Launch An Virtual Property Trading and Game Platform With Upland Clone

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Launch An Virtual Property Trading and Game Platform With Upland Clone

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Upland is the newest addition to the virtual world list. Currently, the platform is promoting itself as a virtual property trading game. We expect it to develop itself into a fully operational metaverse like Decentraland and Shibaverse. If you are looking to jump the bandwagon and launch your own virtual property trading platform like Upland clone. Then, we at RisingMax have the right development team and technical expertise to assist you set foot in the virtual world. 

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Launch Your Own Virtual Propperty Trading App Like Upland

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Upland metaverse is headquartered in Austin, Texas, mapped to the real world, and is rapidly growing to become the world's largest and most active blockchain-based economy. Purchase, sell and exchange virtual properties that link to real-world addresses. Build your own home - start a virtual business, and sell your NFT properties in a free and open marketplace to make UPX coins or US dollars. Upland is a great place to make friends, make lifelong friends.

Upland helps global businesses to quicken the digital transformation with a powerful cloud software library that provides choice, flexibility, and value. It focuses on the special business challenge and supports every corner of the organization, handles at scale, and delivers quick time to value for 10,000+ customers.

Upland involves the following features:-

  • To play

Upland is a game where you can trade, sell or buy properties. The unique properties minted by uplanders were used to finalize property collection or sold on the open marketplace. Upland has many adventures, like city tours, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, hidden pinatas, and live property auctions. 

  • To earn

In traditional games, players are forced to spend their time, money, and energy, in return for which they get nothing, which is completely unfair. Upland has a “play-to-earn “ gaming mode to mint NFTs in Upland; players have to use UPX. This makes Upland a rare platform where players make real money. More than $300 million have been earned by players on the Upland to date.

  • To connect 

Uplanders is an apprehensive community of Upland. Many players engage in creating a metaverse culture powered by creativity and collaboration. This community is the system's life where players connect and make lifetime connections. You can check Upland to see weekly property auctions and other events. 

  • To build-up 

The platform allows users to build homes or apartments on the virtual land owned by them. Uplanders can take advantage of spark features to build their own dream project to reality.

Upland Like App Development
Upland Like App Development

What Is an Upland Clone?

Upland clone is a pre-built and ready-to-launch virtual metaverse powered by blockchain technology. Similar to Upland, users can play games, buy or sell properties, and build their digital assets.

How Does Upland Clone Work?

Upland clone is a virtual property trading game. Users can use UPX tokens (in-game currency) to buy, collect, sell, and trade virtual property on the platform. Blockchain technology makes it easy even for non-tech users to keep their true ownership records and securely interact with the platform's ecosystem.

Not only sale and purchase of the virtual property, but users can also build anything and develop the virtual land they own in Upland.

Upland clone is getting popular among users that are looking to -

  • Own virtual property in metaverse or add a virtual property in their digital asset collection.
  • Buy properties on Upland that they are not able to own in the real world.
  • Trade and deal in virtual properties.
  • Add something new to their asset collections.
  • Enjoy playing games in a location-based experience.
  • Own similar real-life properties and limited-edition art.
  • Become a part of the parallel economy and diversify their assets.

With so many users looking to become a part of the metaverse, building a similar virtual trading platform with Upland clones is a profitable investment idea. And RisingMax is the right virtual property trading app development partner to bring your idea into reality.


Upland Clone Features

With our Upland clone platform, admins can provide various ways to their platform users to acquire and trade virtual properties:

Virtual Avatar

Users that are inclined to become part of the metaverse can create their digital avatar on Upland, popularly known as “block explorer”. Users as block explorers will roam from one place to another and can buy properties they have visited.

Buy Properties on Physical Location

Upland clone uses the physical location of the users to show them the available virtual properties for purchase around their physical location.

Upland Marketplace

Upland marketplace is a place where users can trade the properties owned by them or make an offer to buy a desired virtual property. The in-game feature makes it easy for users to accept or reject incoming offers.

In-App Map

The in-app map feature allows users to view the virtual properties that are on sale in the marketplace. Along with property listed for sale, users can also view the initial offers made by Upland.

Mystery Packs

Mystery packs is a unique feature on Upland that allows users to purchase properties in packs. Players can sell these mystery packs to other players or sell them in the marketplace.

Paper Deeds

The properties on the Upland metaverse have paper deeds that include QR codes. These paper deeds can either be obtained via marketing campaigns or from other players.

Upland Like App Development

Upland Users Levels

  • Visitors

Upon sign-in to the platform, the user enters the visitor mode with a net worth of 0 to 9999 UPX. After every one week, the visitor needs to renew their account else their account will be recycled, and the UPX earned will be removed.

  • Uplanders

When a user gains a net worth of 10000 UPX, their status will become an Uplander. An Uplander doesn't need to renew their account, and the properties they own are stored permanently. They also enjoy the true ownership of their virtual assets as Uplanders.

Color Codes for Properties

The properties on the Upland are color-coded to make it easy for users to know their status. Different color codes of the properties represent different statuses such as:

  • Bright Green: The bright green properties in color indicate that they are unminted. If you buy them, then you will be their first owner as no one owns them.
  • Dark Green: The bright green properties in color indicate that they are listed on the secondary market for sale. Upland users can buy these properties with UPX or USD.
  • Blue Properties: These are not listed on the secondary market but are owned by others. Anyone interested in buying these properties can bid their price to the current owner.
  • Dark Blue Properties: These properties are your currently minted properties.
  • Grey Properties: The properties that are in gray color indicate that they are locked and unminted. 

Depending upon what color pattern you want to add to your virtual property trading game like Upland. Our experts can do the same for you. Get in touch today and discuss your Upland clone requirements and customizations.

Different Tokens That Work on Upland

Upland is a virtual property trading game built on EOS.IO blockchain software and runs on the EOS mainnet. There are two types of tokens that work on Upland ecosystem:

UPX Tokens

UPX is the digital token that works on the EOS mainnet. These tokens are specific for the upland ecosystem and can be bought from the Upland store with fiat currency. Later in the future, the platform will surely add purchasing of UPX with digital coins and make it easy for users to be a part of this virtual world.

Virtual Properties

The virtual properties on the Upland ecosystem are NFT built on the EOS mainnet. These virtual properties exactly match the physical address in the real world and use 3x3 “Up-squares” to clearly define the parcel space of the property. Initially, the platform supports fiat currency to be converted into the UPX to trade virtual properties on the Upland platform, and later on, the cryptocurrencies will come into the picture. 

Tech Overview of Our Upland Clone

Our virtual gaming and land trading platform uses a hybrid backend to manage both gaming function and ownership of digital assets. Blockchain technology helps this new virtual world to keep true ownership of all digital assets. And standard gaming stack makes it easy to manage the functions like game logic, visualization, and content management.

EOSIO Technology

EOSIO technology on the Upland clone offers several benefits as compared to the potential public blockchains. Here are some of the Prime benefits of the EOS.IO technology:

  1. With EOSIO technology, the Uplanders and riding players stake resources to pay transaction fees.
  2. Even the Uplanders that are not tech-savvy, this technology makes it easy to maintain True Ownership and an open economy.
  3. Fast processing speed is one of the major advantages of the EOS.IO technology. This technology allows the platform to support mass users to adopt the platform.
  4. Being open-source software, it enjoys strong support from the developer community worldwide.

Token Implementation

There are two ways to maintain all digital assets for token implementation on the Upland. 

  • UPX - Upland’s Virtual Currency

UPX is the official virtual currency of this new metaverse. These are derived from EOS tokens smart contacts and are specifically meant for use inside the Upland’s ecosystem. What’s unique about this virtual token is that it works on multi-signing of both the Upland and virtual landowner.

  • NFT Virtual Property

The virtual property on the Upland exactly matches the physical address in the real world. To avoid conflict, the ownership is identified by UP², which is the smallest unit of ownership in Upland. UP² - the smallest parcel boundaries is 3*3 meter square, and UP² ID will help in decoding precise geolocation.

  • Smart Contact

Smart contacts are an important technology on the Upland metaverse that allows users in performing the following actions:

  1. Minting new properties on the Upland metaverse.
  2. Buying, selling, and renting properties on sale.
  3. Accepting or rejecting buy offers.
  4. For UPX collection from the properties owned on the platform.
  5. Ability to un-mint any property owned on the platform.

How to Generate Money with Upland Clone?

The new metaverse platform offers a variety of earning opportunities in several forms. Here’s how you can earn money on the Upland.

  • Sell property

You already know that the digital properties on the Upland can be traded. However, the properties that are part of the collection or the property you own have a type of structure. The value of these properties is much higher, and you can sell them at a huge markup value both in UPX and USD.

  • Rent out spark

Spark, in simpler terms, is the resource used to build inanimate objects in the virtual world. Right now, only homes and apartments can be built, and later in the future, these can be used to build numerous other objects. You can rent them out and earn in USD or UPX on rentals if you own spark.

  • Sell block explorer

In Upland, the digital identity known as avatars is known as ‘block explorers.’ Uplanders use these block explorers to wander the city. You can even sell these block explorers for USD or UPX.

  • Annual Yield

The virtual land that you own on the Upland produces an annual yield. Currently the annual yield on the property is 14.7% and is collected on a 3-hour basis. It is expected that as the virtual platform grows, the earning percentage will go up in the future.

  • Completing a collection

On Upland, the users are rewarded with a one-time bonus for completing a collection. The rarer the task, the higher the bonus. Later on, you can trade or sell these digital collections and earn UPX or USD.

  • Visiting Fees

In Upland, paying a visiting fee is a must when a user visits a virtual property that they don’t own. Depending on where the virtual property is located, the visiting fees vary between 5 UPX and 100 UPX. 

  • Treasure Hunt

Uplander can participate in the treasure hunt with their block explorers and find a treasure within a short period of time. You can either find treasure and win UPX, or there is also a possibility of winning spark.

  • Win Contest

Numerous contests happen in this new virtual world. Uplanders can take part in them, and the top rankers can win UPX.

  • Legits

This is a new feature in Upland that allows brands, organizations, and celebs to extend their presence on this platform. You can buy these legits and later on this could become another excellent earning source.

Why Choose RisingMax For The Upland Clone Development?

When it comes to the development of a pre-owned metaverse marketplace, no one can match our tech expertise and world-class development services. We follow an agile development process and keep our client’s requirements at the center of our development process. Ready to build your own virtual property trading platform like Upland? Here’s how you can take advantage of our services:


Whether it’s the app development process or cost, we are completely transparent about it from the start and keep clients updated about every progress regarding app development.

Safe and Secure 

Our development team is well versed in the latest technologies, especially blockchain technology. With our expertise, we assure our clients of the development of a highly secure and safe metaverse platform along with the API permission keys having a vulnerable entryway to the security systems.

Skilled FinTech Experts

Choose us as your platform development partner, and you will have highly skilled fintech experts working on your dream metaverse project. From Decentraland clone to OpenSea Clone, our fintech experts are well equipped to fulfill your requirement.

Enhanced Reliability

Our piece of software undergoes different development and testing stages to ensure that end-users will enjoy the application. The team assures that solutions are highly reliable and operate without any failure.

So, why wait? Discuss your Upland clone queries with our development team for FREE today!!

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