Build and Deploy a Modern Web 3.0 Blockchain App

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Build and Deploy a Modern Web 3.0 Blockchain App

The buzzword around the web 3.0 applications and the decentralized web is growing for quite a while now. Without a doubt, blockchain technology will bring revolutionary changes in the present day tech-world. 

Web 3.0 blockchain apps are seen as the third generation of the internet and revolutionize our internet experience with new-age solutions. All these new-age business solutions will operate via decentralized protocols.

But the real question is - Are we fully aware of the developments in web 3.0? 

Even though blockchain technology is still in its nascent stages, it is slowly expanding its use cases in different sectors, and App development is no different from it. Whether you are a business owner or a Web 3.0 developer, you need to understand this technology as it is changing the way goods are exchanged, and payments are made online. This post will discuss the basics of Web 3.0 and the building and deployment of modern web 3.0 blockchains. 

Build and Deploy a Modern Web 3.0 Blockchain App

Before diving deep into the logic let us start with the basics of web 3.0 blockchain app solutions.

Blockchain technology is the backbone of web 3.0 solutions. For this very reason, you need to understand the basics of blockchain technology, how it works, future aspects, and how it is slowly revolutionizing the technology world around us.

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer decentralized and distributed network of nodes where information talks to one another. The information stored on the network can’t be altered, edited, or deleted without alteration of all subsequent blocks, thus ensuring the security of stored data. All the nodes on the decentralized network connect to create a public network for everyone to connect and access the information store to bring transparency to the system.

Why Is Blockchain Important For Modern Businesses?

Here are a few ways of simplifying blockchain for basic understanding:

  • Think of blockchain as a giant network of worldwide interconnected computers with the help of nodes, where information is accessible to anyone on the network
  • A secure network of interconnected systems where anyone within the system can do money transfers, run programs, etc.
  • A decentralized ledger where anyone can store and retrieve information.

Now, you have gained knowledge about blockchain and web 3.0. Let’s dive deep into the web3 marketplace development.

Web 3.0 dApps (Decentralized Applications)

dApps, also known as decentralized applications, are open source software solutions that use P2P blockchain networks rather than relying on a single computer.  These are built on top of blockchain technology and are similar to any other software solution, with the only difference being that peer-to-peer networks support these. 

A decentralized application must have a standard front-end built on JavaScript or its framework like React, Vue, etc. The web 3.0 dApp uses Solidity on top of the blockchain in the backend.

Web 3.0 App Development

Front-end and backend are the two main foundation stones of any application, let alone web 3.0 app development. Thus, it is vital for anyone to understand both the front-end and back-end; how these two communicate. Jumping directly to the web 3.0 development without the basic knowledge of these two is not recommended.

  • Front-end: Before investing your hard-earned money in developing a web 3.0 solution, you should understand front-end development and how it works. When it comes to web 3.0 decentralized solutions, the application’s front-end in JavaScript Framework calls to the Backend.
  • Backend: The application’s backend communicates with the front end to provide users with what they are looking for. They run on a peer-to-peer network and are vastly different from any standard application. The backend of the web 3.0 application uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of decentralized data storage.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the backbone of the web 3.0 app development and are built on popular blockchains like Ethereum, Corda, EOS, etc. The auto execute nature of the smart contract ensures that the applications are controlled or governed by the written logic written in the contract. And no single entity or individual has control over the application. Thus, when developing, designing, and testing smart contracts, you need a reliable blockchain development partner like RisingMax to ensure the platform or application works as intended.

Ethereum is the most common smart contract development blockchain technology and thus its basic understanding is a must. It runs on a network of computers that eliminates the possibility of replication of data stored in the smart contracts.

  • Solidity is an object-oriented programming language that plays a major role in implementing smart contracts. Solidity-powered smart contracts are vital for developing decentralized applications and operate on the business logic stored on the blockchain.

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Web 3.0 Blockchain App: Connection

Till now you have gained knowledge about how to create a smart contract, front-end, and backend of the application. Now, let us understand the connection between the front-end and backend of the application with a local or remote Solidity using HTTP to WebSocket.

  • Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows you to connect with local or remote Ethereum nodes, using an HTTP or IPC connection. The web 3.0 blockchain application library interacts with the Ethereum blockchain and shares other communication protocols directly from the JavaScript-based front-end.

Web 3.0 Blockchain App: Deployment Framework

When it comes to building and deploying a modern web 3.0 blockchain app, it needs different pieces of technology. Depending on what features and functionality you want to add to your web 3.0 blockchain application, the tech stack needed and development framework change with it. The blockchain development framework comes with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality, utilities to compile, test smart contracts, and development add-ons.

Web 3.0 Blockchain App: Testing Tools

Testing plays a vital role in whether you are building a normal application or a web 3.0 blockchain-based application. With a CSC testnet the same or newer version of the application, you can do testing and expectation without utilizing real funds. It also gives freedom to testing smaller versions of the application and eliminating the need to release its beta version before the official release. 

There is no wrong or right way when building and deploying modern web 3.0 blockchain applications. However, following these primary sources of the blockchain development process, a continuous and consistent learning approach is the key to success. Web 3.0 is still in its adolescence stages; thus, the development companies must evolve their development methodologies, continuous learning, and experiment with time.

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Features That Advocate Web 3.0 Blockchain App Dominance

Now, you know all about web 3.0 and blockchain solutions. Let us have a look at some of the intriguing features that advocate the dominance of web 3.0 apps and why these are a perfect investment for your business.

  • No central authority - With web 3.0 blockchain apps, big companies like Google and Microsoft have no control over data. These software solutions use smart contracts to operate and have no central authority to govern the whole platform.
  • Control on data - In the current scenario, big firms like Facebook and Amazon have complete control when it comes to data storage. However, blockchain-like Ethereum applications can reduce their dependencies on these big firms and also ramp up data security.
  • Hacking or data breaches - Data breaches and hacking attempts are the major pain areas for businesses worldwide. But, with decentralized and distributed data storage in blockchain technology, it is hard for hackers to enter the system and manipulate or delete the data stored.
  • Interoperability - Most of the current scenario applications depend on a single operating system and thus make it difficult to diagnose them. For instance, many iOS cryptocurrency wallets are unavailable on Android OS and vice versa. This means an investor has to pay an extra cost for development if they plan to launch applications both in iOS and Android. However, Web 3.0 blockchain apps are well capable of running on smartphones, tablets, and smart TV, and their easy-to-customize nature makes them ideal solutions for businesses worldwide.
  • Permissionless blockchains - Web 3.0 blockchain apps are built on permissionless blockchains, making it easy to transfer funds and other digital assets to any part of the world quickly and efficiently.
  • Uninterrupted service: Blockchain technology is decentralized in nature. Thus, it eliminates the chances of a single point failure, service disruptions, distributed denial of services, and account suspension. The decentralized nature of the data ensures redundancy and multiple back-ups for data to eliminate single-point app failure.

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