We Develop AI News Anchor: Pioneer The Ongoing Tech Race

By RisingMax

July 15, 2023

We Develop AI News Anchor: Pioneer The Ongoing Tech Race

China’s Xinhua news agency introduced their “claimed world’s first AI news anchor” to the world at the World Internet Conference. We see a surge in deploying AI-based news anchors in news agencies worldwide, while others are planning to join the ongoing tech race.

Face recognition, face modeling, speech synthesis, deep learning, and multiple other technologies combine in AI-powered news anchor development. Leveraging these technologies, these AI news anchors are capable of thinking, replicating human intelligence, and performing similar human activities. 

The concept is still in its nascent stages, and AI news anchors are learning to read news like professional anchors with hand gestures and facial expressions. While some believe it’s too early for them to join the ongoing tech race, there are entrepreneurs like you, who are reaching out to us.

As the race to launch the first AI news anchor with similar capabilities as a professional news anchor is getting competitive, we at RisingMax Inc. are ready to assist you. With our decade-old hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and Blockchain, we are empowering our clients to become a dominant force in their domain. Connect with our experts today to launch your first AI news anchor for your news agency.

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AI News Anchors: Providing A New Structure and Identity To News Agencies

The advancement in technology will result in transforming the way news agencies traditionally operate and deliver news to the target audience. A new structure will be implemented in the future allowing news agencies to become more efficient and provide viewers with precise information.

Reading News

Currently, AI news anchors are capable of reading news from the prompter and delivering it to the audience in as realistic a manner as possible. Learning from professional news anchors' videos, they are mastering the art of reading news with the right expression & emotion.

Real-time Q&A

News agencies worldwide are searching for news areas where these AI anchors can be employed. Proponents believe that AI news anchors can real-time take questions from viewers and answer them, thus transforming news delivery.

Conduct Debate

Although AI news anchors are computer-generated models, they are capable of reading human facial expressions and voice pitch. Leveraging this ability, it’s possible that news agencies will employ them in the future to conduct TV debates and drive more meaningful human interactions.

Weather Updates

Similar to reading out the latest news, these computer-generated human replicas can provide weather updates. With the added advantage of swiftly gathering and analyzing huge amounts of data, they can provide more accurate weather updates in a relatively lesser time duration.

Feature To Set Your First AI News Anchors Apart From Others

Are you planning to jump on the tech bandwagon? Then connecting with our experts at RisingMax Inc. is the right move. Our team will assist you in launching your own first AI news anchor and adding high-tech features to dominate the ongoing tech race in the media and entertainment industry. Here’s a list of features to add and set your AI news anchor apart from the crowd.

Learn From Data

We help you design an AI news anchor that analyzes video and other data to read text from the prompter similar to professional news anchors. This allows news agencies to train their AI news anchor to present news like a specific professional news anchor with the same voice and expression. In addition to this, these computer-generated bots can learn by analyzing their own live news broadcast and gathering insights to enhance skills.

Social Media Engagement

The AI news anchors aren’t limited to television to engage with the audience. Taking your AI news anchor to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat assists in creating a public presence and engaging with the audience. They are capable of maintaining their own social media accounts in as a humanistic manner as possible.


While traditional news anchors can deliver news in one or two languages, there is no such limitation with these computer-generated models. AI news anchors can be provided with data and trained in different languages to read out news, and weather updates and answer viewer queries in real-time.

Filter Fake News

AI news anchors can be integrated with multiple news aggregators, websites, and agencies to filter out accurate information from the noise. Gathering information from various verified resources over the internet and on the ground, AI news anchors can be designed to filter out fake news and present verified information.

Predict Weather

While traditional news anchors are completely dependent on technology and prompter to provide weather updates. Things are not the same for the AI news anchors. Their enhanced ability to gather and analyze large data gives them an edge over human anchors. Directly collecting historical and real-time weather data empowers them to predict future weather conditions.

Stocks Updates

Our team can assist in developing an AI-based news anchor that can provide real-time stock market news and predict future stock market trends. No need to hire a professional stock market and financial expert to deliver your audience authentic stock news. AI news anchors can be trained to gather financial data and analyze market trends to make a data-driven stock prediction.

Anchor Avatar Customization

The AI news anchor can be customized to meet the outfit, body structure, expressions, body language, and other of a specific news anchor. With one single AI anchor, you can create multiple anchor avatars to handle the news, sports, weather, financial, TV debates, and other news segments.

AI News Anchor Development

What’s In The Future For AI News Anchors?

In the media and entertainment industry, AI news anchors are currently viewed as a tech trend. But, things are going to change with time. These computer-generated AI models keep learning and adapting to meet the expectation. It is possible that we see them handling a variety of other tasks in the media and entertainment industry than just limited to reading text from the prompter.

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