Web3 Game Development Cost Estimation: Calculate Development Cost Within Minutes

By RisingMax

December 22, 2023

Web3 Game Development Cost Estimation: Calculate Development Cost Within Minutes

Looking for a specific game development cost estimation that you won’t find over the internet. Connect with our experts today and discuss your project tech stack needs today. We will share the detailed budget for your game project within a day or two. Let’s join hands to give wings to your dream game project.

Every game is unique and has its own tech stack requirement that directly influences the game development cost. In order to determine the estimated budget for your game project, it is recommended to analyze all the factors that directly impact the development cost.

This post will provide a comprehensive guide on web3 game development cost estimation and a clear picture of the project. With our game development cost calculator, you can easily find the estimated project cost within minutes. RisingMax Inc., a trusted game development company, highly recommends going through this post before dipping your toes in game development.

Before you delve into game development cost and factors that affect cost. Let us have a look at gaming sector revenue stats.

Revenue Stats Of Gaming Sector

  • The worldwide blockchain gaming market will increase from $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion by 2027, predicts research company MarketsandMarkets.
  • Installs of the Web3 wallet SDK climbed by over 350% from Q1 2022, growing 33% Q/Q with a total of 438,500 downloads each week in 2023.
  • In Q1 2023, 14,307 installs of Metamask's wallet SDK were made, representing a 325% Q/Q rise.
  • By 2027, there will likely be 2829.8 million individuals playing online games.
  • One of the major blockchain gaming trends in 2023 will be AAA games.

These stats are enough to conclude why budding entrepreneurs invest in game development.

If you plan to test the waters with game development, then our team at RisingMax is happy to assist you. Our team has served clients in different verticals for over a decade. We build reliable and affordable business solutions with expertise in leading technologies such as web3, blockchain, AI, VR, and AR. Get in touch with our experts, share your game project requirements, and we will develop game development cost estimation ASAP.

Game Development Cost Estimation Based On Different Technologies

Here we will provide a detailed guide on game development cost for different technologies whether it is blockchain, web3, NFT, Metaverse or game development engines like Unreal, Unity of Godot.

1. Web3 Game Development Cost

Web3 game development cost ranges from $50,000 to $300,000. There are two web3 game models: Play to Earn and Play and Earn. Both business models have different features and tech requirements, so the cost for both the web3 game models will be different. Special variables impact the cost of developing a web3 game, so it is always advisable to connect different professional teams of development firms and get quotes. 

Gameplay Complexity$12 to $35K
Blockchain Integration$10K -  $12K
NFT Implementation$25K to $45K
Art & Design$5,000 to $10,000
Team Size & Expertise$50 - $99/hour
Security Measures$500 - $1000 / Month
Regular UpdatesOptional

2. Blockchain Game Development Cost

Blockchain game development costs can range from $80,000 $129,000. The cost will depend on multiple factors such as complexity, design requirements, customizations, etc. A more precise estimate can only be provided after a consultation.

API Integration$3000-$10000
Project Management$4000-$5000

NOTE: The table presents an approximate cost of the general aspects of the blockchain game development cost.

We have a blog containing all the required information about the cost of blockchain game development. Click here to visit the blog or you can also consult our experts for a more detailed review. 

Web3 game development

3. Play-to-Earn Game Development Cost

Blockchain games often follow a P2E or play-to-earn model of monetization. The integrations and elements involved in creating a P2E game are advanced and demanding, therefore each phase of development has a different cost. On average, the P2E game development cost can range from $50,000 and $120,000. The exact cost of P2E game development will ultimately depend on the features and other requirements of the project.

Game design creation$800 - $2000
Game graphics and animation$5000 - $15,000
P2E game UX/UI design$2500 - $4500
Backend development$25,000 - $45,000
Frontend development$10,000 - $25,000
Testing$2000 - $5000
Project management$3500 - $5000

Note: The table presents an approximate cost estimation of P2E game development. The price can vary as per project requirements.

Game Development Cost Estimation Based On Game Type

Basic Games

The development cost of basic games similar to Pong, Pac-Man, and Snake with attractive game features and designs will cost you $5,000 or more. The addition of 3D elements or NFTs in the game moves up the game development cost estimation to $15,000 and beyond.

Hyper Casual Games

Hypercasual games are easier to play and more engaging than any other game on our list. For this reason, most budding entrepreneurs prefer to invest in hyper-casual games for higher engagement and better ROI. If you plan to add NFTs and 3D avatars to make them more interesting, the development cost starts from $25,000.

Casual Games

These types of games are based on different levels or missions. Compared to hyper-casual games, these take more time to play. Players can usually play these games during their leisure time, tea time, or take their time off after completing a task.

These games have basic controls and target both children & adults. These games are easy to play and don’t require much time. The casual game development cost estimation starts from $50,000.

Casual games are engaging as they have more advanced features than hyper-casual, so their development costs tend to be greater.

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Mid Core Games

These games are most valuable as they have different levels, game characters, and a storyline that make them more interesting than any other game. A decent amount of time is needed for planning and game development.

Compared to casual games, the development time needed is more as they are more complex. The game development cost estimation for mid-core games usually starts from $70,000 to a hundred thousand.

Hardcore Games

These highly engaging games require players to invest in game equipment and time to play. Every minute detail plays a major role; thus, a significant amount of time is needed to code the game.

These games are equipped with engaging elements that give players similar real-world game experiences. The game's complexity and features make the hardcore game's development cost high, starting from $100,000 to $200,000 or more.

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AAA Games 

These games resemble Hollywood films with attractive graphics, storylines, and in-game features. Due to loads of features, a fair amount of time is needed to understand controls and master the gameplay. Adding in-game assets such as NFTs, player avatars, skins, and others, increases the development cost.

These are harder to code thus, they require a significant amount of time, in some cases more than a year, to develop the game. The game development cost estimation starts from $300,000 and can go upto million dollars.

S.NoGame Type Development Cost
1Basic GamesStarts from $15,000
2Hyper Casual GamesStarts from $25,000
3Casual GamesStarts from $50,000
4Mid Core GamesStarts from $70,000
5Hardcore GamesStarts from $100,000
6AAA Games Starts from $300,000

Game Development Cost Estimation Based On Region

The location of your game development company is directly related to the development cost of your project. Generally, game development companies in the USA charge the highest per-hour rates.

The developer rate in the USA is around $150/hr. Considering the amount of time it takes to develop a game, the game development cost estimation might be more than $100k.

Blockchain Game development companies in Europe are a bit more cost-effective compared to the USA. The game developers in Europe will charge you about $80 per hour. Based on the above game development cost estimation, in Europe, the starting price will be around $80k.

On the other hand, the game development rates are least in India. The game developers in India will charge you $35-50 per hour. Considering all the factors and time needed to develop a game, the development cost estimation will be more than $40k.

RegionPer Hour RatesEstimated Cost
USA$150/hrMore than $100k
Europe$80/hrMore than $80k
India$35-50/hrMore than $40k

Game Development Cost Estimation Based On Platform

On average, developing a game for iOS costs 10-20% more than for Android. Thus, if a game for Android costs $ 25,000, then its analog for iOS will cost about $ 30,000.

However, if you choose to develop games for iOS and Android users, the game development will cost you $40,000. Games specifically for web users are the most expensive. 

The game development cost estimation starts from $80,000 and can go higher depending upon various other factors.

Game PlatformDevelopment Cost
iOS gamesStarting cost $20,000
Android gamesStarting cost $30,000
Cross-platform gamesStarting cost $40,000
Web gamesStarting cost $80,000
Worried about the development cost of your gaming project? Get instant development cost estimation with our game development cost calculator tool. Connect with our experts to know more.

Non-Blockchain Game Development Cost

The non-Bchain game development cost can be anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000. A close estimation can only be provided once the details are discussed. Here’s a table with the cost of general features of the game development process. 

Design Document Creation$1500-$5000
Level Design$2000-$9000
Project Management$500-$1000

NOTE: This table presents a general estimation of the game development cost. The costing factors can vary as per project requirements.

Game Development Process We Follow

Preparation of (GDD) Game Design Document

After gathering all the required information about the game project; our team prepares a game design document. This is an important document in which all aspects related to game development are written after a thorough discussion. GDD contains concept art, assets, a game story, game design, gameplay, USPs, features, accessibility, etc.

Preparation of this document might need some time, depending on the complexity of the game and its features. 

Game Tech Stack

What type of game are you planning to develop and for which platform, iOS, Android, or both? All this information directly impacts what type of tech stack is needed for game development. Depending upon the platform for which customers need to build games, the game development cost varies.

Game Prototyping

The game prototype is created to give an estimated idea of game details and visuals. Later, UI/UX designers use game prototypes to design games accordingly. Based on the game prototype, both designers and developers create illustrators, game graphics, and features.

Game Designing

With efficient game prototyping, we ensure better understanding between all the teams. All teams work together with a single goal to design the game, interface, visuals, and assets as per the initial game prototype.

Game Programming

The development team brings the ideas of the game to life. The team will do the programming as per the agreed prototype, write codes, and set up a database and third-party APIs. During the game programming phase, the game design and logic are implemented to ensure the game performs as intended.

Game Testing

Like any other IT software, your game needs testing to ensure all the features and functions are working properly. If there is a bug or technical problem, the same will be forwarded to the development or programming team. This process is followed until the game is completely free from bugs and passes every testing parameter.

Game Deployment

Our team will release the game on various platforms depending on the target audience. We will deploy games on popular platforms such as Google Play Store or App Store. Based on our customers' requirements or platforms that are mostly used by the target audience, we deploy games to ensure maximum exposure.

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Where Can You Get Game Development Cost Estimation?

The best way to estimate game development costs is by connecting with a game development company. Share your game idea, features, and other project requirements with them.

After thoroughly analyzing your project requirements, our team will share the detailed budget cost estimation.

As a leading game development company, our team at RisingMax.Inc. has built a game development cost calculator tool.

This cost calculator tool has been assisting young entrepreneurs in getting a game development cost estimation within minutes.

All you need to do is share your project details and fill in basic information, and our game development cost calculator tool will share the cost within minutes.

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