Ethereum Game Development: Build A Million Dollar Game Company

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Ethereum Game Development: Build A Million Dollar Game Company

The gaming sector is growing leaps and bounds with the introduction of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. With the increasing penetration of blockchain technology, the gaming sector is seeing dawn and is expected to grow roughly double annually over the next five years.

ethereum game development company

Ethereum blockchain holds a dominating position in the growing blockchain games market. Here’s why.

According to Growjo

  • Axie Infinity's estimated annual revenue is currently $62.7M per year.
  • The Sandbox's estimated annual revenue is currently $29.6M per year.
  • CryptoKitties's estimated annual revenue is currently $780k per year
  • Sorare's estimated annual revenue is currently $29M per year.

All these blockchain games are built on the Ethereum blockchain network. Players worldwide are getting hooked to these Ethereum games not only to have fun but also to earn passive income. This resulted in the wide adoption of Ethereum blockchain among game developers to build even more exciting blockchain games.

Ethereum-based blockchain games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and CryptoKitties, generating millions of dollars yearly, attracted budding entrepreneurs worldwide. Budding entrepreneurs are actively partnering with Full-Stack Ethereum development company and looking to replicate blockchain games' success.

Planning to dip your toes in the growing blockchain game market, then connecting with our RisingMax Inc. experts can be a good start. Our team leverages their in-depth knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology to build engaging Ethereum blockchain games. Get in touch over a FREE consultation call and discuss your Ethereum-based blockchain game.

Why Go For Ethereum Blockchain Game Development?

The popularity of the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum games such as Axie Infinity, and The sandbox are the prime reasons that make Ethereum blockchain perfect for game development. However, there are other advantages of Ethereum blockchain as well that are attracting game developers worldwide.

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Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology empowering the gaming sector to provide players with a virtual gaming experience. Online players are turning to blockchain games as it gives them various opportunities to generate passive income while enjoying games. Players can enjoy ownership of unique assets and other in-game rewards while playing blockchain games.

Let’s look at some of the intriguing features of the Ethereum blockchain that make it an ideal platform for game development.

ethereum game development company

Features That Make Ethereum Ideal For Game Development

Token Registry

Ethereum blockchain assists in the token registry and maintains the ownership information of the in-game tokens on a particular domain with wallet mapping.


The decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain ensures no involvement of third parties and provides users with secured network access.

Encryption protocols

Ethereum blockchain is perfect for ensuring validation with the encryption protocols as data is distributed to all the nodes without any alteration. The decentralized nature of the data stored makes users’ personal information private.

Open Source Code

The decentralized application source code is available to everyone. Anyone can use the source code to build their game application but cannot own it.


The decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain allows users to view data transactions, thus promoting customer transparency.

Ultra-fast transactions

The transactions on the Ethereum blockchain work without any central governing authority, thus reducing the downtime and ensuring fast transactions.

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Feature Stack We Offer As Ethereum Game Development Company

Smart contract Development

Hire our Ethereum developers to build Ethereum-based smart contracts for your game platform. Our smart contract development team can build customized smart contracts as per your game needs to ensure a truly decentralized in-game ecosystem.

dApp Game Development

Launch decentralized games where players completely own their personal information and in-game digital assets. With Ethereum-based dApps games, players can make direct payments, enjoy decentralized networks, and easy integration with other blockchain games.

In-Game NFT Development

Hire our blockchain developers to build in-game NFTs such as real estate, weapons, skins, outfits, characters, and more for your game project. Players can sell or trade these non-fungible tokens on a secondary NFT marketplace without any security risks or breaches.

Web or Mobile App Development

Leverage the true potential of Ethereum blockchain technology and launch your dApp game on a web or mobile platform. Our development team will build a web or mobile games or both, based on your game vision.

NFT Marketplace Creation

Launch an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell or trade in-game NFTs and tokens for real-world assets. With a user-friendly interface, our customized NFT marketplace ensures seamless trading of game NFTs and cryptocurrency trading.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Hire our blockchain experts to build or integrate a crypto wallet that makes it easy for players to buy, sell, trade, or store in-game NFT and tokens seamlessly with the security of blockchain technology.

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Our Ethereum Blockchain Development Services

Ethereum Consultation Services

We provide consultation services to budding entrepreneurs to ensure they have the right understanding and strategy before moving on with the Ethereum project development.

Ethereum dApps Development

Leverage the true potential of Ethereum blockchain to build decentralized web and mobile applications that work on automated smart contracts and are hamper-proof.

Ethereum NFT Development

Launch Ethereum blockchain-based NFT tokens on all popular Ethereum token standards such as ERC20, ERC721, ERC865, ERC223, and others. We integrate these Ethereum token standards based on the project requirements.

Public and Private Network

Our experienced blockchain developers assist in launching Public and Private nodes based on the Ethereum blockchain. We ensure that the Ethereum-based network will always run efficiently without even experiencing downtime.

Ethereum-Based Smart Contract

Build error-free Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts that ensure the smooth running of your project with automated execution.

Smart Contract Audit

Our experienced team follows rigorous testing methodologies for smart contract audits to ensure the error-free and secure launch of Ethereum applications.

Ethereum-Based NFT Marketplace

With our blockchain expertise, we build an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace where NFT collectors and traders can buy, sell, or trade digital assets; grow their NFT collection realm.

Ethereum Defi Solutions

Build Ethereum power Defi Solutions with features such as swaps, staking, yield farming, bridge, and others. Join hands to build decentralized financial solutions for the future.

Ethereum Blockchain Games

Hire our game development experts to launch Ethereum-based Play-to-earn and NFT-based games that allow players to earn incentives.

Do you know?

In 2021, the blockchain game market exceeded the $1.5 billion US dollar valuation; these are just the official numbers. The market size evaluates in-game transactions, and the estimated valuation is much higher.

Hire Our Ethereum Developers To Bring NFT to almost any game genre

Having a unique game idea that you want to turn into reality, then connecting with RisingMax Inc. experts is a good start. With our expertise in game development and blockchain technology, we can integrate NFT into almost any game genre and enrich users' game experience.

Ethereum-Based Card Games

Leverage the popularity of card games to venture into the virtual gaming world. Integrated Ethereum-based NFTs to the card game that players can buy, sell, or trade on secondary NFT marketplaces.

Ethereum-Based Casino Games

Hire our Ethereum game developers to launch engaging casino games. Provide a platform for players where they can earn unique and rare NFTs while playing their favorite gambling games such as Poker, Roulette, and others.

Ethereum-Based Fantasy Sports

Launch an Ethereum-based fantasy sports platform for sports fanatics worldwide where they can create their own teams and bet on games to earn non-fungible tokens.

Ethereum-Based PVP Battle Games

Hire our Ethereum game developers to build engaging PvP battle games where players can earn unique and rare digital assets. Based on game objectives, players can add weapons, special powers, and other customization with in-game NFTs.

Ethereum-Based Arcade Games

Launch Ethereum blockchain-based arcade games with a unique amalgamation of the virtual world and non-fungible tokens. Players can enjoy arcade games and earn passive income with in-game digital assets and tokens.

Ethereum-Based Adventure Games

Hire our blockchain game developers to build engaging adventure games with integrated NFTs. In-game assets such as weapons, maps, game characters, and others can be added to the adventure games to make them unique.

Ethereum-Based Sports Games

Sports games are popular worldwide, and with our experienced blockchain team, you can leverage their popularity. Integrated sports NFTs such as player character, uniform, shoes, and others to make them more interesting.

Ethereum-Based Racing Games

Join hands to build car and bike racing games on Ethereum blockchain technology. Players can challenge, participate in events, and complete tasks to earn NFTs that can be traded or sold for real-world money.

Ethereum-Based Action Games

Launch Ethereum blockchain-based action games that allow players to earn unique and rare NFTs with blockchain security. Leverage our expertise to build action games with engaging user interfaces to provide an unmatched gaming experience to users.

ethereum game development company

How Much Does Game Development On Ethereum Blockchain Costs?

So now you know why the Ethereum blockchain is the best for game development. It’s time to have a look at the overall development cost.

The development cost of an Ethereum-based game depends upon multiple factors such as game complexity, tech stack, features, third-party APIs, the expertise of an Ethereum game development company, and others. To determine the estimated development budget for your Ethereum-based game, you must evaluate all these factors carefully.

If you don’t like to do the project evaluation all by yourself, then you can always connect with our RisingMax Inc. team for better guidance. Our team will share the estimated budget for your project within a day or two based on your gaming project needs.

When it comes to the Ethereum blockchain-based development cost, top Ethereum game development companies in the USA charge $40k-$45k for basic NFT games. The development cost might vary depending upon project complexity and feature.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. as your Ethereum Game Development Company?

You have plenty of reasons why to choose RisingMax Inc. as your Ethereum game development company. We have a pool of game and blockchain experts well versed in leading blockchain technologies and development tools. Our team leverages their expertise to solve complex game development challenges and build affordable solutions for startups and big businesses worldwide.

What makes us the best Ethereum game development company? Well, numbers might be boring, but they say a lot about how well we have served our clients in the following years;

  • 15+ Blockchain-Based Games Projects Completed
  • 17+ NFT Marketplace Delivered
  • 150+ Developer and Blockchain Expert Team
  • 6+ Metaverse Project Successfully Completed
  • 13 Years in Service

Well, when it comes to Ethereum-based game development, our customers worldwide trust us. Over the years, we have leveraged our expertise and in-depth subject matter knowledge to build affordable business solutions for our clients.

So, Why Wait?

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