Mobile Game Development Process & Monetization Method Of Mobile Gaming Platform

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Mobile Game Development Process & Monetization Method Of Mobile Gaming Platform

The game has always been a true friend of humans in boredom. But things changed drastically, and now gaming platforms are the major income for the game lover and the game development company.

Mobile Game Development Process

I guess everyone is mostly aware of the name PubG, one of the most successful mobile games in modern gaming history. Building a gaming platform can turn you into a billionaire in no time. 

Mobile game companies are making billions from the games in various ways. Here are some stats that prove that mobile game development is a good idea for your startup business.

  • Mobile games share almost 57% of the total revenue of the gaming industry.
  • The total revenue of the mobile game industry was $68.5 billion in 2019. 
  • The total revenue of mobile games has generated more than $175.8 billion in the year 2021.
  • As per market experts, the revenue of the mobile game industry can go more than $218.7 billion by the year 2024. 
  • 78% of gamers are on the android OS.

The continuous growth can be seen in the industry can be seen by the stats of the market experts. So, mobile game development can be the best option for you. 

Don’t indulge too much in thinking about the gaming platform; just get in touch with our experts and leave the rest to us for the mobile game development process. 

Mobile Game Development Process

A hit recreation app has an awesome idea, plan, and exceptional gameplay. Here are a few steps on the way to broaden a cell recreation app to make the cell recreation improvement method easier.

Unique Game Concept

A specific recreation idea is the maximum essential step withinside the cell recreation improvement method. Hence, cell recreation ought to have a completely unique concept to succeed. Whether you select chess recreation improvement or delusion sports activities improvement, an great recreation idea is required.

Create A Story

In the sports world, memories are reared. Of course, gamers would require a cause to play a recreation to finish it, and they'll want a story, regardless of how easy it's far. So, you want to create a shop in advance. This will assist in broadening recreation effectively.

So, if deciding to make investments your cash in chess recreation improvement, it's far essential to create a shop. Having a story, it is straightforward to broaden a cell recreation app. This will assist companies in getting appropriate sales and excessive Return on Investment.

Create A Game Idea

A little dependency can pass a protracted manner to retain humans engaged for your recreation. Certain unbreakable factors contribute to the sport’s addictiveness. You need to broaden your recreation. This is easy, fast-moving, and fun with sensible and a gradually growing complexity level. Plus, gamers get bored in covered games.

Creating a recreation concept is required if you're interested in growing an online casino recreation. First, however, you need to seek the assistance of an online casino recreation improvement corporation to enforce your thoughts into reality. They will, without problems, entire the cell recreation improvement method with years of information.

Choose A Mobile Platform

To broaden a cell recreation app, selecting a platform is far required. There are numerous platforms, together with iOS, Android, and Windows. So, you want to select a platform in keeping with your requirement. It makes positive you may pick an excellent platform for poker recreation improvement.

In the mobile game development process choosing the perfect platform will be a crucial task for you because of the number of users will on the platform it will get launch. 

It makes positive that the cell recreation improvement method is entire on time. Apart from this, you must select a dependable cell recreation improvement corporation to finish the assignment on time. It makes positive you get the excellent offerings on time.

Prepare A Game Design Document

The game layout is extensively greater complicated to create than the app layout. This is because a hit recreation layout considers many variables like a plot that drives the make, characters, and the last appearance.

A recreation layout could make a huge distinction between it and your competitors. Thus, you should put together a recreation layout record for improving delusion sports activities.

Mobile Game Development Process

Create A Game Structure

Game shape significantly influences its sales, which is why it calls for loads of interest to make it. When growing the shape, you should recollect the surrounding, texture, and different recreational items.

For a hit cell recreation app improvement, creating a recreation shape is far required. However, it's far a complex venture for a non-technical person. Thus, you want to seek the assistance of a cell recreation improvement corporation with years of information in this field. So they'll find the entire cell recreation improvement method with ease.

Design A Game Wireframe

Wireframing offers a clean photograph of how a cell recreation app will work, experience, and appear. Think of it as a visible prototype or roadmap to your app. This will help you gain knowledge of a special deal for cell recreation improvement.

So, you want to lay out a recreation wireframe. This will help you in growing a recreation app successfully. We all are conscious that cell recreation app improvement is a protracted method, so you want to comply with the cell recreation improvement method carefully.

Create A Mobile Game

After following the method mentioned above, it's time to create a cell recreation. But developing an app isn't an easy undertaking. To broaden an app, rent a cell recreation improvement corporation with an awesome tune file and revel in this field.

It makes positive you get excellent cell recreation improvement offerings. However, you want to accumulate a few statistics earlier than growing an app, with information, first-class offerings, and plenty of greater. It will assist in making a smart decision.

Beta Testing 

The next step will be the beta testing of the gaming platform, in which the gaming platform tries its application. A group of users records their experience to determine if there is any problem or if something is missing from the application.

It helps the application company to know about minor mistakes for the final deployment of the application. The mobile game development life cycle is incomplete without this step because it will let the gaming platform company know more about its platform. 

Final Launching

This is the final step to getting into gaming and making people crazy about your gaming platform. The mobile game development life cycle partially ends here, but the maintenance of the application will continue in the process for the enhancement of the application.

Once the application is launched, you can hire your in-house team for the maintenance, or if you want to be free from the tension of the maintenance, then RisingMax Inc. is also available with the maintenance team, who will be in continuous service.

We at RisingMax Inc. also provide a dedicated maintenance team for the maintenance team to our on-contract. Hire a dedicated application maintenance team for your gaming application. 

Ways For The Monetizing The Game

In the mobile game development process choosing the monetization method is a key factor for the gaming platform because this is the most important part, as the whole revenue system will be dependable on this only. 

In-app purchase

The in-app purchase monetization model; is one of the most popular and reliable options for generating revenue from the gaming platform. In the in-app purchase, the gaming platform can sell users multiple types of accessories and features.

The perfect example of in-app purchase is the most popular gaming platform Pubg where the platform is completely open for all, but for some of the unique items, they charge their user.

It can be anything like in-game weapons, skins, gears, objects, moves, locations, names, etc. game lovers loves to customize their avatar in the game. And opening sports of customization as per their choice can be more beneficial for your gaming platform. 


Mobile game companies generate revenue of 2-5% of the revenue from advertisements. 

The commercial may be set earlier than the start of the sport or on the top of the sport; it's far obligatory to recognize that we must now no longer place a commercial withinside the center of the. Advertisement in sports or any provider utility is a terrible idea because it distracts the user.

Advertisements on the gaming platform may be one of the primary assets for producing sales from the business. Mobile video games are on target to generate $39.8 billion in handiest advert sales. Thus, overall, it's been proven that they're noticeably profitable.

Paid Mobile Games

The other option one can apply in the gaming platform is paid playing. Any users who want to play the game must buy the credentials or the game completely. The best example is Grand Theft Auto, where the user has to buy the game to get the credentials.

In such kind of game, at the initial position, you can keep the platform free to gain users at your platform, and after a time, they have to buy the game to play. It can be based on the subscription model or the model of one-time buy or purchase by location, map, or season. It will be up to the gaming company what kind of revenue model they want.

RisingMax Inc. is the company that can provide 360-degree solutions to your model. We have a team of expert developers of more than 150 and highly experienced game designers. All you have to do is ping us and leave the rest of the development to us. 

Real money game

Real money gaming platforms are the most demanding type of gaming platform. Most gaming companies are approaching us to get the real money gaming platform.

The best benefit of developing this kind of game is that it is a real-time game, and people get attracted to this kind of game more rather than pre-scheduled games.

When the user gets benefits instantly, they love to be active on the platform and invest more. The more the users invest in the platform, the more the gaming platform will be able to make money from it.

Work Procedure We Follow 


When developing revolutionary gaming applications, clever and green-making plans are essential. The fulfillment of a gaming app is substantially stimulated with the aid of its preparation.

You ought to determine what substances to use, how to use them, and what you need to perform to lay out a successful app. Utilizing current video games is critical as the sport develops.

The Implementation Method

A cellular sport's improvement consists of each sport and code improvement. One of the maximum critical factors of the method is taking this step carefully. A planned approach that produces a glitch should not hinder the sport's conclusion. It took programmers, UI/UX designers, artists, and coders to create this pool sports app.

Some apps are considered very simple to use but the severity of features implies great responsibility on the software engineer, therefore make sure to utilize app development outsourcing from services that provide the highest rate of deliverability.

Phase Of Testing

Test every characteristic and feature as soon as the improvement method is over to ensure the device is error-free. Errors in online gaming packages can extensively affect the consumer revel. Hence they can not be permitted. This approach is pretty tough because of its intricacy.

Every method step is examined to ensure the consumer revel is seamless. One sort of trying out is regression trying out. Another sort of trying out is practical trying out. Eliminate the very last degree in case you need to put off pests.


Imagine having innovative software at your disposal with all of its current capabilities. It wishes green advertising and marketing to be fulfilled withinside the market.

A massive band debut calls for a smart advertising and marketing approach. It's essential to interact with purchasers and reply to their inquiries. A price range has to be installed for the advertising and marketing software to reinforce rating and publicity withinside the retail market.

Get into the market of the biggest and most demanding market where you can gain not just users but money as well. Hire one of the leading mobile game development companies, RisingMax Inc., to make your gaming company a unicorn.

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