Ape Crew, OnlyDice, and Baby Ape Social Club.

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Solanart - Solana Based NFT Marketplace

The next on our list of top NFT marketplace based on Solana blockchain technology is Solanart. It is a marketplace for Solana-based Neural Networks and allows digital creators from around the world to mint, list, sells, and buy NFTs on the platform. The platform charges a three percent transaction fee on every successful NFT sale, is open to the public, and anyone from any part of the world can participate. The Solana-based NFT marketplace gives complete freedom to creators to determine their own fees.

Solanart NFT marketplace creates a platform for digital art creators and collectors to sell or buy NFT on the platform. Here are some of the popular listed NFTs on the Solana-based marketplace - Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurora, Solpunks, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage, to name a few.

Solsea - NFT Marketplace on Solana

Solsea is another popular Solana-based NFT marketplace where digital art creators or collectors can mint, buy or sell their NFTs. The NFT marketplace offers unique features such as rarity ranks and NFT interoperability with SPL tokens. The platform has a calendar that provides users with valuable information so that they never miss an upcoming drop or project. Solsea’s successful collection includes - Base markets, All.ART Circle and Meta Waifus. The “first 100” is a virtual NFT Art Fair of its type, showcasing the pioneers and early adopters.

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The platform imposes a fee of 3% on every successful transaction, and there will be no listing fees charged. Only after the sale of a digital asset creator can set their royalties, and on every sale, the portion of the proceeding goes to the artist. Solsea NFT marketplace is compatible with popular Solana wallets such as Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet.

DigitalEyes - NFT Marketplace on Solana

DigitalEyes is the next Solana-based NFT marketplace on our list that allows users to buy, sell, and mint digital assets. The top NFT collection on the marketplace includes Aurory, Degenerate Ape Academy, Frakt, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage, to name a few. The platform charges a 2.5 percent service fee on every successful sale of the NFT on the platform.

Solana NFT marketplace supports wallets including Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Solong, Slope, and MathWallet. DigitalEyes platform charges an NFT two additional fees, one in the form of a royalty fee set by the creator of NFT and service cost.


Metaplex is one of the best NFT marketplace based on the Solana blockchain network. The NFT marketplace platform provides a platform where the creator can mint their NFT and list it on the Solana marketplace. The Solana-based NFT marketplace charges a services fee on every successful NFT transaction.

With Metaplex NFT marketplace, you are putting your NFT on a limited number of the marketplace instead of putting your digital assets in the open market with huge competition. The Solana-based NFT marketplace assists creators and investors in launching their own NFT storefronts. It is a decentralized on-chain platform that allows users to mint, list, sell, and buy NFTs and avoid marketplace costs.



Developed through Project Serum, Sollectify is the first decentralized derivatives exchange based on the Solana network. The creators of the platform halted the development and made code available on the GitHub platform. The NFT marketplace is creator centric and allows them to mint their digital artwork, video games, and others to NFTs. Serum, the development project of Solllectify is a completely decentralized exchange with trustless cross-chain trading. The creator-centric NFT marketplace allows users to create, trade, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a quick and easy manner with trustless cross-chain trading. 

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Degenerate ape company

Started with an idea to provide users a platform where they can make friends, eat crayons, and engage in unrestricted, unrestrained, horrible behavior. Degenerate ape company Solana-based NFT marketplace with 10,000 NFTs. Want to know what’s unique about this NFT marketplace? It is the traits and rarity features that help distinguish between each NFT. The platform has 137 different qualities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Mythic.

The platform generates a total volume of 270 K Solana transactions, with Degen Ape #2719 as the most expensive NFT on the marketplace. It is available on Magic Eden, Phantom, and Solflare; the Solana wallet supports online buying and selling digital assets.


The next on our list of popular NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain technology is ExchangeArt. The popular Solana-based NFT marketplace allows users to focus on 1/1 of digital art and individual creators. Platform users can handpick the digital assets, sets, photography, profile images, AI arts, 3D art, and banners listed on the exchange. It is worth noting that there are no listing fees on the platform, so any independent artist can move to this platform and list their digital assets with them.

However, the platform does charge a services fee of 2.5 percent on every successful transaction that happens on the NFT marketplace. Remember, you need to pay the Solana Network fee.


Solport is another popular NFT marketplace built on Solana blockchain technology. The NFT marketplace offers users unique features such as user auctioning, rarity filtering, marketplace activity notifications through Discord/ Telegram, and more. There is no listing fee or refund charge to list your digital assets with the NFT marketplace.

However, keep in mind that the Solana-based NFT marketplace charges a 2 percent fee on every NFT purchase on the platform. Here are some of the popular Solana projects, such as Realm Kings and Mutant Monkey Business. The NFT marketplace enjoys the support of two crypto wallets - Phantom and Solflare.


When it comes to the first decentralized NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain technology, then Artz is the right answer. The NFT marketplace is known for one-of-a-kind artwork for discovering and collecting different kinds of NFTs. The platform supports transactions of different types, and each transaction costs 0.00001 SOL or 0.000005 SOL.

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Similar to most platforms on the list, there are no listing and minting fees, although users only pay for blockchain. Currently, the platform supports the Phantom wallet and charges a 2 percent commission on every NFT sale on the platform.


Popular NFT marketplaces on Solana

How Can We Help You Launch Your Own Solana NFT Marketplace?

As you already know, even during the worst phase of the crypto sector, Solana posted a growth rate of 16,000 percent. Building and launching an NFT marketplace based on Solana technology seems like a profitable business idea. Jump the bandwagon and launch your NFT marketplace on the Solana network. With our expertise in the Solana blockchain network, our development team can help you be a part of the future with the Solana NFT marketplace. 

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Wrapping Up

As Solana blockchain technology has so much to offer, it’s the right time to launch your own NFT marketplace based on Solana. With low transaction fees and high speed, this blockchain technology will likely overtake Ethereum blockchain in the near future. Still, have doubts about creating your own NFT marketplace? We suggest you carefully analyze the trend in the NFT and make a decision before it’s too late. If you ask us, it’s time to go with the trend and launch your own NFT marketplace based on Solana. 

Enter the crypto ocean with us as your Solana blockchain app development partners and launch a profitable NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain.

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