How Can I Sell My Idea To A Company

By RisingMax

August 11, 2023

How Can I Sell My Idea To A Company

New and innovative ideas are very important for the growth and development of the fast-paced business world. These days many new and trending ideas are making their entry into the revolutionary business world. These ideas give rise to new inventions which make lives easier and simpler.

Do you own an innovative and unique idea but are confused about how to sell it to a company and get it converted into reality?

Well, in this blog, we will talk about

  • How can you sell your ideas to a company?
  • How can you pitch your idea to a company?
  • What challenges you might face while pitching your ideas?
How Can I Sell My Idea To A Company

How To Sell App Idea To A Company

How To Sell Your Idea to Apple

If you have an outstanding idea in your mind and you want to pitch it to Apple, you need to be tactful and undertake smart work. In case you don't know anyone working at Apple and you decide to contact them directly by clicking on “Contact Apple” through the company’s website.

Make sure you draft the mail carefully and mention all the necessary details about the idea. This will increase the chances of your business idea getting selected by the Apple authorities.

How To Sell Your Idea To Google

If you possess a mindblowing idea with you and want to sell it to Google, then you must ensure that the idea you have must be unique. Check whether there are already existing apps on the Google Store which are similar to your idea. The company is always welcome to new and innovative ideas that can bring a change in the society.

Pitch your idea to them in the right manner and to the right person. You can submit your idea by filling an online form available on the Google Website. Also, have relevant arguments ready with you to prove the uniqueness and feasibility of the idea.

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How To Sell Your Idea To Facebook

Facebook has a huge customer base at a global level. The company is open to suggestions and ideas from the people. To submit your ideas to Facebook, you can either talk to your knowns working in the company and ask them to take your ideas to higher management. Another way of contacting the authorities is by submitting ideas through the website. You can do this by filling out the feedback form available on the website. Make sure your idea is unique and is not something which is already existing in the market.

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Challenges You Can Face While Selling Idea To A Company

Pitching your idea to any company is not a simple task to perform. You have to be very careful and undertake prior planning. You have to face many hurdles in your way. Given below are some major challenges you might face while selling your idea to a company:

Idea Research Is A Time-Consuming Process

Getting a unique idea is a time-consuming process. You cannot expect to get an idea overnight or in a minute. The idea has to pass through multiple stages and thought processes before getting finalized. The idea must be supported with proper research regarding its uniqueness and accessibility. This research process can continue for days, months and sometimes years. It can cause a delay in the idea-pitching process.

Protecting Your Idea From Getting Stealed

An idea is very difficult to protect. Being intangible in nature, you cannot get legal protection for it easily. As a result, it might get stolen or misused. To protect your idea’s originality, you must get it patented before presenting it to the companies. This will prevent the idea from getting copied and increase its possibility of getting selected.

Requirement Of Investment In Idea Before Selling It

Before selling your idea to any company, you have to invest in it in terms of money and time. You need to get it verified by experts and make sure it is feasible and possible to implement. This involves a certain amount of initial investment, whose amount depends upon the type of idea.This can become a major challenge for a person having limited funds to take the idea forward and sell it.

Companies Might Be Trying The Similar Idea

Another most common challenge you might face while pitching your idea is that the companies to whom you have pitched your idea might be working on a similar one. This can be the biggest hurdle in your idea-pitching process. Sometimes due to this reason, they might turn your idea down or demotivate you regarding the feasibility of the idea. In this case, you should not feel demotivated or discouraged about your idea.

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Effective Strategies To Sell Your Idea To A Company

Well, after knowing about the challenges faced while selling your idea to the company, the next thing will be effective strategies that can help you in pitching your idea successfully to the company and earn a good amount of revenue for it:

Pen Down Your Idea

If your mind is filled with a unique and profitable business idea, the first thing you need to do is to pen it down on a piece of paper. This will help you save the idea with you forever. During this phase, you need to explain the idea in a detailed manner. The positives and negatives of it, its future impact and its possibilities will be mentioned.

Conduct A Deep Market Research

After writing your idea, the next thing you need to do is conduct deep and comprehensive market research. The major goal of the research is to check whether any similar apps based on your idea exist or not. Also, the market scope of the idea is verified. You need to have relevant data related to your product or service market and the competition prevailing in your industry.

Undertake Protective Measures

Protecting your idea is an important and must-do task which should be done once your idea concept is ready. This will help to protect the uniqueness and originality of your idea. Do not present it to anyone unless you have received a patent for your idea. As this can increase the chances of your idea getting misused or copied. Make sure you take this step on time.

Undertake Testing Of Your Idea

Once you are sure that the idea is written in a proper document and you have protected it using the patent, the next thing you will do is test the validity and possibility of the idea. Testing is an important part of idea generation. The idea is being tested in a real-life situation, and results are recorded for future reference. Testing of the idea will give you confidence and surety that the idea will receive positive feedback from the companies.

How Can I Sell My Idea To A Company

Create A Presentation

These days presentations are in trend. To pitch your idea to the company, you need a well-designed presentation ready with you. The presentation must be impactful in nature. It will help the company to understand your idea properly. The given below are some important points to remember while creating the presentation:

  • It should cover all the important aspects of the idea.
  • It should be easy to understand and equipped with graphs and tables.
  • Must be designed by an expert person.

While delivering the presentation, make sure you engage the readers by choosing a unique style to present.

Identify The Target Companies

After creating the presentation, the next thing you need to determine is to which companies you wish to sell your idea. The choice of companies must be made carefully by consideration of the below-mentioned factors:

  • The geographical location of the company plays an important role.
  • The level and market position of the company should be considered carefully.
  • The openness of the company to new and trending ideas should be checked.
  • The already existing product line of the company will be considered.

Make sure you decide on an adequate number of companies to whom you would approach for pitching the idea.

Determine The Pricing

The major purpose you wish to fulfill by selling your idea to a company is to earn money. Therefore fixation of adequate pricing against which you will sell your idea must be done. While deciding the pricing check the uniqueness of the idea, market needs for the idea and other important factors related to your idea. This will help you fix the price, which is justified from your as well as the company’s point of view. Include all the necessary expenses, such as research costs, time invested and testing expenses etc.

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Summing Up

Having a unique idea with you turns out to be a great asset which can help you become famous and make you earn a good amount of revenue. For this, you have two options either to work on your idea and turn it into reality or to sell it to an expert Web3 Android app development company. If you choose the second option, you must uniquely present your idea with all the necessary information so the company could choose it.

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